World War III Not Happening | US, UK & Germany Try to Declare Martial Law, Kim Rejects | For Those Who Don’t Have a Functioning Brain, the Treaty of Versailles Expired | Alt Media Just Stop With the Fear Porn About WWIII, Candida and Trump Nonsense, You’re Not Helping

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on March 24, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim updates us that World War III is not going to happen as her forces will make sure of that. That is much to the dismay of the US military, JASON Society and usual China Deep State suspects. We’re dealing with more of the same in Government as the mentally challenged members are only now beginning to ask questions since those they take orders from never seem to deliver. I would not get my hopes up though.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


The Chinese Plan for World War III

All wars are pre-planned. That is not new and if you want to conquer an enemy you surround that enemy. That is why Canada has been allowing China to build military bases in Canada. Everyone hates Trudeau because he does whatever the China Deep State tells him to do.  By the way there are several military bases in the Caribbean islands as well.

Trudeau Went to European Parliament and Got Roasted as a Dictator (

Are they going to achieve their objective of a world war? No! And it is certainly not because the military is going to save us. Kim and her forces will be preventing a war on US soil. If a war happened with China, it would affect every nation in the world and we are not doing that anymore. By the way as of 2019 the US Government does not have any official debt to China anymore. Kim told us numerous times that she paid that off.

Sanctions Against Russia

There are a lot of sanctions against Russia which do not do anything but make the deep state money. Even though the US has sanctioned Russian companies, it has not stopped American companies from buying directly or indirectly and they aren’t paying market prices. But rest assured, Russia is still making money on selling oil and they are still selling in dollars.

Attempt to Declare Global Martial Law

Last night for the second time there was an attempt to declare Global Martial Law. But unlike in 2021 where it was pretty much all countries, this time it was it was just the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany who tried to declare Martial Law. They were all rejected by Kim, but why did they try?

The Treaty of Versailles Expired

I wish they would just watch Kim’s broadcasts or ask the Archivists rather than repeating everything their predecessors do. This is getting really boring. So, the Treaty of Versailles was actually designed in times of war to disburse large amounts of money to pay for said war. And in social media there is a lot of talk about WWIII or WWIV or whatever number they think we are on. But there will not be a war without money and the Treaty of Versailles expired. They still think these things are in effect because they are just plain stupid and then they are very upset because they are too stupid to check before the do things. Why can’t we just be done with these morons! So, no money for anyone, that includes Ukraine. And they can’t have a world war without everyone participating.

Russia, the Most Attacked Country in History

It’s a well-known fact Russia is the most attacked country in the history of the world because a tremendous amount of resources exist in the country, gold, rare earth minerals, specific types of lumber. There is also that special gateway that Kim told us about and they want to control the country for these reasons. So, what is going on in Ukraine and the Arctic, what they are doing, it’s a Sun Tzu principle, outside in and inside out. They get the administrations to play along with the program with promises of money and surround them.

Note: For reference to Gateway in Russia, refer to my post, Apocalypse 8.0? | Black Sun Tries to Unleash Absent Lower Astral on Earth | Massive Network of Corp Control Found | Huawei, the Replacement for ECHELON Undone | Battlelines Drawn | Both Sides Claim to Own Kim | Is ‘Trump’ thing Worth More Dead or Alive? | Will Black Sun Push Martial Law? | Rothchilians Sweep up on Empty Promises | Welcome to Crystalline Time! | What is Sovereignty? | Just Empower Me

The United States, Surrounded

Same thing is happening if you move over to the US. There are military bases all over thanks to Canada, the gangs in Mexico and the Caribbean nations. If DARPA, the NSA, and the US Military do not know it, then what good are they? They are supposed to be protecting national security interests. But we know better. They are just helping the alleged enemy who are their friends.

Members of Congress Asking If Kim is Human?

Kim wanted to reiterate that she does not have a contract with any government or military force. She is also aware there are people running around saying Kim works for them. If you are in the US and a member of Congress the only other person you could possibly talk to is Tom Melville.

Speaking of Congress, evidently they’ve been doing a lot of research on Kim and Tom lately. In fact, they actually called Tom to ask him if he is human and if Kim is human. It is a very real question because these bloodline families have ruled forever. The people who typically had high clearances were all part of the Black Sun bloodline, the demon bloodlines and a lot of them were hybrids. But Members of Congress finally thought to ask I guess because the bloodline people who tell them what to do keep promising and not delivering.

Kim wants to inform those inquiring that the ruling demon bloodlines of days past have been over and they have not had power for a long time now. Are some still here and talking saying the opposite? Of course, but it does not make it true. The Order of the Black Sun has no clearance in the Key Intelligence & Military System. Neither does the JASON Society. So, anyone saying Kim works for them or Kim can fund through them, that is a lie and they can verify that themselves because she gave you all read access in the Key Intelligence and Military System. You can find out who they are really talking to.

