New Discovery During Earth’s Restoration Sends Kim Tomb Hunting | 5 Elementals in Stasis Now Free! | 6 Additional Anti-Elementals & Tombs Dismantled | Control Mechanism Over Astral Plane Dismantled, Required 7 Locations in Finland to Anchor to Lower Astral | What is An Unfolded Cube? | Earth is THE ONLY Gateway to Lower Astral, Main Gate in Egypt | The Anchors Were 4 Males in Valley of the Kings & 4 Females in Valley of the Queens, All Return to Source | 3 Pyramids in Antarctica & 3 Lower Astral Beings Baphomet, Moloch, Ashtaroth in Stasis at 7th, 8th, 9th Densities | Part 2 of 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on June 12, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This is Part 2 and focuses on the many interesting discoveries by Kim pertaining to the restoration of Earth which had her hunting for many tombs around the planet and many beings in stasis, both good and bad.   

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


More Restoration of Earth & New Discoveries

As of Saturday, there was a lot of rain in Canada fortunately. A lot of fires have dissipated and the smoke over states like New York is going out to sea now. It takes time when you have a fire of that magnitude for things to get better, but there is a reason for that rain and it is pretty cool.

Kim discovered a lot of new stuff during the restoration of earth this weekend. She has told us a little bit in the past about beings in stasis and she had a lot more to share on that topic today. She found many tombs containing beings who were in stasis.

The 5 Elementals | The 5 Anti-Elementals

The first group she described as the Elementals. Evidently the Elementals are here to protect the elements and protect life against the elements on behalf of Source. These are your natural elements, Fire, Earth, Wind or Air, Water and the 5th Element which is the God Particle.

They are actual beings. Kim said they are very light and must be 8th density or even higher and they have been here a very long time. But during the wars that occurred here they were put in stasis by our enemy, the dark side and then they created Anti-Elementals.

The first tomb Kim found was in the Polynesian Islands due to a disturbance she traced back and what she found was a being who was not dead but in stasis, it was a female. She was very deep under the water. That is when Kim realized she is an Elemental. The being was woken up and set free.

Kim contacted the New Earth Council and asked them if they were willing to let the Elementals join the Council for now because they can help us with problems with the weather and all kinds of things that could affect people in negative ways. The New Earth Council was ecstatic upon hearing the news and said Yes! Kim said they actually know these beings because they have been around for a long, long time. So, they were taken to a location where the New Earth Council is, which can be accessed a few different ways and they too are very happy and grateful. Kim hopes over the next few days when she is not so busy to visit and find out more about them. By the way they are already helping and were doing a great job in Canada over the weekend! Who says Fire and Water don’t mix!

Fire Elemental

So how this all started was there was a disturbance coming out of the Polynesian Islands this weekend, out of an area called Tuvalu which is a small island there. Kim noticed it was coming from a place called the Nanumanga Fire Caves. These caves are actually under the ocean and were discovered in 1986 by some divers who described the caves as having a lot of flames and hieroglyphics and things related to fire.

Anti-Fire Elemental

Anti-Fire was also on a Polynesian Island on Cook Island on Atiu, Rimu Rau Burial Cave. Remember Kim told us about the overlays on the Gateway to Heaven? Well, this would have been the same structure that was over the female Fire Elemental.

Earth Elemental

The Earth Elemental was in Jericho, Palestine in the Temple of Moses (Maqam An – nabi Musa)

Anti-Earth Elemental

Anti-Earth was in Jericho as well in a place called Rahebs House which is the only ancient ruin that was outside the wall. This goes with the story about the Battle of Jericho and the walls of Jericho falling. They circled seven times and then the walls fell. It is an interesting story. Well Anti-Earth would have been responsible for earthquakes and all kinds of things.

Water Elemental

The water elemental was in Nepal, in Maya Devi Buddhist Temple, the birthplace of the Gautama Buddah.

Anti-Water Elemental

Anti-water and the overlay are in the same place. They are near each other because they are using the light that powers the dark and energetically making its own prison. Essentially using its own energy and transforming it into darkness, which gave them all the same powers the original elementals had but they could use it for bad because it was powered by dark. The elementals themselves cannot do that; they cannot do bad things.

