Sensitive Document Leaks | US House Reps Ukraine Hero Now a Zero, Weapons to Be Diverted to Taiwan Instead | China Deep State Bans Poppy to Sell More Fentanyl | Kim Made Good on Her Promise, Depletes World of RMB | More Dead Rothschilds & Chinese Golden Dragon People | Warns the Rest, Concede or Die! | Kim Finds Real Quantum Hacking Tools Given to NSA by Marduk | Octave of Easter Gives Deep State Hope the Anti-Christ Will Arrive

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on April 14, 2023 news on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim gives us her take on why all the leaked documents this week, what the poppy seed ban is really about, that it looks like they are trying to end the war in Ukraine and start one in Taiwan. She followed through on her promise to crash the Chinese RMB and China Deep State partners around the world are in a full-on panic. But rest assured Lucerne the Anti-Christ and son of Lucifer is expected to arrive during the Octave of Easter and restore their power once again. Except he already went home along with the rest of the Fallen Angels.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Jack Techira | The New Snowden?

The kid being blamed for sharing hundreds of classified documents online and was arrested by the FBI is probably just cannon food. His name is Jack Techira, a 21-year-old member of the Massachusetts National Guard. He’s the new Snowden according to the US military. But Kim said Snowden didn’t leak all the docs either about the ECHELON program. This is just a fight, an argument internally and externally and they put someone out in front and it. So who leaked the documents then? Well, there are people who want these documents out there to make the military look weak. That is the plan, make America look weak, and they are always going to blame somebody else for it.

911 Attack

Sunny’s report about the defendants accused of carrying out the 911 attack suggests the CIA was directly involved. Two of the hijackers were being closely monitored by the CIA but may have been recruited by Langley long before the attack. I guess the truth is finally getting out there, albeit slowly. Kim has told us about the 911 event a few times but it doesn’t hurt to repeat in case new readers stumble upon this post. 

It’s a fact the whole 911 event was orchestrated by Dick Cheney and Bush Senior. The people who were on the plane did not die immediately. They were taken to underground facilities, to these underground cities the elites used to have. They were taken there and either worked as slaves or were experimented on, and that is really disturbing to hear. The men on the plane were already members and assets of the CIA. They just happened to be the right color. They need to look like Isis or an Islamic terrorist of some sort so they recruit these people. But they were escorted off the plane, got a whole new identify and probably live somewhere in America. 911 is a ritual day.

January 6th Event

It is a fact the Jan 6th event on US soil was orchestrated by former President Trump and Vice President Pence, not in an official capacity but as members of the Order of the Black Sun. Fortunately, their goal of blowing up the Capitol Building was intercepted by Kim and her team.

So, were there documents leaked saying they were part of the CIA? Probably, but a lot of this is really a distraction for what is happening in the world today, which is a global banking crisis. The elite are losing power.

What is the Poppy Seed Ban Really About?

The Chinese run the opium trade pretty much around the world, their Black Sun side, just like the CIA which is the Black Sun in the US runs most of the drugs into America and they work together, they are partners. It used to be The Order of the Black Sun in the US who would profit mostly from the sale of heroin, as well as other drugs like the opioids that go into oxycodone and other pain killer drugs, not only in the US but all over the world. But during the Opium Wars they had to make a deal with the Chinese on all the drugs that came through the port in San Francisco, essentially run by the Ku Mung Tang, which is a part of the Black Sun from China. Pelosi even went over to Afghanistan when she thought she was going to be Queen of North America, or whatever they promised her, to check on her crops. Shortly thereafter the US abruptly pulled out of Afghanistan during this Administration. That visit resulted in the Chinese, and to some degree the Russians making a new deal in Afghanistan, which entailed splitting profits with the Taliban.

But the reason for the poppy seed ban and pulling these related drugs off the market is because the Chinese are not making as much money apparently. They can make synthetic drugs like fentanyl, which is cheaper and charge a lot. It costs pennies to produce and can be sold for $30-$50 per pill. So they basically told their partners to ban the sale of poppy seeds and then they tried to cut out their profit sharing with the Taliban by offering them more money for something else. Now due to the ban on the poppy they can sell more fentanyl. China gets to sell more fentanyl on the street too because they get all the heroin addicts, and fentanyl is extremely potent. They are even lacing other street drugs with it now to get people hooked on it. It acts very quickly and leaves the body very quickly and you can get addicted very quickly. You can go into withdrawals within hours, whereas heroin would take a few days. So now it is easy to see the point of the poppy ban. The Chinese can sell a lot more of their synthetic drugs with the bonus of killing people. And of course, there was a deal with the CIA for it to be distributed throughout America, but now the Chinese don’t want to split profits with America anymore either.

Ukraine Hero is Now a Zero?

