Nord Stream Pipelines Fixed! | Faction War Escalates | Both Sides Lose Red Line Access | Grey Screen Turns White! | Hey Steering Committees! Rothschilds Lost Control! | Political Sector in Chaos for Both Sides | Old Gold Covenant Expires! | Meanwhile Kim Continues to Clear the Board from on High, Where the Real War Resides

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on October 17, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim announced her team of helpers fixed the pipelines! She also said the faction war is escalating, especially in light of their loss of the Red Line. Also adding to their losses, the Gray screen turned White, putting all those government debts under Kim’s control. It has a new name too, the Key Integrated Monetary System Global Governmental Depository. An old Gold Covenant is gone, as well as ties to setting the commodities pricing and commodities future market. Oh and our physical selves are clearing and cleaning etherical ties! All and all a very positive report.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Hey Russians! The Pipelines Are Fixed!

To the Russians and NATO if listening, the Nord Stream Pipelines are now working just fine. They have been repaired. Kim, who has a pool of 137 million people who are helping humanity to draw from, fixed it right under their NATO noses. They didn’t even know her team was there.

So they should check their pipelines. They can turn them on anytime for the Europeans. They are ready to go. Kim also wanted the Russian Government to know payment to their oil and gas companies can be made in rubles if they want.

By the way the OPEC meetings are just geopolitical tools. The Rothschilds are trying to get everyone back under their control, but realistically they can’t, neither side can.

Having Any Strange Dreams Lately?

If you were experiencing any strange or vivid dreams of late, or people and places have popped up in your mind out of the blue, then all of a sudden were gone, the reason is because etherical parasites are now clearing naturally from your person. It’s like an emotional attachment, chord or tie that got stuck in our person. Those ties are clearing and going away because we are releasing them now. We all have chords from people here now and also from people who have passed which created ties to them in this plane of existence. 

Once all those are done clearing you’ll be free of all chords and ties in the past, present and future. You will still have the memory of the people and experiences, but the emotional or etherical signature or wound is being cleared as part of an automatic process. Dreams are part of that process.

Massive Hacking

Massive hacking was happening over the weekend and it was a good thing. Kim wanted them to pull all their tools out of their toolbox. If there were any remnants left, not only in the banking system but the entire computer system of earth their hacking would help identify what’s still left so she could clear those remnants as well.

Faction War is Escalating

The war between the two factions is escalating. While the Order of the Black Sun may have all their people working in the White House and have many people around the world who are still participating in their activities because they are loyal to the Black Sun Generals, the Cheyenne folk, the Russians, British, Chinese, Middle Eastern Generals in Iran and Iraq as this is a global thing, they are finding out overthrowing their enemy still will not enable them to be in charge.

Black Sun’s Illusion of Control Crumbling?

Remember that starting in 2018 the Order of the Black Sun thought they would be able to take over for the Crown and reside over the Dragon Families for control of Earth, because they thought the Dragon Families were their enemy. So they assumed if they could overthrow them they could be in charge.

However, they overlooked the elephant in the room which is Kim who is cleaning the board. They never paid her much mind did they? So even if the world still looked like it did all those years ago, the Order of the Black Sun still wouldn’t have been in charge because there were many layers above them they still had to conquer. This is one of the things they finally figured out in the last few days and why they asked Kim for a copy of the chart she showed us a few reports back.

Note: See post, Latest Wannabe Chinese Queen Now Dead | New Black Sun Head Dead Too | US Rolls Out Welcome Mat for China | US Government Gets Help to Traffic Children from Texas Rangers and US Marshals | Marduk’s Plan Says 2022 is When it’s All to Be Completed.

Well she doesn’t think they really understood that chart. She also sent them a video a couple of months ago on the real Governance of Earth and how it’s disappearing. They never took Kim seriously until they received that list of Operations from her several weeks ago. Remember her notes went viral in the deep state circles.

Note: See post, Rumors Around 25th Amendment/Martial Law/10 Days of Darkness/Nuke Attack/Banking Crisis | Was Xi Jinping in Hiding? | Dueling Agency People Fight for their Dead POTUS Pick | Kim’s Notes Go Viral in Spook Community | Status of Kim’s Offer to Blackrock

Well those notes may have prompted them to start listening to her news updates and what she has to say evidently, which is a good thing. But there are still some people, such as the political sector in the US and in most countries who have spent the last few years implanting their people into what they thought were positions of power in each country. These people even tried to take over the Federal Reserve and offered to buy them out every time the RV was expected to pay out. Well this is all coming to a head now as their access points are no more.

