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I’m behind again. I needed to recharge my batteries and took a road trip through New England to visit a friend in Maine. I just love New England in the Fall! I foresee a lot of work for myself over the next few weeks. Anyway sorry for the absence of reports lately.

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on October 14, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this Intel update Kim reminds us that the UN and NATO are not registered in the Hall of Records because they are terrorist organizations and cannot help Russia with its request to annex areas of Ukraine. She explains what Project Becky is about and calls out General Beasley who is leading the project hoping to regain control and save the Deep State, but they failed again. She also points out the obvious, that history is repeating itself. The White Russians versus the Red Russians, or Bolshevik Revolution is the plan for America and US politicians are doing their best to help make it happen.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Center of Amity & Restoration of Earth Replaced the United Nations in the Hall of Records

Kim started off this update talking about annexed nations. Recently a number of different nations around the world have been chopped up into pieces and were submitted to the UN for approval. This isn’t anything new. What’s different now is that all that were submitted keep getting rejected and Kim wanted to the Russians and Ukrainians in particular to understand why they keep getting rejected.

UN is a Terrorist Organization, Deeply Involved with NATO

In the past the way this process worked it that the United Nations would take in these requests and then send it up to the Hall of Records. Eventually the request would get to Marduk for approval and then it would come back as a ratified nation, or ratified change. Nowadays they continue to follow that process of submitting requests to the United Nations but they are rejecting the requests because the UN does not have sovereignty anymore. They are not a registered organization in the Hall of Records and haven’t been for over a year now and they can look for that rejected ratification of the UN in the Hall of Records. Why is this the case? Because the UN is a terrorist organization and deeply involved with NATO. The UN is more of a ‘take a piece’ rather than ‘keep the peace’ and Kim replaced them a while ago. The new organization which was ratified in the Hall of Records is called the Center of Amity and Restoration of Earth.

The NATO alliance was also rejected out of the Hall of Records and no longer legally exists. That was done well over a year ago. As far as she can tell the UN and NATO are not in any way positive. So, these two organizations that many nations are supporting and funding no longer exists. They don’t have a charter to permit them to come into any nation.

Therefore, the reason the approval is taking so long is because none of this is being ratified. Kim keeps rejecting, rejecting, and rejecting. Money used to come out for this stuff, these are bills and bills are not just a law-making structure, they are actually bills and no funding is coming out of Kim’s office for either organization. That’s why the new organization, the Center of Amity and Restoration of Earth was created which eventually nations will be able to join.

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2. BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen Causes Black Sun P3 Lodge to Concede & Sanhedrin Steps Back In – Part 1 (In this post it’s noted that the United Nations have not had a charter since at least August 8, 2021 as that’s the date of Kim’s Intel update.)

Russia Should Submit Request Directly to Hall of Records, Not the UN

So to Russia, Kim suggested if they want to adhere to the pre-agreed annex of the area of Ukraine they can submit them directly to the Hall of Records through the Archivists. She will take a look at it and if it makes sense then it can happen, but she is the only one who is going to do it for them. The UN will not help in any way, shape or form. It’s a misnomer they have that kind of power. And it makes no difference to Kim if they submit it or not. But they have access to the Archivist and a diplomatic line and if both parties agreed willingly and not by force, then go ahead and change the border.

Coked-Out Deep State Puppet Zelensky is Involved with NATO

However, Kim said she has absolutely no problem going against ridiculous people who are trying to start a nuclear war. She isn’t for or against any nation, she is neutral and just wants to do what is best for the people, unlike that tiny man in the Ukraine who is all coked out, complaining and yelling and no one seems to be addressing. Zelensky is definitely a deep state puppet and he is involved with NATO. The bombings they are blaming on the Russians are not coming from the Russians mostly. That was all done internally.

US Politicians Actually Support the Killing of Ukrainians

And then we have the US who is sanctioning nations that have war mongers but not the coked-out guy with a Napoleon complex who is killing his own people. Even their military uniforms say they are supporting the Order of the Black Sun. He’s committing genocide and he is a war monger and our politicians are waving Ukrainian flags. Except what they are really supporting is the killing of the Ukrainian people, NATO who bombs nations and let’s not forget they also just recently used a center in Norway to attempt to try and crash the banking system in the US.

U.S. Security Cooperation with Ukraine – United States Department of State
Bills Accumulating and No Money to Pay the Operatives

The Agencies, Zelensky and the Operatives started this mess and they are left holding the bill literally. All these groups, those who trade in arms did their thing and no one is paying them. So, there are extremely dangerous operatives who are very angry and have no money, which leads us to Dick Wiss.

