The Corporation, aka the US Government is Bankrupt Due to Bad Management | What is Needed to Fix the Corporation? | A Mission Statement, Spend Only Tax, Reduction in Departments, NGOs Cannot Be Both Non-Profit & Part of the Government | It is Time to Take Over the Corporation & The Silent Circle is On It! | Meanwhile a More Pressing Issue, Ascension of the Earth Hit a Snag Requiring All Hands-on Deck!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 24, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim picks up where she left off regarding why everyone descended on Durango. The Silent Circle advised the crazy people to work with Kim because it is the only way. Instead they avoided her, talked about Nikki Haley running for President because she is a woman and maybe Kim will like that, they also appear to be preparing for war and congregating on Palau Island in Micronesia. In other words they have not formulated any plan to fix the ‘Corporation’ aka, the US Government. But in way bigger news, Kim gives us an update on the Ascension of Earth. There was a little bit of trouble there but we are seem to be out of the woods now.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Silent Circle Went to Durango to Conduct Business

In the last broadcast Kim informed us everyone seemed to be coming to her town last week and they were all really angry. Well some of those who came include a group of Black Sun Generals and they originally came because the Silent Circle is there. She said this town has long been known as a secret headquarters for the Black Sun and she knows that is why she was brought here several years ago.

The Silent Circle approached this headquarters first for multiple reasons:

  • They are running around securing BLM land and its resources here in the States. They have been doing this everywhere and there is one of those sites not far from Kim.
  • They are also there to inform the old upper management, the Black Sun Generals they are under new management. The Silent Circle told them to work with Kim to fix things, it’s the only way. They were given a few days, until the 28th. There was a little bit of an argument and fight and now they are not communicating.
Old Upper Management, (aka The Order)

Since then the old management the Black Sun Generals and probably the Order of the Dragon imbeciles have been trying feverishly to fix things, but evidently not the US Government. We won’t be surprised to find out that ‘work with Kim’ in the eyes of the Black Sun Generals and Order of the Dragon means they had multiple conversations about possibly getting rid of her, convincing her to leave the zone. Hum, what kind of special person could they bring to an area just outside the zone in order to drag her out there so she could be subject to their ‘special way’ of convincing people to do things. The next thought was, how we can manipulate her and can we get a hold of the system, because that’s original. So they were at various locations trying to hack and revive systems that don’t exist.

Middle Management

What else have they done? They decided to use the US government as a ploy for Kim to fund them, because well, she did that under the Trump Administration. The problem with that idea is that she was under obligation at that time and under contract of a 10 year extension to fund the government. She is no longer under that contract and therefore under no obligation to the government for anything. So either they were never told those inconvenient details or they were convinced that the Global Repository is the only way. She’s not sure which it was but she got calls this week because upper management told Chuck Schumer and other aides in the White House who can be considered middle management to get funding. Everyone is looking for funding but at the same time want to pretend she doesn’t exist. So she can only assume by keeping her a ‘secret’, someone will be pretending to be in control, whether it’s the Generals down the street, the Rothschilds or Chinese Elders, or whoever, but they are not.

Clearly despite whatever the Silent Circle says, these wingnuts are going to do things their way.

I say go at it. Earn those one way tickets!

Silent Circle Spreads Truth

Regardless of what the old management is doing, the TRUTH is spreading as the Silent Circle makes their way not only through the US Government but through the whole world. Kim explained the problem, the current situation with the US government in the context of a failing company because it really is run like a corporation in terms of the structure. She is going to focus on the US in this update because what happens here at this point is going to happen everywhere.

The US Government | Current Situation of the Corporation

In her past experience, if a company is failing, they are going bankrupt and sometimes they call in a bank, a lender, someone like BlackRock or anyone in this particular field to acquire a capitol loan or additional funding to prevent the bankruptcy from happening. When you go to a lender, hedge fund or a bank, etc. you have to have a clear cut plan and not just say “Trust the Plan”. So she would like to know what the plan is. They are bankrupt, they cannot fund their budgets, and they cannot tell her where the money they want is going to go or how they are going to prevent this situation from happening again.

