Non-Repairable Countdown: -100,000 | Klaus is Dead! | Will Fake Biden be Replaced Before 2023? | Dismantling More Levels of Control | Another Layer of the Onion Peeled Exposing the ‘Rule of Time Agreement’ | What is 5G Warfare Really? | Part 1 of 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on December 7, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This report was chockful so I’m breaking it into two parts. In Part 1 Kim informs us all Non-Repairable people are gone, so that includes Klaus Schwab! Also what’s the chatter going around about Biden and those left at the Pentagon and Langley. What operations were going on in preparation for the Deep States’ Christmas present on December 5th that has to do with the Rule of Time Agreement? Finally, Kim provides clarification on the 5G warfare that the Alternative Media is talking about.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Non-Repairable Persons Update

Zero are left! So none of the 32,000 claiming they wanted to change were serious about being part of the Restoration Plan. Uh, what a surprise.

Klaus Schwab Expired!

He died a couple of days ago. I was wondering what was up with him. Kim said he was taken to one of their Langley black sites which are special medical Nazi facilities that were created under Project Paperclip by the Order of the Black Sun, to see if they could revive him. But even they were unsure if they wanted to revive him. That’s kind of funny. So now they are trying to figure out if another masked man named Klaus will be rolled out, if they are going to make an announcement or what they are going to do.

Fake Biden Actor to Exit Soon

Speaking of masked men walking around, there are some decisions about replacing Biden and announcing it before the end of the year, except there is still controversy going on so they probably won’t do it until McCarthy gets in. Like Kim told us in previous reports, he’s their guy. She’ll keep us updated on how that is going to go, not that it really matters to us. She thinks the Democrats ‘officially’ took the Senate now. And she already told us about Mark Warner and evidently he hasn’t changed his mind. He was still reporting to a bunch of Chinese people, and now most of them are no longer with us. But he’s still a Dragon Family kind of guy, running around trying to do the same thing no matter how many people disappear.

Pentagon & Langley People Show Signs of Low IQ

Kim and her team have been contacted by quite a few people at the Pentagon and Langley lately, claiming they don’t want to die. They want to have discussions with her but on their turf. Really? Do they honestly think they are in the drivers seat? Oy vey. Well that’s not how this works. Kim has never worked for them and never will work for them. So if they are interested in their survival and their country’s government, because we don’t care one way or another, they will have set up meetings directly because she’s not interested anymore. Having no more governments will cause a bit of a panic, but we already have protests all over the world against governments. There are way more of us than them and as soon as people see a better way, well then they really won’t care if their governments exist or not. Yeah! That’s right!

Dismantling Even More Levels of Control

Kim gave a detailed laundry list regarding all the crazy stuff going on over the weekend because she wants us to understand the level of control that was being removed over the last few days.

Operations on Friday | December 2, 2022

RFID Chips

Most of us are aware of the RFID chips that are in phones, computers, credit cards etc. Well guess what? We had something similar in our person and they were functioning, but not any longer. The company that was messing around with us on Friday afternoon was Shucks Media Company (spelling?), which is a German company and they have a laboratory in Colombia. I can’t find this company, but Kim said these are the two locations where they were attempting to tap into the backdoor of the RFID platforms worldwide.

Spoofing Websites Worldwide

The NSA, GCHQ in Menwith Hill were trying to revive some old NSA malware called Incensure? I’m not sure of the spelling because I can’t find this malware. But the reason they were trying to use Incensure is because they were trying to sploof the websites of all banks worldwide, and not only banks. If they achieved that they would have gone on to other measures. This was mainly to remove themselves and the banks websites, the internal website on their private network. It’s likely they were intending to move it over to another server based in Shanghai. There is a reason for that location, but Kim said it has since been removed.

Note: I’m pretty sure Kim said sploofing and not spoofing but I can’t find a reference to sploofing.

Cronos Company Cyberattacks

It looked like they were trying to recreate the Internet of Things, as there was another company called Cronos, spelled with a ‘C’. I’m not certain if the company I linked to is the one Kim is referring to as I found a couple. But Cronos was cyber-attacking using bots to do much of the same and in order to prevent this from happening, Kim actually installed a new VTN. So banks now run on a VTN as well as the websites’ webservers. What is the difference between the VTN and VPN? The main difference is that for a VPN you just need a login to get in. The VTN measures over 186 different points on their servers and computers as well as the end user site, to ensure security so sploofing is no longer possible.

