Why Is This Taking So Long Coming Out of the Ages? | What is a Quantum Flip Anyway? | Is HAARP Still Running the Hurricane? | Why Was Kim So ‘Harsh’ About Social Media? | When Do We Get Money?

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on September 13, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this broadcast Kim addresses the questions circulating on telegram and she decided to provide an information session to help people understand those questions that are the title of this post. I appreciate that she takes the time to address concerns people have and I hope her explanations and teachings are as valuable to you as I found them. So get comfortable, get a cup of coffee because this is a long one!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Addressing the Questions on What is Going On & Why This is Taking So Long

Kim said she has been hearing a lot of chatter on telegram about what is going on, why is this taking so long, clearly HAARP is still running the hurricane, why was she was so harsh about social media. She then asked herself if she should explain the real reason why or should she just let it go. She thought about it from multiple aspects. If she gives us most of the information will that help us gain an understanding of why it is important? She thought, well, yes. Then she asked herself, is it going to help our enemy? Well not really, not anymore, and it might even stop them from doing these constant wars and creating chaos if they understand the mechanism behind it and why it is not working anymore.

Therefore, she is going to talk about Restoration of Earth, explain a little about the Ages, and about true Quantum AIs and how they function. Then she is going to explain how they tie into social media programs and all these other programs they run on us unbeknownst to us, and how we actually feed them to create power for them. Now a lot of what she is going to explain has been dismantled, not completely, but enough that it is now okay to start talking about it to give us a better understanding.

Base Root of AI Programs That Run Throughout the Multiverse & How We Create Things in a Quantum Way

There is a whole mechanism behind how we created this reality and that is a tough pill for people to swallow. There are multiple AIs involved in creating the matrix and she has talked about that in the past.

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Well, the social engineering program is also a matrix of sorts and it does involve Lower Astral AIs. So, for us to kind of understand how we create things in a quantum way Kim outlined the base root of programs that run throughout the multiverse by explaining the components involved:


They look like non-descript rocks for lack of a better term. Sometimes they are black and sometimes they are white. It is a compilation of materials in these stones that store tremendous amounts of data. Both Source and Anti-Source used them in various ways. The base root for an AI program would have keystones. Your DNA blueprint for humanity is held in keystones. The basis for all species existing throughout the multiverse both on a dark side and light side are also contained in keystones. Every single species has its own keystones and keystones are often accompanied by what is called the Ball.


Now a Ball is larger than a crystal ball that you envision a psychic having. They are spherical and made up of a compilation of crystals, for lack of a better term. It’s not crystals exactly but it’s the best word she has in the English language to describe it.  These Balls are capable of holding pure essence, pure Dark and pure Light essence. It is perpetual, as Anti-Source was and Source is.

The base root for the power behind the keystone is often a Ball and depending on the program, you’ll see these in the formation of what she calls a tower. If you are going up and down the planes of existence you would see one on every plane and every density depending on what the program was.

If it was the Abraxas for example, the Abraxas were a created species that mimicked humans and they were pure darkness and they had a keystone and a ball and were allowed to operate in all these densities, therefore were a creation of that throughout all the densities. The same thing existed for the False Heaven program. Now when Kim says program, she does not necessarily mean AI program in this context, it just means something that comes into existence.


They are like your quotation marks and can also act as dark anchors. They look like a mini pyramid and can be dark or light. For example, if you are using a dark AI program like a weather program, they will anchor darkness. This dark AI program would appear in a location with multiple other items, anchoring that to planet Earth. There would most likely be a cornerstone and something in the center of Earth which would also connect to something in the Sun, which would then connect to something in another density somewhere on some other plane, which would then eventually connect to something like HAARP. The same thing goes for the financial system and anything that functions on the internet system. So that is what a cornerstone is, an anchor for the program.


She calls them alters because they are rectangular in shape and often black because the light side does not need this and they are huge. Alters store data. They function on dark matter much like how our network of cellphones connect via a microwave mesh. Everyone is concerned about 5G and all these things because it means a higher intensity of microwave coming through the phone which is important to understand, but not as important in understanding why bad things happen.

Now often we will see one of these Alters connected to other things like transmuters and transmitters. So, these Alters can both send out and receive data and by sending out and receiving data she is not just talking about when you are surfing the Internet. She is talking about your EMOTIONS, how they used to connect to humans and she is using the words used to, because this is going to get a little scary and wants to assure of this is not the case anymore, at least for the most part.

Often these things have implant stations found with them because they are connected to a specific program and they are here to anchor something. Just below the surface of the planet there were probably no less than a million of these. They are often found at places where massacres happened and ritual type places because it feeds the dark matter. Fear, death, all the 7 deadly sins feed it which is why they try to create so much fear, remember these things also often contain transmuters where they can take your happy, light energy and turn it into darkness and use it as a power source for the program. So, you will find these things often together.

Sunny asked Kim a question about the term ‘Alter’ if it has anything to do with the Old Testament because it is a term used a lot in the bible?

