Every 2,000 Years Agreements Come Up for Renewal Regarding Control of Sun & Moon | A Key Agreement is Resurrection of Christ-Crystalline-Source Energy on the Planet & Why the Incarnation of a ‘Pure Soul’ Shows Up Every 2,000 Years | Last Time that ‘Pure Soul’ Was Jesus | Jesus Refused To Renew Agreements that Allowed the Dark’s Control of Sun & Moon, Hence the Crucifixion | The Evil Crazy People Expected Automatic Renewal Which Would Resurrect Their Control Of the Planet

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on April 10, 2023 news on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. The deep state crazies are pushing to pay to countries digital currency that does not exist. They still think systems they once had will come back and this time it has to do with Passover. Except they do not understand that automatic renewals of agreements that come up every 2,000 years is not a given, especially not this time.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Israel Update

Did the Israeli government give the order for Mossad to initiate protests?  Well, that depends on who the Government is. In this case the current Government would be the Rothschilds and the Lee family out of China. So, were the orders given to allow this? Absolutely yes. The Deep State thinks the martyr program is the way to go now. They played it with Putin, they are playing it with the Trump thing and now they are playing it with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel has been very busy all weekend. They have been striking Syria and hit homes. They are continuing because they have been ordered to do so by their government, which as Kim just told us are the Rothschilds and the Lee family. They are refusing to believe it is over. They still have hope of raising Anu or another dead someone and renewing their contracts. They believe they are entitled to have these renewed and then they will be in power once again. All they have now is the illusion of power and unfortunately Governments are still listening to their lies and promises.

JP Morgan | Jamie Dimon Wants to Seize Your Property

The seizing of property comment made by Jamie Dimon recently is an order that came from the same delusional diehards. He too has a government he reports to and that’s not the US Government we see on TV. Rather it’s the Federal Reserve and the Dragon Families. His comment is right in line with Klaus Schwab famous, “you’ll own nothing and be happy.”

They are going to blame climate change as the reason to seize private properties to acquire assets for the bank. This claim that it’s to fight climate change is utter nonsense. The real reason is they are in desperate need of liquidity and under the assumption the way the Alpha system used to work still applies. They had to put something into the system in order to get money out. That is why they want to seize properties. They still want to take over America virtually for free and eventually the entire world.

Where Did the Mystery Money Come From?

The Fed promised JP Morgan money again in the form of all these digital currencies so everyone was looking for said systems they were told would be back online this morning. Of course, that did not happen, but something else interesting happened.  A giant sum of cash in the millions was transferred into JP Morgan Chase and is just sitting there. Oh my God! Where did it come from! Well from the only one who can transfer new money, Kim of course. It’s just sitting there. They can only see it; they cannot access it. It is not their cash; it’s directed to a specific attorney. But it has them chomping at the bit because it is the liquidity they desperately need. So, they have been staring at it and licking the windows all morning.

Kim said the funny part about it is that she has attempted to transfer to that account no less than 20 times in the last 60-90 days and no one has ever said anything to her before, so why now? Well, you can only live on a prayer for so long. There is no liquidity coming from the Fed and then this big pile of cash comes out of the blue and definitely not from the Fed. They are asking questions. How did this pile of cash bypass the Fed? We all know why because Kim has told us so many times. But they don’t listen to her or read my blog! Actually, she described why they don’t know and again went back to her analogy about their cup being full. They have been refusing to listen to any alternative to save the bank or economy and still taking orders from the people who are trying to crash it.

Kim said there were some negotiations that were to go on this afternoon. So she is waiting to see. Perhaps their cup will become a little bit empty and they will be willing to have a discussion with her? She said it could be an exciting move to do something positive for the world and maybe implement those production contracts here in the US. But will they just go back to being order takers from the crazy people again?

