Will US Government Meet its Financial Obligations this Month? | Operatives Panhandling to Corporate Billionaires at WEF | Connection to Human Grid Lost, Makes Black Sun Savior Pick McCarthy an Unlikely if Not Impossible Sell | What Was the Omega Project? | What Was the Great Reset Really? | What Was the Anti-Christ Program Really? | Why Voiding Everything Omega & Replacing with the Alpha Creator Source Covenant and Alpha Creator Program is THE GAME CHANGER!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on January 16, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim addresses the financial status of the US Government, the panhandling going on at the WEF, that the savior program was always a Black Sun program and why their ‘assist’ with their savior narrative is missing this time around. But the biggest news is the main covenant, the Omega Project and its thousands of sub-agreements has come to light and are voided! This main covenant which controlled every person on the planet ran numerous closed-loop systems like the Great Reset and the Anti-Christ program. It is now replaced with the Alpha Creator Source Covenant and the Alpha Creator Program!

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



Financial Status of the US Government

Janet Yellen talked about the 19th being the day the debt ceiling is to be raised. Kim explained in a previous broadcast what that really means, which is simply moving credit lines around against treasury notes. And she explained that they don’t actually have the capacity to raise the debt ceiling and nobody in Congress is going to help them do so because there really is very little money.

Note: For previous post on Debt Ceiling, refer to The IRS Expired Under the Federal Reserve Act & Was Already Disabled by Kim Goguen | The Global Structure of Taxation and Causation System Expired! | The Monetization of Leveraged Assets Expired! | Congress, Check the National Archives! | Swapping out Rothschild People for Black Sun People (Treasuries of USA) Will Not Happen! | Is the Tax Authority a Better Solution? | US Govt $197 Trillion Debt Wiped Clean by Kim Years Ago | Just Empower Me


But everyone’s definition of broke is different. For example, the Bill Gates people of the world think they are broke, when they can’t buy a Ferrari. For governments, if they can still meet all their obligations that would be Kim’s definition of not broke. However, by January 19th the government will not be able to meet all of its obligations, just some of them. So that’s about how close it is. In another week the government will be broke, in that it won’t be able to meet its obligations. And we’re not just talking about the American Government, but all governments worldwide, which is why having faith in the World Economic Forum, that the money is going to come is so crucial for the wingnuts now.

What’s Really Going on at the World Economic Forum?

Rumors are going around that people are declining to attend the World Economic Forum, Klaus being one of them. But this is untrue, the guy in the mask playing Klaus is attending and since I’m posting a couple days later we can see yep, here is Nazi Klaus. They’ll be promoting their Great Reset no doubt. But things are hardly going their way.

The operatives, who always show up ahead of time are now panhandling amongst the corporate billionaires of the world. That has been going on for about 2 weeks now. They are being pitched this glorious reset and how much money they are going to get from it, their share of digital currencies, which will never happen. No one will deliver and that is a fact.

Everyone has handlers who are the operatives and that includes the big corporates. The operatives drive everything that goes on industry-wise. Who is going to go where, who is going to build a plant and where, etc. The way the world is to work falls under a 1975 non-compete plan. Essentially it said that everything was to be completely controlled, every industry, everywhere. So the operatives have been negotiating with all these CEOs for money to fund operations, so they are basically panhandling. Then that money will trickle into countries. It’s kind of akin to how the donations made to Ukraine work. They’ve been selling military equipment on the black market all over the world collecting billions of dollars from the mafia organizations for the equipment. Then that money filters back to the Democratic Party and their personal pockets mostly and some of it has gone to fund the government. But this is happening all over the world.

So that’s the true status of the US government as it relates to financial matters according to Kim. My guess is they’ll swindle some money from these corporate people and survive a little longer.

The Savior Program is the Order of the Black Sun’s Program | The Latest Pick is Kevin McCarthy

The Savior program was always run by the Black Sun, it’s their program. They tell you who the bad people are and who the saviors are not only to us but within, to their puppets. Kevin McCarthy has been designated the next savior, but they have to really brand him and the Republican Party as such in the public, so the public will buy it.

Hence, we’re seeing all these bills are coming out that McCarthy is leading the charge for. All these bills with just the right clauses that are buried deep inside the bill that twist and turn but ultimately point to the Black Sun getting money, power or control. McCarthy is part of that too. We can see they are propping this man up. Look I’m abolishing the IRS, I’m passing this bill and that bill, etc.

At the same time, they are tearing down Biden because he’s not useful to the Black Sun anymore, actually he never was. The handlers all work together, they know each other, the handlers for both the democrats and republicans are friends. They run the politicians, who goes up and who comes down and their orders typically come down from either the Black Sun or Order of the Dragon, the Rothschilians.

Since we know those orders can’t come down from dead people, they are running things themselves and their plan now is to continue to brand McCarthy the savior, but it’s not to bring down Biden per se. That’s not the reason. Biden will go out and McCarthy will go in because the Order of the Black Sun has their savior at the top always.