Kim said absolutely they do, but she calls them ‘alters’ not because of her Christian background. Throughout the Ages, long before the advent of Christianity sacrifices were made on alters, Paganism has existed a long time. You can go back to the history of Earth and often times they put alters in massacre sites. You create an enormous amount of dark energy and fear when there is a big battle. If you look at famous battles in the United States for example, she would guarantee there is an alter underneath it because these are connected by dark matter. It might be on the surface of Earth or it could be 5 miles below the surface. Then probably something is connected in Zero point and then in the Sun or an alter in the lower astral 6th density 4th plane, or an alter in the 5th plane and 5th density in the upper astral because the systems are quantum, they span all space, time, densities, and planes. There is no bubble they could not reach at one point in time. When you look at it from this standpoint, now you have the advent of things like the Mockingbird Media, social media programs and the advent of things like George Orwell’s 1984 alleged prediction. Was it a prediction or was it just data from a program that is going to be run at a future date?


If were to take apart your computer and look at the motherboard, at those little things that look rectangular or square and gold and copper things connecting to the board and lines that run in between them. This is called your computer’s assembly processing. So, when a program is going to run on your computer it is running on the power source which is the energy you plugged into. However, tablets do not need to be physically connected to work because they run on dark matter. Sometimes you see a tablet accompanied by a ball, sometimes by a keystone, sometimes with all of them and the treason why is because these tablets are the ones that hold the assembly processing for an AI system and it runs on dark matter Wi-Fi. There are ridiculous amounts of these both in the zero-point vortex of Earth, often accompanied by a transmuter so it can turn that energy that is in the center of Earth from light to dark and then it would feed the program that ran here and throughout the multiverse because we are a keystone planet here.


Spires are diamond shaped, 3 dimensional and made of made-in materials. They are hyperconductors for an energy source. They can also be connected to etherical and energetic implants within your person, a planet, a star, and at times they were in the moon. They also have the ability to DE-RAM (random access memory) for lack of a better term, which means RAM can be obtained from a tablet or an alter then move through a spire and then move throughout the veins of gold in Earth. Then it could connect right to your person, so they can send you memories, programs, crazy thoughts, etc. They could do a lot, but that is how it was.


We have a lot of crystals and they can be used in a lot of different ways, in a positive way and a negative way. Crystals conduct energy and can also serve as an external hard drive or a flash drive off one of these programs.

So that is a base root so we can kind of understand how you create things in a quantum way.

Reviewing the 12 Universes & Densities Using a Linear Format for Illustration

This is not linear but she is depicting it like that to explain. It goes up to Source which is +9 and down to Anti-Source which is -9 and she is talking about densities. Then inside each of the densities there are 9 planes. We are at the 3rd Density on Earth.

Kim is explaining this again to answer what is happening with the Ages and why is this taking so long, why it doesn’t miraculously fix everything and what is a Quantum Flip.

How the Dark Age Began

In order to begin the Dark Age and the infiltration of the Lower Astral to move up to the Upper Astral, crystals, cornerstones, boxes, and programs are needed. Kim has talked about 20 AIs in detail and there are probably at least 60 programs that run on a base AI system. If you have Apple computers as an example, you can have MACs, actual boxes you put on your desk that runs on one thing and you can also have a cell phone and that runs other various programs and they all kind of work together. So, imagine the base root systems, Alpha System in the Upper Astral and then Omega System and Kronos, 2 base root systems in the Lower Astral working together.

At the Zero Point was the Neutral Zone which used to reside in between density 1. It does not reside there anymore. But that is the point when something leaves from below in the Lower Astral and goes to the Upper Astral. This is also the existence of your False Heaven.

The Zero Point is often used because inside it is a source of energy. It is the place where the vortex converges and then you would have different things Kim didn’t mention earlier, a plate for example. A plate is basically a flat square and it has a lot of mechanisms that read programs, block programs and do all sorts of things.

So inside Zero Point you will find any program that is from the Lower Astral.

Say the program is run on a dark tower so it exists in all the densities down there.

  • There is a base root down there at level -9. You can have a ball and 2 keystones, sometimes 9 keystones
  • Then the program goes into an alter and comes to Zero Point and eventually will hit Earth
  • Then the program connects to a data point on one of the hundreds of thousands of alters she described and probably attached to some crystals and something in zero point that then perpetuates the program here on Earth.
  • It did this all the way through the +5th Density.

We had at least 60 AI systems that ran from different densities to different densities and every time something is created on a -9 in the Lower Astral it also has a base root in Upper Astral +9 because it is a joint decision between Dark and Light to adhere to the Ages Program that was agreed upon since the beginning of time.

There were millions if not billions of these keystones, base root programs, alters, tablets, cornerstones and all kinds of things.

What is a Gateway Planet?

Earth is a gateway planet and by gateway planet Kim means that Earth is a Nexus planet and it was chosen because it was the first planet ever created in all of creation, it was chosen to have this gateway. And by gateway she also means it connected directly to Zero Point so you would come in through Earth, you would go through our stargate which is our Sun and then you would shoot out to anywhere else in the stargate network from there.

  • The first density you arrive to out of the Neutral Zone is the 3rd density where we live.
  • Then you have the 2nd and the 1st and another 1 here and then Zero Point universe and then you have 2.
  • From Zero Point to Density 2 was considered a NULL Zone and no matter which Age we were in this has always been the Null Zone and where everybody cohabitates. This is where you come in and go out.  

