Midterm Selection Madness | 3 Egyptian Ladies Go to COP 27 | Did the Royal Institute of International Affairs Control All Presidents Worldwide? | Brown Eagle Hitler & His Connection to Argentina | Heavy Duty Event to Stop People’s Hearts Averted | Media Giants & Their Underground Data Centers | Still Not a Single Government Has Called to Work with Kim! | Will We Have a Financial Crash?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on November 9, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this update Kim explains why agency people were running around hijacking ballots and turning off voting machines, why the 3 Egyptian ladies who went to Palestine then went to COP 27, what think tank had control of all Presidents world-wide, where big media companies like to hide their data centers, what apocalyptic event the non-repairable humans tried this time, Kim’s opinion about a financial crash and more….

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Midterm Elections

So, the Midterm Elections provided quite a show. Agency people were running all around the country hijacking ballots and turning off voting machines because they couldn’t control the numbers.

Dominion | At Level 5 in the System

The reason why Dominion had so much power in the last election was because there was a military and intelligence section in the system, at a level 5 which is driven by the CIA and it was tied directly to all electronic voting worldwide. Except uh oh, they lost all those connections the day before the midterms. This caused quite a bit of disturbance and the reason agency people were running around the country on behalf of the generals.

Kim said she was told weeks ago that at every major voting station there was a new FBI satellite office which was responsible for manipulation should it become necessary in the voting station. So why did the machines stop working? Kim’s guess is they decided to turn them off because the numbers automatically get counted as votes with no interruption. They couldn’t have that happen. What if they didn’t get their red wave?

Evidently, we’re probably as close as we have ever been in the US to getting an actual election rather than a selection because they had zero time to correct the problem. Who knows what they’ll announce on TV but from a technical standpoint it’s as close as we’ve ever gotten. Then again it was still their cabal puppets to choose from, so there’s that. But it was definitely intentional that the wingnuts lost the Dominion connection when they did. Nice job Kim!

No Ratification Will Happen for the “Winners”

Keep in mind too they still have to send all those ‘selected’ senators up to the Hall of Records for ratification, and Kim isn’t going to ratify any of them. They can continue to prance them around all they want but she has no reason to support them. Why would they be on her payroll if they don’t work for her? What she learned about the Republicans she learned from Donald Trump, and that was that everything she tried to do for the people went nowhere. Again, he could have gotten the credit for paying off student loans but he did nothing. She tried to send aid for the Hurricane Michael victims but she was blocked. So, expect no ratification from Kim, and thank God for that!

This whole show goes back to that deal Kim told us in previous reports about the Chinese Elders who joined forces again with the Black Sun as they decided to split up control between the two. The Chinese would control the financial aspect as they did before and the Black Sun would control politics. They were hoping things would go back to the status quo, but that didn’t quite work out.

3 Egyptian Ladies Walk into a COP 27

Yesterday was a great day and pivotal moment for us as crystalline time was finalized on November 8th. For the wingnuts, they thought something opposite was going to happen. Remember those three Egyptian ladies that went to Palestine hoping to be inhabited by Lucifer’s wife or at the very least some demon? Well, those same 3 ladies went to Egypt to attend COP 27. Yep, they were there with their finger on the trigger waiting for the precise moment when the full moon was in play. Then they started hitting those buttons on the UN terminals thinking they were going to be back in control.

What time is the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8? | Space

Kim said this caused a HUGE steam role effect for the cabal because the days leading up to this moment, the World Economic Forum (weforum.org) promised money to many countries and talked about political control. China threw their hat in the ring and promised to pay off all of Ecuador’s debts as well as several other countries. In other words, they will pay off their debt and in return they will own them. And so as a result everyone is talking about the latest crew of Chinese elders trying to cash in assets again. This was all based on these 3 Egyptian women who were over at the UN terminal in Egypt yesterday morning. Isn’t that crazy! Like this press release. I don’t know why but the headline just struck me as funny. Real World Actors? What’s that about?

Real World Actors Share Progress and Strengthen Resolve at Opening of Global Climate Action Agenda at COP27 | UNFCCC

Although, Kim thinks it ended up helping us since China is left with zero credibility worldwide as well as the WEF people. Oh, and now they are all very angry at Kim apparently for their lie which she had nothing to do with because she’s not involved in that game. They thought they found themselves a loop hole. She just let them do what they set out to do which just led them to “access denied.” So, no phone calls were made yesterday across the globe to announce large sums of money. Even after that fiasco still no governments have called to work with Kim.

