The 5 Shadow Agencies | Kim’s 30,000 Year War with the Draco | Kim’s Clones Past & Present | Part 3

This Situation Report: Disclosure by Kim Goguen on June 27, 2022 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This is Part 3 and will outline the 5 Shadow Agencies. Also, Kim has revealed some very interesting information about her long-term battle with Marduk.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Shadow Agencies

Group 1 – Remnant of the Sanhedrin

As of June 27, 2022 when Kim gave this report, only a few were left in this group. This group is running the World Economic Council story. They are still trying to establish the New Rome, which is the US in their card game. They intend to move ‘New Rome’ over to China and have given themselves until 2024 to complete this exercise, even though it was supposed to be finished by 2022.

They are now hoping and praying for instructions to come in the next two weeks. This is the group behind the financial reset as well. There are a bunch of cloned folks in this group. The reason that thing running around as Klaus Schwab started wearing funky outfits is because he thinks he’s higher ranking now that his higher ups are dead.

Sometimes I actually feel sorry for them. They are such children and look utterly ridiculous.

Group 2 – Media Narrative

This group has the most people still left which is around 13. They get instructions on how to run the narrative and for inserting handlers in the Alt Media. They do all the branding too around who will be the good guys and who will be the boogie men. They also handle the selling of new treatments to the sheep.

Group 3 – Military Control

This group is made up of the Jesuit Order, Black Pope, Richard Wiss (remember the self-proclaimed Ra incarnated) and whoever is left or took over the positions of the 5 Star Generals. Some of them are running around Cheyenne these days and some are in DARPA. They control and give orders to both the Russians and Ukrainians at the same time. See related post about ‘Ra’: Backstage at the Order of the Black Sun

Group 4 – Operation Structures

The reason why everything is a such a shit show right now is because the Operation Structures Group hasn’t received the structure to give them structure, so everyone is very confused right now. It’s kind of comical. Unfortunately for them, the only one who will be able to give them any orders is Kim. No one else is going to give information to them because the ‘Others’ who remained here have changed their entire structure.

The ‘Others’ include the Other 36 Race sand have been mentioned numerous times by Kim. They were formerly enslaved like us humans and used for their technological specialties by the dark side. But they formed the New Earth Council and their ‘structure’ changed last year. They are now united and dedicated to the Restoration Plan.  

Kim is also a member of their Earth Council which she has mentioned several times as well. Therefore, Kim would definitely know if any in this group reached out to any of the ‘special people‘, if anyone was insubordinate. They won’t be though because everyone is tired of all you ‘special’ people. So, if you’re ready to start the Restoration Plan, she can put you to work in a positive sense. But if you’re hell bent on world domination, be prepared to die.

Group 5 – Political Group

The political construct controllers make up this remaining group. They received their last set of instructions two years ago. The political mess we see daily is coming from these people. They tell every Head of State what is to come out of their mouth, everything they do is controlled by them and always has been.

If a Head of State dies and they aren’t ready for that, well they just keep the narrative going. Who cares if they don’t even look like the same person anymore. No matter.

Every single one is controlled, that includes Ron DeSantis by the way. See the Senatus Consultum site, or my post where I called him out months ago, BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen, Black Sun P3 Lodge & Sanhedrin Super Villains Eliminated? Who’s in Charge Now? – Part 3 |. It’s all orchestrated for our entertainment and all for the purpose of seeing who the public will buy to sit in the seat. The sheep fall for it because it’s what they expect and that is because it’s the structure they put forward for us.

Kim’s plea, which I couldn’t agree with more. Why people still think elections and those running for any seat mean a damn thing.

Please stop waiting for someone to get into a seat when what we really need to be concerned about is those in Group 5 who are running these puppets. This is the power structure of the world that is left and who are still running operations.

Kim Clone | Pure Essence | Source’s Rules

On to some even more interesting intel.

Kim revealed that she (her person, not always this body of course) has been doing battle with the Draco a very long time, in fact for 30,000 years.  There were about 15,000 Draco who have been here on Earth. Marduk always knew when the incarnation of Kim and others like her came about. He made a point to know because they were his worst enemies. During these 30,000 years at war, sometimes the Draco won and sometimes they lost.

Parent | Cassandra (Kim v1.0)

One of Kim’s lifetimes was as Cassandra in Greece. Kim read a letter from Cassandra that was published by Shane the Ruiner, who claims to be a member of an Illuminati family. I’ve been following Kim for several years now and I remember when she read it, but how long ago it was I don’t recall. I also remember Thomas Williams had interviewed this guy Shane so there are probably some of his podcasts of that interview still around. I definitely didn’t finish listening to any interview with this Shane guy thinking he was a good guy. Anyway, back to the letter. It was a harsh one and I found it on his blog.