Old Management

The first thing a venture capitalist will look at if there is no plan to pull your company out of bankruptcy is management. The management of the company right now is the Black Sun Generals, the Order of the Blue Dragon for the most part and a Chinese section of Order of the Dragon and they are all trying to come up with a way to control the corporation (or governments in plural) – but we will stick with the US for now.

The corporation is bankrupt and they think the way to fix this is to hack feverishly to get control of the system, which is never going to work and the comments made to her by the middle management, which is the Congress are, this has been going this way for 60 years, what do you mean we can’t do it this way?

So old management just came back from the venture capitalist who said they need a plan and what they have done is recreate the budget, all 3,000 pages and they plan to present that and it’s going to say blah, blah, blah, hidden law, hidden law, and $500 million goes to Boeing, and $500 million to American Airlines, and money for this lobbyist group and that lobbyist group and so on and so forth. Oh and a little money goes to keep the government going. Oh and they’re going to put some towards infrastructure so they can never change that and let everything continue to fall apart.

So basically the country is bankrupt because we have bad management. That is what a venture capitalist looks at. So if they are going to Kim for money, she is going to say, there is bad management here. They are not doing anything to actually fix the country and prevent it from going bankrupt again in the future. What can we expect from people who never had to think before and they really are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. They are not coming up with any sort of a plan, instead they are in full on panic mode and resumed what they’ve been doing for the last 15 years. That include the President level would also be considered middle management in this case.

Old Management Needs to Be Fired

The Silent Circle managed to tell the current management, the Black Sun Generals & Order of the Dragon that they would be fired and replaced if they cannot get a plan to fix the company by the time the scheduled meeting happens in the next few days, that is their deadline.

What is Needed to Fix the Company, aka US Government?

Let’s go over in somewhat detail:

Mission Statement

The fantasy of democracy is a joke. We don’t vote, the pretense of the Bill of Rights we don’t have and we have even less over the last 3 years. To fix the company we need to change the mission statement. What are we going to do? How is our country going to run and this goes for every country in the world.


How it currently works

80% of taxes collected in the US go to the Rothschild family through the X/N system in Belgium. We have been paying our taxes in order to have “a representative in Congress” who allegedly is supposed to represent our State, our area and then vote accordingly because we have agreed with their principles. That was the plan but that is not what is happening. Why? Because Management controls all that and all those decisions as well as the big corporations and big campaign donors who are the ones that also get funding and drive the bus.

How it will work in the future

The Plan is to go to a spending tax only in every state individually and on the federal level. It would solve the problem. Then no taxes are being sent to the Order of Dragon people who haven’t even paid middle management in 15 years.

Determine How Many Government Departments Are Really Needed

How many intelligence agencies does the US have? Do we need to have so many? How many times can you record a phone conversation and determine someone’s toilet paper use?  Maybe you need one domestic and one foreign one. Spying is not necessary unless there is a reason. The constant monitoring of people is so ridiculous, and 90% of the people don’t even know what we are talking about. And if anyone does become the slightest threat they are often brought onboard with the management staff, or conversely speaking they end up in a jail cell to rot the rest of their life.

Every intelligence agency needs to be looked at to see what they do. This is what you do when you take over a company and make an investment. We need to evaluate the usefulness of these various sectors and determine if there is redundancy. Then we have to look at departments like the Department of Fish and Wildlife. We have a whole department for freshwater salmon and one for saltwater salmon. Can’t we just have one for salmon? Do we really need to have all those people? So she is going to look at all those employees and those expenditures and see if we can consolidate some of this stuff and she thinks we can.

Now if we went to a spending only tax, which has already been written by somebody who works in the Crimes Division, they have this entire plan, will the country with respective department consolidation and receiving the full 100% of the spending tax work for the budget? Yes it will.  And it’s good for the people.

Non-Government Organizations | Who Are You?

How many NGOs are in the budget continuously that the government funds? Let’s take FEMA and the EPA. Do we need an EPA? Well sure. Can it be done in the private sector? Well it is the private sector; that is an NGO, who also reports to the bad management who also uses it as a tool for bad stuff, for example to create water shortages. If the EPA was actually involved in protecting the environment at all maybe they would be useful.

