Who is the One-Eyed Man? | What Do the 1st & 2nd Temples Mean? | What Does ‘Christ Will Be Reborn’ on Dec 25th Mean? | The Omega Covenant & Harvest Bill of Lading No More! | 1st Night of Hanukkah, ‘The Day’ of Transition: Bound to Slavery Curse Cancelled, Slavery Agreement for Soul Cycle Management Officially Broken | We Are Officially Leaving the Dark Timeline by December 22nd & Christ Will Be Born Again!

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen was delivered on December 19, 2022 on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. Another phenomenal report was provided by Kim. She explains the message she received in 2019 about the one-eyed man. She also shares some more real history around the first and second temples mentioned in the Bible, what Christmas and Hanukah really mean. More covenants related to binding humans to slavery and the harvesting of souls expire! Also updates on several operations that took place over the weekend as the diehards continue to give it a go.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.



In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

In 2019 Kim received a message that said, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Historically speaking, we know the one eye is the symbol of the Illuminati. We see it all over the place.

Well she thought 2020 would be the year that all will see. Well, we had quite a battle ahead of us, as those of us who have been learning from Kim are very aware.  


More and more people are starting to see the truth. That kerfuffle we had last week with the Trump trading cards have the ‘Patriots’ starting to see it’s just a money making scheme by the Deep State. While it’s not new information for us, it is new for people at the Pentagon and many other folks.

People are not only starting to see the truth out in the media, they are also starting to see their own truth, and it’s kind of difficult for people. The merging of the Planes of Existence have the sleeping ones and the narcissistic ones starting to look at themselves. They are having to come to terms with things and resolve whatever it is coming up.

Many don’t want to see there isn’t a savior, and many other truths, and we awakened ones have to remember to have compassion and patience and know that not everything is their fault. But this is what it means ‘all will see’. This light wave and the clearings started last night, December 18th, and coincidentally it happened to be the first day of Hanukkah. Just as Kim prefaced that Christmas can be a time of love and family and joy despite how the dark ones tried to invert it, Hanukkah can also be a time of love and family. Although there is some history behind these days which she unraveled.

Real History | The Original Temple

The original temple they talk about in the Bible is your soul, your person and connection to God. Was there an actual physical temple as well? Yes there was. Did the Khazarians, the Order of the Dragon and all of their followers destroy it? Yes, they did.

The Khazarian mafia pose as Jewish people but they are not!  They believe they are descendants of the line of Solomon. There are many stories about people in Indonesia, China, actually all over the world, who claim they are of the line of Solomon and therefore superior to those who are not. Some also call them Draco splices, meaning they are descendants of the Draco, an alien race they believe is superior to you.

Covenant of Solomon or Nefertiti

3,000 years ago there was a Covenant of Solomon or Nefertiti and it bound that family to rule over the Jewish population and all humans for 3,000 years. It’s even written in the Bible. Kim shared this with us last year in her January 19, 2022 broadcast when that covenant expired.

Note: For more on Nefertiti Covenant, refer to my post, Covenants Expire, Annunaki Seals Lifting | We are Prisoners No More! | Queen of Hearts Toys with the Lonesome Losers | Just Empower Me

So what Hanukkah represented was the celebration of the building of the second temple, after the first one was destroyed. So think about how this correlates to all the energetic bindings on your person on the Planes of Existence Kim has been educating us about. The Testaments of Solomon, not the ones you read in the Bible, are actually a spell book.

Solomon was the Guardian of the Planet at the time. Then God left Solomon. His connection with Source was gone and he started conjuring demons. Each demon had a special skill and this was the Khazarians power, the pledging of the souls to the demons, or the lower astral. This is where the insert of the 7 Deadly Sins versus 7 Virtues came into play. They equated to the seven major portals of darkness on this planet that Kim also has been sharing, and first mentioned in her June 17, 2022 broadcast. You could pick your poison so to speak. Which deadly sin were you going to carry out, by implied consent or otherwise that would commit yourself to the demons, and therefore the soul recycling program. No longer would you go back to Source, your soul would reside in the Plane of Incarnation where you would be reborn again as a human on this planet over and over again.