What About Trump?

It takes time to create a savior. Again, to use Bush Sr. as the example, he died in 2014, but his funeral didn’t happen until the end of 2018, always in Dec. By the way that has nothing to do with gematria. It has to do with the government shutting down in the month of December. In any case, by 2018 they really felt firmly the savior program was in place with Trump. But now, the operatives think Trump’s reputation is going away, the narrative isn’t holding anymore. So, they are going to attempt to do the same thing they did with Trump but with McCarthy. And when they feel they sold McCarthy to the patriots and feel confident in him being the savior, then Trump will officially die in the news.

For now, they will continue to use Trump because he’s still somewhat useful. They tried to push Don Jr. as the patriarch of the family, but will that work? Will they make him the VP? Could they pull it off? That’s a tough one. He’s been coming out more on YouTube but he’s never been in politics and his operatives are just making a mess.

The Savior Program Worked in the Past, But Will it Work Now?

Kim said there is a distinct reason why their savior program has worked in the past but will not work now. It was easy in the past for them to promote this narrative because there was something else at play that made them believable. What was that? A very important piece that fell under the Omega Project.

What Was the Omega Project?

Kim has told us about etherical parasites, plasma parasites, how they infested every Plane of Existence for a long time, including the Mental Plane of Existence. Well, imagine if you had a computer that was connected to the Mental Plane and you could broadcast out what is true and not true. Well that’s exactly what they had and Kim calls it an Assist. Now they still had to dance their puppets around on TV and create fake polls, but that was just window dressing.

Every Person Including Animals is MK Ultra-ed on Planet Earth

Every single person was MK ultra-ed, there are no exceptions. But depending on the person, some people are less prone and apt to be responsive to this type of narrative and programming because they have too much light for the signals to take hold to the gray matter in your brain. There may be other factors as well. Some say those with an IQ over 135 might be less susceptible.

Who can forget the great toilet paper crisis a couple years back? They were testing it out and that’s how they did it, using a computer that was connected to the Mental Plane and broadcasting out the message. They were using Kronos, Omega, and ARCHONS. All of that was run through the Omega Project program.

The Omega Project Program is the main title of the overall program. Both factions that are remaining, all secret societies fell under the Omega Project whether they know it or not. That includes the Covens and the Coven Masters and the Parents who ran them. This was THE AGENDA.

The entire purpose behind the Omega project was to install these etherical implants and control you completely. We’ve been living our lives going towards full technological control and we were a hair away from that actually completing. The FEAR program, False Evidence Appearing Real was an integral part and a program and we’ve been following that program. For example, we’re using technology to replace talking to one another face to face because when people meet your etherical fields are stronger and you share your light.

With the Omega Project Came Thousands of Sub-Agreements
The GREAT RESET was a Closed Loop System

Some sub-agreements created closed loop systems within computers that had a direct connection to you by other parties. For example, one closed loop system was called the ‘Great Reset’ which is when they reset us to become basically robots walking around doing whatever they want us to do, all while generating the light or loosh so they can trade it.


The Omega Project was part of another Main Agreement that allowed for the creation of the Anti-Christ program to remove the light of God from every human on the planet so you couldn’t even see it anymore. Essentially it was a computer program. Not that there weren’t some really scary lizard dudes, like the Destroyer that definitely could fall under the category of Satan, characters that were definitely evil. There is some truth in everything, but like Kim said they leave out the parts where you can become independent. In any case, the purpose was to install the FEAR program.

But the Omega Project was the main program, the main covenant that allowed the Anti-Christ program to happen and it just grew and grew and grew. For example, being subject to the 7 deadly sins further connected your human to some of these programs. The sin of gluttony had attached to it the alcohol portal, the sugar portal, etc. These things are ok in moderation of course, but they created so many programs around human habits to elicit a reaction from each human on this planet.

The problem they are having now is that the desired reaction from humanity is not working. We still have people who are more susceptible to the program and there will always be some of those people. It’s probably between 5-10% of the population, however some of that in part is due to their ego.

But this weekend the Omega Project was officially voided along with the thousands and thousands of programs that were run underneath the Omega AI. The Anti-Christ program was also voided out this weekend and both were replaced. One with the Alpha Creator Program and the other one with the Alpha Creator Source Covenant. We are now going to be subject to the rules of the light, the etherical connection to source itself and no longer to an inorganic computer system. That began yesterday.

As it continues to clean and clear things from all computers and humans it’s reversing out the Omega Project with the new Alpha Project. It will take a few days to finish and once it does you will start to feel the effects. This change makes it nearly impossible for them to get an Assist on a narrative anymore. So it’s going to be an interesting process for your sleeping friends and family members.