Rule of Time Agreement Found

Kim and her team have been cleaning and removing control type things as they find them, but they aren’t God. They find them when they can find them and sometimes when they peel off a layer of the onion, well another layer shows up. Us followers of Kim notice this happens all the time. Well at least I do because I’m writing it all down.

Anyway, this recent layer exposed small bits of instructions and bots of organic and inorganic matter that were causing an issue. They were installed on one of the Planes of Existence, probably tying into the Memory Plane and she was removing all those things on Friday. Except the wingnuts weren’t giving up and she couldn’t understand why they were so diligent. It took her until Monday before she was really able to understand why.

But what she then found there was another agreement in the Hall of Records called the Rule of Time, and by rule she doesn’t mean something like the golden rule, she means rule over or the reign of time. This is how Kronos really stuck its fingers in everything organic and inorganic in order to control time. This find was a VERY BIG DEAL.

Osiris Company & Chichen Itza

There is another company called Osiris serving as a portal system. I found a few companies, so I’m not certain I am linking to the one Kim is referring to, but it is used in software, in Microsoft and Linux systems. And a group Kim nicknamed the ‘pyramid people’ were at the Chichen Itza in Mexico. They love to gather at some giant pointy rock that either looks like a pyramid or a male’s member. You just have to laugh at how silly they must look hanging around these big rocks. In any case, they were trying to utilize negative energy that they thought was going to come from the Chichen Itza to install this server-less portal system, which they thought would be used for crypto currency. At least that was Kim’s guess. Whatever it was, it was sending off extremely low frequencies and it had to go.

More GLUE Language

Menwith Hill was trying to use MicroPython to launch and use crypto currency on the same day, but they were a little early to the party which wasn’t to start until Monday, Dec 5th. Yep that was supposed to be a big victory day for the wingnuts.

Mobius Military in Zimbabwe

Also on Friday her team did more cleanup of Kronos and there were more ‘pyramid people’, remnants of Mobius Military and they were in Zimbabwe at some pointy rocks, the megalith.

Operations on Saturday | December 3, 2022

More People Sent to Manipulate Kim

Eight people showed up in Durango, Colorado. They were sent by some Colonels and Generals to try and manipulate Kim. Here we go again. But she never met with anyone. Four were escorted out and the rest of them were found, but she didn’t specify by whom.

The interesting thing about these eight people was that their files were scrubbed way too thoroughly. Kim said if they are too clean it’s always a red flag. Then again, have they ever sent any good guys? She did eventually find out who they were but she didn’t really explain. Although she did tell us about one crazy guy she had a conversation with on the phone.

This crazy guy was claiming the 13 original colonies belonged to Orion, that they are the Cathars and are related to people from Orion. Oh my, that’s pretty insulting. The Cathars were brutally massacred, so that’s a sign to me they were up to something good. Actually that’s an understatement. Anyway, he proceeded to tell Kim she was responsible for killing off all of humanity because she wouldn’t work with them and now they are going to be forced to kill off all of humanity. Um, that’s not diabolical. And wait, haven’t they been doing that long before she was even born? She doesn’t really know what his point of reaching out to her was, but that was the gist of their phone conversation. And she mentioned they tried all standard techniques that have been played on her many, many times.

The Cathars were a part of the Essenes, Christos Templars that formed into a group embodiment with the higher purpose to serve and protect the Mother of God principle, the female principle of both Mother Arc and Christos-Sophia, the chalice principle of Zero Point flows, a flower grid deep in the planetary grid network.  For a lot more on the Cathars click the below link.

Source: Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis, Cathar – Ascension Glossary

Montauk Military in Wichita, Kansas

Remnants of Montauk Military were at Wichita, Kansas at a Milab that is no longer with us underneath Newman University – Kansas Catholic College. The Milab was linked at one point in time to the Addiction Portals she told us about in the last two previous broadcasts. They were also causing us problems, but that didn’t work out for them. By the way, this is how some of the remaining non-repairable people all got one way tickets to Source because on Friday they still had about 1500 still left.