Note: For more on the 21 portals, or the 7 dark portals, refer to my post, How is that Ancient Draco War Manual Working Out? | The Light Now Controls all 21 Earth Portals as of June 13th! | Source Protocols Go on Overdrive Next Day & Why Birth Certificates Transitioned back to Alpha System | Deep State Retaliation Failures | Part 2 | Just Empower Me

Hanukkah Celebrated the Building of the Second Temple, the Bound of Slavery

So the celebration of Hanukkah and building of the second temple is actually referring to the Bound of Slavery. Those energetic bindings that were implanted in your person so you would be born again and again and again. This is where your genetic curses come in and the binding of you to the temple, which was built by the demons. And they did build it didn’t they? We’ve uncovered so many things over the last year, etherical implants, all kinds of things that bound your soul to be damned to go to the lower astral and then incarnate back here on earth.

That Bound of Slavery curse was cancelled or expired last night as the first night of celebration of Hanukkah happened. This means the Jewish population is no longer bound in any way to the Khazarian mafia. They are no longer bound to the curses of Solomon and the line Solomon. Actually many agreements just disappeared out of the Hall of Records last night and slavery on Earth is finally over! Not just for the Jewish population but all of humanity!

The Real History | Christ Will Be Re-Born on the 25th of December!

This light wave coming in is so important. They say Christ was born on the 25th of December, but what does that really mean? Crystalline energy, the Christ energy, the Light or the Sun/Son of God Energy, the Source Energy is all the same thing. It used to be sent to us at this time every year. You could describe it by saying God, Source or the Creator birthed itself every year on the 25th of December. And this happened over and over, until about a million years ago.

This year, since we will now be able to receive that full light of God, Christ will be born again on the 25th of December! That is the major difference about this year. We are really going to start feeling it around the 20th and it will escalate around the 22nd, and it will not dissipate. It’s going to be here now, the connections are going to happen now. They say the way to God the father is through me, and that is absolutely true!

No one comes to the Father, except through me. Jesus said to him, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. . John 14:6 – Bible Gateway

Source: www.biblegateway.com/verse/en/John%2014%3A6

I guess ‘Through me’ is more literal than I realized and the sun/son is Source’s energy, birthing anew.

I was thinking some more about what Kim said, and I would describe the last couple of years in particular, as the period we really accelerated the rebuilding of our house while still living in it. Fixing the foundation, tearing down walls, building sturdier new ones, clearing the obstructions in the plumbing and rewiring the electrical system so the energy can flow properly and freely. While I know this has been a work in progress from following Lisa Renee’s work for years, it really went on turbo drive despite how agonizingly long it has seemed.

But like Kim said, this connection to Source is going to become really strong and will stay here, and all will see. So What Will Become of the One-Eyed Man? Well they won’t be so powerful anymore. With only one eye, they can only see the darkness.

The Real History Behind the Holidays is Positive!

So the real history behind the holidays is a positive thing after all, and this year the holidays aren’t going to be cursed for the first time and will never be again.. Turning Christmas into a pagan holiday, full of curses and looshing is a thing of the past. Yesterday began the true purpose of Christmas, which is the gift of love and compassion directly from God, our Creator.

And although all of our holidays don’t fall on the same days, it doesn’t mean they don’t have the same affect. So just because a holidays 3,000 years ago ended up being about a celebration of committing yourself to slavery, to the dark side, to demons and the dark timeline, that is over and done! So enjoy the holidays and the basking in the light of God.

This year will probably be a little stronger than subsequent ones because it is such a huge gift to have us wake up! And this gift will likely continue all year long. It’s going to be a shocker for some and for others it will be like you are returning home, that unconditional love without the interference from the dark ones.

Omega Covenant Expired!

The Omega Covenant ,which allowed for artificial time to happen every time Mercury was in retrograde has also expired! Mercury was a trading post for loosh and the Omega Covenant had attached to it something called the Harvest Bill of Lading.

Harvest Bill of Lading

The Harvest Bill of Lading entailed the orchestration of the looshing of this planet and the harvest of all humans by the Deep State, which was part of the depopulation agenda. So all the souls would go to the incarnate plane, or as many souls as they could possibly get. They would be locked in that Plane of Existence, only to be able to reincarnate in the lower astral. This is their plan and the Deep State expected payment for it.