The Omega Project Explains Why Systems Kim Takes Down Keep Popping Up Again

The Omega Project was still in action, although to a lesser degree even though the Omega system is gone. Omega and Kronos were removed but that didn’t mean it took everything with it when it left. It was being held in place by the covenant she is telling us about now. She kept running into the problem where she would remove something and it would come back, but now she understands why it would come back. The creation of Kronos, the creation of ARCHONS, all of that fell under the Omega Project.

But these new programs, the Alpha Creator Program and Alpha Creator Source Covenant saves Kim LOTS OF TIME! This should make her job and ours much easier. The restoration of that true connection without interference is really going to change lives. Of course, the pace depends on where you’re at. For those with their heads buried in the sand clinging to their life that is a lie, well they could take longer.

Kim admitted that gaining actual freedom ended up being way harder than she ever thought it would be when she first got this job. And she’s really glad she didn’t know how hard and long the whole journey was going to be and is convinced that’s why Source didn’t tell her. It would have been too overwhelming.

Wingnuts Up the Street from Kim Realize Omega Program Was Cancelled

As Kim told us in the previous broadcast, all the heavy hitters were in town to discuss how to get control again. Well, they sound really desperate now. They actually talked about making one of the local guys there Kim’s husband. Wow, talk about no self-awareness. Kim said they truly do not understand her at all, what she has done and already been through. She knows the program now because they taught it all to her, they’ve done it all to her. I sure would have liked to see her face though when she heard that during their super-secret meetings!

They really have nothing to even hope for since the Omega Program is cancelled. They lost human control and evidently some of the people who took to the planes for the super-secret meetings this weekend are aware of that. But they still are trying and they had the bright idea they could reconnect to the human grid from an old Omega port in Lichtenstein, except that had dissipated awhile back. They talked about where else haven’t they been back to and maybe they could still use IBM Watson. But no, they can’t, even if they could reinstall it.

What Will Happen to the Wingnuts When They Learn the Truth?

Kim remembers talking to a high-level general in the Black Sun a while ago who told her, oh he’s not part of that video game. I remember her mentioning that many months ago. But every single person on the planet was MK-ultred and them more than us regular folk. It explains why the wingnuts can’t see what they are doing is a bad idea. I thought it was kind of obvious they had to be programmed to go to the end, but now we know for sure and can identify the program/agreement/covenant. So, if any operatives think they are an exception to this rule, think again, you are absolutely not! Everyone had it, and now the holes are being filled with Source chords and connections. So, what’s going to happen to that General and others like him when their demons who are telling them how great they are and that they are doing the right thing go away? I guess it’s going to get very interesting to say the least.

I’ve been wondering about all the transgender people. What will happen when they realize they were duped? Will that be harder to come to terms with? I imagine that’s going to be a hard pill to swallow. It’s going to take some extra compassion for those people, me thinks.

More About the Jabs

For those who had the mRNA injections and said they feel disconnected from God, well now you know why. And while those who already passed cannot be healed, hopefully over the next few weeks due to the Alpha Program, issues people have related to the mRNA can be healed.

mRNA, is a Lesser Form of an ARCHON, Flawed Human Tech

This mRNA was an implant, but it’s a lesser form of an ARCHON. It’s flawed human tech that’s giving them incorrect human information. The ‘Others’, the geneticists who are here (and were enslaved like the humans) gave the controllers complete and totally wrong information. So, these wingnuts who are still around don’t understand why it’s not functioning like they expected it to. Kim said the ‘Others’ knew this was going to happen in the 80s. It was signed for actually in 1984.  

Kim was a bit vague and rushed through this but I thought that was a very interesting tidbit. The ‘Others’ didn’t trust any humans, at least that is what Kim shared a couple of years ago, because she had to work really hard to gain their trust. She told us they were unaware that we regular humans were also enslaved like they were. So, I guess it could have been much worse if the ‘Others’ hadn’t given the psychopaths flawed tech.

Help to Those Who Took the Jab Is Coming

Kim said the good news is that mRNA can be recalibrated underneath the new Alpha Project as well. Essentially it will work through a network, the Internet of Body Things, similar to how the connection of your phone using WIFI works. In other words, we can connect to it through Alpha and use it for healing. So, connecting the Alpha system and reversing out the program can be done and is being done. Kim started working on that today. Of course, we can’t heal death, but hopefully in the next few weeks we can heal some of the issues people have.

Key Things to Remember

I picked out some key things Kim wants to remind of us or provide clarification. It’s not the population that is out of control, it’s their inability to control the narrative, control the release of technology and control 8 billion people that is a problem for them.

Remember there is one God, one Creator in the multiverse for all of us, regardless of what name you use. Focus on the one thing that doesn’t lie in the multiverse, which of course it the Creator. Remember energy flows where attention goes! So put aside the differences, don’t fault others for decisions they make, respect one another even if you don’t agree, it is part of being sovereign. A united people equals freedom!

And don’t ever forget what all of this has cost us and this planet.

That’s why I spend so much time documenting Kim’s reports. I want this information imprinted on my DNA so I will keep it with me always.


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