She has no contracts with any governments at this moment. She has control of all currencies around the world. She proved that but not one government has reached out to talk with her.

Royal Institute of International Affairs

Kim found out a lot more about how much control they really had over presidents and how they did it. There is a public organization called the Royal Institute of International Affairs also referred to as Chatham House. Who are they? Well, a geopolitical nightmare for we the people. They are a Think Tank for politics worldwide and political manipulators and they had their own line into every office of every President in the world. Talk about political manipulation.

Royal Institute for International Affairs – SourceWatch

They would have sat on what we call a level 7 in the computer system, so pretty high up. In addition, they connected to lesser think tanks at level 2. Of course, 7+2 =9 which is how the system works. Some of those lesser Think Tanks were the Club of Rome, RAND Corporation and those types of people. One would be the order givers and the one would be the order takers. So, when the phone rings and it’s the Royal Institute of International Affairs everyone answers and everyone does what they say. Who runs the Royal Institute of International Affairs? That would be Rothschild. Who runs Club of Rome, Rand Corporation? That would be The Black Sun. This goes back to an agreement in the NAFTA Agreement.

Note: For Kim’s video on the banking system, refer to my main Kim page, Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen, aka “Kim Possible”?

Homepage – Club of Rome
Hidden Clause Buried in the NAFTA Agreement

In a very small clause, hidden deep in the European Steel and Coal Agreement established after WWII. It says for every country in the world, their Executive branch has been assigned to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The same thing goes for Central Banks, those ties and connections to the Fed weren’t just about who controls their country’s bank or their currency, they were about orders and instructions too. They also had their own set of lines to Central Bankers. Information is key in understanding how the world really worked. And Kim first mentioned some of this two years ago, during a Life Force call on November 15, 2020. It’s Part 5 of my series on the Structure of the Order. See excerpt from my post below.

Heads of State
The Executive branch of every country was signed over to the trust under the European Steel and Coal Treaty, which later turned into NAFTA.  This is why Trump exited the NAFTA plan, which was good for we the people. The turning point for Trump (and essentially us) was when the heads of the Black Sun offered him a job, and then told him he wasn’t worthy. Now he’s mad as hell and turning down the house. This is definitely helping us regardless of what his true intentions are (at this point in time).
Note: Refer to post, A Tale of 2 Covens: Losers in the Fight for World Domination (Kim Goguen – Part 5)

The European Coal and Steel Community (1951) – European Studies Hub (port.ac.uk)
No More Lines for The Royal Institute of International Affairs

The Royal Institute of International Affairs lost all their lines, but we should be aware this is how politics really worked. They used that line to talk about all the financial promises they were going to make and other loop holes attempted. It turns out that all of the Eagles were in there as well. They had a brown line in Argentina, which has more to do with a title than a plane of existence.

About Hitler, the Brown Eagle

The Black Eagle was Mussolini and the Brown Eagle was next in command who was Hitler. Now Hitler actually died of old age in Argentina. He was relocated there by Prescott Bush. He lived in a fairly well to do community, a prevalent area. That area is where most of the Presidents and Heads of State in Argentina come from. Hitler was the trainer of all the political families in Argentina. And of course the location was in close proximity to all his Antarctica friends. So, it’s no surprise the brown line port was located in Argentina and they were trying to reconnect it to Bern, Switzerland she thinks to try and control the financial system. That all failed. That port is located at Port Belgrano Naval Base in Argentina. 

On a side note, I’ve traveled to many places in the world and I have to say, for me Argentina was one of the most heavy dark energy places I’ve been to. I had some bizarre dreams while there. Obama was actually in one. The other place I experienced that was as bad was East Berlin, at the outdoor museum called Typography of Terrors near an old SS headquarters and not far from Checkpoint Charlie, I nearly vomited. Not a surprise by any means considering the common theme being Nazis. I knew I had to go to Argentina for a reason and got lots of signs, so I kept asking Source why? I figured it was Nazi related, but when I returned home I got confirmation. A magnet had fallen off my fridge and was laying in the middle of my kitchen floor. It was my Berlin magnet. There was definitely heavy witchcraft afoot during my trip. I was wide awake to that, but rather not go into detail. I knew I had protection so I wasn’t scared but I was curious. I ended up finding a bunch of documentaries on Hitler living in Argentina which I already suspected, but since he died I suppose people were willing to talk openly about it.

Green Eagle

Kim also removed the Green Eagle line and any other ties the Black Sun had remaining just in case. These were all back door lines for shipping, the FAA as it essentially controlled everything over land, air and sea.

Secret Service Back in White House Nov 12th?