Except all of that had been disabled and dismantled for the most part. Kim said they still had a few things left there that needed clearing and cleaning, but those things have since been sent back to Source. So when the remaining diehards went looking for those things, such as time crystals, which is artificial time tied to Kronos, they were very confused because they couldn’t find any. They were also looking for etherical parasites and anything that could be remaining on Mercury that was tied to this Harvest Bill of Lading. But they found nothing.

Now this Harvest Bill of Lading would have been paid out to the Deep State on the 12th of January. So don’t be surprised if you see reports that the RV/Nesara/Gesara is going to happen on Jan 12th, because that’s the next promise date of money. Of course nothing is going to happen because there was no actual looshing that took place.

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Artificial Time Nearly Eradicated

Artificial Time was created by Omega and by its offshoot Kronos, which is its ARCHON matrix. Has it been completely eradicated? Kim said the answer is no, but there is less and less. It’s getting pulled out of this planet and that will continue on until tomorrow, December 20th. And the light burst that’s coming in, the nutrinos coming in are actually going to eradicate the remnants of what is left. So finally a job Kim doesn’t have to do! She’s very happy about that. But she still has to be ever mindful and ever watchful that they don’t try to do something to harm people in the meantime.

Friday, December 16th | Operations

All this great stuff for humanity going on doesn’t mean the wingnuts didn’t give it a heck of a go over the weekend. So as usual, it was an extremely busy weekend for Kim as the Deep State tried to look for any kind of etherical implant, cord, or tie to the Omega system. They were in crazy places doing crazy things, not the operatives in the Safe Houses thank God, because Kim said those people are the extremely talented ones.

Did those ‘not as talented’ operatives running around find anything? Well yeah, because there was still some dark remnants and last night was the final point that they could have a very remote possibility of their beloved dark timeline. It didn’t happen of course and Kim was extremely grateful and thankful for the ‘Others’ who helped us out quite a bit over the last few days.

Pfizer Attempts to Connect to MNRA

She said a funny thing happened over the weekend in that someone in her group received a phone call from DARPA and some of the Space Force operatives. They admitted they had full use of etherical implants and all kinds of things in humans, including the use of people from Pfizer. But was it just at Pfizer? Nope, it was also at Moderna and most of the places where they manufactured those immune destroying shots. Pfizer made an attempt to connect hardware and software provided to them from the Deep State, from the old 15 Shadow Militaries, to MRNA with a couple of intentions.

Objectives Were to Control Health & Install ID2020

Kim was able to surmise, based on what they were doing, that they were trying to control your health by connecting to that MRNA, because it was Harvest time, and they thought they were going to get to do the harvest this year and depopulate this planet. The other thing they tried to do with the MRNA was attempt to install that ID2020 system again, which failed as well. So not only did their plans fail, but humanity is going to become stronger than ever. God is good! No matter what they try to do they cannot fight the will of God!

NSA in Jerusalem

The NSA was all over the place this weekend. Kim told us in the previous report they were in Jerusalem at a Mossad black site trying to connect to the Vatican and install digital currency, and they were still there trying, but had no success.

King of Jordan’s Handlers Make an Offer That Falls Flat

Sunny reported about Jordan being one of the last cash cows of the Deep State. It’s the hub or master node for all crypto-currencies worldwide. Deep under the New York Institute for Technology in Jordan was an SSP base, which has strong ties to the one in Manhattan and is run by the SES. In the facility there was a Kronos port tied to the yellow and green lines of the computer Planes of Existence. These were removed and the ports no longer exist. But what was the King of Jordan promised by his Deep State handlers? Well in exchange for an alleged temporary rising of prices, he would be at the helm of crypto currency for all of the Middle East. He was handed over a wallet of trillions in digital cash and told he would rule the Middle East. Instead his handlers promises fell flat. The wallets disappeared and no global cryptocurrency has been installed in the Middle East.

Kim reminded us this had to do with the Rothschilds plan, which was really Marduk’s old plan, to create 7 Currencies & 7 Settlements worldwide, with one of them in the Middle East. It’s likely one of the Rothschilds, members of the Deep State or the CIA called the King of Jordan, since he’s one of them, and told him to implement the rising prices because The Order needs money. He was likely promised some, but the rest would be taken by the Order to run operations, had they succeeded.   