This turn against Zelensky comes as no surprise. When the Chinese failed to continue to pay Ukraine and no more weapons are going his way it’s time to tear down his reputation. It wasn’t long ago he was going to have a bust in the Capital Building so the members of Congress could fawn all over it and now all of a sudden he’s accused of stealing $400 million dollars’ worth of US aid. Wondering what is happening here? Perhaps it’s time to end the war in Ukraine? That is Kim’s take.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Embezzled $400 Million From Fuel Purchase Aid: Report (

She said there are several people in the House who participate in war games. They are members of the Black Sun themselves and they do have agency people they talk to. Well, it’s been about 3 days now since these House Members were told they are no longer going to send weapons to Ukraine. Great right? Not exactly. Instead, they are going to divert the weapons to Taiwan.

The Big News! | Kim Depleted the World of RMB!

Last Wednesday Kim talked about some possible repercussions for the Chinese Deep State and the Blue Dragons in the UK which is where most of the problems are coming from these days. She threatened them about flooding the market with currency, but she didn’t actually end up flooding the market with currency. Why? Because they were preparing to scoop it all up. So no, she knew that and I suspect she wanted them to prepare for that. What she did do instead was take an accounting of the quadrillions of dollars’ worth of debt that the China Deep State and China Government owes to the Alpha System, the Trust.

Then she started sending that information out to the Secret Service, which is China’s CAA version and to the Peoples Bank, which is the Central Bank of China in rapid succession, as she depleted the world of RMB. She didn’t have to touch the paper currency as it doesn’t have any allocation numbers and wouldn’t be accepted back into the banking system anyway.

When the RMB started depleting the China Deep State told all their partners like Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, who have lots of RMB in all these different places, and their American partners like General Milley that it was just a technical glitch. Well maybe for the first 24 hours that’s believable, but people are starting to realize this is no technical glitch, and that it is not coming back. They have been trying to get it to come back without success.

Will HSBC Fully Fail!

There have been runs on banks in China. HSBC is in even bigger trouble than they were before and could very well be the first Tier One bank to fully fail.  However, Kim said there is a solution and that solution was given to the Chinese Secret Service BEFORE this event kicked off, on that Weds afternoon.

Historically speaking the elite members of China are either part of the Order of Black Sun or the Dragon. There is no one in between. They cheat a lot in business and believe they run and own the world. They’ve been traipsing all over Africa promising big investments then they build sub-standard infrastructure and when it starts falling apart, they walk away. They do the same thing with roads. They use Chinese prisoners to build things so they are not skilled workers in these respective fields and on top of that they over charge the country for the shotty infrastructure. Of course, these poor countries can’t pay so they take control of their in-ground resources, and so on goes the story. They played the same game here in the US. That happened several years back when they attempted to take control of the BLM and the US’s resources because of alleged debt owed to China. Kim has told us how they’ve run this scam numerous times and that money is not owed to China, rather it’s just the China Deep State trying to steal money. That’s how China has blessed the world for the last 50-60 years, maybe even longer.

Concede or Die Deep State

So, Kim blessed them the same way they blessed us. Their currency will not come back unless and until the Deep State concedes or dies. They are dropping like flies now but still managing to hurt other countries due to their issues. They promised the whole Asian region they would rule the world and they started exchanging in RMB. Then all the money disappeared. Well, it probably would have anyway even if Kim did nothing because they want everything for free. But there is panic in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

The China Deep State pretends to their faces they are playing nice by putting deposits on production contracts and making deals, but they never make good on anything. For example, all kinds of produce coming out of Brazil. They wait until it just about hits the port and then they’ll renegotiate the price on it, often paying half of what they initially agreed to if not less, and this has gone on for decades. That is their negotiating style. They are well-known for it around the world.

Sanctions in Russia

Sanctions in Russia are only for rich people because they have money. The Russian Deep State wants to put that money on a freeze, a hold so they can issue credit lines against it and give it over to their Chinese partners. Russia and China allegedly signed a bunch of large contracts with each other a couple of weeks ago and they are all happy now because they are going to trade in their respective currencies. Well just wait, because according to Kim the China Deep State will smile to your face and stab you in the back before the pen is even cold.

All these sanctions being pushed are coming from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and of course there are sanctions against US dollars. They can use any currency in the world, except US dollars. They can use a lot of euro over there and Middle Eastern currencies right now. But it is all about the Americans stealing except it’s on behalf of China right now. Most of the stolen money is going towards running operations like the fake US Treasury Note sales. It’s no different.