Either they are a government department and funded by the government or they are not and they are in the private sector. Who are you? The same thing goes for FEMA, they report to the management which in this case is Rothschild. Kim knows this for a fact because she talked to the Director of FEMA when she offered funding after Hurricane Michael and he told her he was waiting for money to come from Rothschild at 3pm on that particular day. They still haven’t received any money, nor have they come in to help anybody.

Most of the help provided to citizens in the event of a natural disaster in the US is coming from churches, Christian organizations that rally congregations for food and items from the area. They rebuild houses and make repairs and help the elderly. It’s people helping people, period end of story. FEMA comes in with a bunch of cameras. It’s the same thing they did during the floods in Australia that she pointed out a year ago. They take pictures of all these people doing all these things when in fact they are doing nothing. She could say the National Guard probably helped and were saving lives, but why do we give all this money to FEMA? FEMA expected to get funding by the old management, that’s why. They are under their control. Remember when Kushner was running FEMA? God helps us all. There is a reason for that, because he’s part of that group when he was living. That has to end. Either you are part of the government or not. Who are you? The Red Cross is another, the largest money laundering organization in the world. The Peace Corp is another one. When they go to another impoverished country and the people there see you coming in your Peace Corp uniform they think, oh the CIA is here, and they are right.

What about the Ways and Means Committee? Right now everyone in the budget game is talking about the Treasury, the Fed, the Government, the President, Congress are you going to pass this or that, and the debt ceiling. But everyone forgets about the Ways and Means Committee which is technically not a government department and technically an NGO that have been reporting directly to the Rothschilds and the Blue Dragon forever. These are the people who do thing for you like Social Security, your EBT or your food assistance cards, they handle the National Health Organization and your Medicare programs. Those are all coming from the Ways and Means Committee. Who are they and what are they doing and where does their money come from? Well it used to come from Treasury of USA which is an Order of the Black Sun facility which is also broke.

These things need to be restructured but the government pays for them all, and the government salaries, all the things they do nonetheless out of the budget.

The Military Industrial Complex

Why are we funding Boeing? We didn’t buy anything from Boeing we are just giving them money. She doesn’t understand that. Why would you do that? These are all things that should come up when you make a budget. Why did you give money to those people? Well they are our friends. Why are they your friends? They donated to your campaign. And in the case of Donald Trump Pfizer donated millions of dollars and then Operation Warp Speed came to be. Wow, I wonder how that happened. Well Pfizer is run by the agency.

See this is that management again. So, the federal government funds Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and then in turn they get Operation Warp Speed, one hand washes the other. And then Operation Warp Speed was not a success and now they want funding and plandemic relief. They are still waiting for that.  Why does the Government fund Pfizer? They are not buying vaccines for government employees. She could see that, purchasing things for employees as an ‘alleged’ health benefit is what she can understand. But why did all that money go to them and why are they still trying to do that now in all these budgets which are not ratified.

All they can do now is focus on a debt ceiling. But it’s all about the lobbyists. The corporations donate to campaigns then the lobbyists make sure they get what they want out of the budget. And the aids that work for the bad management are causing the problem. You see it’s very simple.

The Military, the Coastguard, the Agencies, trillions of dollars go missing in the federal audits and everyone is like oh well. Then in the news it’s things like, we overestimated the value of the arms we sent to Ukraine. These are all the things that come with bad management. Instead of saying there is money missing from this department, where did the money go? Well it was embezzled and embezzlement is bad. It’s a crime we go to jail for, but if you do that in the Federal Government you get a pat on the back and taken out to dinner.

A Venture Capitalist Would Fire the Bad Management

In layman terms Kim is a venture capitalist and she is offering to come forward with her capital to fix it. But she is not going to feed the pig and she is certainly not going to fund a government who is going to report to bad management with no plan whatsoever to fix it. So she is in agreement with the Silent Circle on that one, you can’t fix it with bad management in place. You can’t negotiate with them, you can’t talk to them because they put you off until there is an astrological alignment of some sort hoping it will change her mind?