Air or Wind Elemental

The air elemental was in Copenhagen, Denmark at Roskilde Cathedral. Kim said there are also some queens buried there in this location.

Anti-Air or Wind Elemental

Anti-air elemental was also in the same place, Copenhagen, Denmark at Roskilde Cathedral.

5th Elemental or Etheric Control

The 5th elemental was in the Golan Heights. There is a mysterious archaeological stone there. It sits up on a hill. Israel’s ancient and mysterious Stonehenge

Anti-5th Elemental or Etheric Control

The anti-5th Element was in the same place. That has also been released.

So the dark does not have control over these various elements anymore.

6 Additional Anti-Elements | 6 Anti-Element Tombs

What the dark also did, because we had things that were not of natural organic creation that existed on this planet were 6 additional elements and the control thereof was tied to other anti-element people in some tombs.

Element of Time Control

Under Thule Airbase in Greenland was Time which again is not natural, it was their creation and the control of time was important for these people.

Element of Mineral Control

This would entail minerals not just in your body but Earth’s body and was located in Schlossberg Tower, Freiburg Germany and Terra Minerals at Freulenstein Castle.

Element of Space Control

Space was also a created element. We did not have space in our consciousness throughout the multiverse. St. Moritz, Switzerland at the old church of St. Maurtius Leaning Clock Tower was another tomb with connections to the lower astral so that people would drive these like an avatar. Having control over these various items from another density.

Element of Matter Control

Matter, control over your vessel and earth itself and all matter on earth, all the kingdoms, like Plant, Bacteria, etc. Any material in the 3rd dimension where we live in would have been controlled by them. This tomb was in Halifax, Nova Scotia under a Historical site called Citadel.

Element of Parasite Control

The element of Parasite Control is located under the mountain at Purgatory Ski Resort, Colorado which is down the street from Kim. She said she got a fly over by the Enforcer when he went to remove it.

It was called Purgatory because according to history allegedly it was a waiting place for miners who were waiting to go up to Silverton. There was both a light and dark portal up there at one time and would have been considered a neutral portal because it was used by both sides. It is not open and has not been for a long time. But it is no longer neutral and will belong to us. We will probably use it again one day. By the way, it is also why they wrote the story about Polar Express. Kim said she personally thinks it was called Purgatory because you did not know which side you were going to be working for.  You gotta love that tag line was, “Close to Heaven and fun as hell.

Element of Fear Control

The element of Fear control is underneath a solar system sculpture in the Falkland Islands. Kim said what she found weird about the sculpture was that Venus and Mars were the only ones not attached to it. She wonders if that was for a reason? Was it tied to some Venus-Mercury-Earth Matrix in the installation of FEAR here?

All the elements the dark created have been removed and now we only have the actual elements here, those placed here by Source to guard the elements and again they have already started working and are eternally grateful not to be in those respective locations anymore.

Control Over Astral Plane | Major Location at the Geodectic Arc | Finland

The astral plane is the first plane you come to when you are coming into this density, when you become a third dimensional vessel with a soul inside. It is the first step to manifestation. If you want something to manifest you will be going through the astral plane which is why the dark found the intense need to have control of the astral plane, so they could use it for their bidding. Say they created a disease in you, they could manipulate your genetics and manipulate just about anything that happens in the physical world first by first altering in the astral plane, just like we will be able to do now that it has changed.

The Astral Plane on this side of the multiverse was connected to the Astral Plane in the lower astral. Plane 4 here and Plane 4 there. The control mechanism for that required seven (7 ) different locations with one major surrounding location where everything was done and that was at the Geodectic Arc which actually appears in many different countries, but the major one was in Finland.

Subsequent locations for people who were dead and from the 4th density in the lower astral in stasis here were all located in Finland. So they became that anchor for the lower astral in the astral on our side.