Useless Idiot Janet Yellen Makes Zero Sense Again

Yellen just announced there could be government bailouts for banks. The logical question Kim posed is, who is going to bail out the governments?

Janet Yellen says more bank bailouts could be coming | Washington Examiner

There are rules to the road. You cannot fix the banking institutions with the same leadership in place. These institutions are just corporations. So, if you have a failing corporation and you’re going to buy it why would you keep the same management on staff? Why keep the same Board which is part of the Federal Reserve and the Back Office which belongs to the Order of the Black Sun? You must take all of that over. The Fed is being driven into the toilet and they are taking all the countries with it.

I say let it go. They are not going to help anyone anyway. These imbeciles will never turn around, they will continue to waste our time. They see their predecessors make mistake after mistake yet they do the same. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

So insane Janet Yellen and company still think big money is coming to the US government today. Why? Because the Spring Equinox did not officially end until 5:46 PM EST, so yesterday was still fair game. The JASON Society and now some members of the Order of the Red Dragon were still on the hunt because they thought there was still a chance the system would switch back to the Omega system and they would be back in charge. Alas it went nowhere, but they proceeded to run operation after operation. Kim said it was ridiculous yesterday and they continued this morning.

The Military is Definitely Not Saving Anyone!

This cannot be said enough. As it relates to security it was Kim and her team intercepting all along and she had more big stuff to prevent like earthquakes again. The Military had a meeting in Cheyenne Mountain this morning about why they did not get their earthquakes. Why was there no tsunami and where are the cyclones! Why did the San Andreas Fault not fall into the ocean? This is the US Military who was upset that the country did not erupt into earthquakes. They are all no longer here. Great but there will just be another group of psychos to fill those spots and I’ll be writing about this again for sure.

There were also 6 members of the JASON society who showed up in Durango I believe, it was near Kim in any case. They setup shop in a ski resort near a place called Purgatory. It had something to do with Kim, but fortunately they ended up in the real purgatory because these psychos refuse to understand that war does not yield money anymore.

Alleged Patriots, Please Research Before Spreading Fear Porn

World War III

There will not be a world war, but it is not stopping the alleged patriots from spreading the information. What are they doing? They are creating fear worldwide and need to stop. The operatives running the alt media are not going to make world war happen because the collective consciousness is not going to respond to a negative event anymore. Why? Because they do not have the dark essence here anymore, and they do not have Omega or Kronos or any system that will respond to the essence of fear which is dark and negative.

Trump & Stormy Daniels

They are still talking about Trump and Stormy Daniels and that he is going to be arrested, like it is a thing. Will they talk about it as much as they talked about Jan 6th on every YouTube channel out there? Jan 6th was an orchestrated event, period, end of story. Move on to another topic. But no, let’s continue to talk about it alleged patriots. But why not tell the truth for a change? Trump was involved in Jan 6th, Pence was involved, Pelosi was involved. Everyone knew it was going to happen. It was all meant for your enjoyment and unfortunately there are hundreds of patriots in jail for it. Do you think they care, did anyone bail them out? Did anyone go and see them from the Trump team? You are being fooled, lied to, cheated, and stolen from. But by all means keep buying your Trump ornaments and coins and Trump bucks. Give them all your money and continue to still believe this is a credible human being.

Fear the Fungi!

Next narrative going around on both the mainstream and alt media is fungus. Candida is not a naturally occurring thing in human beings. Kim said Colloidal Silver works great and will take care of it, but Candida Auris is the one the media is talking about. It does not cause a biofilm but it can invade the bloodstream. An overgrowth of Candida can also cause joint pain and brain fog. It feeds on sugar, starches and alcohol. Is there a cure? Oregano oil can work as can hydrogen peroxide. You can kill this fungus using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide which can also be used on your skin. To ingest, you can use one drop for a 16oz glass of water. This increases the utilization of the oxygen by 15-20%.

Frightening new fungus ‘candida auris’: What is it? Who is susceptible? (

The point is the Plain folk need to do their research before they spread fear. Please stop. You are only hurting humanity. Discern the information first.

Time is Shifting a Little Bit

Finally, Kim just wanted to let us know we are off by a few milliseconds now and it will be repaired mostly during sleep time. You might feel a slight shift as it is changing. It is nothing to be concerned about but time is being shifted a few milliseconds and will take a few days. It is part of the restoration of Earth. This is due to all the changes and transition to the light. We are eventually moving into no time, but she wanted to mention this shift for those who are super sensitive.