Evidently, as of November 12th the Secret Service will be back in the White House. Kim doesn’t know who is paying that contract but she suspects there are promises of big money from one party or another. After all they were supposed to get a bunch of money with the help of the 3 Egyptian ladies at the UN and it was all supposed to go to China. That’s how that was supposed to play out.

Will the ‘Trump thing’ Come Back on Nov 11th or 12th

When the Secret Service goes back in on the Nov 12th, they will be instructed as to Biden’s leaving the White House and probably the planet officially. Now this was the plan, and this would have been plotted and planned out and probably to occur in December is Kim’s guess.

And this plan goes back to that agreement again, between the Chinese Elders and the Black Sun. Political control over countries would be turned over to the Generals. What does that mean? They would have gotten control over the backdoors and all the tags and whatnot in computer systems to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

So, would it surprise us if they had a way to manipulate a way for the Trump thing to come back into office? Kim said she knows Pelosi was blackmailed and bribed to not be Speaker of the House. That’s what the scandal with her husband was really about. It was all manipulation. They are probably going to put somebody in there as Speaker of the House, providing the Republicans take the House as they had planned and then that person would then become the next President. Does Kim think it will be the Trump thing? No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t think they even know. They are still trying to figure out who that person is going to be but they don’t really care as long as they are a controllable person and they have enough on them.

About the Media

Kim found a bunch of data centers related to the six media giants underground in islands around the world. What they were trying to do was use these data centers to gain a back door into the financial system somehow and launch crypto currency, maybe because of its computing power? She’s not sure, but it didn’t work out for them.

  • AT&T which is one of the world’s largest holders of media corporations worldwide has their backup data center for all their media assets in St Phillips Island off the coast of South Carolina. Ted Turner owns the island and the only thing there is his house. It’s like a wildlife retreat. Underneath is an enormous data center that controlled all of his Time Warner and AT&T media assets.
  • Disney had their data center underground at Coronado Island and is why they built that big Disney Resort over there. All of the backup of all of Disney’s media assets is there and they could control everyone in their media downline from that facility. Kim told us about those media tags that she removed but evidently that didn’t remove their control from all their server racks. 
  • Fox Corporation had their data center in Island Eddy in Ireland.
  • Comcast had their data center in Trinity Island – Greece.
  • Paramount Global formerly Viacom had their data center Cheshire, England.
  • Sony had their data center in Fairbanks, Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska – Wikipedia.
Evelyn de Rothschild Dead Again

Speaking about the media, Kim said there is a funny story about Evelyn Rothschild. He was actually pronounced dead a few years ago. He didn’t actually die but was living in Luxembourg in alleged retirement because he didn’t want to deal with the family anymore. Hum, I wonder what that was really about. In any case it was in the fake news but they wiped it clean and now he died again. But Kim said he’s likely really dead this time.

Systems & Operations

Kim said that over the last 24 hours they were really trying to affect our person and cause apocalyptic events on their own with whatever equipment they have left. This is what they were trying to do.

Heavy Duty Event Averted | They Tried to Stop People’s Hearts

Fort Gillem Army Base in Forest Park, GA was trying to attach to some old satellites that used to belong to the Order of the Black Sun and were called Black Knight Satellites. They weren’t there but they still tried using some very dark frequencies and were looking for an event to happen (remember to put off the elections, change people’s minds, etc.). Kim said this was a pretty rough operation but have been turned off.

There was another attempt that took place in Brazil using an old Nazi underground base which was enormous. Kim and her team had already been there once and I remember she mentioned it although she said it was in Colombia (see related excerpt below). But I guess if it’s that enormous it could be under both countries. In any case she had wiped out everything but the non-repairable operatives brought in other equipment. They were trying to attach themselves to all towers, not just 5G, but FAA towers, anything to broadcast a signal from this facility and from another facility in the US. They had an intention of literally stopping people’s hearts. It would mainly have gotten to those who had the jabs, but it was really targeted toward everyone and would have affected everyone. And this was just a test run. That wasn’t where they were only going to go. Not exactly sure what else Kim meant by that but those operatives are no longer with us.

They Managed to Make Contact with Some Escaped Demons
There was a facility underneath the Vatican, a holographic phone and these psychopaths managed to reach someone she referred to as anti-Pleiadeans, basically demons that had escaped from a past operation. Luckily the Enforcer got them. Kim was up since 3am chasing demons too, in Alabama, Utah and Santa Cruz, California. The first non-US facility she found was in Colombia. This facility also happened to be under an old concentration center where they were putting citizens who might be from the old axis powers back in the day, a Nazi concentration camp of sort in Colombia. They found one in Israel as well, the Enforcer was there when she was giving this update.