Orthodox Church of Finland, Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki

Uspenski Cathedral – main cathedral of the Orthodox Parish of Helsinki and the Diocese of Helsinki — Helsingin ortodoksinen seurakunta (

Olavinlinna in Savonlinna, Finland

Olavinlinna – Wikipedia

St. Michaels Church in Turku, Finland

St Michael’s Church, Turku – Wikipedia

Temppeliaukion a Luthern Church Dome in Helskinki

Front page (

Suomenlinna Fortress Helsinki, Finland (UNESCO site)

Suomenlinna Official Website

Raseborg Castle Ruins in Snappertuna, Finland

Raseborg Castle Ruins – Visit Raseborg

Hame Castle – Finland – Hameenlinna

Häme Castle – The National Museum of Finland (

Some other places that required clearing that were involved in direct control of the astral plane, some crystals, made-In materials, transmuters, and some other stuff like that were at Turku Castle in Turku, Finland.

Turku Castle, Finland
Tampor or Tempere?

Kim just mentioned the word Tampor, that is what I heard if I spell it like it sounds. There was no picture on UNN and all I found that was close is a region in Finland called Tempere.

Paasselkä Devils Lake

One of the other fortresses was on Paasselkä Devils Lake. This is another interesting place but it is kind of creepy. There are these weird lights that dance around there. There is aurora borealis there but these lights are not your typical aurora borealis type lights. It is something completely different and the locals talk about them. There was no picture on UNN but here is a link to a video of local people talking about it, The Devils of Paasselkä — Kolme Perunaa

Struve Geodetic Arc

Underneath this Struve Geodetic Arc there was a large pool of plasma that looked like a window into the astral plane, both above and below. What you see in there were a bunch of Reptilian like beings but they were not in the 3rd density or dimension they were in the astral plane because they looked like reflections or ghosts running around down there. Kim had to go down there to the lower astral and make sure they were not there anymore in physical form.

All these things are directly related to restoring our planet and humanity because we cannot have that manipulation.

The Unfolded Cube

What does and unfolded cube look like? Hum, it would look like a cross. The former magnetic pole goes straight up, north to south and south to north and then there are points east and west. Kim then told us about the passageway in Egypt, which would have been a horizontal line. The other passageway being in New York predominantly.

Earth is a Gateway Planet | Main Gate in Egypt

There was something in Egypt that has been there since the beginning of time as we know it. When it was put there, it was meant to be a gateway to the lower astral only. It was not supposed to go further than that.

One of the reasons why earth is so important is because it is the only gateway planet, meaning a gateway to travel to and from the lower astral and to the light side was always on earth. Everyone asks why is earth so important? Well now we know, it makes us a commodity. Think about the universal control if people could not get in or out without paying you in some way, shape or form.

Adam & Eve

Kim said this goes back to the story of Adam and Eve as well. The main location for the gate that went from the beginning of time was the oldest ever in existence and was under theTomb of Atem’. The New York gate was important too, but it was not the oldest ever in existence.

The Main Gate was and it is under the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh and it is in the Valley of the Tombs in Egypt. Kim said she is now wondering if perhaps we are saying Adam wrong?

There is a correlation there because supposedly Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge and as she discussed with us before, knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing. Wisdom is what you have when you have the connection to the Creator. Knowledge is the replacement for wisdom that comes from the lower astral.

Thebes | 4 Male Bodies in Valley of the Kings | 4 Female Bodies in Valley of the Queens

This was also connected to four other locations and dead people in the Valley of the Kings and 4 others in the Valley of the Queens. Those are 2 different locations in Egypt but they are all in the ancient city or region called Thebes.

These bodies, a male and a female were used to anchor the false heavens. They were the anchors on various levels all the way down for the false heavens, otherwise known as hell essentially. These people are what kept the false heavens open at each level, but they are no longer needed so they were released and have returned to Source.

Kim said this also ties into why people talk about the Scarab ring family, the Canaanites and how important they are, that they are related to the Black Sun and how the Black Sun came to be. Now you are sort of getting a rhythm for how they did all of this.

Note: Regarding Kim’s comment above, I think she might be referring to scarab rings and families who would have them? I am just guessing. Scarabs are beetle-shaped amulets and impression seals which were widely popular throughout ancient Egypt during the pharaonic period.