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Sunday | December 4, 2022

Cyberlife and Typhon Military Operatives Tried to Recreate Hell in a Box

These folks were trying to recreate hell in a box.  Kim explained to us several months ago that at one point in time Earth was in an energetic structure, a Metatron’s Cube like structure. At the center of Metatron’s cube was a box like structure in the center of the Earth, which had a tether to the lower astral. Essentially, it was our biblical version of the Gateway to Hell and it was connected to several points on Earth. That hasn’t been the case now for months, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t continuing to try.

Well this particular line they were trying to use was linked to HAARP, the COVID operating system and NVIDIA chips. Other parties involved were Microsoft, NIC? (not sure I heard this correctly) and IBM. Those links no longer worked, nor did their systems after attempting to connect to what is not Hell in a Box, but what we would call Heaven in a Box. This would be our connection to our Central Sun, which is now in the center of Earth and is like a direct connection to heaven, and there is no more box. That energy is free flowing and you cannot try to send negative frequencies and expect the light to respond. They wouldn’t have gotten anywhere anyway, but that was the modus operandi here.

For a refresher on the Secret Militaries, including Cyberlife and Typhon see the ACIO website or my post below:
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Now things were starting to become clearer to Kim as to why the crazy guy up the street from her kept rambling on about Orion. She posted the link to the Ascension Glossary on the General Chat because she wanted people to take a look at information about Orion. It will help us understand the origins of the Black Sun and one of the Covenants that recently expired, as it was cancelled and its impacts on Dec 5th.

Note: I tried to find the link Kim shared on Telegram related to Orion but I’m still so challenged on that app and couldn’t find it. So I am making an assumption the Ascension Glossary Kim was referring to is the one I always use, which of course is Lisa Renee’s. So I included a few links related to Orion below:
Alpha Draconis/Orion Group – Ascension Glossary
Orion Wars – Ascension Glossary
Orion Invasion – Ascension Glossary

Talk About 5G Warfare in Alternative Media

Kim said there is a reason why a lot of people are all talking in the Alternative Media about 5G Warfare or Fifth-generation warfare. Remember how the Deep State tells us stuff, eight different faces all saying the same thing making it sound like it’s new information, but really it’s not. Whether these people in the Alternative Media know it or not, they are actually talking about 5th Density Warfare and that would be Abraxas Warfare. Fifth-generation warfare is all about psychological warfare and the war to take over your mind. They thought it was important to get the 5G warfare talk out over the weekend.

Kim hasn’t even gotten to telling us all the big problems that were taking place over the last couple of days, but she’s trying to point out some of their prep work so we can understand where the ‘time’ thing fits in, the ‘Rule of Time’ and all of these things being removed, the etherical parasites going away. The wingnuts thought that come Monday, Dec 5th they were going to get full control of the Control Systems which also means all of those parasites and there is a reason why they thought that.

More Operations

Kim called out specific locations because it’s important for us to understand the number of operations that were run, but it’s also important for the Deep State’s remaining members who are loyal to people who are gone now. They really need to consider what their way forward is going to be and understand Kim is Ground Command.

  • Qatar: The USS Admiral Bell is a navy ship and it was stationed off the coast of Qatar when they were trying to install an NSA program called Foggy Bottom, which is a plug-in implant. That didn’t work out for them.
  • Los Alamos: The Enforcer had cleared out Los Alamos Laboratory completely but they went back there anyway to try and find the lab that was no longer there. So now along with the lab those wingnuts and are no longer with us.
  • Santa Barbara, CA: There were around 12 people having a meeting in the basement of the University of California, Santa Barbara from Google IT and from the remaining ACIO militaries. They were discussing the use of super computers and Supernap, which no longer exists. Then they discussed whether they could tap into the Amber line and the Yellow line, which also no longer exists. Then they were having discussions about how etherical sub atomic particles work and their usage.

None of them made it out of the meeting. Kim kept trying to figure out why they were having conversations about things that aren’t there anymore. If they are there she hasn’t found them yet, but they were so arrogant talking about these things. They really thought they had it in the bag. Well the real reason they were having this discussion and why they were so arrogant is because the Deep State’s Christmas is actually on Monday, Dec 5th.

Stay tuned for Part 2, the real Alien Invasion and why Dec 5th was such a critical day.


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