We’re paying ‘forced donations’ in the form of taxes to this non-profit alleged organization so they can give it to a third party entity that definitely is not American first of all, and they are not in favor of the people with their infliction in any country. There is no accountability for anything and that’s because that was how it was designed by the bad management. So let’s say you were the manager of the accounting department, aka Janet Yellen in this case, you would have department budgets for every single department, every expense report for every expenditure at your fingertips. There should be some workflow program, but nope, there is no accountability. And now they are calling in the final hour and that was probably prompted by the Silent Circle to point out they are bad managers.

How can you manage the finances for an entire country when you don’t even know what and how many departments there are? All they know is that money would come in and all of your ‘special’ people were paid. Then the Treasury has their black card expense accounts and those are always full, the credit card always works everywhere and they can buy all the little boys, yes she said that out loud. Mnuchin was running a pedophile ring out of The Treasury Department when he was there, do we expect Yellen to be any different? You have to entertain those people coming into town don’t you? You have to feed your boss, the Rothschilds and the Generals down the street that money.

Old Management’s Plan is to Have No Plan

Make Middle Management Run Around While Upper Management Waits for Alignments

Have middle management try to secure contracts all over the place while being run around by red tape that doesn’t exist. That’s what the middle management is doing because upper management has told the State Department for example, to send more arms to Ukraine. And by middle management we’re talking about the White House, the State Department, and those types of things. Then it trickles down to the rest of middle management who doesn’t understand they are waiting for a group of people in Durango, Colorado or Cheyenne Mountain, or China or the UK who are waiting for an astrological alignment to happen. Why? So the hacking will be better, surely it will be a prime opportunity to get a hold of the system then, you know the system that doesn’t exist in space and time anymore, but money will come out. Or if they wait until then they can better manipulate the blonde lady to get it done for them, which is not going to work and never will. Or maybe they can lure her out so she can undergo some ‘special treatment’ to get her to concede. Not gonna happen.

Nikki Haley Running for President

Management has to change and she is not talking about the Presidency, that’s middle management. By the way now they are talking about Nikki Haley running for President. That’s what they came up with, it’s about time we have a woman as President. Why now? Because they think that will work for Kim. Surely she will be onboard with a female POTUS. But Nikki Haley is under the old management so it does not matter if it’s a woman or a man that sits in that chair.

Preparing for War

What else is the Current management doing? Well they are preparing and have everyone at every US military base and installation in the Middle East on high alert right now. Therefore every country is on high alert. No one knows why they are on high alert but they are. What do they think they are going to do with the money they think they are going to try and pull from Kim? Well that’s obvious, WAR. Then in turn feed the Operatives contracts once again, gain control of operatives again and away they go, because they think Kim is stupid. Maybe, but it’s more because it used to always be that way. But they have no cards to play.

Avoid Negotiating with Kim

So this is where somebody is going to draw the line. The Silent Circle warned them and told them to understand that the only way anything is going to happen for them is if they negotiate with Kim and they won’t. They told them to get it together, come up with a plan. But that’s not what they are doing at all. So they are just counting down the clock. That meeting is going to happen in just a few days and then it’s over. And that’s why middle management is calling her, because upper management told them to call her but hide Kim in the corner, they think that way they can still claim they run the joint.

Every single conversation she’s overheard from down the street doesn’t involve any plan. They haven’t a clue and are not willing to give up power willingly. Even if she gave them $2 trillion dollars it would be gone by the end of the week because they don’t have a plan. They would feed all the pigs, they would all come the trough and feed like little piglets and all the money will be gone. It will keep them in power for a week and then what are they going to do?

Island of Palau in Micronesia

What else are they doing? Well they have many operatives in Palau right now. In accordance to the operative world there is more gold on Palau which is an island in Micronesia than anywhere else, that is what they claim. And Palau has satellites from every single country in the world and it is not that big of an island. So what is it about Palau that is so special? Well the long and short of is, it was an Omega Portal. Did they know that’s why they were there? Who knows, but it is basically been like a little United States for a long, long time, although China has tried to make their way into that area for those things too. Another place they’ve been to is Borneo because there is another portal there as well.

But this has nothing to with a plan for fixing the United States, it has to do with taking control of unlimited money, silver, gold, the rare earth mineral supply. That is what it has to do with. So, if they want to go ahead and trust the plan, because there isn’t one, at least not one that makes sense anyway. She was a little kluge but said next that a lot will change in a few days; it is going to be quite evident. We will hear things we never thought we would hear them say, the paid actors known as the Congress. In the next week or two we are going to see it all come out because evidently those people are playing shuffleboard together on Palau.