Scarab (artifact) – Wikipedia

Note: Regarding this Major Gate Kim is talking about. I suspect this is what Lisa Renee refers to as the Guardian of the Horizontals, or Golden Eagle Grid.

Golden Eagle Grid
The horizontal grid and the planetary Rod function have been controlled by the NAA and the Alpha Draconis/Orion Group through the hijack of the Golden Eagle Grid by reversing the energetic current into a Base 10 Math architecture, which has its center controlled from the main 10th gate access in Iraq-Iran as well as the 4th gate access in Giza Egypt.
Black Suns have headquartered themselves in the 10th Stargate and lodged their technologies in Iraq/Iran and the power spots in Giza, Egypt. Most of them are Dark Angelic E.T.’s sourcing from Fallen Seraphim genetic lines, and this is why they chose that area of the planet, it was easier to invade from the genetic key level. [3]
Source: Golden Eagle Grid – Ascension Glossary.

The Guardian of the verticals that Lisa refers to is called the Great While Lion grid.

Great White Lion Grid
Sphinx: Thus the Lion APIN is in the image of the Feline-Leonine race. Note that the Sphinx, which originally had a lion’s head, was built as a tribute to the Elohim-Feline races of the Blue Ray Founders—the resistance Nibiru Annunaki defiled and altered it. The heart of the Great White Lion Planet Grid Network is located at the 12-dimensional (12D Ray) energy center (node, stargate portal) in south of France. It stabilizes the 12 primary vertical axiatonal lines. The Golden Eagle Grid is anchored on the Iran Gate in the Middle East. It stabilizes the 12 primary horizontal Ley Lines. The Great White Lion is the Guardian of the North and South Ley Lines, and the Golden Eagle Grid the Guardian of the East and West Ley Lines.
Source: Great White Lion – Ascension Glossary

By the way, Lisa has been talking about stasis beings a lot over the last couple of years. Here is a portion of an excerpt from her Ascension Glossary.

Christos Stasis Beings
Through each of the Albion’s twelve lightbody spheres exist the highest supreme being or Christos Maji Grail King for that particular dimensional sphere. This is a massive stasis being that holds the divine purpose for humanity’s highest fulfilment of the Christos-Sophia unified Rod and Staff embodiment in each of the 12 Tribes, which can be attained by the Inner Christ that exists within every individual. There are supporting Christos Guardian beings that remain in stasis sleep not only within the Albion Lightbody, but also remain underground or hidden in deep caves and lava tubes. There are 13 Dragon Beings that are enveloped in the Earth crust, that have been here for eons of time as Guardians of the Ley Lines, ready to awaken and protect the Christ Child once the Golden Dragon Egg cracks open. They remain asleep in the Earth until the planetary collective consciousness reaches the level of higher dimensional consciousness and self-awareness where the tipping point of global awakening occurs. It appears that with the Rise of Arthur, his awakening in the Albion initiates further global awakening within these stasis beings.

This is to understand that there are advanced Christos beings that went into stasis sleep since the Luciferian Rebellion and through the Dark Ages, in such ways that their Christos consciousness body could be utilized to help save the Earth from pole shift destruction during the 2012 and beyond timeline.
Source: Christos Stasis Beings – Ascension Glossary

3 Pyramids in Antarctica | 3 Lower Astral Beings in Stasis at 7th, 8th & 9th Density

There are 3 pyramids in Antarctica and they are 10 times the size of the pyramids in Egypt. They held 3 ‘special’ beings who held together the ability to travel and have control on earth from the 9th lowest level of hell, the 8th and the 7th depending on the level of the being that was there in stasis. These were lower astral beings in stasis and some of these names you will recognize.


From Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary:

The Guardian Host perspective is the Baphomet is a Satanic field in the earth that came into creation as spirits created through the Baal demonic entities, such as Baal Zebub of the Fallen Angelic collectives abuse of the Sophianic Body. This is essentially the SRA abuse of the Holy Mothers Cathar body, holding her hostage by binding her body into the earth through demonic forces to produce the Dark Mother, tied to the Moon and entangled with Moon Chain lineages.