The Holdouts Just Don’t Understand Why They Can’t Get Their War Going

There are still holdouts of course, Black Sun people, Jesuits. They aren’t the high-ranking people though. There are remaining Rothschilds and Chinese people who do not understand what is happening but they are going to fight against it tooth and nail. They are still trying to start WWIII and still want to shift power over to China and subsequently take over the world by the end of this year. They want to redo the pandemic because they think maybe they can get the war going but they don’t understand why none of this is working so far. Why they can’t get a war going properly? Well, there are valid reasons for that:

  • Kim and her forces have been fighting them every step of the way and continue to do so
  • They have yet to take into account there is no money for the war. Did anyone get $6.7 trillion dollars this weekend to pay for this war? That’s what it’s estimated to cost. Of course not. Will it come? Of course not.
  • Did their savior come? Nope. Will their savior ever come? Nope. They are still hoping though. That’s kind of ironic if you ask me.
  • The Creator says their time is over and the time for balance is over. They are not the good guys by any means and they cannot fight the Creator and win.
  • The side of the Light has been doing a lot of prep work over the last couple of years to ensure a bunch more agreements that get renewed every 2,000 years expired instead. Kim explained about those later in this report.

The diehards will probably continue to try and raise demons, continue to review the gematria for signs of hope and wait for planetary alignments until the day they die. Kim said she is ok with that but is going to try to speed up that day if they try to harm humans continuously.

Threats to Walk Away From the Crazies & Document Leaks

Arguments in the Pentagon and Militaries

Big fights are going on in the Pentagon and the Militaries worldwide. Arguments were about not wanting to follow the crazy people anymore because obviously they don’t know what they are doing and they are not getting them anywhere. Then there are those documents coming from the Archivists. Apparently, some people found their common sense or common sense found them. They are starting to ask questions like, ok you want us to start this war but how are we going to end it? And, what really happened during Covid?  Evidently some are actually listening to what is really going on here.

Threats Between NSA, CIA & Pentagon People

There were a lot of threats going around on Friday as well, between the NSA, the CIA, and people at the Pentagon. They were saying if they are not paid by 5pm Friday EST they are walking away from the crazies completely.

Constant Operations to Find Something to Access

But many operations were running non-stop operations all of Friday night and on Saturday. They tried everything from hacking, to going back to historical sites, back to Auschwitz in Poland, there is a level 8 portal there. Then they went to Singapore. They went all around the world trying to find anything that might work to take over something or access something. They had a meeting at 2pm EST on Sat which ended with, we think we’re almost there, we think we got this. But nothing happened of course. Nothing happened in their favor on Sunday either.

For Kim and her team their antics required a few operations and a few more dead people.

Leaking Documents

Kim said she will probably know at some point today if they are actually going to walk away. But she sees these leaking of documents as part of them walking away. The conversations they are having with each other now are: Decide and do something or walk away. If you can’t get it done, we have to move one. We are not going to survive here. On the flip side their overlords are saying, oh just give us the weekend, give us until noon or this time or that time. Meanwhile more and more sensitive data is coming out all over the place from the people who are rebelling against the crazies who don’t even work there legitimately.

Like Kim said, at least somebody is doing something they never did before and that is movement in the right direction. But we will see what happens.

Every 2,000 Years Several Agreements Come Up For Renewal

Since we just had Easter, I was wondering if Kim was going to share something about Jesus and lone and behold, she did.

At all times in the world in the past there were 12 fallen angels, demons if you will, fighting for the dark and at least 12 angels in the world fighting for the light and they would battle it out. As long as one of them existed on either side or both sides the battle would continue. The biblical version calls it the Anti-Christ and the opposite side which is the Christ. The Christ is one who holds the most crystalline energy (other than one who exists in Source) and that is in a soul basis.

There are several very important agreements that come up for renewal every 2,000 years with Anu (the Ruler of Earth). One such agreement relates to the Resurrection of Christ or Crystalline Energy or God Energy on the planet and that is the time when an incarnation of a pure soul shows up. That is the biblical character we know as Jesus. There really was such a person who existed two thousand years ago. That agreement has come up now.

