Rumors Around 25th Amendment/Martial Law/10 Days of Darkness/Nuke Attack/Banking Crisis | Was Xi Jinping in Hiding? | Dueling Agency People Fight for their Dead POTUS Pick | Kim’s Notes Go Viral in Spook Community | Status of Kim’s Offer to Blackrock

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on September 26, 2022 and is available on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this post Kim updates us on all the rumors circulating about Apocalypse plans in September that didn’t manifest and now what’s planned for October. She also updates us on the dueling agency people vying for their choice of dead presidents, if President Xi Jinping was hiding out as a dumpling maker, how her notes are going viral in the spook community and the status of her offer to BlackRock.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors

Kim started off this Intel update addressing the many rumors going around these days.

September Apocalypse Went Bust

There has been much speculation that a bad ‘thing’ was going to happen between Sept 23-24, then a huge banking crash was expected on Sept 26th, but nothing took place. In previous reports she told us not to worry, that they’ve got it covered and so far so good. Then remember they pushed an event for Sept 28th that involved the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge and London Bridge, and who knows what else. That was going to usher in the military so by Sept 29th we would be in a full national shutdown. These were lofty goals coming from that old guy in boots, windbag Juan 2.0. But there is some truth in what he said as they were really planning stuff for Sept 28th. Fortunately their plans went bust.

October Apocalypse on Deck

Since the Deep State was unsuccessful for their September Apocalypse, they are now circulating rumors around the October Apocalypse. It got delayed 30 days according to their operatives. There were a lot of discussions going on behind the scenes on how to make this happen until Kim gave out a lot of information to a lot of people over the weekend, which probably put a monkey wrench in their plans. This is discussed towards the end of the post. But here’ what she told us is on deck for October.

Invoking the 25th Amendment

Two days ago there was an announcement that something happened on August 8th. This something had to do with the 25th Amendment in the US, the line of succession if something happened to the President. Well we already know something happened to him, he’s dead, but those running that thing don’t have a very well thought out program going on there so they intend to keep improvising the script as they go along. Hum, I’m a tad confused on the Aug 8th date, but I guess they were going to make up something that happened in the past as an excuse to remove the fake dead POTUS? Rumors Grow for 25th Amendment for Joe Biden – American Right Tv

Full National Shutdown – Martial Law for 10 Days

The day before she gave this update she heard them say there will be Martial Law for 10 days.  They were also talking about something they lost and a strategy on how to get it back. What could that loss be referring to? Oh yeah, those systems Kim already took down the previous week. But they ignored that or haven’t yet grasped it. So their plan to get that non-existent computer system back is to create a DEFCON 2 or DEFCON 3 situation so the back-up systems would kick in. Except they can’t get the back-up systems either since they don’t exist. Kim already replaced them with the Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) and the other KIMS, the Key Intelligence and Military System. So the only thing their plan will accomplish is to create a situation where it goes from Kim to Kim. Brilliant!

Windbag Juan 2.0 is making it sound like it’s a good thing he’s JFK Jr., after all. Oye vey! It’s really like entering the twilight zone when I check out these Juan videos.

Juan O’ Savin: Huge Intel Drop!!!!! (Video) ~ Sept. 23, 2022 – Rose Rambles…
Nuke Attack

So in order to create the ‘DEFCON 2 or 3 situation’ so they can go dark for ten days, there is talk about a small nuclear attack hitting Ukraine, like an IBCM Intercontinental ballistic missile, so they can blame the Russians. And those involved and invested, those in The Order and Deep State Generals worldwide would like nothing better than to kill as many Ukrainians as possible.

But Kim said they are not expecting anything scary to happen in October except perhaps some kids running around in scary costumes in places where they celebrate Halloween. They have no hope of pushing a nuclear button anywhere.


They did find a weather machine in Collingswood, NJ hence the hurricanes approaching Florida. At the time Kim gave this update that weather machine was no longer being controlled by NASA. Kim and her team are now handling it remotely the best they can. The hurricanes were already too close to the Philippines unfortunately, but they are trying to manage the air pressure so it goes back to normal. Unfortunately since I’m writing this in the future, those man-made hurricanes targeting Florida are more than a gentle rain. I guess we’ll get an update about what happened there soon.

Banking Crisis

Is there an imminent banking crisis on the horizon?

Yes there is, but only if people follow the media and make a run on the banks. The media is really the last hold they have.

Operatives Dueling for Dead Presidents & Their Replacement Dates

Kim explained again that we have dueling agency people running the puppets in DC. This is why Pelosi is so indecisive. At one moment she’s running around like she’s going to be President and the next she’s retiring to Italy to be the Ambassador for the US, all within a span of a few days. Essentially all roads lead to China for this mess. The China Black Sun members want Trump back and the China Dragon Family members want Pelosi as President. Oye vey, they are desperate.