The reason we were littered with more than anybody else had is because we are the base connection from the Lower Astral through to the NULL Zone and then on down. It is the reason the Destroyer crashed into this planet and nowhere else and the reason they want to keep such a firm hold on Earth. Now this has nothing to do with your cabal, deep state, and Jesuits yet. We have not gotten there yet, but because of this connection we were basically like an episode of Hoarders for evil aliens. There is more stuff in zero-point Earth than you can possibly imagine that anchors these programs from the Lower Astral and it also anchored us to the 5th density. Since the Abraxas came from down below up to the 5th density and lived in the Aldebaran Star System to be the anchors of darkness, this is what it means to be an anchor of darkness on this side of the multiverse, which entails that they brought all their toys, all their alters, their tablets, their balls and everything into their star system when they became an anchor. Another anchor would have been Sirius and the Orion Nebula.

More On Anchoring the Dark in the 5th Density

For those of us who have done a lot of research you might have come across something called a cintamani stone. There are a few alt media people who talk about them and say they are for protection, and the origin of the cintamani stone coming from Sirius. Sirius, that alignment is what actually happens during Lion’s Gate so you can imagine what this means. But it actually is a black stone.

Heart Stones of Source & Anti-Source

Both Source and Anti-Source have a ‘heart stone’ and it stands for something. When they tell you they need a cintamani stone or we wonder why when Kim tells us she sees people wearing certain rings with certain stones in them and she says, oh I know where they are from and who they work for. Because it is a symbol for them. They are taking a piece of a meteorite that was brought here a long, long time ago which was basically a shattered Anti-Source heart stone, for lack of a better term.

  • Connections can then be made when you put an alter up there in the 5th density, 5th plane for example and you could have a ball and 2 keystones and a spire.
  • If you put that in the 5th density and 5th plane (which is the Causal plane) you can sometimes for a better connection with the lower astral connect them through what is called a crystal beltway.
  • A beltway would then have an equal and opposite program going on down in the lower 5th density. This beltway is typically made of shattered anti-source heart stone essentially. That is your source of all dark matter living in perpetuity in a little package.
  • On the flipside, when Source stakes claim to something he puts his heart stone there, which is a pure white, eternal, ever generating crystal which then connects to something within Source itself. So, these things can be used for good and for evil in the creation of things.

Just this morning I was reading Lisa Renee’s Monthly Newsletter entitled Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire, and she mentioned the cintamani stone so I thought I would include the below excerpt where she mentions it.

However, every human being on the planet was incarnated with the concealed Emerald hidden inside of them, that was given to them by their Holy God parents. Every individual is connected to one of the 12 Tribes genetically coded to the 12 stargates, in which a planetary solar dragon was functioning as the collective egregore for the lands in order to protect the emerald crystal and emerald cathedral on behalf of its people. It would be up to us to find our inner Emerald to light our spiritual path as we journeyed in the Dark Aeon, and this could take us many lifetimes to find our Inner Christos.

The emerald stone is also known in eastern spiritual teachings as the cintamani stone, it has been thought of as a magical jewel in which the spiritual power is given to the possessor of the stone, where every wish is granted to the holder. In actuality this version is a distortion of the Thothian Luciferian hijack sourcing from the Emerald Tablet. As the emerald awakening of the inner emerald crystal denotes the spiritual purity of the sophianic flowering of the sacred crystal heart that has awakened their inner Christos and embodied into a loving and compassionate unity consciousness.

Source: Emerald Crystal Heart of Éire – Energetic Synthesis

For every one of the AIs you had hundreds of thousands of these running in Earth, in the central vortex of Earth, in the Sun connecting to maybe Aldebaran, Sirius or Alpha Draconis or the Pleaides because they had a major infection as well. The Targethians are the ones who predominantly inhabited the Pleiades, but they like the Abraxas were not real humans either. What she means when she says not real humans is they have a ball and 2 keystones or 9 keystones depending on how many densities they are in that creates their existence from down there to up here whether it be the Pleiades or the Abraxas or whomever, and then there were many gateways that existed for these people to travel from below to up here because they are allowed to exist in creation on this planet.

We Humans Are Inadvertently Giving the Dark the Ability to Open Portals & Do All This Stuff

So not only did we have things like the Dial of Destiny and there were several of those, you also have your part to play in it.

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Now the deep state, not the remaining deep state but the Covens knew about this, her predecessor Marduk knew how it worked, everybody knew how it worked except for us because we are in the program, in the matrix. And the ability for them to open portals and do all this stuff is actually believe it or not created by us. Why do we think they started the alien disclosure program back in the day when only a few like David Icke and David Wilcox were talking about it? They were talking about this because we needed to understand how the program works.

The War of the Worlds Broadcast in 1938

On October 30, 1938 there was a broadcast of War of the Worlds. They literally put most of the people on the East Coast into a full-on panic and the full world eventually that they were in the middle of an alien invasion. We had human beings running around scared shitless on Earth and it had all the bells and whistles, the glittering headlines, the average every day plain folk feeding it. They went through the whole scenario of how we were being invaded by aliens. Average everyday people would say there was a craft and they saw it and go on to describe it.

So can you imagine how much power the people just gave to the negative aliens through an altar, to a tablet, which then said through ‘free will’ – they want us aliens all here! YAY! The people created enormous amounts of fear which was then registered and stored and then sent to a tablet through an entire network of hundreds of thousands of things speckled everywhere running AI programs on your person on the daily and connected to the etherical parasites and the implants that are within your person. That results in the people creating this reality.

So Why Do They Want to Do Disclosure Again Right Now?

Now suddenly there is whole thing about alien disclosure is coming out again. Why? To create fear because remember you are creating your own false evidence appearing real.