So that is the State of Union as of today in the US.

It is Time to Take Over the Company

The corporation goes bankrupt, there is no credit line, aka debt ceiling because the organization that gave it them, the Federal Reserve is also broke and nothing is coming back and they have no plan at all. Even if they did come up with a plan that makes sense she wouldn’t trust them. Would they even execute on it? Are they capable? Would she feel confident to allow them to manage a section on behalf of the Office of the Guardian? Not at this moment. They don’t understand economics or infrastructure, all they understand is death, war, destruction and how much money they can put in their pocket. They only care about how much power they have and when they wake up every day can they tell everyone to kiss their ass.

Note: Kim mentioned a series that shows how disgusting these people are and how they live, it’s called Trust (American TV series) and recounts the abduction of John Paul Getty III. It’s a typical picture of the elite and how they operate.

The Silent Circle Has a Plan

Well like any venture capitalist that has invested in a company that has gone bankrupt despite your investment you take over the company. That is what you do. Remember Kim gets $1 and is now partnered with new people, new management. She will have a discussion about the business plan and they will implement it. Big changes need to happen otherwise the government will go away. When you have bad management the employees are going to do what the management tells them to do to keep their job and that is exactly what they are doing right now and have been doing all along. That is going to change. Probably the payment structure for departments is going to change, structure for congressional pay should change and be based on profitability of the company don’t you think? They could end up making more money if they make better spending decisions. Salaries is nice but what if they got bonuses if they continued the profitability of their state, making sure their state is solvent instead of doing whatever the idiots down the street say.

The Silent Circle has determined over the next few days to remove the management staff. That is the first thing you do when you fix the company because there is no strategic plan from them in anyway. Unlike the bad management the Silent Circle informed all of their middle management of an actual plan and then executed it in every Department of every Division of said plan. Isn’t that amazing? They got stuff done. Hum, who will Kim prefer to work with?

The bad management is focused on hacking and funding and on high alert for War but meanwhile Kim had other worries that entailed the actual security of Earth.

Ascension of Planet Earth

Where We Started | Earth Was 2/3rds Below the Line

Think about when we started this birthing process of Earth itself. Picture the universe with a horizontal line in the middle and the top of the paper is white and the bottom is black. You would have seen Earth in the middle with two thirds of Earth below the line. So we had only a tiny little bit of Earth in the light part of the multiverse and two thirds in the dark multiverse. Remember Earth was fractured in 3 and levels 1 and 2 were below and there was just that tiny tip above. That is kind of where we started. The Ascension of Earth is just as important as the ascension of all of us without having all that dark. The dark wanted to completely take it over and sink it below that line so it would become part of the dark multiverse, so eventually the entire paper turned black.

All of the essence and the pheromones, the bots and bits and the crystals and made in materials that were being cleaned up were all anchors pulling Earth down. It was like putting a bunch of tethers or strings from Earth around the core of Earth and vortexes around the Earth and putting connections and cords directly into the Dark Overlord or 9th lower astral, the Anti-Source. All that was pulling Earth down bit by bit because we didn’t start out there. We started out much higher, but over the course of time that is what ended up happening. And that is what they have done to every other planet that would have been on that line, they pulled them all below the line.

Early on Monday | Earth Reached 50 – 50 Then Got Stuck

So if we remember a few months back we had pulled them back up and now where we go one we go all because we are all connected in consciousness. As of Monday we actually reached half and half and it became critical because as we started to pass through the time-space continuum and completely move Earth back into the light side of the multi-verse and turn out the lights down below so to speak. We still had enough of those tethers though to hold us stuck in what is called a temporal anomaly or locked inside like a time space continuum and we had 3 days to get it out because you can’t stay in there too long. Because it’s like a void there, you are not in a place of energetic exchange, you are not part of that consciousness anymore, but in the void. So also on Monday Earth stopped moving. Those tethers were enough to hold us, we weren’t going forward and weren’t going backward either.