Pelosi seeks ambassadorship to Italy if GOP wins House majority in midterms | Fox Business
Black Sun Side of China Wants Trump Back

So one group is trying to get Trump reinstalled. The Mainstream Media and the Alt Media are reporting Trump wants to be put on the 2022 ballot, and people are questioning, wait, don’t you mean the 2024 ballot? What does this mean? Kim explained their plan for the switcheroo.

  • This group wants Pelosi to retire and pull herself from the ballot, then move to Italy and live with her Black Sun people as Ambassador to the US.
  • Trump would be ‘elected’ to some senatorial seat and then of course because he’s so popular he would become Speaker of the House pretty quickly.
  • After this takes place, they would announce Biden has passed away.
  • Kamala would be ineligible for some reason or would decline the seat.
  • Then Trump gets back in the WH earlier than expected.

But replacing one dead President with another dead one, still doesn’t a President make. But they don’t care, they are most interested in looking for someone they can fully control and will buy their narrative. So that’s the Black Sun Side of China who wants to put Trump back.

Golden Dragon Family, China Side Wants Pelosi

The other side of China, the Golden Dragon family wants to make Pelosi the President, hence the Taiwan thing and her traveling around the world. For the last 30 days, in her mind she was expecting to be President. That is until her handlers from China haven’t quite figured out which end is up. Kim said there is something going on there. But the people who were going to kill Biden off, or let it be known officially in the news he passed on, want Pelosi. Just how delusional must these people be?

Pelosi Booed from the Moment She Took the Stage, Audience Only Stops After She Leaves – Long Island, NY (
Their Plan is So Flawed Anyway

Not only is their whole plan so flawed but they are so broke. They actually tried to hack Paypal again this weekend at the Regina Military base in Saskatchewan, Canada. This time they tried to hack it globally to get some money to continue with their operations. They were unsuccessful. BlackRock is very unhappy. They were yelling at the Generals and wanted to know how did this happen! The Generals say they are going to fix it. But they won’t be able to. 

Why Do They Care? POTUS Doesn’t Run the Country

Why is the office of President still so important since everyone knows the POTUS doesn’t really run the country? Is it to get control of the people? Kim said that is partly the reason. There are some people who think Trump is a savior, he’s Jesus. We know he couldn’t be any farther from the real Jesus. She is finding out that this level we’re dealing with now just don’t understand how the world ran. They still see the White House as a powerful position, the leader of the free world.

Hum, are they just as brainwashed as the sheeple then? What level must these buffoons be? I’m confused. How can they not get that it’s the agency people who run the WH? Aren’t they the agency people? Maybe they are agency people who don’t know they are agency people. Now that’s compartmentalization!

It’s All Hooey Anyway

Kim explained that if the office of POTUS ever did have any power it was because the King Maker made it so. And who is the King Maker now? That would be she. If Trump gets back in do you think she’s going to answer the phone? Hell no! And let’s pick on Biden too, remember the enormous infrastructure plan he passed. Are there any improvements in the infrastructure, in our world? Is there any improvement at all coming from the Biden Administration? If so she’d surely like to see it. So would I. And there she goes again, making valid points and stuff.

Unless someone gets into office who actually works with us for the people, why do they matter?  We’re prepared to go it alone, all 8 billion of us. We don’t need them! None of the laws are getting ratified and no money is coming out for them. She is certainly not passing this year’s budget. She said the CIA was inquiring because it’s coming up and she told them no she’s not funding it. Why would she? She has no contract with them. Why would she pay them to do bad things to us? So she doesn’t care which dead guy they put in the chair. And neither should we.

What is Going on In China? | Is President Xi Jinping in Hiding?

Rumors are the topic of the day and this one is about President Xi Jinping working undercover in a dumpling factory or something like that. I doubt he’s making dumplings, but part of that rumor is true according to Kim. He actually is in hiding. He is a Rothchilian, a member of the Golden Dragon family and evidently he’s acutely aware that many of his family and friends are disappearing. Kim said he really got scared so went incognito for a while and came up with a plan with some trusted people, not his dragon family people. He decided all of a sudden he wants a working relationship with Taiwan, not to have control over them. He’s tired of this game and his country is tanking.

Is Xi Jinping missing? Rumors of military coup in China, know how much truth in these (

Evidently this made the CCP Black Sun Generals very angry and they tried to hunt him down. They are partners with the Black Sun side in American and Russia. But make no mistake, everything is done in unison, it is a partnership. So when Kim says there a 9 Generals left (ooh, we’re down a couple more!), they aren’t all American. They are from all over the world but predominantly from the UK, Russia and China and they all play together. They have decided together who died today. They decided who gets hit with the hurricane. Well I guess it will be interesting to see where this battle leads.