‘Door to Hell’ Triggered, Satanists Await ‘The Destroyer’s Arrival

Something that was triggered this weekend because it was on automatic pilot was the Door to Hell, so to speak, in the Orion Nebula. Kim mentioned the Orion Nebula in the previous broadcast. This must have prompted the bunch of chanting Satanists found in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this weekend, which is a retirement town similar to the town Kim lives in. Although she said Jackson Hole is more connected to the Order of the Dragon operatives rather than connected to the people who follow the Black Sun only. That’s why they have the Fed meeting there every year.

Well they were hoping one of them would be the lucky winner to be inhabited or possessed by the Destroyer itself. They still won’t listen to Kim and believe The Destroyer is gone. There is always hope the door to hell will open up on this special day because they did a really bang up job of creating war, protests, destruction, famine, you know all of their favorite horseman they try to create. Fortunately they didn’t have any luck in conjuring anything.

Kruger Operatives in Nova Scotia Try Time Flip

Kruger Military Operatives were in Nova Scotia trying to start a quantum time flip back to the dark side. They were hoping they could travel to and from in time and make the dark time line come back. That didn’t work.

Tai Young Military in China, at the Wuhan Laboratory Try to Send Out Parasites

The Tai Young military went to the Wuhan Laboratory, which is an enormous facility underground. What you see above ground is just a part of it. Well they were there trying to see if they could send out parasites, disease to people, you know to wipe out the population. They have to do their part in the Harvest so they could gain their money and power and appease their god.

Mobius Military in Auschwitz Try to Open Dark Portal

Kim and her team have been to the Auschwitz facility two or three times to clean it out, she’s mentioned this site before. The Auschwitz camp was built above a very deep dark portal, a level 8, hence the reason they built it there. And operatives from Mobius Military were giving it a go again, trying to find some dark essence that was caused by the killing of many Jewish and gay people, to try and open up a portal to the lower astral.

Remember a level 8 means just one level above where the former Dark Overlord/Lucifer/Destroyer resided. They expected they could find some dark essence from all that killing and experiments on the Jewish people and others, as they expanded their reach to any groups they considered lesser humans. They didn’t find any dark essence though because it was all gone, hence no portal opening. But in the past it would have caused a break in the time-space continuum into the lower astral, to allow those demons to inhabit earth and those people, the Tarzakiens. Again, the Tarzakiens are beings made of almost pure darkness that really don’t have a shape or form.

Saturday December 17th | Operations

Quantum Air Force Research Lab Try Time Flip

The Quantum Air Force Research Lab in Rome, New York was also trying to do a quantum time flip which didn’t work out.

NORAD Tried to Connect Etherical Parasites

Then North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado was trying to connect their own cords, tags and ties to etherical parasites in humans so they could use them. This underground facility spanned from the Peterson Space Force Base all the way to Cheyenne Mountain. They too were unsuccessful in their attempts to help with the Harvest.

Trinity Military Try to Access Abraxas Lines & Open Dark Portal

Trinity Military was attempting to use Tarzakien technology to try to connect to old Abraxas lines in computers. They were probably looking for the Abraxas because last year their extension was voided. Kim is pretty sure they were trying to re-up something for their part.

Trinity Military was also in Baltimore, Maryland, home of the NSA.  Their Headquarters is built on top of another portal and they were trying to use dark essence, or something that looks like dirty energy to try to locate and open this portal to get some lower astral demons. That attempt was unsuccessful.

NSA & Octo Try to Open Dark Portal

Octo, in cooperation with the NSA were trying to connect at the Octo site to a level 4 portal. They also had Octo combined with a backdoor to some Intel system that doesn’t work anymore and hasn’t for months.

The Vatican Search for Dark Mirrors

The Vatican was simultaneously hard at work trying to get their Dark Mirror to work again, to get some help. We talked about the Dark Mirrors months ago. Nothing happened there, nor will it ever happen again.

Trinity and Monarch Militaries Install Malware

Both militaries were near Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the State University trying to reinstall TURBINE into computers. TURBINE is a malware and that didn’t work out. Actually, the entire facility under that university was also removed thanks to Kim and the Enforcer. They removed what they could and Source took care of the rest.

