What Happened With That Big Pile of Cash Kim Transferred to JP Morgan? | Taiwanese Arrived in US, Claim China is Going to Take Them Over | NSA, Governments & Military Still Taking Orders from China | China Deep State Busy Selling McCarthy on Head of State | Kim Makes Promise to China Deep State, She Will Crash the RMB if They Continue, Will They Heed Her Warning?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on April 12, 2023 news on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Kim lets us know what transpired regarding the pile of cash she transferred to JP Morgan Chase, Milley is back causing trouble at the Pentagon and was promised Black Eagle position by China Deep State, who is making lots of promises of positions and giving out monopoly money in exchange for real money. Unfortunately, this allowed them to continue their operations. History is repeating with Taiwan’s visit to the US and Kim makes a promise to the China Deep State they should not ignore. But will they heed her warning?

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



What Happened With That Big Pile of Cash Kim Transferred to JP Morgan?

In Kim’s last broadcast she talked about the possibility of working with JP Morgan, that some of the Board Members were coming forward on Monday. Well, it was quite the kerfuffle. Kim had her people in Manhattan on Monday but they were not allowed to go into the building even though the Board Members asked them to be there. The security for the building would not let them in. The Board Members who invited them tried to convince Security to let them in but were told no. The Board members then came down and went to a smaller office down the street where they were followed by the same security people and again were told no.

Kim asked them questions even though she already kind of knew the answers. But she asked are you getting paid? Who is paying you? She finds out the Security personnel and the Security Company itself have not been paid by the people who placed the order to not allow her people into the bank. In fact, they are behind 6 months in their payments. Kim had put her deposit on hold until they could get people into the bank. When they tried the second location Kim put another 2 hour hold on her deposit and then it became apparent to her who was actually giving the orders. So, who is blocking?


Company #1 is Citadel, a private security firm located out of New York. Citadel was formerly reporting to and given the power by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Administration back in the day to have all of the security contracts for all the major banks in NYC, one of the major banking hubs in the world. She told us the Clinton’s controlled Citadel awhile back, although she doesn’t know the status of the fake Clintons today. They had billions of dollars in contracts. They secure the Treasury Building in New York and the Federal Reserve in New York. They also have some contracts in DC, the UN, the IMF and some other buildings as well.

So, the people allegedly protecting the US Government and some NGOs is a private entity taking orders from a private group. Hillary was a member of the Blue Dragon as was Barbara Bush. You could consider these people Rothschilds by another name. Bill was a member of the Order of the Black Sun. So, Hillary gave orders to form and give contracts to Citadel, which is no surprise here.

SES (Senior Executive Service)

The second organization that participated in the block is called the SES or Senior Executive Service. People think it’s a government agency but it’s not. Kim told us about the SES awhile back as well. It’s also is a civilian force that allegedly works together with the US Government and Government Agencies for the security of the United States. But that is a lie. The SES was also formed by the Order of the Dragon, the British arm, and they are in the White House, the Department of Treasury, the Capital Building. They are everywhere.

If the actor playing the latest Hildabeast is not actively participating, Kim said she isn’t the one who made the phone call for sure, then who made the call? That would be the China Deep State in addition to a member of the Red Dragon. They all called them and said whatever you do make sure you do not let this money go through and do not let this person in the building. 

I just mentioned SES in the previous post in reference to Bush Sr. I didn’t know if Kim meant he ran SOS or SES for a short period of time. In any case, below is a related post when she first mentioned the SES.

Note: The Divine Solar Feminine Christos-Sophia | Cathedral Activation in Rosslyn Chapel, Chartres Cathedral and Lincoln Cathedral on the Dec 7th Solar Eclipse | Just Empower Me

Board Members Perplexed

The Board Members of the bank were perplexed. They are under the impression there is new money. The Fed has not given them any money or the Order of the Dragon. We want to talk and save the bank. But that is not permitted to save the bank or US Government because the orders for this are coming out of Britain, the Crown and the Chinese. Because the transition of power is what they are going for, and they are still intent on crashing the US Dollar, the US economy and the economy of the planet and then take everything over.

At least a couple good things came out of their blockade. Kim found access points of remaining things in banking from the SES that blocked her people and a new Order she hasn’t mentioned before, the Order of the Golden Fleece. They had some access still and she took care of that. 