There were other agreements that would renew every 2,000 years during this time-period as well. For example:

  • The agreement that brought the Moon here.
  • The agreement that allowed the passage of demons through the Corona of the Sun where certain gateways would open in Israel in reference to Ra, the Sun God, who is not god as we know it.
Jesus Refused To Renew Agreements, Hence the Crucifixion

We’ve been told Jesus was crucified on the cross. But why did that really happen?

At that time the reason why it was allowed for Jesus to be crucified is because there was a refusal on his part to allow the renewal of these agreements related to the Sun and the Moon. So by default, they considered crucifixion a suicide because he agreed to it, allegedly. So, these agreements would automatically renew until this time now.

Hum, so his consent is granted just because they say so? What can we expect from those who don’t follow rules unless they are in their favor? Kim later tells us the person known as Jesus actually went to France and died a very old man. She didn’t give any more details. I am assuming then the crucifixion was either a hoax, a hologram, or an imposter pretending to be Jesus was crucified? Not a stretch at all given what we are watching today on the world stage. All are imposters, masked people, and a mix of humans and non-humans playing a role, following orders, and lying about everything. They have not evolved a bit. 

Their Agreements Did Not Automatically Renew This Time

Now back to these crazy diehard people. Do they understand those agreements pertaining to their having control over the sun and moon were not automatically renewed this time? Nope. They think things automatically happen for them. They expected their agreements would be automatically renewed this past weekend and they would be back in power and have access to things like the FedNow system. Their dark agreements would be renewed, the dark would continue to rule the planet and the light would just go away and everything would be okay again.

Kim couldn’t say anything during her past Friday broadcast about this because if she did, she could have tipped them off to an attack of people who really don’t want to be attacked. We don’t need to repeat this process. She didn’t elaborate on this folks. I assume whatever happened when Jesus was here probably would have happened again but she didn’t provide specifics. Perhaps they would have to flee and hide due to being hunted down? 

But the point she is trying to make is that every 2,000 years this renewal happens but it’s not a miraculous thing that just happens because the crazy evil people are entitled for it to happen because they are the bloodline of so and so. There was a mechanism that took place thousands of years ago and now it is too late for the diehards. By noon EST today there is no way they can cancel the Resurrection of Christ or Crystalline Energy or God Energy on the planet and their agreements have all expired. It’s over now so Kim can tell us about this and what it has to do with Passover.


In the Jewish religion they hang a mezuzah on their door, then they put a red cloth over the door which was supposed to represent the blood of Jesus during this time of Passover, so that the demon will pass over their house. But it goes right along the lines of, will the anti-Christ come this year? Is this the 2,000 years when he comes? Will they be attacked? During this time is when a lot of sacrifices go on so that they can make sure they are sacrificing to their god in the hope that the antichrist or demons will come back.

Note: If your confused or disappointed as to why they are hoping the antichrist or demons come back, now you know how Moses felt.
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There is some truth in everything in the Bible, the Torah, etc. but as it relates to the Deep State, Order of the Dragon or the Khazarian Mafia, they do not understand the whole story as to why that all worked back then and why Jesus died for our sins so to speak.

What Does Jesus Died For Our Sins Really Mean?

It meant we would continue to have a Sun and continue to have a Moon. When they talk about the 3 days of darkness it goes back to the original time when the Abraxas took control of the Sun here with the help of the Destroyer. Once they took control of the Sun, they installed an artificial power pack that needed to be recharged with loosh every so often, perhaps 2,000 years? During that time, we lost our Sun for 3 days, literally. For life to exist, not only on Earth but every planet in this star system we need to have a Sun.

However, now the Sun is powered by natural energy, powered by the Central Sun and loosh is no longer a commodity in the multiverse. Our Sun does not need to be recharged anymore, so there was no reason and no threat as it relates to anything happening to our Sun when we arrived to this day. There have been a lot of events over the last couple of years to get us to this point, thanks to the Creator and to Kim, his right hand down here for that!

