Revisiting the Techniques of Propaganda | Does Your Favorite Alt Media Intel Provider Check All These Boxes? | Regular People DO NOT Get Intelligence Info Unless it’s to Promote a Narrative to Create Fear or the Illusion They Are Omnipotent | How Collective Consciousness Works | Part 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on February 10, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This post is Part 2 of that broadcast and covers the Techniques of Propaganda. But the focus is on the alternative media, which by the way is run by the same operatives. What is the difference? Well not much. 

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Things Going Around on the Alt Media

Why is Kim addressing this topic again? Well, she’s getting a lot of messages asking about the validity of rumors going around the alt media about tsunamis in the Mediterranean due to the earthquakes and we’re all going to die again. Also, those narratives that tell us that what is bad is actually good for us is happening a lot. Here’s some examples.

Chemtrails Are Good

Evidently there is a crazy narrative going around now that chemtrails are going to prevent an EMP. Yep, you read that right. Now the interviewer is saying, but they make us all sick! To which the interviewee i.e., agency person then replies, well which one is worse? That is how you can define an agency person trying to create a narrative that tells you that what is bad is actually good for you. So you need to take it and be happy that we are spraying this on you. Okay, I can’t even get myself to dig through the trash of the alt media to find an example of this one. It’s not worth finding.

We Need Another Pandemic

Another thing going around is that we need another pandemic, another lock down in order to wake more people up. We who are awake know what happened last time because we live in reality-land. But they want you to believe this is for our best good, to say it’s ok.

These are the narratives going around and the purpose is to create the collective consciousness and manifest the event, even if we give our consent inadvertently.

Techniques of Propaganda

So, Kim thought it would be a good idea to revisit this video that outlines Techniques of Propaganda again to address the Alt Media specifically.

The same people who created Mainstream Media created Alt Media and they feed you the same narratives but in a different way.
Glittering Generalities

The Alt Media you’ll notice uses a lot of glittering generalities or headlines, you’ll see things like, Don’t Miss this important Intel, Important! Watch This! We’re all going to die! Where Do Chemtrails Come from? The Balloon!

Now all of these topics are the same things they push in the Mainstream Media, but you think because they are telling you in the Alt Media or from a different place that it’s better or must be true and then you freak out just like you do with the Mainstream Media.

So what’s the difference? There isn’t any. Most people read headlines and nothing else and then they freak out just as much that we’re all going to die. Nibiru is going to crash into Earth for the last 20-30 years. Aliens are everywhere. Well that’s not entirely untrue, but it’s everywhere and it’s the hook into the narrative. But it’s the same narrative, not 100% of the time but 99%.


This is where they label good things as bad and bad things as good.

This is the Patriot network. These are the Q people, the Trump train people. People listen to him because the agency people/operatives label him as ‘good’. They tell you this is a ‘good guy’, a ‘good group’. This is where the terms ‘white hats’ and ‘the alliance’ comes from. All these terms you come to know as your ‘saviors’. This is a program.

Of course not every patriot in the world is bad, but this is how they rope you in to listening to their narrative, because these are the ‘good people’ who are helping you. They patriots, white hats, truthers or whatever. And you associate the word ‘white’ with good, the light. They come in giving you information and you automatically accept it as truth because they label themselves things you think are positive. And most of these Intel providers are telling you the same narrative.

    You are hearing additional information on the Alt Media than you do on the Mainstream Media from ‘plain folks’, but make no mistake, the same operatives created both.

    Name – Calling

    This technique is deny, deny, deny and then re-assess blame. They will blame all your troubles on the Biden Admin, on the Obama Admin, on Putin, the Russians, the Chinese. It doesn’t really matter. And all these things they blame on them doesn’t really matter to you, but you listen and grab on for the drama of it. Then you end up living in fear.

    The Poop Sandwich

    Then they deliver what Kim calls the poop sandwich. They give you some bread, we’re the patriots we’re the great people! Then the poop in the middle, here are all these bad things that are going to happen, but it’s good for you, eat it, the whole sandwich.

    They are doing the same thing the Mainstream Media is doing. Your Intel providers, 90% of them are helping the same narrative. Average, every day people do not get intelligence information, not of any substance anyway. They don’t release that information to you unless it’s to promote a narrative to create fear or create the illusion that they are the omnipotent.

    Techniques to Destroy Someone Who Tells the Truth

    Now when someone does come out and tells you the truth, like Kim for example, they will go to several other networks and people to tell you ‘Kim is bad’, ‘Kim is evil’ and usher in some degenerates like team Bubba. Then they get multiple talk show people to say she’s lying, she’s full of it, and she’s not doing the right thing. Look at all her failures. Then they try to get as many people on the bus as possible.