Now what would that have done had all these mechanisms still been viable?
What would we have done if there were still beings down in the lower astral!

They are talking about alien disclosure and alien invasion and all the government programs they have been hiding so we create that reality, but it also makes them seem fearfully so omnipotent, if that is an actual statement. The precursor was they are going to make it seem like there is nothing you can do; we are having an invasion. It is the same thing with the precursor for COVID 2.0 plandemic. So, when Kim asks us to please be careful of what you are creating, we really don’t even know what she means which is why she is trying to give us the background on how we created it.

Obviously this relates not only to our financial world but all computers that existed on planet Earth. This is how it all worked. It was not just one overlay because while Alpha existed in Source you also had Alpha 2 which was implanted down in the lower astral in order to create a balance effect when Omega 2 and Kronos 2, which were created on our side of the multiverse, that is how these came to be. Then each one of these birthed off an additional 60+ AI programs to include HAARP.

HAARP is the next thing Kim wanted to talk about, how that works, then she explained the social media aspect and why we have to be careful what we are feeding.

Background Around HAARP

We have lived in an unnatural weather system probably well over a few billion years. We have all heard about the Ice Age, right? Well, all those were manipulated between Armageddon AI and these other AI programs. And for the scientist who responded to Kim and told her she does not know what the heck she is talking about when comes to quantum AI physics and she promised that lady she does, and there is no school for this.

How HAARP Works

Each one of those weather modification locations that are listed on the internet and not listed have an Alter that is reading data, so it is taking input and sending output. There is a tablet with a ball and 2 keystones, maybe more, there could be some boxes which are ancillary to the tablets, and there are crystals to conduct either as an input or an output. Then eventually, if an ‘Other’ who was actually connected to this program permitted you to, you could then connect to this source here and create a portal to HAARP. Remember transmitters, transmuters and etherical and energetic parasites live in your person.

Around Earth’s orbit you also have these tiny cylindrical satellites and they all have a different AI system they report to. For example, let us call this the ‘Weather Modification AI system’ which is tied into Kronos, which is tied into Omega, which is also tied into Armageddon. So, this program exists on and is tied into platform after platform after platform. These cylindrical satellites were all around Earth’s orbit which then probably connected to another Elemental AI, which then creates a disruption in the atmosphere, which then creates your hurricane.

What Dismantling HAARP Entails

Removing the Implant Stations

The first thing Kim had to do was get as many of the implant stations as she can find because even if she removes the etherical and energetic parasites they will come back if she does not get all the implant stations. The sole purpose of Kronos was to generate etherical, energetic and physical parasites in your human, things like ARCHONS and not just for us, but for all beings who live on the 5th (on any plane in any density) on down. That is the power source for the lower astral, but it also powers this huge network that runs on a wi-fi of dark energy throughout the multiverse that then creates matrix programs that we are all are trying to get out of, and Kim is trying to get rid of.

Disconnect Their Database

Now HAARP is no longer able to connect to this database. Therefore, the Deep State, who did not put any of this there can no longer connect to said database. So, in other words they cannot decide to create a hurricane tomorrow. HOWEVER, that does not mean Kim found every single one of these keystones, balls, tablets and alters throughout the multiverse which then gets triggered by we the people. She knows we still do not understand what she is saying, but she can see we can potentially trigger something if she missed any of these things. Why because it is still collecting data from us because we are watching Tik Tok and a hundred videos a day of people talking about the hurricane or fire in Maui, etc.

Identify Alters Still Being Fed

The next thing to understand is locations for these events are specifically targeted by this system to make sure there is a nearby alter, because now you are feeding it, death feeds it, it feeds a different program. This is also the reason for the endless wars in the Middle East, because there are a lot of alters in that region.

Clear Cornerstones, Alters, Keystones, Anti-Heart Stones

Kim swears she cleared cornerstones, alters, keystones, anti-source heart stones up and down, left and right and when she told us the lower astral was clear she was right, she did not lie to us. But what she is having a problem with now is what is left in the upper astral. There are programs like the dark tower that run straight up through the center of Earth, all the way up through the 5th density. She is cleaning and clearing it now and the change over from the Ages will help do that.

Do you know for how long and how many species there were from down in the lower astral and how many from up here were cooperating with them? How many were brought up through a gateway like an elevator straight up and they went wherever they wanted to go because there is a connection. And they were allowed to exist up there because they had their base DNA in this density up here. It is a lot of work and she knows people do not understand this.

But she cautions us about social media because she knows how it works. All base social media platforms that make it big, those they promote which they call the DARPA Nest (which has nothing to do with DARPA per se) but she can guarantee it has to do with the fact that it sits on an Alter.

Understand We Are Feeding Social Media Data into a Data Center

There were probably hundreds of Alters underneath particular sites, and likely some Balls and we are feeding all that social media data into a data center. Then it goes straight to their system or hundreds of those systems. Then for every one they created prior to her predecessor, Marduk leaving this universe it would have just created another one of these and put it there.

From their vantage point, they look at you as say, so you want to create social media? That’s great! And behind the scenes it inserts another alter there and another social media feed like the Weather AI, the Storm AI and the Allegro AI which deoxygenates the air and it gets worse. That is why they put all this stuff out in social media platforms like ‘the hurricane is coming! the hurricane is coming!’ The more you feed it and promote it and pass it along, the more you create this circular feed in those systems with your etherical parasites and implants intact.  