Dick’s in serious trouble right now and Kim said she heard rumors that the people who work with him are in danger of the people he promised money to. Of course, he was supposed to pay everyone this past Wednesday, which he didn’t and that left most of the operatives up in arms. There were heated discussions between people at Cheyenne Mountain, the Pentagon, and Langley. So we can guess who he promised money to. This goes back to the Generals agreement with Dick Wiss and the operatives who watched Kim’s news recently. They want to know, where is the money coming from? They can’t continue to lie to people about money, contracts and racking up bills they are never going to be able to pay. So from this plethora of conversations yesterday they came up with a plan.

Project Becky | Plum Blossom Group | General Beasley

The plan they came up with is called Project Becky and what they planned to do was put super notes into the banking system and they were running around all day today trying to achieve the task of ‘save the Fed’.  Over the last few days 14 pallets of super notes were transferred to the Federal Reserve and many others in other directions. The 14 pallets of $100 dollar bills would amount to about $1.4 billion. Kim is assuming this was a test.

Plum Blossom Group | Purple Line People

During George Bush Senior’s tenure as head of the Black Sun, the Black Eagle, he had around $27 trillion dollars printed in super notes all around the world. For those who have been in this realm of the game they would have seen pallets of cash in these uncut notes in the Philippines, China and Taiwan, especially Taiwan which is probably why it’s such a focus now. There is a group there called Plum Blossom which are the purple line people. They have been good friends with the United States for a very long time. So, the Plum Blossom people were probably one of the groups who donated these cash pallets. $27 trillion dollars would sure save a lot of Deep State people and help a lot of operations right now, so hence today’s attempted test.

What is a Super Note versus Cash?

Super notes are printed on the correct paper with the correct ink, just like the notes in our pocket. They can be in dollars, euro, bolivar, rubles, although Kim hasn’t personally seen a lot of rubles. If you have $100 dollar bill in your pocket with serial number A123456 they would print a second $100 bill with the same serial number A123456. It’s real because it’s printed the same way the Fed prints money, however it’s a duplicate so when they try to deposit that note the banking system says nope, it’s a duplicate and spits it out. You can’t deposit a single US dollar, Euro, or British Pound Sterling that is a duplicate.

BRIGADIER GENERAL DENNIS C. BEASLEY > Air Force > Biography Display (af.mil)
General Beasley

Now this $27 trillion put up by the purple people is just in dollars and because they are so broke, they decided to partner with General Beasley and his pet project Becky. I am guessing this Brigadier General Dennis C. Beasley is the guy she is referring to but I only had a last name. Kim said the objective of General Beasley and his pet project Becky is to put these super notes back into the system. They were going to try and use one of those colored lines and some remnants she discussed in previous Intel updates that Kim has been cleaning up in the banking system, into the new banking system that she’s structuring. And since she has been cleaning, she also found some other things. For example, BlackRock had their own line in the banking system, Vanguard had their own line and State Street had their own line. Part of the reason the state of Louisiana decided to pull back from BlackRock recently is because they were going to partner with State Street instead, and the new banking system which they tried to launch today.

Louisiana to remove $794 mln from BlackRock funds over ESG drive | Reuters

Operatives Busy Trying to Revive Whatever They Could Find

  • They were also trying to revive Supernap while Kim was giving us this report. They were in several locations within the US and outside the US trying to revive the system. She found some operatives from the various 15 militaries in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • They also tried to get some more ARCHONS. They are extremely concerned about the Amber line going down so they went to an old site of the Delphi Military called Massive Mountain in Colorado, just outside of Breckenridge and were trying to get some ARCHONS there.
  • They went to Newark, NJ trying to use a Homeland Security Black Site today.
  • They went to Cranston, England.
  • They went to Oglethorpe College in Georgia using a SpaceX CRS.
  • They are trying to send out some negative frequencies for fungal proliferations because we have a lot of standing water everywhere and they are trying take advantage of that, perhaps some cholera or something like that.  These are the locations she knows of so far. She is going to rectify that situation and now needs to counterbalance it. A lot of cleanup needs to be done and anyone who has a rife machine can help.
  • They are very busy hacking anything they can find right now. Haliburton and IBM have thrown their hats in the ring but Kim’s firewalls are holding up very well. It’s just a matter of finding any other tags or stoppages that they could possibly use to block us.
  • They fired one up yesterday with the World Bank and the World Trade Organization that tags into the banking system. Those have been removed. They lost all connection yesterday. And the Federal Reserve will be no exception with their State Street attempted access today. They were already running around very aggravated that their plan didn’t work.
  • They’ve also been trying to spoof websites which is actually helping speed up Kim’s cleaning process.
They Are Trying to Clone Websites

Essentially, they want to mirror or recreate the websites of banks and move them over do a different server which they already tried earlier this week. There are different ways and tactics to do this. One is called a spider which quickly maps out the front end of any website, it clones the site. They then wanted to hook it up to Oracle systems today, they have a cloud-based system which is run by the CIA, the same guy who owns the Lanai Island in Hawaii, who I looked up and is Larry Ellison.