    This has happened to other people other than herself. It’s the name calling thing. They then get the ‘plain folk’ involved which is another propaganda technique we’ll get to. But they get as many plain folk as possible to do the same thing to anyone who is exposing the truth, whether that be a doctor talking about Covid, or about vaccines and how they cause autism, etc.

    No matter what it is they will take it over, try to control it or get you to spin around and start talking about them like they are positive. And if that doesn’t work, they will annihilate you by getting their plain folk, aka the rest of you in the Alt Media who are trying to get the truth out there, to corroborate their narrative.

    Card – Stacking

    Various operatives have told Kim over the years that the best way to tell a lie is to present 1% truth and 99% lie. So, the operatives/agency people then,

    • Come into the alt media and start spreading their stuff to the ‘plain folk’, aka the ‘truthers’, who are really trying to get the truth out there honestly.
    • They then go on all these shows and tell as many people as possible a lie that has 1% truth.
    • Now another way to tell an effective lie is to tell it to someone that person trusts. Then have the ‘trusted’ person tell the other person the lie. For instance, they’ll tell the ‘truther’ networks, hey, this is the Intel for the week and then pass it on as truth because you trust that person and it looks like they are telling you the truth, but with the added benefit of it not coming from the original person who might have that look on their face like they’re lying.  

    Those looking for truth buy it all and then go into a full-on panic. 99% of what you see is not any truer than what you see in the Mainstream Media because it’s the same operatives spinning it around for you, except they are just wearing normal clothes rather than military uniforms or agency seals. But their job is the same thing, to control the awake ones. That’s what they are trying to do to you.

    Kim created UNN because she needs a voice. She needed a way to share the real news because a lot of it is hype. Is there a real war going on? Yes, but she can promise us that 99% of these people, the so called ‘intel providers’ job is to scare the living crap out of their audiences.

    Plain Folks

    If you have a truther network and are not in an agency you are considered ‘plain folk’. They try to get at least 8 if not more of the ‘plain folk’ to all keep with the same narrative to tell the same info. You’ll know when they really have a good narrative they are supposed to be pushing because they will have the same person on 20 different channels all saying the same thing. Then of course the host, the ‘truther’, or ‘plain folk’ they are telling it to then regurgitates that information. Before you know it you have hundreds of videos out there, because people pilot other people’s videos, all telling you the same 99% lie and 1% truth.

    The Alt Media needs to understand they are propagating a lie. Stop. Stop telling people it’s a Chinese balloon! And that goes for Nibiru too and how we’re all going to die. Just stop!

    The truth is uncomfortable. The truth will make you lose followers, it’s not pleasant.

    99% of people would prefer a pleasant lie to the ugly truth. Fine you want a pleasant lie, you want to perpetuate that and get followers, that’s your game then do it. But here is the truth. We’ve all been lied to by the same people, including Kim. She couldn’t stand these people but listened to them, learned from them, she lived it. She watched these people operate for years and studied them to learn the game.

    Band Wagon

    This is FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out.

    • Join the Trump train, we’re going to save the world!
    • What? She’s not on the Trump train she must be evil.

    Kim suggests you get rid of your FOMO because getting on a band wagon just because people say it’s the place to be is not a reason to be there. Friends are the family you choose. Choose to be in your own power and choose to be a sovereign entity and choose to join groups because you want to be there, and you feel that what you are doing there is worth your time.

    So, her advice is to apply these steps to the video you’re watching. If it has most or all these qualities, then it’s probably not true, but it’s to get you on the bus.

    Why They Go to Such Great Lengths | It’s All About How Collective Consciousness Works

    Now why do they go through such great lengths in the mainstream and alt media to lie to people, to control people and create fear? Because they are aware at the highest level how the collective consciousness works, how your sovereign consciousness plays a part in this world.

    Every thought and emotion, especially if it’s a very strong emotion causes a ripple effect in the Causal Plane and affects the people around you and then they affect the people around them. Now you have hundreds of thousands of people watching those channels putting into the collective consciousness that there is going to be a war with China. Think about the effect it can have in the creation of a war. Remember you are a co-creator. That’s why they have mass meditations on some sites because you are all focusing on the same thing. So be careful. Praying for the health and welfare of the people of Turkey is not the same thing as focusing on an earthquake in Turkey.

    They put out information there is going to be a tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea due to the earthquake that extended all the way to Italy. Now what is going to happen when you have hundreds of thousands focusing on a tsunami? Remember Kim’s example a while ago. Hundreds of thousands of people could decide they want Mount Everest to be Pink and you could wake up and it would be pink. We are that powerful of a co-creator and they know it. Don’t let them use you like that. And this goes for the truther networks, the true patriots who are out there, all the Alt Media people. Those of you who are talking about negative AIs, they no longer exist, so let it go.