Later on Monday | Earth Got Moving Again & Is 1/8th Still in the Dark

So they had to remove the remaining tethers before this afternoon as fast of possible. All hands were on deck, the Council was involved, the Enforcer all those who came to help us were involved too and as of about 1-2 hours ago we are now moving again which is good. There still is some drag but they are cleaning and clearing that up, and now only about 1/8th of Earth is still in that dark line but she is moving out of that now so that’s a positive. Hopefully Kim can remove the rest of this stuff in the next 4-5 hours and Earth will be completely on that light side of the multi-verse.

As Above So Below

You had earth and anti-earth, because as above so below. The other thing that has taken place in the last few days is we removed those tethers, those ties and connections and the quantum entanglement in the lower astral universe planets and the upper astral universe planets. There is nothing that exists down there that is of the light or the Creator at all. Now that the quantum entanglement is not there anymore the intention is everything should pretty much dissipate in fairly short order, it shouldn’t take that long. It’s parasitic multiverses, it is many universes that we exist in, both planes and dimensions and whatnot.

The darkness feeds on the light like a parasite, it needs the Creator energy or your energy to create. But there is no quantum entanglement required anymore, the agreement between the dark and the light is now gone, therefore that quantum entanglement dissipates and your collective consciousness returns to that of the light side of the multiverse and that is also the collective consciousness of the planet. The planets, stars were all intertwined, we are all swimming in the same sea but without the interference of the dark matter or the dark particle. So there are no more ties and connections there. Essentially it’s like going to hell and turning the lights out. Kim jokes about going to hell and back, but she’s actually been many times in the last week or so. So there will be no life that will exist there anymore. The life force is how it powers everything in your body, that’s how it all functions so if someone takes your life force away, it’s gone and you pass on. So what is happening is their life force is being taken away. Hopefully the next time she goes to hell and back all the lights will be out down there and it will just go away, then the light side of the multiverse will just be ever expanding.

How long will it take for all the dark to go away? Kim said that’s kind of a God thing, he just tells her what to do and she goes to do the thing.

She will say she is humbled and very grateful for all that she learned because the Creator could have done this any moment in time all by itself. It doesn’t need her and it doesn’t need us, so she is grateful and very thankful to learn all that she learned because it didn’t have to be this way. We could have all not been involved but thinks it was really important so we can understand our history, what really happened. We all say it, omg why did we come to Earth at this time! Now we can see what had to be done, why it was so important and you know you would have done it all over again if you had to.

So in brief that is the critical thing she has been working on in the last few days because we can’t be stuck there for a long period of time, we would expire. She was very concerned about that. As far as the government, while important, this was more important, that we made it through that critical point. We are doing much better now though, but that is why Kim was not here to do the World Situation Report on Monday.


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  1. Thank you for the explanation of the Temporal Anomaly break in the Space Time Continuum , when the earth stopped moving . Fascinating!

  2. AshestToAllelulia

    Again, I request to know why creepy generals and other black hearted sorts went to Lexington, KY recently? Let’s talk the army base at Avon, KY (northeast Lexington). A wife of a Bechtel employee told me Bechtel was there to clean up a huge mess. I said, “Oh, you mean saron gas/nerve gas leaks?” She said, “Way more than that.”

    A farmer near the base saw folks in safety suits, with full head gear, excavating something at Avon. Of course, the baddies are also filling up our household landfills with radioactive waste from fracking processing in Lexington and Estill County—next county over, with a radioactive half-life of 5000 years. Problem is the Kentucky River, water supply of over 1 million people, is the leach basin for all of these illegal, radioactive frack dumps.

    I’m thinking all the alleged white hats, could possibly also be on the side of population reduction, because of their absolute hesitancy to stop bad people from dumping radioactive waste, improperly contained in rusty drums, into household landfills with clay liners designed to last 30 years.

    Also, Kentucky, home of Senator Mitch McConnell & his Chinese shipping container wife, received $1 million dollars from Pfizer to build a new Republican headquarters. The Republicans I know hate vacuole-nations and operation warped speedos.

    So what’s the gig? I hope the gig’s up. Tired of old senators wearing warped speedos, sipping radioactive frack juice out of a pineapple, dancing like Tedros. At least Tedros wears a midriff and hot pants.

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