Planes of Existence | Red Line Access Gone for Both Factions

If we look at the Planes of Existence chart that Kim explained to us, there is what’s called the red line. In banking red lining is a term that is used when a lending institution is accused of excluding certain areas, genders or ethnicities. For example, if an institution is excluding a poor area in a particular state or lending zone, they can be accused of red lining and they are given a period of time to correct that.

Now in the grand scheme of the globe, the Red Line basically was governing who could receive money and how much they could receive. In the past, it also gave them certain privileges in terms of the movement of money worldwide and also served as a restriction in transferring money in the Alpha System directly to the people. Well they lost access to that days ago and all the Generals know it.

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About that Partnership between the Black Eagle & Khazarian Mafia

Remember back in June of this year the Rothschilds and the other Dragon Families partnered with the Generals of the Order of the Black Sun. This meant each party was back controlling their respective areas, or so they thought. They were telling each other they were going to work together.

Note: See recent post that explains the partnership, Backstage at the Order of the Black Sun – Part 2 | What Deal Was Made Between the Black Eagle and Khazarian Mafia? | Who is Being Played by Their ‘Alleged Partners’? | Who Is the Reptoid in Charge of Volcanos? | What Does the System and Hall of Records Say About Marduk’s Final Plan?

Well a lot of lies have gone on regarding this. The red line people, who are also called the black bankers or bankers of death are being blamed for their loss of the red line. The Rothschild can’t grant them access to the red line because they don’t have access anymore either. So the Rothschilds or the Crown sector are blaming red line people and gave them a couple of days to correct this. Then in turn they are spreading rumors that Kim works for them, which is complete and utter bullshit. She never did and the people of the red line really need to understand that Kim is the one who now grants those licenses, and access to the red line, not the Rothschilds.

Rothschilds Struggle for Political Control

The Rothschilds or the Crown maintains political control through various steering committees they have within the political infrastructure of the US. Some of those people are in Congress and we know the CIA and Agency people run the politicians. Now these people all belong to either the Black Sun side or the Dragon Family side and they are still fighting against each other.

So when they talk about red waves we can now understand that they aren’t necessarily talking about Republicans here. Deals were cut between the two groups and it looks like a big fight and battle going on as the Rothschilds struggle to take control of the political structure of the US. The lies that are being told to all these people are now affecting our lives.

The Grey Screen Turns White!

This leads us to the Grey screen. The Grey Screen was actually a place where a lot of government bonds were held as well as a lot of cash. So in the past when they claimed the bonds were going to go live, what they were referring to was contained in that screen. However, at that time it would have required both the controller of the Kronos system and the controller of the Alpha system to work in tandem. This is why it was a Grey screen, the silver or grey line, because it had both black and white in the same place.

Key Integrated Monetary System Global Governmental Depository

After the fight with the Federal Reserve on Friday, which she mentioned in the previous post, Kim completely cleaned out that screen over the weekend and resynched that ‘042’ code and renamed it the Key Integrated Monetary System Global Governmental Depository.

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Everyone woke up to a rude awakening that October 17th morning, including the Rothschilds. The Steering Committee, or Gang of 8 as she also called them is a little bit baffled. They are making a lot of threats to their respective red line runners telling them they better have control of this and of Kim by Tuesday of this week. Why Tuesday? Because payments are expected again. But of course! And at this point Kim said she doesn’t even know what anyone is talking about anymore. But she has the system locked up so tight they will never find the key because there isn’t one, only she can access.

The ‘White Screen’ Puts All Government Debts under Kim’s Control

So by changing the color and name of the ’gray screen’ to ‘white screen’ this puts all those government debts under Kim’s control. Now although they didn’t have access they could still see this grey screen at the Federal Reserve and still see it in the banking sector. So to banks, debts are assets right? Well they are seeing these things on their screens which is why the Fed and the Banks were still claiming they had assets, which is not true. They haven’t had those assets for a very long time and they are now completely disconnected from all of these levels. So what needed to become abundantly clear is that they have no more assets that they can actually see and Kim is the one who controls them.

What Does this Mean?

Kim showed a hand today in the global and political sector in order to show them and let them know the Rothschilds are not in control anymore. They weren’t in charge days ago and the promises they are making are false. The steering committees and the political sectors in Washington DC and the United Kingdom, as well as all their steering committees in Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia etc. are loyal to the Rothschilds because they think the Rothschilds are still in control, but they are not.