    Elemental Control AI

    Actually, she found another one this morning, it’s called an Elemental Control AI. It was designed to create a dark overlay over the elements, water, air, land, the 5th element, which is the God particle, the element that exists in all of us. It was meant to control the five elements and it started to create an overlay which was coming from the Armageddon AI because it was the next phase in the program, to create fire. They were going to blow up of the volcano, which I assume was in Yellowstone since she mentioned in the previous broadcast she was concerned about it. But that means she was all over it and it’s all been stopped and it’s trying to go to the next level, to where they were going to create natural disasters another way.

    Now this program is not coming from the deep state, the operatives, the Illuminati or the Thule Society. This was all pre-programmed hundreds of thousands of years ago at the time for the harvest. Remember the deal with the Abraxas and Eris, the goddess of the underworld. We were supposed to all be dead by 2023. So, these programs were set to go off like clockwork. It’s going to be Biblical right? We’ve been hearing that forever. So please choose wisely how you use your power. Do you want to use it for good in co-creation with the Creator or for evil? If you have an hour to spend do you want to listen to good music or we’re all going to die in a war with China? Please don’t help them. Watch your co-creation because you’re more powerful than you think. And going forward be careful because they are going to try and save themselves.

    Will WWIII Happen?

    Only if someone is going to pay for it. Wars make money, that’s why we have wars. We don’t go into wars because someone had a fight with someone else, that’s military theatre, the Russian-Ukraine theatre. The fact is the Russians could have annihilated the entire country of Ukraine in 35 seconds from outer space. The United States also has similar technology. That’s a fact. And Israel has the iron dome. It’s a missile defense system. Anything that is created, such as an EMP can be counteracted very simply. That goes for Directed Energy Weapons as well. There is a counteracting Directed Energy Weapon. They wouldn’t put it out there otherwise. Go to Lockheed Martin’s website and you will see they mass produce them. The Military Industrial Complex is predominately American and European Arms Providers and they do not put anything into the marketplace they couldn’t counteract before they put it out there. That includes balloons.

    In Conclusion

    This is about your personal survival, the survival of humanity. Stop filling your intelligent brain with nonsense. If the ‘Intel’ from the Alt Media clicks all these boxes Kim just outlined, what are you getting? Uh, that would be propaganda and fear mongering. By the way, Kim said there was only one other person from the Alt Media who reached out and asked her to confirm if that was an American balloon. Unfortunately, she didn’t mention who that was.

    But in any case, it’s best to spend less time listening to Intel that says we’re all going to die, and focus on actionable items you can do today. Even though Kim must report negative items, they are actionable items for you. This is what is real. We do need to be aware of what these crazy people are doing, that’s why she’s informing us of these things. As sovereign beings there are no saviors, it’s your relationship with God that will enable you to save you. Kim just wants to help you get there.

    There are atrocities on this planet that aren’t our fault, but they must be cleaned up. We will restore this planet because we’ve been promised by our Creator. Maybe it’s taking Kim and her team longer than we like, but she didn’t exactly get a handbook on all the things that were wrong with this planet. She finds out the information exactly when and where she needs to, then pulls the rip cord and it’s the best way.


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    5 thoughts on “Revisiting the Techniques of Propaganda | Does Your Favorite Alt Media Intel Provider Check All These Boxes? | Regular People DO NOT Get Intelligence Info Unless it’s to Promote a Narrative to Create Fear or the Illusion They Are Omnipotent | How Collective Consciousness Works | Part 2”

