Deep State Anticipates & Prepares for Family Meeting on Sept 13th | They Try to Steal Our Money, Convince Operatives-Agency-Alt Media People They Are ‘White Hats’ | Kim Explains the Honorary Title of ‘General’, the World of Operatives & Their Pimps | Why Was Trump the Hero Amongst the Operatives? | End Times Programming | What Happened When They Realized COVID 2.0 Did Not Kick Off, Was Not an Automatic Process? | How Does it Relate to Elon Musk & Starlink? | We Fully Exited the Ages Agreement & Light is Coming In! | Part 1 or 2

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on September 11, 2023 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. This is Part 1 of 2 and Kim gives us the low down on what the Deep State has been doing in preparation for the Family Meeting they are expecting to take place on the Harvest Moon. They geared up for the next plandemic but the End Times Program they were anticipating didn’t exactly work out as they hoped. In Part 2 I’ll cover Kim’s lesson in discernment as it relates to social media.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


They Anticipate Family Meeting on New Moon, September 13th

So, about those Family Meetings, well they originally postponed them indefinitely but now Kim is guessing the wingnuts are still thinking something is going to happen so she repeated some background on those meetings again. The meetings go in succession. First is the ‘Others’ meetings that used to happen then the Coven meetings and some remaining crazy people were running around this year thinking they could take that spot, and now we are at the Order of the Dragon and Black Sun Family meetings which are due to take place on Wednesday, September 13th which is also the New Moon.

The Crazies Go Follow Old Orders

They have been doing a lot of things in preparation for this, including going along with old orders such as a restart of another Plandemic, which coincidentally is scheduled for the 13th, the same day the Family Meeting is supposed to start.

They have been working very hard to steal our money and this is why we saw glitches and problems Thursday to Friday with CashApp, Paypal, all the automated closed loop payment systems we would use. They tried to set up a high yield trade against that money but they cannot trade that money because they need new allocations of new money to do what is referred to in the industry as a ‘bullet trade.’ All they managed to do was cause some glitches and problems for the consumer and by the weekend everything was back functioning.

They have also tried to take out all the money in all the banks and facilitate a financial crash which was also unsuccessful. They orchestrated many different things and unfortunately some of that did have some effect on us. She tries to catch it as fast as she can, but there is always some bright idea from somewhere by someone.

They also convinced operatives, agency people, and some alternative media people that they are the good guys, the ‘white hatsworking for your freedom and to some degree the agents running around giving information are believing they are the good guys. Therefore, they do a lot of things to prove they are the good guys or they act as if they are doing the right thing.

A case in point.

The Gathering in New York of Treasury Personnel

A known person who works for the Treasury in China traveled to New York, actually there were hundreds of Treasury personnel from all countries gathered in New York over the weekend. Remember Kim has told us numerous times the distinction between the Central Banks (Dragon-side) and Treasuries (Black Sun-side). Many believe there is only a Central Bank in each country, but there is a Treasury also in each country. Well, the person who works for the Treasury in China that came to New York claimed the following:

  • Don’t believe the news. China is fighting against their deep state and not complying with their deep state orders. They are going their own way and came to the US to tell the UN Security Council, the United States, and the Federal Reserve that they are departing from the Federal Reserve System.

It sounds like a positive thing, right?

But the part that he was unaware of is this. They have now all moved to the Treasuries Department globally (which are not government organizations by any means) because the Jesuit Order (the alleged ‘good guys,’ the saviors because the Fed is the Boogie Man) said the treasuries would now be taking over the worlds’ economies.

  • Also, remember Kim talked last time about the fake $21 trillion check. There are also rumors in the media going around about the $33 trillion of debt owed from the Treasury to the Fed which has been paid. But no money exchanged hands. All they did was figure out was what was on the news is true, there is no more debt.

So now the Jesuits made all these promises and flew in all these Treasury Agents from all over the world and they had a big meeting at 9am on Saturday morning.