Meanwhile General Milley Orders More Hacking of KIMS

The other thing that happened yesterday was over at the Pentagon. A bunch of people were trying to hack into the Key Intelligence and Military System. Kim rang them on the diplomatic line and asked why they were hacking her system and do you know who she got? General Milley! Oh fun. So, either the rumor she told us about Milley being tried by his own was just a rumor or we have another imposter in a mask. But whoever that is told Kim he needed to access in order to secure the National Security of the US.

To which Kim replied, so what you are telling me is that all of a sudden, the Chinese people you are taking orders from, and she can give him a list every time he picked up the phone for those people and the Iranians and everyone else, that you need access to her system, that she built so you can secure the US. Quite frankly I’m sure you don’t give a ‘bleep’ about protecting the US at all, so don’t give me that crap. Go back to those people and tell them I said to ‘bleep’ off.

By the way General Milley was promised the position of Black Eagle, Mr. Black. Awesome! No one lasts long in that seat! But Kim said it was China Deep State Members who told him that and they don’t have any power to even make that happen. They don’t have a way to register anybody in that position.

But he’ll never figure that out and let’s not tell him.

And remember Dr. Lee, he was running the Mayflower Organization over there in San Francisco hiding as a dry cleaner? Well, they’ve still been trying to use his codes too but no one wants to officially take that position because it’s a death wish. Although that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to do things someone in that position would do.

Sounds like a technicality. I say take them all out.

Control of the Banks

In a nutshell, the same people (in part) who built the banks in the late 1800s and early 1900s have most of the control of the banks right now and are preventing the US banks in totality from surviving because they want to move the Fed to Hong Kong. Kim heard that in 2013. They want to crash the US but not dissolve the Fed, rather just move it to Hong Kong so it’s under their control and they can run it from there. Hence, the repeated attempts to lodge new agreements in the Hall of Records for the central bank digital currency. They are doing it constantly while they attempt to convince the world this is a good idea.

IMF and World Bank Circulating a Paper Advocating a Universal Digital Currency

There is even a paper circulating around from the IMF and the World Bank saying they are going to have a universal digital currency. It’s never going to happen but it’s proving to be a useful tool for the Chinese Deep State at the moment. They are now selling to their ‘elite’ corporates the new US Digital Dollar wallets. It’s quite a scam. They are stealing from their elite corporates who are giving them real money, US dollars in exchange for monopoly money that is never going to be usable. And unfortunately, the Chinese are now using that money to run their operations because they are broke. It’s only going to perpetuate the cycle though because they are never going to get enough money collectively as a group to actually survive and complete a global takeover. That is never going to happen. What they are doing is killing their own. They are taking the low hanging fruit in the Order and taking everything they got. It would be hilarious if I couldn’t see some of the operations the money is fueling right now. More fires, floods and the push for migration coming up from South and Central America to name just a few.

History is Repeating | Taiwan

The Taiwanese were in the US last week. They convinced the US that China was going to take them over. We are repeating the same thing that happened decades ago under Mao Zedong. Now they are enlisting the US to create tension so they can create WWIII. This is being promoted out the Chinese Deep State for the total complete take over. They are inciting the US to go over to Taiwan to ‘protect’ Taiwan just like in the past so China will be forced to attack the US on Taiwanese soil so we end up in WWIII.

Nationalist Chinese forces invade mainland China (history.com)

But again, no one is prepared to pay the bill which is estimated at $6.7 trillion dollars. Siphoning little bits of money, a few billion dollars here from this one and that one is not going to cover it. Their scam being played on their elite corporates, telling them they are buying at a discount and their new monopoly money is going to be worth way more in the future sounds an awful lot like the Dinar scam. Kim repeated yet again the words of Meyer Rothschild himself, from his lips to Kim’s ears he said, the reevaluation of the dinar currency is like carrots for jackasses. So, history really is repeating itself, except way sooner. This is exactly what the Chinese are doing now to all the idiots who are listening. Selling monopoly money and telling them to keep in a ‘safe place’ because it’s going to worth so much more, someday. The China Deep State are determined to get something for free.

Who is Still Taking Orders from the China Deep State?