My head is spinning thinking about all the related updates Kim gave us over the last couple of years that relate to this, but here are a couple of the early ones that set the stage so to speak for understanding some of this:

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As it relates to the Moon, it controls water not only on the Earth. Obviously if we do not have a moon, things like massive flooding happens. We all remember the Noah’s Ark story and that was also something that was orchestrated. Kim hopes to discuss more about that so we will understand more if she can ever get around to doing the rest of her Real History series.

But if we did not renew the agreements to have the Moon, and they were still in control of the moon, both of these instances (floods and no more sun) which were created by the dark could happen again. In fact, that is how they got the light side to keep renewing the agreements every 2,000 years. The Guardian really had no choice at all. Choose life for himself/herself and the planet floods and the sun is put out which means all life dies anyway. So, what do you do? I die so you can live, so he says. Kim said honestly, it’s like a concession to the dark.

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Before we came to this point, the end of the 2,000 years again those major things with the Sun and the Moon had to be taken care of and they were. The crazy people don’t really understand what this all means or understand why their renewals didn’t happen. But now they know, if they are listening to her broadcast and now, we know too what normally would have taken place at this time. So now we don’t have to care what the crazy people do at this point.

Kim said it’s also why they talk about the pagan side of things and the goddess of fertility during Easter, or as Kim called it O Esther (I think that’s what she said). It goes back to the same goddess on their side, Isis, Nefertiti, the feminine side of Lucifer, whatever you want to call it. So, when they say they are going to open the goddess portals, this is what they are talking about.

In a nutshell specific things on specific days had to happen and now she too understands. She gets why we had to do certain things before we got to this point. Like Kim said, Source always makes her look smart! But really this stuff did not come from her. By the way we are not at exactly 2,000 years, we’re a little off, but close.

So today we officially celebrate at noon EST time,
The Resurrection of Crystalline Energy on the Planet

The Original Stories in the Bible are Always Distorted

Allegedly Jesus died at the age of 33, but the original stories are always distorted. And if you look at the names of the disciples for another example, isn’t it unusual to have English names in that part of the world at that time?

And was Jesus or Yeshua even his real name? Kim said the person known as Jesus actually went to France and died a very old man. If you look at the name Jesus in French Je suis means ‘I am’ and Christ, Chris or Crystalline Energy also means ‘I am’.

Original Teachings of Jesus

She stated that somewhere, and this is a fact, there are actual writings of this person we call Jesus. Is it all in the bible? Absolutely not. But remember they always must tell you what they are doing and give you fair and equal information, albeit they hide it. There is a book called The Bible Code and if you look at it you can get a better understanding of what she means. They take the information and give you only what they want to give you. But the original teachings of Jesus were all about how to reach God the Creator. He says, I am the way, meaning I am teaching you how to get there. Not through me, I am just a person. I am the son sure, but it’s not that hard and you can get there too. The actual teachings were about how to reconnect yourself to Source. The Bible says that too but in a roundabout kind of way. Jesus says look, you can manifest, you can turn water into wine, you can do it, let me show you.

Eventually all the disciples had the gift of sight. They could prophesize and see the future. These are things you can do as well. But they didn’t want these teachings to get out because who is going to worship the King? If you desire control the last thing you want people to learn is that power resides within you and not the King.

Kim and her team are here to clear the pathway to make it easier so we all can have those direct connections in our genetically modified state. Then we are going to restore the planet together, all hands-on deck. We will get there, at least those of us with the right minds and right hearts.

For the crazy people, will they figure it out? She doesn’t think so. There will probably be another planetary alignment day, another portal people day, another day ending in Y when money will be promised. But we can still hope that a lot of these other people, who aren’t as crazy see something different is happening. Let’s hope this crystalline thing is helping. A little help from Source is always a good thing!


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  1. Solely for your information: I believe to be true, as alleged, that “A Course In Miracles” is
    one format of Jesus’ true teachings. Kim is correct in the very abridged version she sets
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