The one thing they forgot.

  • There is no more global treasury system, that has not existed for at least 16-17 years. They are kind of autonomous, and they are still running with what little cash they can collect from our taxes and whatnot, but there is not enough money there to fund any country anywhere. So, they ended up basically telling the Treasury Agents to “Just wait,” we will have it all sorted out for you Monday or Tuesday so hang out here and wait.

More on the Downline of the Control Systems

Orders would come out at the highest level with the ‘Others’ and the agenda was set. The Parents would be involved in that meeting and then they would give orders to the Covens Masters, then to the Covens and eventually they would give orders to the Dragon Families and Order of the Black Sun. The families would get orders from the Covens based on the sector they happened to be in.

Underneath the Coven Master Structure are Sectors

Now underneath that structure you would have had people like the Jesuit Order who would have been more in the Black Sun financial sector, you would have had Opus Dei and the Templars in there and their respective generals as well. So, when Kim refers to the unseen Generals, she is referring to people who obtained an honorary title of General in a secret society as the Black Sun is a very militant type of structured order. This is where your Orion group, which is another society falls in and various other secret societies. Then these ‘Generals’ would run the operatives.

Also included in this section is the SSP, the 15 Secret Militaries such as Umbrella Military Corp., etc. They also have a downline structure for their operatives. Then each group of Generals claims operatives as their own, their tool, their property.

Contracts would have started filtering down about a month or 2 ago and then on the Harvest Moon is when the lower end operatives, the owned ones, the tools would be receiving their contracts which is after the Family meeting. So, this is a long road for orders and money and orders and money to travel.

The World of Operatives

In the world of operatives, you have what Kim calls the pimps. They claim operatives, and she means no disrespect to these people because there are some brilliant people in these sectors, they are just given wrong information. But the pimp gets the contract and they take the money and agree to fulfill said contract, then they pass down very little money to the operative and they take their cut.

But the operatives are ones who go out risking their life for 10% tops of the ultimate contract price. That is the old structure. Then in order to control the operatives they would allocate money for them in an off-ledger-off market account, like in the Black Eagle Trust. They would get that money in the form of a savings book or a white card in the pager which was another way they would do it. Or they would just give you a statement saying this money is in your name, but then they would have to ask permission to use their own money and they had to tell them what they were using it for. In those days it really was not their money anyway. And they have since come to find out after a lot of these guys were comparing notes (because Kim gave them some insight on this), that they all had the same account number. Isn’t that weird. But that was way back, prior to March of 2007.

The same thing happened in the political sector because remember all the Parents had specific ‘sectors’ they were responsible for. Orders would come down for those in the political sector and contracts would get paid and money would go for politicians and lobbyists and all these varying groups to make sure the corporate sector was also fed. The political and corporate sector worked together very well and at the end of the day they are all what you consider operatives across the board.

Why Trump Was the Hero Operatives Amongst the Operatives

They are not all James Bond types, operatives are also people who run politicians, security, various governments, political parties, etc. and they all take their tiny piece. Except that tiny piece had not really come in years, not until 2018. By 2018 is when Kim started communicating with the Trump Administration on the White House terminal and she started funding budgets and then they started getting contracts again and they were happy. But that is why Trump was the hero amongst all the operatives, because they think he did it but, he did not do anything. He just sat there and listened to Kim tell him why we needed to fix things regarding the hurricanes and student loans and all the other things she wanted to get done. But he just ignored all of that, took the money and ran with it, paid operatives a little and continued to commit to things like COVID 19, which wow was paid for in 2018. What a coincidence that was. Kim then stopped funding budgets and that was the last time they got any contracts.

This is relative to why the operatives keep believing and why the deep state continues to run around trying to fulfill these things because if they lose control of the operatives they have zero political control, and zero media control across the board. So, that is why the Jesuits and China Deep State have been barking out orders continuously and now we have people here in New York looking for money thinking the Jesuit Order is going to get it done.