We do not hate you we are indifferent.  Left to your own devices you act as if you wish to destroy this world for your own comfort and convenience. The happiest you ever appear is in a state of ignorant bliss so why shouldn’t we continue.  You had your chances and your perfect world when that wasn’t enough we were created to lead you.  And as the lion feeds on anything it can we do unto you.  A few may act or feel differently but the focus remains on the majority not the few lonely villages questioning and dreaming.

The energy you possess is squandered, neglected, abused.  For a hundred years we have fed you your entertainment and you have devoured our offering supporting the lies your told ignoring the nuggets or people of truth.  Not once giving us any indication you wish things to be any different.  Speak up if you have something to say we are listening but we will not allow you to waste such a resource as yourselves.  You can not be allowed to destroy the planet like your creators designed you to.

So we will give you the escape you so desperately want we warn you ourselves and you swallow it like greedy little piglets expecting us to deliver you from your own evil and call it entertaining.  You have given us no reason to feel any differently than we always have about you and that is why we are building this world for you.

You will become cybernetic while we allow it after which time you will be fully inserted into a brand new world. “The Kingdom of Heaven” the bulk of you have been worshiping while we waited for our chance to take over you.  You want a savior and we will save you from yourselves. We will enjoy the fruits of our labor while you sleep and dream as we create our own world for ourselves in which you are not suitable to exist.  You are breathing dead and your time is ours. Billions of you and only a few are even reading this and that would still be true even if this was your nightly news station.  A capable race would see beyond the swamp to find the fresh water.

My very letter to this man called The Ruiner will be a representation of the fact that you all cannot see truth when it is in front of you and you will always choose the more comfortable free ride provided by leaders who are willing to be responsible for you.  Leaders with the strength of will to create the world.  Children is what you are the children of animals.  And we will have our utopia without your presence doing anything but powering our new creations.  What a hundred readers or more and you think you’re all ready to be saved.

To address you the runaways.  We hope you enjoy your freedom and wish you luck knowing you need it.  You’ve damn near voided your agreement with us by inspiring this fiasco so tread carefully.

The writer of this blog has tried to argue on behalf of a few thousand humans who are aware of us what we do and how the world really works as if this is some sort of defense of humanity as a whole.  These few have always existed and are laughed and ignored because of their own inability to digest the knowledge they have.  They sit at computers and attend conferences that feed the money cycles as if they are outsmarting the system.  This is no threat any damage these types could have ever done would have been done long before today.

Go ahead and prove us wrong.

Hope this is what you wanted Mr. Green though I doubt it.   Until we meet again;

Source: The Ruiner: Search results for cassandra (

Pure Essence | Light & Dark

Since Kim also talked about a Shadow Military Group that specialized in essence in Part 2 of this Disclosure Report, it’s important to remember that pure essence can be pure dark or pure light when she explains this story.

Marduk did his first clone of Kimberly 1.0 who was Cassandra. However, it’s not a clone like we would think. What he did was infuse her with only dark essence so she would be born dark and then he raised her. She became one of the Parents for a very good reason, he needed her. When Cassandra was old enough, they tried to trick the system into seeing only pure essence, not differentiating as to whether it was totally dark essence or totally light essence.

Source’s Rules

Kim has told us many times she would lose her job if she did certain things and that’s true. She would lose it if she goes dark. She has to follow the rules of the road, and sometimes it’s really hard. Those of us who haven’t been living under a rock, we have been watching this horror show inflicted against Humanity right? Yet Kim cannot go on a killing rampage. Rules need to be followed at every step.

I always found it interesting that the last episode of Game of Thrones illustrates what they probably wanted Kim to become. The Mother of Dragons loses it and goes on a rampage killing everyone, including the innocent people. In the end she became what she was fighting against, and she too then must be killed.

Marduk Lost Control of the System in 2007

Anyway, back to Marduk. He knows that the last time he lost to the former Kim was when he lost control of the current system. That’s why he focused so many people on trying to get control of it. Marduk actually lost control of the system in 2007. The money machine was shut off. He did not shut the money system off himself. He lied and told everyone he turned it off. He likely blamed his slaves for being inadequate and told them they needed to get their shit together. A total lie.

Kim remembers many meetings with Marduk when the Parents or Coven Masters would call him and he’d hang up laughing saying I can’t believe they just bought that.  He just lies all the time. They all love to lie. That’s what they do. And they think of us as stupid humans because they modified us so much. Can we honestly say they didn’t succeed on that front?  