These Fallen Angelics captured the Sophianic Body through impregnation of her essence and using her spirit to create Womb Worlds, spaces in the phantom realms which spawn parasitic creatures. These collective spawns are what make up the Baphomet field that exists in the 2D layers of planet earth, that contains many hierarchies of lower spirits, such as demons. This is the source of ancient pain held in the planet body when we lost our true Mother, and it is felt in all lineages of the Holy Mother, The Cathar lines, the Mary-Magdalene Sophia’s, which are the female genetic equal partner of the masculine form of Christos.

Baphomet – Ascension Glossary


From Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary:

Moloch is a soul binding entity and energetic container used in SRA rituals. Many times Moloch is used in the satanic ritual to collect and disperse the human beings vital energies to hierarchies of Satanic spirits. When a percentage of the human beings vital forces and spiritual energies are collected by satanic spirits, the person is high risk for soul binding, mental fragmentation or schiziod, dark manipulation and Possession.

Moloch is also the entity called upon for accumulating personal wealth in SRA. This entails making a covenant with Satanic forces in order to have use over the collective forces attached to the Moloch tank, in order to manifest material goods or wealth on one’s behalf. This means one is stealing other people’s life force in order to use that stolen life force to manifest wealth, power or status for themselves or their groups. [1]

Source: Moloch – Ascension Glossary

Ashtaroth (Goddess names for Ashtaroth are Astara, Ishtar, and Ashtar)

From Lisa Renee’s Ascension Glossary:

Unholy Trinity: Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar. The name “Astaroth” as a male demon is first known from The Book of Abramelin, purportedly written in Hebrew c. 1458, and recurred in most occult grimoires of the following centuries. Astaroth also features as an archdemon associated with the Qlippoth (adverse forces) according to later Kabbalistic texts.

The entity gestalt called Astaroth was the primary Imposter Spirit used to generate false AI coding onto masculine Rod formations in the horizontal shields.

Astaroth gestalt was harnessing the elements for gaining control over subatomic and atomic layers of elemental matter in which the earth and all material reality is composed.

Source: Astaroth – Ascension Glossary

Kim said that even though these beings were in stasis here on earth they could still travel on earth in some form or another based on their density and appear in dreams. They did dastardly deeds on this planet. Remember down there, that was Baal’s false heaven, all that equipment, the frequency machines, earthquake machines and all that kind of stuff. He claims he started all the wars allegedly and Kim does not doubt it. There was a lot of control of the Order of the Black Sun at the highest level by these beings. She would say they were definitely involved in a lot of stuff that happened here and possibly still influencing here on the planet.

So that was the last tomb she had gone to over the weekend and there went the Unfolded Cube. 

They were sent back to Source and can no longer do anything to us. People will still be crazy; it just will not do them any good. There is nothing left in those levels and no beings to call upon.

But now we know why the crazy people like to go down to Antarctica. There were stories of John Kerry, and more recently they went trying to get a replacement for Klaus Schwab when he died. Kim said Hitler retired in Antarctica actually. That is why he went to Argentina which gave him access there. It was Prescott Bush who afforded him that opportunity. He lived there and died there. Remember too he was hunting for all these religious artifacts. Why and for whom? And Mussolini was Hitler’s boss. Remember Mussolini was Black Eagle, Hitler war Brown Eagle. What were they doing? Maybe they wanted to get closer to their demon family?

In Conclusion

There was a race against the clock today for the Cheyenne people. They were trying to find a way in by hacking and they went to a few creepy places and used machines that do not work:

  • An insane asylum that is allegedly haunted in Louisville, Kentucky
  • They tried to connect something in Mount Hood, Oregon

They failed at everything.

Kim thinks we are looking better on all levels of restoration. Humans are coming to the table to work and get paid for restoration. We will still have crazy people but no one is going to pick up their phone calls anymore, hopefully. And there are more meetings that are going on this afternoon and I’m sure Kim will tell us what happened as a result.

I think this report was super interesting information. I hope you all do too!


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