Lanai – Wikipedia

They were using a product called AIM cloud services, and it’s not working. Every time they try to replicate a site the clone comes up blank because Kim already firewalled it, so it doesn’t work for them. She linked, synched and firewalled all html sites as she anticipated they would try to do this.

So, thanks to Kim’s handiwork their giant global operation is falling apart and she said she’s having a really good time doing it. I’m glad she’s having fun! Go Kim!

AIMCloud – AIM Firms

Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) & Key Intelligence & Military System (KIMS)

Kim said she knew the operatives were working out of Microsoft in Egypt trying to get access through a line to the banking system but they weren’t successful of course.

Code ‘042’ Resynched | All Access Has Changed to KIMS

Once the system appeared to be clean Kim changed the code ‘042’ to resynch up the different levels of the banking system.

When the resynching came back online the wingnuts could again see the areas that were turned off because they were now turned back on. Mitsubishi in Japan was the first to notice it. At first, they were like yay! But that was short lived because they couldn’t get in. All the access has changed. Now they connect with the Key Integrated Monetary System (KIMS) and in places where the Pentagon used to be, the Key intelligence & Military System (KIMS) is now there. Kim said this is needed for security purposes, to watch for money laundering, and the chief money launder in the world right now is the Federal Reserve itself. So now KIMS is also where the Federal Reserve was.

Note: See my previous report for more info on the lines and code ‘042’, Wingnuts Anticipate Dark Queen Mother’s Arrival October 30th in Palestine | Who is Nubit, the Golden Lady? | What is the Great White Out? | How They Planned to Crash the Banking System This Time | Dick Orders More Chemtrails Across the Globe.

Wingnuts Try to Launch Banking System Outside of the Banking System

We don’t need human beings to monitor currencies. Kim said these people are just like the Generals in that they prefer not work with her. They are trying to launch a banking system outside the banking system and still trying to launch the XUSD and digital dollar crypto currency. People are claiming its gold backed and that’s NOT TRUE in any way shape or form. They don’t have any gold to back the currencies. She is also aware of a bunch of operatives running around the African continent trying to re-leverage again all the assets in Africa and it’s not going to happen unless they pay her back all the money they stole from those respective nations and used for their own purposes and in their own countries and the US.

History is Repeating Itself

This brings her back to other news. If there was a country who wanted to bring back a head of state and join together under one umbrella you would probably think it is Trump and the Q movement. Right? But it’s not because if you go back to 1914-17 that’s a story about the Russians.

Bolshevik Revolution

The Czar had fallen and there was a group who sided with him. They started an underground communication network about how the Czar was going to return (before he was assassinated). Then there was a civil war that happened between the White Russians and the Red Russians, known as the Bolshevik Revolution, those who wanted communism and those who didn’t. Eventually communism was installed and the country’s economy crashed, the transition was not smooth by any means and then many years of communism ensued.

The US is the USSR 2.0

Flash forward because we’re playing USSR 2.0 over here in the United States. Remember the star wars race, nuclear weapons and be afraid of the USSR? They had us hiding under desks and telling us what to do in the event of a nuclear war. Well today Congress is buying medicine to counteract the effects of a nuclear attack. Oy Vey!

They are staging the same exact thing to the United States that was done to Russia years ago. History is repeating here and we need to wake up and look at who is playing the game here. They want to crash the US and many Americans were actively involved in this at the time she was giving this update.

Marxist-Leninist Subversion Playbook
As an ideology in the 20th century only atheistic Communism, with its murder and mass killings in multiple millions, are responsible for more deaths and violence than any religion or political system. This is why this ideology is so popular in the organizations working for the Satanic death cult, it has worked well for securing mass Blood Sacrifice in the past histories. The following are some basic guidelines for ideological subverters that are working to destroy a culture, nation or identity. Please hold some space for thoughtful reflection on what the consequences of these could be on the minds of children, youth and adults and note how many of these steps are active today, with visible evidence demonstrated in the culture. What I want to make clear is that these were not the events of random evolution chosen by individuals, these were purposely guided as a Mind Control agenda for spreading harm to the people. This has been followed as a rule book by media, education systems and all forms of Social Engineering used by subverters to confuse the public, so the Controllers can remain in power and have all the wealth. This Propaganda must stop if we want to live as free people in a free society.
– The purposeful creation of racial offences and promotion of racism
– Continual change of rules in society to create confusion
– Teaching young children about sex, with advanced sexual positions, fetishes and homosexuality
– Undermining of school and teacher’s authority, dumbing down education
– Promote and saturate huge immigration waves to destroy national identity
– Attack churches and empty them out, remove sources of faith and human connection
– Corrupt the legal system to support predators, with bias against victims of crime
– Promote addiction and excessive use of drugs, alcohol and getting high
– Control entertainment and media to 6th grade levels or lower, dumb down popular media
– Encourage the breakdown of family, poor parenthood skills, single mothers, absent fathers
– Manipulate and steal self-esteem through dependency on the state and encourage victimhood
– Confuse identity and gender with new classification systems, promote nonexistent issues as the main problems in society