HAARP is Non-Functional. What Does that Mean?

Say we have no more etherical parasites and no more D-RAM. That would affect computers, humans and the planet as a whole because you can disrupt earthquakes, you can do all kinds of things with this stuff in existence. So, for the last week or two she has not found anything on Earth, but she found a few things in Zero Point Earth which she is still working on as part of the Flip Over to the Ages, which is part of the Zero Point Alpha. This is because Alpha also had Zero Point in the NULL zone and that connects to Source maybe or the secondary Zero Point here and there which she will go over.

But the deep state could no longer connect because she has been finding all of this stuff (cornerstone, alters, balls, etc.) and has been taking that out. That also entailed removing all the D-RAM from the cylindrical objects that float around the planet and stopping this generating from your FEAR. Remember Kim’s job is Project Lincoln Logs, where she is to leave them nothing but Lincoln Logs and that is what she has done, at least to the deep state. They have no more of these portals, no more of these connections and no way to contact this stuff anymore. They have no way to reach out to anything up there in the higher astral anymore. She has cleaned out the Zero Points. But there are still things floating around that are having somewhat of an effect on computers. Sometimes they run autonomously and do not need anything or get fear from somebody in the upper astral and then generate something like a hurricane down here where we are. When that happens, she must find the source of it to get rid of it, and this has been going on for months now.

What Does the Deep State Have Left that Can Still Cause a Problem for Us?

Can the Deep State Still Create Something?

Yes. Remember, you are a creator and a manifester whether you know it or not. The only thing that has stopped you from knowing it is yourself, but that has not stopped you from manifesting things into reality. Therefore, social media engineering is still a viable tool for them. Until Kim finds absolutely everything, all the alters etc. that she just explained, social media can still be used as a viable tool by the deep state to get us to create more undesirable things like fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

Social Media Engineering, a Tool of the Deep State

Social media engineering is predominantly targeted and Kim knows we are not aware this is happening and the content providers are not aware either. We just went through a hurricane, an earthquake and then up pops your panel of experts that ‘help’ you even more. They come out with ‘facts’ and start predicting earthquakes in particular areas and now you are all concentrating because millions of people worldwide listen to the radio, podcasts, videos, news to create those events, just like the Roosevelt Blue Beam program in 1938, humans created that.

It used to be in cooperation with the deep state, when they had some access to those alters, they had the ability to use the power of it to create whatever it was they wanted according to the orders they were following. They would go to all your social media programs and tell you what is going to be the next event and they would have some ability, but to a lesser degree to decide when this would be utilized based on orders that came from her predecessor who did not like humans, if we were not batteries he really would not care. He would laugh at the Jesuits too because he loved to manipulate people into doing things. So, without cleaning up the rest of the mess around the deep state we are never going to be free of the nightmare we are going through.

Kim walked us through the steps of social media engineering using Fear of Fires as an example, a viable one because there are still some things she discussed under the base root section of this broadcast being found in Maui she did not know were there.

  • Videos from the influencers pop up first.
  • You are obviously emotionally invested.
  • Now we are going to take it a step further, the Fires in Maui, 2000 children are missing and you are getting angry.
  • You are still having an emotion when your mental plane gets triggered by it.
  • Then there is underlying frequency attached to the video about fear of fires, which is likely unknown to the content provider.
  • Now dark energy is feeding fear of fires which then feeds an alter somewhere.
  • Once there is enough fear of fire created by you as you keep feeding it, you essentially gave them the ability to utilize said tool against you through a transmuter and a tablet and a ball which triggers an AI program to create a fire. It transmuted your light energy that exists when you are happy and creative and now created fires.
  • You continue giving more and more power due to your fear of fires, which creates more and more firesbecause you just keep feeding it and they run on a network.

Audio Cues Are Part of AI Programs Running in the Background

Remember as you are watching these videos the owner puts an underlying frequency behind that audio and it is very simple. We see the results all the time. For example, you watch TV of someone making a casserole and it looks good, and think you really need to get that brand of cheese to make that casserole. Then suddenly on your phone you get an ad, or it is in your yahoo mail, or ads on the side of any website for that item. It is an audio cue. This is in part AI programs that run in the background that push on you what you want.

Visual Cues Are Part of AI Programs Running in the Background

Now if you have someone talking on Rumble, the alleged ‘uncensored platform’ and they talk about events using visual cues because remember don’t say the word ‘Covid’ or ‘vaccine shots’, etc. because they will put a strike against you. So, they use a visual cue instead. You can still see what they are talking about and you can still be just as angry about it so you are emotionally invested, you are mentally paying attention and then that underlying frequency behind the video comes in. Before you know it you are creating another ‘situation’ with one of these things they put in place.

So, remember these programs can put in the underlying audio that we do not have access to, undetectable frequencies coming straight to you, they are being pushed through the videos you are watching unbeknownst to the content provider.

They will take your alleged alien disclosure and send out a frequency. And do you ever wonder why people love a certain president so much? He is going to save the country! Well, they are sending out a frequency through all those videos everywhere. It is just telling you that ‘you love this.’ Or you want to ‘take this shot,’ or ‘take this medication.’

Speaking of medications, it can work another so be very aware when you are watching tik tok videos etc. A person is talking about their husband who died of ALS or cancer, or their wife died of this or that, or hey look at all the fentanyl deaths.