The Rothschilds and all the Dragon Families actually are putting so much pressure on the Steering Committees and giving out weirdo narratives because they are afraid the political people will find out they are not in charge. It’s why dementia Joe talks the way he does. One day the pandemic is over and the next day he’s saying there is a rise in cases. He’s talking crazy and it’s an indication they are losing control of ‘we the people’.
Red Line Still Playing Their Card

The other hand, the red line, the red wave and that Trump thing are just playing their card for the people who thought they were going to control the world because they were going to control the White House. While they still have Space Force in the White House controlling it, they don’t control the steering committee. Yet they are claiming superiority over the Dragon side of the house right now and they think they are going to pull licenses and all kinds of crazy things, when in fact they have no authority to do anything they are saying.

Why Russia Russia Russia?

On a side note, Rothschild was kicked out of Russia in 2010-2011. That’s why the Russia Russia Russia narrative. However, it doesn’t mean that the Golden or Yellow Dragon Families weren’t still trying to control Russia. They were just going to take you over nicely. Everyone wants to control Russia and there is a reason for that. Although Kim didn’t expound on those reasons.

Old Gold Covenant is Gone!

A very old Gold Covenant went away over the weekend. That Gold Covenant governed the fact that in order for gold to have value in the monetary system you would have to have things like hallmarks . For example, the Hallmark for the Vatican is the omega symbol or the horseshoe. In Britain it’s the flying horse, the unicorn. It was never about nations, it was about families and the elites. Different aspects were permitted and related to which family ruled over those particular hallmarks. That’s gone away and doesn’t really exist anymore.

The families had control over gold refineries which meant in order for your diamonds to be worth something they had to be certified by them and they controlled that process. For example, if you were an African country and produced a ton of diamonds you still had to go through the Khazarian network otherwise known as the Gemological Institute (GIA) in order to make your diamonds valid and worth something in the banking system. The same thing applied with all the gold. You would have to process through refineries in the entire system and they were all owned by the same folks. It was like a gold overlay on the system.

Now everyone can hold, trade and deposit gold into the repository, it’s not just for the elite anymore. We don’t have to pass gold through all these repositories and places anymore to deposit. The distribution is monitored by the Key Integrated Monetary System because the value of gold and silver really isn’t what they say it is. That’s all set by the London Gold Fix.

Ties to Setting Commodities Pricing & Commodities Future Market Removed

Other things Kim was able to remove were ties to setting the commodities pricing and commodities future market. This is causing problems for food supply worldwide and hyperinflation because that’s not the real value. Kim told us again that it costs the same now to produce grain as it did hundreds of years ago. It has not changed.

And there is not a gold shortage, nor do we need to pull it out of the ground. She said if we need to at some point there are a lot of different methods we can use like frequencies, but naturally it serves as a conductor for Source energy that feeds our bodies, the Earth and plants. So wouldn’t it be better to keep it where it is? If we want to back the banking system with gold that’s fine, we can do that and we don’t need to move it.

Vying for Control Over Black Sun Trump Faction

To people in DC who want to be put on the ticket because they think Trump is going to come back, Kim said the steering committees will block them from doing that. So who is coming after who? Why are lawsuits coming up and they are going after the dead guy Trump and why all the push back? To make him a martyr of course. It’s very important it looks like he’s attacked by the Deep State because he ‘fought for us’. It’s all pretend and bull crap because he is the deep state and his character is still playing the game.

On the flip side, the other team is battling for control over these Black Sun Trump faction people. While the Dragon side people were sleeping, the Order of the Black Sun gained political control over the US and for a Dragon side person they can’t have that. So they fired up their steering committees and are pushing back hard on the red line people, which is why we’re seeing this kerfuffle going on between the Democrat Party and loyalists for the Democrats versus the Republicans, Cheney, Bush, Trump who were more on the Order of the Black Sun Side.

Neither Faction Has Control but At Least it’s Entertaining

The two groups haven’t quite agreed on political control. But the good news is neither party actually has political control. Neither party is going to pay our bills, neither party is going to allow us access to something they don’t have access to anymore. So the debt of the world’s governments sits in our hands and always has really. Because without us on the other side, even when Kronos still existed, agreeing to release this or take in this bond, or monetize that on behalf of governments or the Federal Reserve, no money would go anywhere. That agreement ended and remember the 10 year extension? That is over, it was done a few months back.  

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We’re making serious progress for our freedom. The more the steering committees understand on either side that they are just playing a game in the sandbox and we’re in the high seats at the top looking down at them running around and they mean nothing. Aside from entertainment that is. This is a war but where they are playing there is no fight, no battle. They are running around thinking they hit a field goal but they really didn’t because they have no idea there is a real war going on and where the real war is being fought.