There is an NSA company called The Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) (I think this is the company Kim is referring to) which happens to be the same company promoting the universal digital currency. Universal currency management association. It’s the same company and they do a lot of cybersecurity for government websites and a few other partner organizations with the NSA. The NSA is still taking orders from the Chinese, that hasn’t changed. They were talking about walking away end of last week but does it surprise anyone they didn’t follow through?


Then we have about 50-70% who flip flop on any given day. These are the people within the military, governments and banks who want to do something else because their deep state bosses promises are not holding up.  Kim is telling them it’s every man and woman for themselves.

I wouldn’t dilly dally.

People in New York Banks

As for the people with the banks in New York, you have a situation where a foreign government is guarding banking and government buildings such as the Department of Treasury in New York. They have access to all the cameras and all the information. They know exactly how much money the US has and has in the banking facilities.

They know exactly what is going on in the Federal Reserve. They know exactly when Mr. Powell is doing their work. And by the way he’s also been promised visions of grandeur in the new Federal Reserve in Hong Kong. He will be a king in China. When you can’t pay people you promise things, and for a wingnut, well their ego just cannot let it go. If he didn’t have such a big one, he might think, hum, nothing they said was going to happen has happened. Has he even asked the question if they are really in control? If they were in control, why didn’t they just give Milley access to the Key Intelligence and Military System? Why does he have to resort to hacking? Nothing ever pans out for them and they are still getting Kim on the other end of the phone.

They are trying to hold it all together until they can create this full-on economic crash which is due to happen by June in their minds.

Will There Be a Full Economic Crash? No, but The Cabal’s Economic Crash is Coming!

Does the China Deep State realize Kim has been watching all this happen and she can take that money from them at any given moment in time? Hum, their egos are so huge it’s blocking their view surely. But she can and she is going to! Kim wants them to know they pushed us to the limit and now they get nothing. Patience is running thin for their existence on this planet. Just because you psychopaths give orders indirectly does not mean you are absolved anymore like it used to be back in the day when your power actually meant something.

So, this is the problem, people are still listening to them. But for Kim it’s an old game. It’s very predictable. They are not doing anything new. Everything is the exact same procedures. It’s easy to spot and dismantle.

Talk of Kevin McCarthy as Head of State

Behind the scenes there is talk about bringing in Kevin McCarthy as Head of State again. Langley 2 is the operative section that is under the control of the Rothschilds and Order of the Dragon in China. These people are busy selling McCarthy on the Head of State and what that means to his boss, and they do not mean ‘we’ the American people but the Chinese.

The team Trump people are aware of the falling numbers. It looks like there is a lot of support depending on what circles you are running in, but there is not a lot of support really because of too many failed promises. As Kim reported last week, the Military is figuring out Trump isn’t who they thought he was. So, they are looking for another republican to put in there. And they are even having a Kennedy run. Here we go again. We have the Bush clan, Kennedy clan operatives still running around and making a go for it.

But if Kim could make a vote for an alternative person to put in, in a quick way she likes Jill Stein. She’s strong and in line with the Restoration Plan. She ran for POTUS before so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she ran again. What she doesn’t have is a bunch of operatives supporting her, but Kim said she could if she ran for us.  America was going to have its first female POTUS and she rather it be Jill Stein than Hildabeast.

I personally was disappointed to hear this. I’d rather the entire sham of a government be dismantled; I don’t think it’s fixable. But Kim said this is just transitional because most people will go into a full-on panic if we don’t have someone. And we’ll probably have 50-60 million go into a full-on panic when Trump doesn’t get back in office. They’ll be wanting their Trump bucks! Oy vey. Trump bucks, China bucks they are doing the same thing. Giving out monopoly money in exchange for real money.

I only scanned this bio on Jill Stein on Wikipedia, albeit not the best source, but being onboard with the Green New Deal doesn’t make me excited about her. I sure hope something changed, that Kim knows she’s really onboard with the Restoration Plan and not the absurd policies of the Green New Deal.

Jill Stein – Wikipedia

Treason on US Soil

How much longer will the remaining members of the Order in the US continue to listen?

As long as they are breathing is my guess.

Treason on US Soil is going on. NGO groups are taking orders from their alleged enemy. They might not look Chinese but they are taking orders from them. Is power that important from people who have no authority to deliver it and have no money? They are literally selling fake currency to their elite special friends to stay alive. They have drained their own country. Ego makes you blind. If this continues, we’re going off a cliff but the solution is simple and she wants to repeat this.