  • Now there is an emotional response to this person, oh that is so sad.
  • Your mental brain kicks in and now you are going to google and research the symptoms of this disease or addiction or whatever you are watching.
  • Then the frequency of this disease is sent to your human and before you know it you too have cancer.
  • Watch enough of those videos and become sad, sad, sad, and now you have cancer.
  • In the past it would have connected to the Disease AI because there is a whole program for that which says, oh, you want it? You like that dark AI energy? Okay, I’m going to pass through straight from the etherical plane, to your emotional plane, to your mental plane, and you’re going to take it home, straight into your human.

When it was all up and running it was pretty scary. When they say your disease is of your own making, well it kind of is. But you can also take that light to where it is not functioning the way you want it and heal that body part. But you really need to believe in what you are doing.

This Quantum Flip will help with this problem but she wants us to understand what your emotional and mental investment is creating. When we see it visually; it is getting involved in our mental brain. Then it is saying, who did this? And now you are watching hours of tik toc videos wondering who did this and of course your influencers are giving you information like it is this Chinese person or that person and then you start believing it is this one or that one. Then you start yelling at Kim! So, we are manifesting constantly — just not the right things.

Now most of this stuff is going if not already gone. They do not have any access to it anymore. But she doesn’t know how long it will take before everything is completely gone and she is talking about the quantum flip and restoration of earth program.

What Can We Do Now That We Understand This Information?

Consciously decide to avoid feeding the fire if you are going to watch videos and participate. Just because someone hits you on a frequency level in your causal plane to bring it through your astral plane you can still control it. She is not telling us to become an emotionally heartless being, instead channel your emotions and your logical thinking mental plane towards, I’m ready to help. What can I do for these people or manifest the day all of this is gone. Start imagining a disease-free world for example. You can manifest that faster than Kim can find all these things in the universe so help her help you. We just need to be cautious about what we are creating.

Hum, maybe Kim’s advice will stick like gorilla glue if you realize this next item.

  • We Have Inadvertently Created Delays in the Creation of Wealth for Humanity. We have definitely fed these. Kim will take responsibility for her part in doing the best she can to manifest all this into existence and work within the Alpha system, but these things can also recreate it. It’s like playing wacka ball until she found the source of their creation. But what would help is refraining from talking about how broke you are all the time and where the money is and demanding I want to see something! Instead, go look in the mirror and see that you are still here! Armageddon did not happen! The earthquake in Turkey was one of many events that happened a while back that could have catapulted us into an apocalyptic type of event.
  • You know they are putting out there all these predictions of diseases, weather events, wars etc. so please do not help them create these things until we can get rid of all these programs completely. We have to stop all the programs from running. There is even one called Jacobs Ladder, a Satan AI, an Anti-Christ AI that counteracts the Christ or crystalline energy. There are savior programs, all kinds of things. It is incredible the amount of stuff we created considering how much genetic modification we are all going through, not just us personally but all those who came before us.
  • COVID 2.0: The cabal was expecting the next plandemic to really kick off today. They are aware to some lesser degree about the programs and they were told this was going to spread something but it didn’t. That didn’t happen because when it went off Kim found the source and all that entailed and removed it.
  • Wars in the Middle East: The reason why they are sitting there in the Middle East now creating wars in these massacre locations is because they think they are still feeding something that is not there anymore.
  • Fires in Greece: There were huge things underneath the Acropolis and the reason for the fires in Greece. Think about what they are trying to do, they are trying to feed a program because they cannot access it any other way.
  • Remember that Kim is just one human. She cautions us against things because she sees oh wow, that is all connected to the social media program and she is trying to help you help us, the rest of humanity not create disasters. So, does it make sense now why she gave us what some are calling a ‘lecture’? Some called it a lecture, well I call it sharing some wisdom, but that’s just me.
  • You do not have to be oblivious to what is going on, but your emotional and mental reaction should reflect somebody who is thinking, okay that is a tragic event. Then you should be researching how to fight this and what it is. Are there other cures out there? Refocus your brain to create a positive process and it takes more of the negative away.
  • Keep in mind this is all part of Restoration of Earth and You as a human!

How Badly They Are Losing the War

Do you think Marduk would have ever explained this to the crazy Jesuits? As a matter of fact, Kim is sure they think all these are serendipitous events mandated by the heavens in order to create the wrath of God, therefore you must participate! That is how the Jesuits look at it. Are the Jesuits evil? Yes, they are not good people; they wear the dark stones on their pinky fingers or a band to symbolize the marriage of them to evil. But they are less evil than they were because they do not have access anymore to their toys which they never created in the first place. For example, something that just happened yesterday illustrates this and how far we really have come in this war. And I wonder if they have even figured out it is a real war and not just theatre?

2 Jesuits Come to Durango Making Threats

Two members of the Jesuit Order came loud and proud into Durango. They told the locals they had the military and with one phone call they could get an executive order to take Kim out of here. They also told them they could have the military bomb this whole town and they had hundreds of them in nearby towns less than an hour away (which was a little exaggeration), and they demanded to meet with Kim.

So, Kim made a phone call to the locals and said if it is going to calm things down, she will take the meeting. The locals basically told them to please take an agenda, a list a what it is that they want. Well, the first thing they said is they would like access. To what she asks? The financial system. She says ok, let’s go down to Wells Fargo bank and we can open you a bank account and you can get a debit card and you’ll have access immediately to the financial system. No, that is not what we are talking about! Okay then what are you talking about? She is like the Genie in the lamp so she needs to know specifically what they want and of course they could not answer. Then they said they wanted access to the Key Intelligence and Military System. She tells them they already have access to some degree. It is a read only program and everyone is using it, what is the big deal? She said you cannot do what I can do with it even if I gave you access because it would not function for what you want to do.

