Kim’s Silent Circle People Are Not the Network by the Same Name Who Work for the Deep State | Things are Coming to a Head with Governments & Deep State | Debt Ceiling Nonsense Pushed Off to June 5th – Then What? | Which Governments & Countries to Go Bankrupt First? | China Likely to Claim Control Over US with the Generals Help | Center for Amity & Restoration (CARE) Will Come In Like a LION Replacing the UN & All its Divisions & Departments | More Sites With Connections to Lower Astral & Transmuters Cleaned Up

This Situation Report by Kim Goguen on May 31, 2023 was delivered on the United News Network which is available for subscribers of UNN. In this report Kim stated it’s all coming to a head and behind the scenes it’s going to be full-on panic likely after June 5th, their new date for the debt ceiling. Kim has plans, the Silent Circle has plans and how they will complement each other is yet to be determined. But she made it very clear that the Center for Amity and Restoration of Earth has replaced the United Nations and all its departments and divisions and it’s going to come in roaring like a lion on that front. The rest of her update includes additional sites she’s been to regarding cleanup activities.

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Clarification About the Silent Circle People

Kim needed to make a clarification around the Silent Circle because evidently there is another group of people that call themselves the Silent Circle. These people could be Ambassadors, Military Generals etc. They are a network of people who do things on behalf of the Deep State and she is not referring to those people, to be really clear. Why she is pointing this out is because last week some in them in this other network which she will call the Anti-Silent Circle to differentiate showed up there in her town claiming they were going to provide money to the local people and contracts. Of course, the money they are expecting is going to come from Kim and they are telling everyone, see, she is talking about the Silent Circle and that’s us! They totally took advantage of that. Kim probably just pulled that nickname Silent Circle out of a hat, or perhaps she did it on purpose, to bring these Anti-Silent Circle into the light. She is quite the strategist after all.

In any case, once they got the money the Anti-Silent Circle people intended on Kim not breathing anymore, that was their plan. But they were interrupted on Sunday by the actual Silent Circle. Rumors have gone around about the Silent Circle giving out contracts so all kinds of people who are not our friends showed up there but evidently the way things are run in the Safety Zone in Durango where Kim resides have changed dramatically over the last couple of days. The Silent Circle and some local people have been turning away the Generals and Cheyenne people that used to come in and out of there all the time at the airport. Now there are people who are permitted to be there and those who are not permitted have to ask permission to stay when before they used to rule the day there. Times are a changing.

So, the Silent Circle has a plan and Kim has a plan. They are executing on their plans separately and some together in different ways to complement each other. She is not going to show her hand because she is not an idiot and knows everyone is listening to her news, whether they like what they hear or not because they need to know what Kim is going to do next. But only when she is done, she will tell us. So, she has to keep quiet about a lot of things for obviously reasons.

Things are Coming to a Head with Governments and the Deep State

The Deep State

They are still wanting control of America and the China deep state was going crazy in the Middle East. They blew through the few hundred million dollars they got from the Saudis and then it fizzled out, so not a lot is going on there in the Middle East at the moment.


What is going on throughout Washington DC and other governments? Just a whole load of baloney. There was a fake account they tried, claiming all the funding that came through from Kim to the Trump Administration under the National Emergency Act was stored away. Remember she told us the National Emergency Act gives the power of the pen to the office of the President without an act of Congress, per the Constitution. So, they are claiming Trump stored away over a trillion dollars in a secret account and are showing the tear sheet. If that actually did happen, which it didn’t, then under the National Emergency Act what they claim he did is actually called treason and embezzlement. But nobody cares about that little tidbit and those accounts are fake anyway.

So, then they came up with another lie, but not before the operatives who run the orange man phoned Kim and made her a wonderful offer. Yep, they have offered for Kim to work under the Trump umbrella. Wow, imagine her excitement to work this time with imposter Trump. Obviously, she declined the offer because anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear know that’s the titanic. Besides she tried to deal with the real Trump when he was President and he screwed her over every single time.

Meanwhile the deadline for the alleged debt ceiling was moved from June 1st to June 5th.  Kim admits she is not sure why. The only thing she can think of is that it happens to be the day after the new moon.