Project Lincoln Logs

Kim said Project Lincoln Logs is going very well. We’re very close, and as far as Kim can tell today she doesn’t see anyone left on the playing field. This is great news for us. We can pay off debts soon and turn to an asset based economy.There are so many positive changes that are taking place as we’re cleaning and clearing and not only in banking. Remember our physical selves are clearing and cleaning etherical ties too.

One the best parts of following Kim for so long now and documenting humanity’s story of how we became liberated from a prison planet is looking back and being able to appreciate how both factions did us a great favor. They never took Kim seriously and made sure their minions never did either. Meanwhile the greedy power hungry low IQ non-repairable humans wasted all their time fighting one another while Kim accomplished real stuff and cleared the board under their noses. They never knew who their real opponent was, which is hilarious when you think about it.   


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  1. Thanks so much for continuing to get the word out to the peoples.
    There is much opposition out there, including from the ‘inside’. 😔

  2. Dear PJZ/JEM,
    How is Kim Possible helping those good people in need, all sick & dependent defenceless old people, children trafficked, poor common defenseless people everywhere in the world suffering unimaginably in wars, in torture chambers (tell us what’s happening to today’s Falung Gong victims, Yemeni, Libian, Syrian, Iraqi, African, Ucranian, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Cuban, Venezuela, narco Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua… etc etc víctims of today and of yesterday’s monstrosities led by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, African cannibal monsters like IdiAmin, SekuTure etilk, Ruanda genociders, Latam Fidel Castro, CheGuevara, Maduro et ilk, despicable etilk impune dictators and tyrants everywhere financed by degenerated Dark Khazarian Sabbatean JacobFrankist Cabal demonic billionaire Elites of who is who in the Zoo, that Kim knows so well and is fighting against with the help of many good ‘Others’ unknown, not revealed who they are.

    Kim is not telling us what she is doing  to rescue the tortured, the sick and dependent, the good common people  suffering everywhere agonizing in hospitals, hospices, wars, jails, floods, fires… those fighting to survive from vaccine horrors, there’s untold suffering in today’s medical tyrannical hospitals where Real natural Medicine was abducted and good alternative doctors have been silenced and killed. Killed also many Light fighters, like Robert David Steele or Frank Suárez…
    Our loving ones and thousands of good old people were killed, killed!!!! in nursery homes!!!  Tell Kim to ask funerary managers about the ongoing horror show !!  Meanwhile the most despicable guilty eugenesists, the daily genociders like Bill Hates, Fauci Mengele, Soros, Bidens Clintons Podestas Obamas, Zelenskis, Trudeau Macrons et ilk of the world go unpunished and enjoy nasty impunity in luxury and abundance !!!

    Incomprensibly, Kim says that THEY, the monstrous genociders and all sorts of villains GO to Source!!! WHAT??? To SOURCE? Why don’t THEY suffer immensely and deeply inside their own horror wars and torture chambers?
    Impunity/ Unjustice is disgusting.

    Concerning super Kim’s perplexing odyssey, listening to her seems to me Fantasiland!!, because we, the common daily suffering people of everywhere, see nothing of her said superwoman wonders. It is like an amazing children’s unbelievable tale.
    So please, could you please explain us deep and in detail about the real health wonder solutions she is implementing for those very sick in need common people everywhere suffering with no end? Are there real Solutions for let’s say Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, for paralytic tetraplexics, blind, etc etc… just to mention a few in a million of daily painstakingly anguishing sufferings?

    Kim says nothing about what really happened to our dear loving ones who were killed in the covid farsemia in full anguish and pain, what the old people in nursery homes and hospitals went through alone, following our medical dictators orders who didn’t let us be with them in nursery homes and hospitals, the pharmamafia tyranny left them DIE ALONE, abandoned our loving ones to their fate to die alone!!!!  Traumatic for their deeply anguished sons, daughters, families!!!
    What has Kim to say about all this?  Where are they now, those living ones death, killed, euthanasia? What about those killed in fake wars? What has Kim to say about it all, and about Life After Death Truths? Will we embrace again our loving ones, parents and family members, as we knew them?
    What is this strange Life about? This strenuous Daily Life for us poor defenseless Humans in a Farm Prison? How can “Source” be so distant cold mute and unmoved watching endless atrocities and aberrations in this never ending story of human suffering? no end for unbounded centuries and millenia of immense suffering. Never ending story of suffering. Loosh.
    What is behind the Curtain?
    What has Kim to tell us about The After Life, “El Más Allá” …
    Has she said something?

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