Tried Installing a Plugin to Quantum Computer in El Salvador

Operatives were at a church in El Salvador trying to use Salvage Rabbit? Doubt I captured that correctly as I couldn’t find a reference to it. But it’s a type of plugin that can infect computers and extract data from computers. They were actually trying to install this in an etherical computer by being at that site which was another portal to Kronos or Omega. Kim followed up by saying they really are grasping because this etherical computer is a true quantum computer which spans all the Planes of Existence and they thought they were going to be able to use malware to make that work out? That made absolutely no sense.

Sunday, December 18th | Day of Transition!

Sunday was the day of transition of the ages old Slavery Agreement. We are officially leaving the dark timeline by December 22nd and Christ will be born again!

Soul Cycle Management Agreement Ends!

On Sunday, after sundown in Israel, the Soul Cycle Management Agreement and all its’ arms and legs was officially broken, finally. Now that it’s broken, all its arms and legs, which gave Kronos and Omega and various persons, management over your soul, hence the Harvest Time they tried to implement, well it’s completely gone! There is no soul management now, except for the one that comes from Source itself!

The dark ones know it’s over. They thought they had it in bag, but arrogance really is a weakness. Whereas Kim and all those on Team Light are always humble. They know and we know the Creator is in charge! They are just doing their part, their piece to make sure everything is aligned when it needs to be. They cleared the pathway as best as they could. What is left to do Kim said would probably take her 4 years to complete, but God being God, it will take just a few days. Kim doesn’t know God’s Grand Plan, no one does, the messages come when they come. But she does know for sure there is no going back now and we should all be very excited for the future!

We’re going on a journey of growing up, whether you’re 6 years old or 60! So get ready! A glorious Age is finally upon us!



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  1. Hi PJZ ,
    I have followed your breakdown of KAG’s updates for about 3 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed them all . You have my total admiration for all your amazing work .

    However , I want to bring to your attention your continual use of the word ……… ‘God’ .
    IMHO and through many years of my own research , God ….. is the ‘FALSE LIGHT ‘ .
    The word God has been used for thousands of years by the Dark Forces and yet WE continue to use it freely without fully understanding the origins of the word .

    You may say in your reply that , ‘Hey , it’s just a word ‘ . Get over it . But , it goes way deeper than just a word and as you’re certain to know , words are themselves …. ‘energy’.

    This link , if you wish to follow up on my reasoning (entirely your choice of course) will help you understand why the word God needs to be removed entirely from our vocabulary……… forever .

    Start at 1 hr 44 min

    Now , let’s spell GOD backwards = DOG .
    You are probably aware of the DOG ON tribe of West Africa , conveniently pronounced DOE / GONE .
    SIRIUS B in mythology has been affectionately referred to as the DOG Star .
    I will now leave the rest to you .

    You may give my concerns all the attention I feel it deserves , or , you may simply fob it off .

    Either way I will still look forward and enjoy reading your UNN updates .

    Many Thanks and Blessings for the work you do .
    Stephen .

  2. dear Pam – once again I wish to express that thanks to your explaining and summarizing the news messages from KIM, I can better understand this marvelous discoverings coming from Kim. And always there is another surprise.

  3. Hello whilst all what you have transcribed from Kims reports sounds great I live in the uk and Ive recently heard a video on bitchute about an evil company called Serco witch is connected to the crown corporations
    Winston Churchills family and is as deep state as you can get It also sounds like it is on the ascent in the Uk It controls prisons , and all this trafficking of people that is currently taking place in the UK Some of the conservative MPs are involved in it It sounds like its aim is to control more and more ……….. its international of course and operates in the USA
    example as follows (health, transport, justice, immigration, space, defence and citizens services.) Kim has never commented about this evil company As long as this company is ascending im not feeling very optimistic about the UK thanks very much for your work T

  4. I agree with Max, your summaries make it so much easier to digest the information. I have to say much of what Kim tells us is over my head and I have to read it a few times but this makes it so much better. Thank you so much for giving of your time and self.

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate that and glad I’m able to help. If I didn’t write it all out I wouldn’t absorb half of all she tells us myself!

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