Generals Meet in New Jersey

On a higher level the Generals were in a meeting in New Jersey. I think these are those jackasses Kim was referring in the previous broadcast, who arrived in Durango and probably got kicked out by the Silent Circle so they are now in my neck of the woods, in New Jersey. She said they pretty much yelled and screamed at each other, but scheduled another meeting for June 5th claiming they will have the debt ceiling raised and that money is coming to all their other military generals in the world, those who used to work with them. This story is also based on many lines of baloney.

Things they are talking about include old treasury notes that used to exist on grey screens years ago. Can they re-leverage the amount of dollars in circulation? Except dollars are a debt instrument, it says it right on it, so how can they re-leverage the debt to get more debt, to increase the debt on debt you already owe? That makes no sense.

Langley Lies About Having Access to Hall of Records

Another lie going around is that Langley has had access to the Hall of Records since 2017 and they are the ones who are going to do all the ratifications. So why aren’t the bills getting paid then? What they are doing is collecting all this data and in the past, they would have submitted to the Dark Hall of Records. But still no money came because there is no agreement from Kim’s side. It does not work that way anymore and no money has ever come out of it. But they believe that even though it has been 6 years that day will come. But it’s only delaying all the CIA aids from making any proper decisions because they also think there is still a possibility and they still have that power. Ever since the Dark Hall of Records went away all they have been doing is just pissing in the wind. They do not even have a connection anymore.

What is Going to Happen on June 5th?

Aside from plans Kim has and the Silent Circle has for around that time, what will actually take place if there is a bankrupt government?

First Governments to Go Bankrupt

The first governments likely to go bankrupt are the United States, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and China. These will be the first to go. The EU will probably hold on until mid-month, the 15th.

First Countries to Go Bankrupt

Among the first countries to go bankrupt will likely be Saudi Arabia, based on their recent donations to the China Deep State. Pakistan also, due to the large number of projects they have there like the CPEC Corridor and the Silk Road. They have lots of promises from China. Basically, all the countries the China deep state made the most promises to and the least amount of delivery will probably go first.

Mass Panic Will Ensue Behind the Scenes in Government

Mass panic will ensue behind the scenes in government when there really is nowhere else to go. Of course, there is an alternative place to go which is to Kim, but there are lots of threats to prevent that from happening of course, such as ‘we will sanction your country’. The deep state was told she is not an option. Yet fantastical options are because they sound way better. For instance, they went to Geneva again to the World Health Organization, even though most who go to these different locations die.

Kim said it will become very apparent in the next few days the Center for Amity and Restoration of Earth had replaced the United Nations and all its departments and divisions and it’s going to come in roaring like a lion on that front.

The deep state will be able to see it, touch it, taste it and lick the windows, it’s really there. They will see money goes in and money goes out. Test transfers in every currency will take place. There will be a lot of action coming from there behind the scenes. If you are entertaining a business partner you need to know how honest they are going to be and there is no better way to test that by watching to see if money arrives or does not arrive. Does Kim expect that to wake them up? Heck no, not in any way. But the point is, it will be us saying we do not need them. By them she means those crazy, psychotic wingnuts!

What About the Corrupt Politicians?

Meanwhile she intends on letting all these corrupt politicians believe in their daddies, because their sugar daddies give them everything they want, you know wars and power. That is what they want, to work very little and put in no effort yet get stuff.

She does know a lot of Pentagon funding got cut out of their alleged debt ceiling budget. There was a lot of talk with the Generals and the Pentagon yesterday and boy are they angry because if you are the daddy, how come you are not giving us kids our allowance! But lies, no matter how you wrap them up still stink of bullshit.  

Will the News Report Governments Going Bankrupt?

Kim said she really doesn’t see governments going bankrupt immediately in the news. She thinks they are going to try to hide it. She doesn’t think we the people will have any problems or see anything for several weeks. They will be yapping about stuff surely but she expects it will be a solid 30 days before they won’t be able to hold it back any longer. She isn’t expecting panic with the people, but internally in governments with CIA aides she does because she doesn’t think there is enough drug money or human trafficking money to make anything move.

China Likely to Claim Control Over US with the Generals Help

She believes China is planning on coming in to try and take over the US, possibly in partnership with Japan (or more likely threatening Japan is what it is looking like). Remember Kim told us numerous times she cleared the US debt to China a few years ago. But since then, the US has accumulated more debt, more treasury notes to China and they owe other countries too like Japan and Russia. There are a lot of notes out there. She has a feeling this is what China and their deep state operatives here are trying to do. By the way, those deep state operatives include those jackass Generals that are here. They will lie and lie and toss some people into operations and pretend they are trying to save the country, but the only reason they are doing it is because they are taking orders from China.