Deep State Still Filing Agreements

The Jesuits and Order of the Dragon are back at it this weekend filing agreements through old lines trying to get financial management control. She turned down around 100-110 submissions this morning and she puts her name on there but it does not stop them from using old communications lines thinking they are going to get someone else. She could take that communication line and give them orders herself but they will never do what she says so she doesn’t bother and just severs the connections for every line that comes up instead.

Serious Events That Took Place Over the Weekend

Over the weekend there have been several other events that took place that were rather serious and they were all related to the End Times Programming.

The End Times Programming

They are looking to crash the market for this grandiose reset, that is their plan, and on Friday morning a program from non-humans or the 15 secret militaries started running. It was a remnant from the lower astral they had placed there in the event we were to transition to the new Age and the program was called The End Times Programming. It included things like parasites for the new pandemic to happen. If anyone was sick this weekend that is probably why, but they should hopefully be feeling better today. It included some other time-released things which sit in the causal plane so they do not show up on the radar until it is time for them to come in.

This was also the cause of the earthquake in Morocco and the smaller one in Iraq. There were other plans with some things in the Sun and Moon and some more tsunamis and hurricanes as well. She found the one in Singapore on Friday but did not find the rest of them until yesterday. She has been cleaning them up with the Enforcer and it was all hands-on deck because there was quite a bit implanted everywhere. But the End Times Programs has now officially ended. Kim and the clean-up crew swept up as much as they could collectively as a group but wanted to remind us that none of them are God and they cleaned up as best they could.

Morocco earthquake: mourning begins as rescue continues with death toll over 2,000 | Morocco | The Guardian

The Crazies Think the Next Pandemic is An Automatic Process

They are trying to start the new pandemic on the 13th according to memorandums being circulated by the World Health Organization, that is when it is really going to get started. They started ramping it up in the media with politicians and people like Whoopi Goldberg coming out wearing a mask on zoom and saying they have COVID. It is all starting again they think, but the End Times Programming is gone.

Maybe some old orders told them by September of 2023 we are going to do it again, so they think it is just an automated process and COVID will just come out again. But it is not these deep state people actually doing it, it was by a third-party entity. Now this COVID attempt did have some degree of an effect, but it was not even close to what it could have done. Again, they still need someone to fully engage and push the buttons so everything goes off without a hitch, but there isn’t anyone there to do that anymore. Did It cause some reactions in people who had Epstein Barr or Mono before? Yes. Does it cause some radiations? Yes. It did cause some issues that required cleanup and that has been done.

What Happened When They Realized COVID Did Not Kick Off?

They have been trying haphazard ways to poison us all.  This morning they started with Starlink satellites sending out frequencies through cell phones because they think they can literally microwave people through their cell phones. That is what they were trying to do because their former bosses (who are no longer here) failed to perform this function. The orders that went to Elon Musk and his Starlink satellites to do this came from Rothschild and he complied with said orders.

Isn’t it funny that just a few days before Musk tried to implement the kill the humans program the Starlink satellites miraculously went off in the Ukraine? There is all this political talk that Elon Musk is bad because he turned off the Starlink satellites in Ukraine a few days ago. Hum, is there a deal over there? Makes you wonder if anyone else lost their Starlink satellite program over the last several days. Were they told ahead of time?

They have also tried several times to locate social crediting systems, socialist programming in cell phones but those things do not exist anymore. They tried to locate old access codes, key codes to programs designed by somebody else who gave them said access codes and the programs never came to fruition.

Kim said she just doesn’t know how to explain to these people that the stuff that happened before is not happening anymore. But that is why the operatives are still believing them, they are owned like cattle, even worse than us and some are being threatened. So that’s why they continue on.  