25 Baby Kim Clones

There were 25 clones of baby Kim in Belgium a few days ago, all were about 5 years of age. The clones were sitting in one of the respective 5 Groups we just went over: 1. Remnant of the Sanhedrin, 2. Media Narrative, 3. Military Control, 4. Operation Structures and 5. Political Group.

The reason for the 25 baby Kim clones is that one of them was supposed to grant access to the system. Kim found out from a contact of hers in Russia when one of ‘fathers’ of the baby Kim clones told everyone he was the representative for Kim. Evidently there was supposed to be one ‘proud’ father who had the winning baby Kim clone who could access the Alpha system. What happened instead was all the potential proud fathers are now dead. To be honest I’m not sure about the clones. She didn’t state explicitly that they were likely killed as well.

The Alpha System | It was Always Kim’s System

Where did they get this idea and how did they do this?

The system Kim now runs was always her system, it was never not her system. It doesn’t matter how many times she incarnated; it has always been the same system. That is why everyone on their side is so concerned about her DNA, because she contains pure essence of light. This makes a lot of sense to me because when I listen to Kim explain the birth certificate bonds, for example, it seems like it’s so twisted to suit their needs. Everything she describes about the system is like that. For instance, if they originally created the system themselves they wouldn’t have to make it so convoluted to achieve their objectives. Add to that the fact that they never create anything, they just pervert and distort.

Fortunately many things have changed about the system. It’s been cleaned up. Kim has been doing a lot of work for a lot of years to make sure that happened. This also means we are getting closer and closer to taking over the remainder of the dark. It’s also the reason why she now has the four sets of Earth portals 7777, because the system allows her to do these things. And of course Source is on her side. When Source is with you, you can’t lose a war!

Another plus is that she has the instruction manual left by Marduk that we discussed in Part 1. She knows the instructions before they ever come and knows where they are going before they do. In addition, Kim possesses some skills of her own and has a really cool intelligence system that she built, the Key Intelligence and Military System. The system the ‘special people’ are trying to get access to again. She knows they all want access back because they have been calling Tom Melville about it and because tomorrow, June 28, 2022 is the first annual meeting of the New Earth Council.

New Earth Council Meeting

Why should they be concerned about this meeting? Because the New Earth Council doesn’t consist of any Draco or any Abraxas or anyone for that matter who would care if they live or die. Remember these people, the 36 Other Races that united used to be part of Group 4, Operational Structures. They have no instructions for the floundering coven members. Kim being a member of the Earth Council double checked with them just in case and confirmed none are forthcoming.

Instead, the Earth Council has been a great military force working on her behalf and their own. They’ve been doing a lot of the foot work and they are all onboard with the Restoration Plan for the planet. So whichever portal these wingnuts are trying to get through, good luck because all are controlled by Kim now. Kim is the only one who can answer the phone. The Dark AI/Kronus/Omega is gone! So, unless you want to meet with her to find out how you can help restore the planet, know the window is closing very very quickly.

The meeting of the Earth Council that starts tomorrow will go on for 2 weeks and orders and instructions will come out of that. They are fed up with all of you. You lost the war. The Draco are not coming back. Kim stays in touch with the Draco Queen who is running them now and she is busy cleaning up her mess and not interested in any of you. The Mantids are no longer running their part of the security system and are fine as long as we keep the deal that was made. They are still focused on ‘living water,’ which is done with ethereal plasma.

For more about the Mother of Dragons, this month’s Time Shift Blog by Lisa Renee is the place to be.

Cosmic Mother’s Return
We have learned that during the planetary ascension, the Mother of Dragons must take her place as the Cosmic Dragon overseer on the Earth, so the Dragons’ many parts can finally be restored and reanimated by her life giving presence and sacred holy spirit. The Dragons and their spiritual body parts exist everywhere on the planet in physical and energetic expressions, although their consciousness properties have been in stasis during the Dark Aeon when we were spiritually adrift in the seas of chaos, without our Cosmic Holy Mother. See Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings.

The Mother of Dragons is the original Cosmic Dragon which oversees the four dragon realms in the middle world, inner world, outer world and core of creation domains that make up the entirety of the Universal, Galactic and planetary consciousness. The Cosmic Mother Dragon also oversees the millions of Dragon Eggs that are intended for activating the lightbody of human beings and for the spiritual benefit of the various species existing on the planet. We have noted that the Cosmic Mother Dragon is also overseeing the functions of the gatekeeper Dragon being that was in the middle world domains of the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix. See site for full article.
Source: Cosmic Mother’s Return – Energetic Synthesis


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