China Deep State Has Done Far Worse to Their Own People

Whether it be oranges at the port, oil from the Middle East or poppy seeds from Afghanistan, it doesn’t matter, everything must be discounted heavily because it’s a game, a sport in China amongst the elite. But eventually the Chinese people will wake up and see what these elites have done to them. Kim knows depleting the Chinese RMB probably isn’t the best thing for the people of China right now, but she can promise them it’s not as bad as what the China Deep State has been doing to them for decades. They have free wi-fi because they can send negative frequencies to cause viruses and disease into the general population. And what do they do if you have too many kids? They take them from you and then they are gone, and she means off the planet gone. So if you think Kim is cruel, look at the people she is fighting right now.

The people of China are free to use any other currency they want in the world. There are plenty of multicurrency accounts there they can open. They don’t need to use RMB right now. The governments need to not have the politburo, the Order of the Black Sun, the Black Dragon, and the Order of the Golden Dragon help in continuing to try and crash the dollar.

Why is the Dollar So Important?

It’s not because Kim is an American, a patriot, or anything like that. She is impartial, she is neutral. She is impartial when it comes to governments because she sees governments as operating on a lower level while she operates on the upper levels. The Deep State is somewhere in the middle. And when she looks at what is going on in the world, she looks at it from the standpoint of protecting the people.

All gold back currencies fall under rules of supply and demand and the production contracts and most currencies in the world are backed by the US dollar. When it comes to the world as a whole the world’s economies will burn within days if it crashes and that is what she’s trying to avoid. We do not need devastation in order to move to a multipolar world.

When she told us in her previous broadcast most people would not care if the Chinese currency didn’t exist anymore, keep in mind she based it on the fact that China still owes us around 7 quadrillion. So, she has the right to take any dollar, euro, British pound, or any currencies they have. She can take all of that, anything that is tied to the Chinese Government, the Black Sun, the elite. This move she just made is really what you call a sanction and this is what you call war.

Message Sent | World Power in China is Never Going to Happen

She was very successful in this technique because she sent their world into a full-on panic. OMG world power shifting to China is never going to happen now! Promises are falling flat everywhere.

Israel | Wake Up!

Take Israel as an example. Israel is driven by the Khazarian mafia, whether it’s the Blue Dragons in the Rothschild sector of families or the Golden Dragons in China. Israel does whatever those people tell them to do. So, you think you’re making deals with Iran on the one hand and Israel is bombing you on the other, you’re absolutely correct. If you are from Iran and watching this, you should know the people making the deals with Israel to bomb you are also the same people on the other side making the deals with you smiling to your face while stabbing you in the back.

Saudi Arabia | Wake Up!

The same thing is happening with Saudi Arabia. Do you think the wonderful illustrious peace deal between the Suni and the Shiites was about you? It wasn’t at all and Kim keeps trying to tell this to them. The Saudis lost all their RMB and then within 24 hours the peace negotiations between the Saudis, the people from Yemen, the Houthi rebels fell flat. Why? Because Saudi Arabia is a member of the Green Party and everything everybody promises them doesn’t come to fruition, they all fall flat. Whether it be Jared Kushner and the pipeline to Europe deal or now the Chinese.

Remember they plan to divide the world into 7 currencies per the map Kim showed us a few weeks ago. Saudi Arabia was supposed to be the head of the Middle Eastern Currency Union but that’s falling apart.

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The Americans Reaction?

Well General Milley spent all day yesterday trying to convince the Joint Chiefs of Staff that we need to attack China immediately. Hum, why do you think that would be? Could it be because their lies falling flat and they need a distraction?

  • Blame the Americans, it’s their fault you didn’t get paid!
  • What happened with the RMB was a hack, it was the Americans!  

Milley took those orders straight out of China. The rest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were kind of thinking he was taking orders from someone else but who is it? Now they know he is taking orders directly out of China and is backed by powerful people.

Seriously? It took this long to convince them. Are they really this stupid? Supposedly Milley was taken offsite and questioned by his peers. At least that was the rumor Kim shared, but she also said at the time it was not confirmed. Maybe they are setting up Milley to be the scapegoat for everything that’s going wrong? In my opinion, something else seems afoot.

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The World Bank and Blue Dragon’s Reaction

It’s well known in elite circles the Order of the Dragon runs the World Bank and they immediately sprang into action due the depletion of the RMB. They told China and the world they were going to fix it and started ordering the Federal Reserve to try yet again to install a central bank digital currency in the Hall of Records. They did it over and over and over again in the last 48 hours. For the love of God!

In Conclusion | Kim Makes Good On Her Promises

Kim told them what she was going to do and she always makes good on her promise, although she didn’t tell them the details of the operation online ahead of time; that would have been silly.

And she can do the exact same thing to the British pound that she blessed China with over the last few days. And she’s not sad about it. She would be happy to do this if they do not stop trying to crash the USD.