The 10 Days of Darkness Story Is Not a Thing

The 10 days of darkness is not going to happen, we are going to have 8-14 days of light instead. We fully exited the Ages on Friday and are fully out now. We have about 1-2 weeks of light coming in which helps clear out things like dark matter, old computer system remnants, old orders, agreements, sub-agreements. It is a process and Kim is doing whatever she can to speed it up on our end. It starts in the 9th density and moves it way down to the 5th density which is mostly clean. Then it is going to make its way down to the 3rd density which is mostly not clean. We’ve had a harder time, but it is coming, it is just moving its way through energetic mud so to speak clearing out. We are not miles away from it happening now, we are entering into this other Age, the quantum flips have already taken place and it is over.

Actually, we are not in an Age anymore or going to a new Age, it is more of a universal transition to an entire universe of light. There is no something else from this, it is to be this way forever more. The way the universe creates matter has forever changed. That is an agreement, a covenant and came from the Creator when he Called the Ball. Now they are just cleaning out remnants from E=MC2 and it takes a long time, but it is happening.

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    Hey Vadim,

    You won’t meet many people like Gavin. He’s built a life and business around making an incredible impact on the people around him. He shows up as a teacher and a mentor every single day with no expectation of getting something back.

    I truly believe that success is a byproduct of the value you bring to the world. And this journey teaches you exactly how to combine your deepest rooted passions with your long-term goals and ambitions so you can achieve financial and geographical freedom through fulfillment.

    Hope you like it!

    1. Gavin is the best healer/mentor/teacher I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on this planet. He helped me realize so much, and it continues on through this day. My consciousness was completely overtaken and everything was thwarted, just like Kim says happens, where you think Light is Dark and Dark is Light, and I became terrified of interacting, as well as vindictive. I owe him my utmost apologies and appreciations regardless. Although we may never interact again, he saved my life. I love the entire Restoration Team so much. Thank you for your posts. Such a beautiful time to be here.

    2. Hello Vadim. You can follow the United Network on Telegram. Once you follow that group, there is a link within that group that will let you follow to the CARE Group. She also have the UNN app on the Play Store or Apple Store. You can pay every month or wait and go onto and watch it for free there. She talks to Sunny on Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays. If she doesn’t do her intel with Sunny on those days, that means she is handling her business with the world. I hope this information helps.

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  4. Really appreciate you PJZ, for your most excellent series about Kim, and your interpretation of events, it is been truly helpful for me to understand what has happened and how the world works, or really the multiverse works.
    It is obvious this is a labor of Love, and that goes along with what it is really all about, Sources Love.
    Also its awesome from the standpoint who really is Kimberly Ann Goguen. Ehat a splendid wonderful gifted and courageous person Kim is and how can we ever pay the debt of gratitude she so well deserves for her part in saving Earth and us Humans from the darkness.
    Will anyone ever really know what Kim has done, her accomplishments, how she saved us.

    It is my fervent hope and whish and prayer Ms. Kim is rewarded fully and graced with love and true appreciation, that we all give her the actualization she so well has coming to her from all of us.

    And thank you again, again I appreciate you PJZ, for your hard work and your devition to good and right and the light of God. Awesome job!
    On a prslactical note, from reading your words and insights, your critical thinking, you have provided the means, to me, to better spread the good word, in ways which when in conversation with people who are unawares of the Truth and events and what matters most, I can better avoid that bikarious reaction so often occures where they look at you like you got 3 eyes, purple skin and waering a tin foil hat. Really thank you for that, because it is such a blessing to be able to share the Truth and see the lightbuld go on over others heads, and watch them walk away thinking in new and positive ways. Lot of it is so subtle and sublime, but as Senneca said about ideas, like seeds, when planted in fertile ground grow out of all proportion to their diminutive origins. Rightfully so. And how good ideas once planted in receptive minds are almost impossible to destroy. Indeed.

    Appreciate you.

    1. Thank you so very much and your sentiments about Kim and all she does is why I do this. People need to know there is a very determined and dedicated human being working so hard to make freedom from our prison planet possible. PJZ

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