    1. Cynthia Lynn Burns

      Thank you for transcribing. Great job yet again. 🙂
      One thing I must ask, and not to you but to Kim. If you don’t want us dwelling on what could happen and manifesting it, why in the world would she say, ” I am worried about Yellowstone”. We did not know, until she told us.
      The energy or fibrational frequencies have been really bad today. I did not feel safe going out but i had appointments and that’s that. Horrible day. I survived.
      What i am seeing on the internet delivered by everyday people trying to show what they are going through is insane. Ohio, WTF!! Two more train derailments in other parts of country make three. 6 cars each makes 666. Just saying.
      I walked streams for a job I had doing habitat restoration years ago so watching the OHIO shit, is insane. I watched the news from local Government from the region that was affected, and I was horrified. They do not know shit. Excuse my language. I am just so frustrated by knowing and seeing humans trying desperately to get the truth out and better our world only to be silenced by psychopaths. It never ends. They go down to the local level. There is no way you could get a job today on a City Council or School Board or Chambers of Commerce unless you are in the “Club”. We all know what that is. It’s insane.
      The State Capitols are virtual fortresses. You try and email, you get an automated reply. I witness them set this up years ago. They knew C19 was coming, and this is why they did it all. You try and go in person with a plethora of frustrations and claims of state constitutional violations and you get a person in a mask behind a locked door and protective glass telling you to lay your papers in the box and the state will get back to you. I saw the tea club in WA State told after submitting 60,000 affidavits that what they submitted could not be taken because they were stappled. I shit you not. it never ends. We cannot remove these people; they must be removed by force. But who will do it? Not police, not military. Kim will not. No one who has been involved in the mass genocide has been removed, except for the ones giving orders. If they are then they are replaced with a CIA actor with a mask, so nothing changes in the media. The narrative seamlessly goes on.
      I am so frustrated and still Kim does not allow people to post her news everywhere so we can to get the word out. How can Kim and her subscribers of only 200,000 at the most make a change when so many are brainwashed. Now what do we have? It’s like teenagers whose parents left for a vacation an asked their teenage kids to look after the place. What do they do? They have a party.
      We are in insanity land with psychopaths with loads of money (yes, they have loads of money) on a killing spree, literally. Maybe they are waiting for the population to decrease so they have more control, just like our prison guards on this planet before them. I feel like we are in Limbo land, and its silent.
      Kim needs to broadcast this information far and wide. NOW!

    2. AshestToAllelulia

      ‘Chemtrails are good-ish,’ is a reply given by the notorious, and not-so-much-master-of-disguise, Juan O Savin, aka “Boots,” on several pindarviews 😁 with Nino Rodriguez.

      Nino is getting frustrated with this. Juan, who some think is JFK JR, (whom, if he is his Camelot-Order-of-the-Black-Sun, baby-boomer self, means he is an attorney, writer, politician, actor, and super high spy in the witness protection program), says that chemtrail aerosols serve several good purposes, including blocking enemy weaponry from entering the stratospheric, atmospheric levels of the heavenlies, forming somewhat of a giant aluminum/ barium/chromium/ cadmium/nickel/mold spore/mycotoxin/polymer fibers/ethylene dibromide trampoline, which boomerangs nukes/missiles/rods-of-God back to their mother ships/subs/rocket launchers, then gently, after doing all this patriotic work, floats down to earth, coating our lungs/skin/pineal glands, and polluting our fields—but his great news is—it disperses, and truly is the better alternative than being altogether wiped out.

      Juan, who slips up on Valentine’s Day, and says he is with JEN now (what happened to Caroline Bessette?), glosses over the fact that they are full of hazmat materials, and usually goes back to paraphrasing The Book of Esther. Nino is about fed up with Juan’s parables, and so is Kerry of Project Camelot, who texts him a lot!

      This is the guy Kim Goguen said was too afraid to sit I. The Pindar Chair.

      Here’s one link:

    3. AshestToAllelulia

      Me, again.

      I also agree with Cynthia Lynn Burns:
      “ Kim needs to broadcast this information far and wide.

      Kim needs to broadcast this information far and wide.

      Kim needs to broadcast this information far and wide.”

      Worst time EVER to go behind a paywall. The comptroller for God apparently can’t afford to share a free message. I would’ve think God endorsed pay to play, or in this case, pay to listen. The paywall REALLY hurts her credibility, as it makes her look needy.

      I love Kim, and yet, the paywall hides her light under the proverbial bushel basket.

      Perhaps, she could just have people pay for the Sunny part of the broadcast, and make her money off that portion of the broadcast, so Kim’s message could be free. Is Kim’s message urgent or not? What about ads? I’m sure there are companies that could sponsor her. OR, she could apply for one of those humanitarian grants that she is getting ready to launch. Her followers would be behind that 100%.

      Most broadcasters, even Fox News, allow folks to SHARE broadcasts, in the interests of humanity. Why is Kim not sharing? Doesn’t she care? She was really upset that people were stealing her content. So now that she’s bricked herself behind a paywall, and Sonny, too, she’s lost major potential to inform the public. Did she do this on purpose? Obviously, she doesn’t understand social media proliferation. It’s a real obfuscation of her message, done deliberately by her. It doesn’t make sense, UNLESS she was told to get out of the spotlight, because now she is officially out of the spotlight. Frustrating.

      I think she doesn’t understand that ads pay for your platform, so all people can watch for free. What else doesn’t she understand about social media marketing?
      “All Mine” and “I Don’t Share” are contrary to her cause, IF her cause is saving the humans who need to hear it.

      Again, I GREATLY appreciate YOUR work! Kudos!!! 🍾🥂

      1. Cynthia Lynn Burns

        FYI, as far as I know Kim has NEVER paid anyone who does work for her. If you find any information that is different, please share.

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