More Dead Rothschilds

For the Rothschilds part, they’ve also been submitting the Bloodline of Solomon and a bunch of other stupid agreements. They tried cloaking the agreements and then sent them in to the Hall of Records thinking she wouldn’t see it. All were rejected of course. She is not interested in doing business with these people at all. This bunch was underneath the Bank of England today in their special room. Well, they are still probably there but not upright in anyway. Their friends are free to go find them. Oh boy, it’s always a happy day when there are more dead Rothschilds!

More Dead Chinese

A bunch of Chinese people also departed! Those in the underground military base at the giant Buddha Temple built into the side of the mountain in the Szechuan province. Kim said they were departing people every hour on the hour, so any others intent on world domination, feel free to join them on the next departing flight back to Source. Oh boy, that’s more good news!

Kim is done with all of you. You are holding humanity back. You are harming humans every single day. You are placing orders to kill people in the Middle East constantly. All of them have violated Natural Law at this point so everyone’s head is on the chopping block for what they’ve done. For supplying weapons to Ukraine and starting the war there, how many Ukrainians and Russians have you killed? You know exactly what you’ve done and you cannot run and cannot hide. And there is no cloaking that is going to help you because you are standing in the light now and your darkness doesn’t cloak you anymore. Nice try though.

New Information Regarding the NSA

Kim said she made a mistake in thinking the NSA always reported to the Dragon families. Well, it turns out the NSA always reported to both the Order of the Dragon and the Order of the Black Sun. This came to light yesterday as she was cleaning out some of their programs, she detected some anomalies.

Marduk Gave the NSA Real Quantum Hacking Tools

They were using a true quantum hacking technique and she’s not talking about their version of quantum computers. However there was no way they had the technologies to create such a hacking technique. So where did this come from? It turns out these quantum hacking tools were provided to them and came from both the Kronos system and the Omega system. It was her predecessor, Marduk who ordered them and he gave them to the NSA because whether they knew it or not, they worked directly for him.

The NSA was his eyes and ears amongst the people of the world, hence all of ECHELON and Snowden’s release about the monitoring of the people, that was all for Marduk. He could literally run the world from his comfy little chair, which apparently Kim, as a human you can do too. But she doesn’t do it in a mean psychotic way like her predecessor. She means as far as running war, which is what she doing here.

So, they did lose all those tools by the way. They may have been trained on how they worked, but they in no way created this. She is saying this for a reason, because she’s sure they are going to get a phone call, if they haven’t already from the Rothschilds or the Chinese or some Asian family somewhere telling them to recreate these things. They cannot. They can threaten the NSA all they like but they won’t be able to do it. Kim would have to give it to them and since she just took them away and has no intention of helping the enemy in any way, that’s not going to happen.

Well, that explains their unrelenting hacking for months and months now. Eventually it becomes apparent why they do what they do. It’s usually based on something that has yet come to the surface. 

Octave of Easter

This is the week after Easter and it’s commonly known as the Octave of Easter. I never knew this and found it kind of interesting. It’s a special week after Easter in some forms of Christianity which believes it is the time when Jesus will come. And this year is special because it’s approximately 2,000 years since Jesus appeared.

Well, it’s an interesting little fact the Deep State also believes this, but are under the impression the Anti-Christ will also come back. So, the crazy people have been in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, Cambodia and various other locations over the last 8 days trying to raise the Anti-Christ. They are also trying to prepare some ‘chosen’ person, who can handle the darkest of dark essence in their body be inhabited or possessed by the Anti-Christ. While they have a lot fewer of these ‘chosen’ people still around, they still have some willing participants who would love to be a powerful person.

They believe they will have the power to fight not only the Office of the Guardian but the Christ, the crystalline energy. That’s some lofty goals. But I guess someone has to because there is way too much light on this planet and they can’t get anything accomplished. By the way, that is what they were doing at the Buddha Temple. Trying to prepare and bring forth the Anti-Christ. They filed the Line of Solomon agreement and then they tried to use an SSP machine to open a portal in the corona of the sun. Kim expects them to continue for the next 2 days since the 8 days aren’t up yet. She said she is having fun watching them try to cloak and whatnot. But that entity they are waiting for, Lucerne or Lucien, whatever he’s called doesn’t even exist anymore. He would have been the son of Lucifer. Just like Jesus the Christ was the Son of the real God, Lucerne would be the Son and the fake god Lucifer, the Anti-Christ.

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Well just another typical day of news.


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    Brilliant writing. I greatly enjoy reading your witty and clear synopses.

    Questions for Kim:
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    Seems like Kim’s prophecies are running counter to Kim Clement’s prophecies, as well.

    Hmmmmmmmmmm, said the Hummingbird. 😁

  2. without knowing kim’s activities one cannot understand what is going on on our beautiful flat earth.

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