Kim’s Detailed Notes Unleashed & Circulating Like Crazy

The reason things are changing day by day is because on Saturday Kim sent her operational notes to the operative offshoots of the 13 Secret Militaries. She said they’ve been arguing with each other. Some wanted to move forward and stop the nonsense while others wanted to continue their lifelong work.

The Pelosi thing flipping back and forth and the Pfizer CEO coming down with Covid yet again are all indications of how divided and confused they are. So Kim sent the copy of her detailed notes on operations she and The Enforcer teams have been conducting and one guy thought it was a good idea to send a copy to his master. Kim mentioned General Casey in particular. I found this guy, George W. Casey Jr  but it says he is retired so not sure which General she is referring to. The operatives who were running around with BlackRock got them and shared them too. She said it went ‘spook’ viral.

Are China Generals and Operatives Getting a Clue Aladdin Ain’t Coming Back?

The spooks started to question these notes and it got up to their superiors. They understood Aladdin was down but they didn’t know it was down permanently, nor did they know who did it. There is a lot of information in these notes including specific locations and sites. Some knew about the sites but not all of the sites, and they thought it a good idea to share this info with their masters. You know the ones who send them out to die. Like Kim said, their loyalty is really misplaced if they think that was a good idea.

Deep State Generals of China also got the notes and now the US Generals who were always kind of at the helm are getting yelled at by them. The China Generals are finding out they’ve been lied to and they are furious because they know they are never going to get the money with no BlackRock and no Aladdin. China won’t survive. Wow, maybe they should have subscribed to UNN, they would have figured that out months ago.

Floods in Pakistan

Kim mentioned Pakistan all of sudden in the middle of her notes going viral. She said they don’t have a supply chain problem. The real source of the problems in Pakistan has to do with Dole, BlackRock and the Deep State. The agriculture in that region is all controlled by Dole. The ISS, which she said is their version of the CIA and in cooperation with the Americans is no longer functioning either. That happened weeks ago. They are a lot safer now but if they want to get ahead of the game they should figure out what to do with Dole. That program has ended. The surveillance from Deep State Generals in America and China has ended. She’s not going to help their Deep State but can help out with some of the mess for the country. A bit cryptic. Sounds like she was trying to get someone’s attention there.

More Operations

  • Attempts to verify Kim’s notes has been going on over the weekend as well as lots of black magic.
  • The Augury System, which literally means the sound of death or death rattle was a military tool that had surveillance on everything and had tags in every system in the world. There were 2 locations, Southampton in the United Kingdom under the civic center and in Lakeland, Fl. That problem went away on 9/24. Augury (company) – Wikipedia
  • They went back to Alcatraz and that situation was taken care of.
  • Offshoots of Tai Young, one of the secret militaries tried to open a portal anywhere to get in touch with the Abraxas who have been dead for months now. They wanted to make a new deal on behalf of the Chinese.  
  • At New England University of Technology in Cranston RI they were looking to get into any system for surveillance. Anything that had BOTS, Malware or Tags. That was fixed.
  • They found a weather machine at the facility under Knights Park in Collingswood, NJ that was being run by NASA and orchestrated by Deep State Generals to create hurricanes that was mentioned earlier. But she is still searching globally for anymore.
  • More cleanup was required when NSA people in Utah decided to send out nasty frequencies making people more agitated than usual. They were being sent out globally not just in the US. Counter frequencies were being sent out to alleviate this.
  • They tried to empty Paypal, just like they did when they took control of the ACH system for a very short time last year and everyone’s Paypal transactions were bouncing all over the place. They really need operation money from somewhere, but sounds like this was prevented.
  • Fake Juan was making more fake comments about fake operations to install more fear porn, and btw don’t forget to buy his tee shirt or buy his book.

Kim’s Offer to Buy BlackRock | Status: No Update Yet

There is no update yet. She sent the parties involved a copy of her notes that is getting everyone on the dark side in a tizzy. She said they all got them by Sat night and they were having meetings ever since discussing how all this happened.

Kim’s Wrap Up

She’s pretty sure no one is going to be listening to those Generals at the helm anymore. They lost all credibility. While they’ve been running around doing stupid things Kim and The Enforcer teams have been taking all their toys.

Then there are the budgets, which are all due by the 30th, including BlackRock’s which is not going to pass. The Hall of Records belongs to Humanity and they’ll be just as broke on Oct 1st as they are now.

The only concern now is preventing the average every day person from losing money.


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