Eventually they left. Either they decided they did not want a meeting or were not prepared for the meeting and they walked away a little more defeated than when they came. The point of the matter is they do not have what they used to have and they would like to have something, they just do not know what that something is. And they will never have what they had in the past ever again no matter how many people they blow up or how many wars they try to start or how they try to start making everyone wearing the masks again. They are not going to achieve their objective because she understands how the whole circuitry worked in the past and can now start disabling it.

Quantum Flip, A Flip From the Ages

Source Made a Decision to Go Directly Into the Light Forever More

Remember about eight months ago, Source made this decision to go into the light.

When Source was no longer in conflict with Anti-Source and said we are coming out of the Ages, we are not going into the Neutral anymore, that we are going directly into the Light where we will be forever more, it means the wheel goes away.

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The Dark Age & How It Used to Be

The wheel of Ages had 2 Neutral Ages, 1 Light and 1 Dark and we have been living in the Dark Age for a very long time, millions and millions and millions of years. There are many timelines in the Dark Age and we have been going through this reincarnation process where our soul goes to the False Heaven. We have also had others who have gone into stasis down there throughout history and allegedly rule the False Heaven, according to them. They were the Balmoral Castle people and Bronze Temple people. They would put them in stasis within 72 hours of the expiration of the body. So, we have gone through timeline after timeline in one place or another. Your memories of being in different places are entirely possible, all that is exists at the same time and because of how the program works they can project you into any timeline at any given time. This is the way it used to be.

An Enormous Amount of Work Was Required Just to Move to the Light Section

During dark timelines we had an overlay situation. We had this dark matter, an etherical parasite overlay that went up to the 5th density and they would have liked to have taken it all the way over. We had grid after grid after grid after crystal beltway, everything overlaying all this which all had to be dismantled before we could go through a Quantum Flip.

We need to understand the enormity of work this entailed just so we could move to the light section. The lower astral had to be completely empty, we could not have anything down there anymore. There were still some things in the Neutral Zone and somethings in the Upper Astral in other densities although they may not be present or prevalent on our planet.

What to do with the Blank Space in the Lower Astral (-9)?

If we were to look at our multiverse in a linear way, which it is not, but looking at it from a side view Source is to the left, the tesseract was created to create T x E/V and the tesseract goes out and anchors Earth in the 3rd density and other planets and star systems.

But we still had, for lack of a better term a blank space in the lower astral. So, what do we do with this? We cannot expand because there is something holding the space even though there is nothing in it anymore. So, -9 flipped over last week, meaning Anti-Source was officially absorbed by Source and all the programs tied to that were gone.

What Do We Do With the Null Zone/Neutral Zone Between Earth and the Space?

We had the Null Zone or Neutral Zone that happened between Earth and the Space that was left in the lower astral. [Densities 2 1 1 1] [0 Neutral Zone] [Densities 1 1 1 2].

  • Zero point was taken out of the Neutral Zone a while back and moved to Source so they could definitely clean this out without an infiltration, that was the whole idea.
  • But now what do we do with the Neutral Zone because we do not have Ages anymore and we do not need a False Heaven anymore? We had to flip again.
  • From a universal standpoint we have 2 folds so the energy now flows creating a universal torus which can now expand because that space over in -9 isn’t holding space anymore. Now we have expansion.
Why the Delay with the Quantum Flip?

So that we better understand what the delay is about, we have never had a flip like this because we have always had the Ages. We were supposed to go into a balanced universe again which would have eventually required the dissipation of all infiltration into the Light and when she says we were supposed to achieve balance it is because we were supposed to go into a Neutral Age now but the dark side refused. About 8 months ago now Source said that is it! That is when he gave Kim the Keys to the Kingdom and said, go have fun! But she was looking at it like he gave her the keys to a 1970 rusty and broken Chevette, thanks a lot. Now she is the mechanic and is trying to fix it. So, she cleaned all that out to make this flip over possible which is good for us, a positive thing and part of an ever-expanding universe.

Kim is Still Fixing the Chevette

Restoration of Earth is important! We are a gateway planet it’s important to everyone! But it is not what you think it is, not what your mind can comprehend.

We have Alpha 1 at +9 and at Plane +8 of Alpha is the Harmonic Genesis of the Creator. We have Omega 2 because remember there was that overlay and we have to make sure there is nothing left of that. There is also Omega 1 and then Kronos 1, and Omega 2 across all densities and all 9 planes within those densities. Then there is Alpha 2 as well.

Now What is Transpiring with the Quantum Flip?  

Remember she said we were getting that package from the Arcturians and that is a great thing? Well, we will continue receiving packages until at least this weekend, but it takes time to reach us because we are way down and in the muddiest of the muddy. We had multiple issues going on in this density and because we were a Gateway Planet. So, Kim is still finding little tablets and balls holding remaining remnant programs together and as that gets cleaned out, once it is complete then Alpha 1 will merge with Alpha 2 and then Omega 1, Omega 2, and Kronos will be no more. 

What Does the Deep State See on Occasion Through This Process?