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  1. Viliame Devo Tukai

    Do you have access to Kim’s ” Real History of the world” Part 1? Thank you for all you have been posting so far.

  2. PJZ STEVEN D KELLEY ex CIA / NSA reveals that a massive
    DUMB is underneath the GETTY CENTER, it is the hub of tunnels and child trafficking? Have you heard of this or has KIM GOGUEN ever mentioned it ?

  3. By Anna Von Reitz
    They keep putting out information and videos about Kim Goguen, a small-time fraud artist
    who is making the big time in that realm of activity by working for the ersatz attempting-toreconfigure Territorial Corporation(s).
    One of the most bizarre aspects of everything that has gone on has been the repeated
    attempts to open the World Trust, aka, “Storehouses of the Lord” via fraud, usually by
    manipulation of the authorities involved by employees of the actual Principals, and usually by
    one person hailed as the “savior”, a lone renegade philanthropist.
    Remember Wolfgang Struck? The World Bank version of this phenomenon?
    Remember Heather Tucci-Jareff, the well-intentioned young attorney who led the Paradigm
    Project and who tried to form the OPPT? She didn’t know that as an attorney, she didn’t have
    the standing to do this and is now serving five years in Federal prison for her
    Kim Goguen is another such purported savior, and doesn’t have standing either. She’s the IMF
    candidate and a Territorial Citizen.
    All these people are functioning as Legal Persons.
    Not one of them is functioning as a Lawful Person.
    As a result, the Storehouses of the Lord are firmly locked and closed against them. They can’t
    get there from here, for the same reason that you can’t be on the High Seas and standing on
    Mount Everest at the same time.
    It’s a matter of time-space and energy capacity.
    So these imposters — literally imposters — chase each other around and around the mulberry
    bush and none of them can gain leverage or bear the truth.
    They say that they represent so-and-so and are agents of this-and-that. Kim says she was
    “chosen” by Marduk. Great. Who made “Marduk” king? Not his Father, who wasn’t appointed
    king, either. LOL.
    The World Trust was created by men who believed in the Bible, and this is what the Bible says
    about this matter—- Hebrews 1:1-13 — God makes the heir.
    There is only one appointed God-created heir of an estate in their system and that heir is a
    living man acting in the capacity of a Lawful Person.
    Lawful assets belong only to Lawful Persons, so this makes perfect sense and is logically
    sound throughout.
    A “paper man” —or woman — can’t possess actual gold, wheat, wine, or anything else that is
    actual and factual.
    So as I have told everyone — repeatedly — Kim Goguen isn’t the heir. By definition. And this
    is certain as water flowing downhill.
    Many Christians have thought that Jesus is the Heir through whom they inherit — but is Jesus
    the Heir of the World? No, Jesus is the Heir of Heaven and Earth.
    There is another Heir involved —- the Heir of Balbeck, Persia, Phoenicia, Greece, Turkey,
    Malta, Crete, Armaugh, Rome and so on. He is the Heir of the False God, the Idolater and the
    So what you were all meant to inherit from him was death and idolatry.
    Call him the Anti-Christ, if you will, because he deals in the realm of Legal Fictions. This is the
    realm of the World and the World Trust.
    The Earth was created by the Living God and stands in eternal truth; the World was created
    by the Dead God and is an illusion.
    But even the Dead God can serve the Living God, and become a tool in his hands, even as
    light is born out of darkness and roses grow from manure piles.
    We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, and discernment cannot waver. What is, is,
    and what is not, is not.
    Knowing what we know, we are in a position to rightly value and use all things for good. ALL
    things. Even legal fictions and Legal Persons and the Anti-Christ himself can be used to make
    all things new and to manifest truth from an illusion.
    So remember that the Heir of Balbeck, the actual Heir of the World Trust, is not “bad” in the
    same way that the Heir of Heaven and Earth is good.
    An illusion which is temporary is not of the same realm nor in the same league as an eternal
    truth; and even if to our eyes, they may appear to be of the same nature, they are not.
    Through one created Heir we have inherited all that is “dead” and illusory, and through the
    other created Heir we have inherited all that is alive and eternal.
    So the World Trust, which is an illusion, controls the Lawful Assets belonging to the Lawful
    Heirs, and the World Bank, which is an illusion, is accountable to them to yield both the Trust
    and the Assets.
    The Heir of Balbeck, not Kim Goguen, holds the key to making the World Bank open up the
    accounts; and insomuch as he is the Anti-Christ, people are afraid of him; but we mistake the
    subservience of the illusion to the Living God

    1. I’m aware of Anna but don’t agree. And Kim never said she was chosen by Marduk, that isn’t accurate. She answers to the highest authority and that certainly would not be a Draco.

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