Note: Refer to my post, What Do Juan O’Savin and ‘The Viking’ Have in Common? | Wait! Lucifer Can Still Come by Sept 7th | Wingnuts Attempt New Ways to Create Apocalypse | Kim & The Enforcer Perform More Operations & Wipe Them Out

MIT | Neural Acoustic System

MIT was working on a neural acoustic system and was also tied to the MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington, MA. One facility had a quantum tunneling experiment going on until this morning and the other facility had a super computer, a quantum computer they were trying to launch. It wasn’t just about connecting to the banking system either; it was also tied to that neural acoustic system which would have caused us some severe issues and put them back in the game. Here is an interesting article I found on neural acoustic system, Neural Acoustic Fields Let You Map How the World Sounds — and Simulate Listening From Anywhere – Hackster.io

Kim added that McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kansas was sending out air waves causing disruption of your neural networks. I’m guessing this was related to the activity at MIT above.

Sabre | Tagged Into Level 6 of the System

Kim said that Sabre runs all airline travel worldwide and they were also tagged into level 6 on the system. So, she is guessing that all the computing power for how people travel came from Kronos at one time and was still stuck in there. It’s a closed loop system into itself now and it doesn’t have the computing power from her system anymore. It no longer has any backdoors to mess with tail numbers and down planes, control how people travel with that check in process and all the other stuff they could do with a flick of switch. All that was tied to the same system worldwide.

Generals Sent to Palestine to Find Out Why No One Answered the Phone

Some other generals were sent to Palestine to figure out why the line didn’t work to bring back Lucifer’s wife. Why didn’t anyone answer the phone? Kim also mentioned that some Israeli guy ended up reaching Kim using the same line Dick Wiss was using thinking she wouldn’t know. Not sure if these two activities were related. I guess whoever on their side was listening to her broadcast would know where she is going with this. 

Coven Found in Kingsbury, England

Kim found a coven today in a little Borough in England called Kingsbury. Underneath this borough is a pentagram structure of tunnels and in the center is an alter room. There were approximately 125 people who used to live underneath there and they got a call from Crown Corp to attack her because they are really angry with her. Fortunately they are no longer with us and those tunnels were cleaned out. There really are some deep dark places in this world. Ain’t that the truth. I tried to find something on this coven that Kim removed and stumbled upon this site, COVENS, PAGAN & SPIRITUAL GROUPS IN UNITED KINGDOM | mandragoramagika. They really hide nothing these days. So there’s a list of covens you can join. Yes they will be happy to meet you. Oye vey

Based on what I learned from Lisa Renee the UK is Reptilian Central. You can check out an older post of mine, The 11th Hour | Just Empower Me for more information. Fortunately a lot of progress is being made on cleaning and reclaiming the UK over the last year and more information can be found in my post based on Kim’s December 7, 2021 intel update, The Divine Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia | Cathedral Activation in Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral on the Dec 7th Solar Eclipse | Just Empower Me

Final Thoughts for the Day

Will there be a Financial Crash?

Kim said she realizes we are ever so close to a financial crash but she doesn’t believe that is actually going to happen. Our Creator is good and he’s really concerned with his people, those here anchoring the light and he will provide a way. What Kim said she sees crashing are these people, the non-repairable humans and possibly governments. That’s a very real possibility. Who knows how long they’ll continue to dance on that stage free.

The Multiverse Will Not Be Held Hostage by 100,000 Non-Repairable Humans!

These non-repairable humans are really convinced they are superior in every way because of their bloodline and you will never convince them they aren’t a god, not Ra incarnate. And these people that have been inhabited with other beings for prolonged periods of time are going to have a really hard time from here on out. That’s the first thing. The second thing is we have reinforcements that just came in and they are determined that the entire multiverse will not be held hostage by 100,000 non-repairable humans, because what happens here happens everywhere and they are not having it.

The world has changed, the universe has changed and these psychopaths are either going to change with it or face the consequences. They have 2 choices; help restore the planet or leave. We’ll start to see that happening more and more rapidly although probably not those in the political sector. We won’t see that on mainstream media anytime soon. And no arrests are going to happen. There are no planned arrests.  If anybody does get arrested it would just be fake anyway, for show.

So, we’re making progress. We’re on crystalline time now and help is here. In fact, more are coming, although Kim didn’t have time to get the latest tally of the other beings arriving yet, due to all of her above activities, but hopefully next time. 


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