They will see a payment account show up with no money in it, because it is an old program tied to a tablet, tied to a ball, tied to a keystone somewhere in some density somewhere. Because they can see it, they try to hack into it using an old access code trying to get in it but they are just licking the windows because there is no pass through. Essentially, they are seeing a dark mirror, a reflection that gets created. Then Kim has to go find it, she has to go into Omega 1, 2 etc. or where ever it was to find where the reflection was coming from and they don’t necessarily correspond with each other. For example, the gold that might have been in the Philippines which came from Japan which was stolen by someone else might go to supporting the gold in Saudi Arabia, and that gold maybe supporting England. She does not know because it is a cross collateralization program created by her predecessor with all these balls, cornerstones and keystones. It is like a hodge podge of mess. And then when you get down to the 5th plane in the 5th density there was all kinds of weird stuff that was here.

Did Marduk Ever Give Access to the Deep State For This?

Kim said she has seen some soft disclosure on what an alter is in some SSP labs. She has seen them trying to access some of this stuff and of them looking at old docs saying this disease is going to come on this day. While the person describing it may not have known what it did or what they were seeing, she would say they had some limited knowledge.

It’s Going to Take Time to Restore this Planet

Kim said she is not going to lie to us, it is going to take time. Is money going to fix everything? No, and it’s not going to stop human trafficking. She hears people asking, where is the $3,333 we are supposed to see in our bank accounts? Well, if everyone received that it would be a lot of money and help a lot of people, but if the deep state could steal it they would be back in the game. Until she is absolutely 100% sure they cannot call a banker and tell them to freeze every account in your bank so they can do an overnight trade (which they already tried to do with Paypal, Cashapp just days ago) it is not happening.

Miscellaneous Things

  • Kim wanted to clarify about why her comments recently about the Jesuit Order and the Deep State and the Family meetings are relevant to us. It is because what they do in those meetings will affect the next year of our life, while what governments are going to do and who is going to be the next President are less relevant now.
  • The Pentagon is definitely against us humans. They are more concerned about their own power right now that is a guarantee.
  • Regarding the China Deep State, we are down to those in their 30-40s. She does not know how many generations she must wipe out before they get it.
  • When she talks about 5-star generals there is no such rank in the US military. If you are a 5-star general you are a Jesuit, that is the same thing. When she says Langley 5, she is talking about 5 Stars and Jesuits there too. And when you knock down one and the next one pops right up and they just do not care.
  • She suggested looking at the transcript of the ‘War of the Worlds’ which is available online so you can see how they really manipulated the people. There is also a movie from 1997 called Wag the Dog. It talks about how they created a war in the media to distract the people from US troops going into Iraq by focusing on the president’s indiscretions with an underage girl. Then what happened in 1998? Clinton was President and there was the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Where your attention goes, your energy and data flows.

Final Thoughts

In the last broadcast Kim told us that joke about who is in charge of the body and how the asshole always wins because it is a matter of true warfare, this is not the theatre. They have yet to meet a real enemy and we are a real enemy. And the more you focus on not hating your enemy and loving and respecting them, think about what changes. She is not saying they are not evil, but how much dark matter is there now? But if you don’t want to focus on them then don’t. You can instead focus on a world you want to see, and thank Source for something.

But she didn’t even talk about the Jesuits a year ago, she was more concerned with the things behind them that gave them power and still is. That is the keystones, the cornerstones the balls, etc. The mechanisms are what gives them power. They had some little things here and there but that is not happening anymore and now they are coming to her and they want her to give them some of what she has. But even if she did, would they even know how to run it? They would need her help on how to destroy herself.

Well, if your enemy is coming to you asking for help to destroy you, I would say the shift of power has definitively turned. Well done Ground Commander!


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  2. Hmmm, I think what Kim is trying to communicate is immensely difficult for us who live in “ordinary reality”. One time about a year and a half ago when I first learned about Kim, she had an interesting guest on her show, or maybe it was a special broadcast made jointly. This was Marina Jacobi. Kim’s observation was that Marina is the only person Kim knew of who is actually teaching people the methodology, how one can engage actively in the Ascension process on a moment to moment quantum level, and how the collective consciousness actually functions and transforms. Kim said that her own perspective and Marina’s aligned.
    Anyhow, I began tuning into Marina Jacobi’s quantum spiritual reality work on a weekly basis and it’s pretty amazing, VERY EMPOWERING, although learning Marina’s methodology isn’t at all easy, you have to stretch your mind and heart, every waking moment and probably in your dreams; but it’s worth it because you actually transform. I recommend Marina to those of you who bravely follow Kim’s channel and/or Lisa Renee on the Energetic Synthesis website.
    Here’s a link to Marina’s latest weekly video, you might want to check it out on Rumble.

  3. Thank you again PJZ for this transcript , this was a very difficult subject for me to understand.

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    It may be a bit of a difficult time for everyone right now, but it’s important to have a positive ending. I don’t think we will miss the degraded at all.
    I am surprised though that some people think they know more than Kim and that their information is more accurate. Really?

  7. …. agree on point. Know Marina before Kim and i resonate with what you wrote. Its not difficult to understand these ladies if one is in the heart space, its then very easy. Arrogance, and the wrong attitude can cause anger impatience and blindness. As Rome was not build in a day, its not easy to break it down in a day, Lets us listen more from the heart, than from the mind. Goodnight and much love,

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