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. ~ Vladimir Lenin

Source: Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Marxist-Leninist Subversion Playbook – Ascension Glossary

Repository Has Money Preventing the US Banking Crash

They really wanted to crash the banking system by October 15th, except they can all see the repository and that there is money there and they are very angry about it. They can’t use it or leverage it, only Kim and her team can authorize the use of it, but it’s there and the United States is not broke.

So, they were attempting to replace one with the other in a very quick sleight of hand movement. By replacing the websites and attaching to anything anywhere they possibly could, they thought they could legitimize the $27 trillion dollars in super notes and put them into circulation.

Kim said she gets it, it was a great plan and she was impressed for the first time, but it literally took her around 20 min to prevent that from happening. She gets that they want to remain loyal to Lucifer who isn’t even here anymore and they want to wait for the queen mother of hell to come back on Oct 30th, but they aren’t going to interfere with what we’re doing. If they come into KIMS they will fail miserably every time unless they want to participate in the Restoration Plan.

The Dark Side’s Wish List Ain’t Happening

Nuclear War Ain’t Happening

They are really pushing nuclear war of late and even including the purchase of a radiation sickness drug in their narratives. Kim advised the Deep State people they should be very careful about nuclear weapons. Remember the last guy who tried to launch nuclear weapons?  The nuclear football requires three codes, and the third one has to come from the back system and Kim is never going to push that button. That includes the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, and Israelis. She said we also have 25 million in the air that can evaporate any nuke anywhere in the land, sea or air before it hits anything. Her teams are watching worldwide to make sure in case someone gets trigger happy. It’s not going to happen. It’s not a reality. Kim’s chair always held the finally decision. She learned a lot from the most evil being on the planet. She was schooled very well although Marduk didn’t intend to teach her, but she learned to always remain useful. Our Creator said peace and the light won so that’s how it will be!

Note: Gosh, so much information I’m having difficulty remembering which guy tried to launch the nuke codes, but she might be referring to General Tito who is now dead. His involvement is reported in the following post, Apocalypse Plan B Derailed! | Out of the Loop King Chuckie III Gets a Reality Check | Who is Somerset Belenoff? | Any People Still Stuck in the Halls? | Operatives Dropping Like Flies | Massive Cleaning & Clearing of All Systems Underway

Why U.S. purchase of radiation sickness drug Nplate is no cause for alarm (nbcnews.com)
A Competing System to KIMS without Kronos Ain’t Happening

In the political circle, the operatives are playing the game but nothing is getting ratified and the super notes will not be used in the banking system. They don’t have anything to compete with the quantum system, it’s technically impossible. She suggests they call a quantum computer expert and ask them. Without Kronos they don’t have a chance in hell.

Money Coming Their Way Ain’t Happening

On the political sector there is no money coming out of the government and BlackRock and the big corps, which are technically the government too, she has them there too. They built the system on fear and greed and if they can’t feed both they got nothing. And waiting for orange man to come back is ridiculous, he regurgitates the same thing over and over.

Synching Project Mockingbird & Current Operations Ain’t Happening

The World Horror Organization said COVID is over but they are reporting there is an uptick of cases in the European Union. They are trying to run Project Mockingbird while running these operations at the same time. They are so crazy they are making the people on TV look nuts. Yesterday it’s over and today it’s not and they are looking as crazy as the Generals.

U.S. extends Covid public health emergency (cnbc.com)

Kim said her office got a call from an insider at Fox News who actually said they are scouring the internet for actual news stories because they can’t keep reporting on the narratives being distributed to them. They know they will not survive if they do. It’s pretty bad when all the operatives in the news stations aren’t even willing to put forth other operative narratives anymore and we know all journalists are agency people globally. Project Mockingbird isn’t only for mainstream of course, the alternative media is run by them as well. They put out flat earth theory as one example of their handiwork.

Essentially, they are still looking for anyway around her. We are fighting for the light; our survival and freedom of earth and they are equally diligent fighting for the dark. As another example we have the US Congress voting for nuclear war. They will fight to the bitter end. You have to understand your enemy. In some strange way we are a formidable enemy to the dark side on the planet, and we’ll continue the battle until they are down to Lincoln Logs and they are very close. While the battle continues, to become disease free on this planet Kim is running counter frequencies. It will take a lot of work and people can help with rife machines if they have them.


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