We need to secure production contracts and support the dollar and get off using it as a global currency. The Fed does not control or own the dollar. They do not have a contract with the US government to allocate currency anymore. Only Kim’s office can issue any currency in the world.

Kim’s Promise to the China Deep State People (nearly verbatim)

I can issue new Chinese Renminbi (RMB) until the cows come home!
What Does That Mean?
This is a direct response to the idiocrasy that is happening in the financial system right now and a direct response to the China Deep State. I can issue British pounds into the system at a rapid rate.  Within 24 hours I can flood the market, the entire commonwealth with British pounds. I can flood every British pound Bank accepting banking in the US. I can flood every bank you have tried to tie the China SIP system (China payment system) to, including banks in the United States with so much RMB I will crash both currencies. That is control.

I am telling the people running alleged security and alleged control and taking orders from the Chinese to take this back to your boss, because I will do it. I have moved nuclear weapons around. I have done a lot of different things in the name of this game to stop these daft, idiotic, egotistical Order of the Dragon people from crashing the world. Do you want to crash China right now? Because they are in no position to crash the world. 

If I crash the British pound and the RMB, you are in no position to crash the entire world. It is protectionism now. It’s the protection of your life or the life of an innocent. But the dollar is going to survive until such time we have enough production contracts to support the amount of currency in circulation, then we can start moving away from dollar dependency globally and move to a multi-polar world. But if the RMB crashes nobody cares. Maybe Brazil and a few other countries they are selling that crap to, but nobody is going to care. The only thing it will do is burn your country to the ground. Now I don’t want anything to happen to the Chinese people, don’t get me wrong. But there is nothing anyone can do or say to the deep state people to get them to realize this isn’t working and it’s the only thing I can think of that might slap Powell in the head or any of these others idiots running around the US right now who are helping them crash the country. At this moment in time, it’s on the table for the next 24 hours and the clock is ticking.

You want to keep on with the economic assassination of planet Earth, then I am coming for you. And if I said it out loud, you know I do what I say. If I don’t have a time frame for something I tell you and I tell you when I don’t know. But what I can tell you is I can do it and I will in a heartbeat. I’ll make your own people come after you for crashing your own country and then I’ll fix it for the Chinese people and the rest of the British and rest of the Commonwealth. I can break it in less than 24 hours and fix it in less than 24 hours. No problem.

Hum, I wonder what Kim has up her sleeve? Surely, we’ll find out soon.

In Conclusion

They are forcing Kim’s hand at this point. They are trying to speed up the process. They ramped everything up. But finally we’ve reached the beginning of the end the Order.

Kim said the China Deep State people make the American Deep State people look kind of mild. They are really crazy. They just keep repeating the same things that worked in the past and expecting them to work again. But they have an enemy now, every day, all day. We are so close, we’re getting so clean and so tight which makes getting funding imminent. That is why they ramped up their process. But nothing will stop funding when the moment comes.

It’s going to get really ugly for the deep state.


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  1. I have some newly surfacing concerns about kim and her team. I’ve followed her for about a year five or take, I found her about the time e I’d realized Trump and the white hats were a lie. And granted a lot of people don’t and didn’t like her. Mostly I think because of how she comes across. I thought I could see past that she was always right on the spot when it came to calling the DS Next moves…..but at time has moved on, it’s beginning to look all to similar to the white hat scenario. A lot of grand claims, but nothing ever concrete. Then she stated that source pretty much handed her the keys to the planet after passing some tests…….when I heard that, I instantly felt like I’d been played for a fool. It simply makes no sense. In the time I’ve been following her she claims these things of which never manifest into reality, similar to the Q / jfk crap. Always ending in disappointments. I’m nit here to just bag on kim. I enjoy your blog if helps me to read back over what was said in red update. The care xhayroom on telegram, is ran by admins thar attack people for making comments that don’t compliment kim. I personally was blocked for asking why kim doesn’t do an open forum Q & A.
    Hoping you can shed a little light into what keeps you following her? Why do you do this blog ?

    1. Excellent questions. Does justempower me or anyone ever answer any of these comment posts? Why not?

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