She believes they will try and claim this by end of business on Monday and thinks these jackasses who were meeting in New Jersey must already own property in China or they were promised something because there is no way what they are doing will ever work. They are probably simply taking orders from China.

There is definitely a reason the generals globally are going to have a meeting on June 6th and she strongly suspects that they are planning on letting them know China is in control, but that is never going to happen because we already won and we will continue to win. So again, in the event China tries to stake ownership of the US, she will make sure that does not happen.

About the Banks

She expects banks will start running on their own. There will still be people there and board members still reporting to the Fed waiting for money to come. All the banks are part of the operatives’ circles. They can’t not listen to these deep state people. They are choosing to walk off the cliff with them.

The smaller banks, Tiers 3 and 4 will see their capital is there and the repository in the back office and will think life is normal. That is the reason the banks are slated to be consolidated under Tier 1 by the Deep State, so they can acquire the bank because they lost access to their balance sheets several weeks ago. That plan is not working out well for them, although they managed to pay some critical bills.

More Interesting Sites to Learn About Due to More Cleaning & Clearing

In addition to all the action going on in Kim’s world in that Safety Zone in Durango, more sites to hell came up while she was cleaning the planet of all cords and ties. She is telling us because the operatives need to know she was there and we need to know how much control they had over us.

Sites to Hell

Other tombs she found and visited recently are:

Hell in the Cayman Islands: There really is a place called Hell. There is one location there of a tomb, a dead person probably from hell and some connections to the lower astral. They use crystals among other things to tie us to the other side and the whole world was full of these crystals.

Hell, Grand Cayman – Wikipedia

Algeria, Jedars: it’s a bunch of tombs, Algeria’s ancient pyramid tombs still shrouded in mystery (

Jedars – Wikipedia

The Berber Rock Tombs in Ghana:

Note: I can’t find a reference to Berber Tombs in Ghana, but found this mausoleum in Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park which sure looks ominous.

Visit Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park on your trip to Accra or Ghana (

A-Ma Temple dedicated to Mazu: This is how Macau was named in China. The A-Ma Temple is a temple to the Chinese sea-goddess Mazu located in São LourençoMacauChina. Built in 1488, the temple is one of the oldest in Macau and thought to be the settlement’s namesake.

A-Ma Temple – Wikipedia

El Cano Tombs in Panama

El Caño Archaeological Park – Wikipedia

Saint Lucia Island Catacombs:

Note: I could not find a reference to these catacombs.

Pulemelei Mound in Somoa

Pulemelei Mound – Wikipedia

Mausoleum at Viminacium: Kim found ancient golden cursed tablets there, they are scrolls made of gold.

Viminacium Mausoleum (Source: photo-documentation of the Institute of… | Download Scientific Diagram (

Sierra Leon, the Notre-Dame Ancient Dome and Cathedral:

Note: I’m not sure if I found the cathedral Kim referenced. I cannot find any cathedrals that are referred to as Notre-Dame or Our Lady.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Freetown – Wikipedia

Skull Island in the Solomon Islands: Skull Island – Solomon Times Online

Isn’t that special.

Phra Royal Tomb in Thailand:

Note: I am just guessing it is somewhere in the Grand Palace.

I got side-tracked investigating the Grand Palace. I had visited several years ago and it was quite the place to say the least. I couldn’t find specifically a reference to the word tomb and it looks like ashes are kept at various places. Here is one example. Architecture | The grand palace (

Wat Bowonniwet Vihara – Wikipedia

The Caves de Nok in Togo

Nok and Mamproug Cave Dwellings – Wikipedia

And this place was added as a UNESCO site, which we learned recently from Kim are key indicators that it is a protected place for nefarious reasons.

Ha’amonga ‘a Maui in Tonga

Haʻamonga ʻa Maui – Wikipedia

Banwari Trace in Trinidad: There are a bunch of ruins there.

Banwari Trace Archaeological Site — National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago

Valley of My Son in Vietnam: There is old temple there.

Here we have another UNESCO site,
My Son Sanctuary – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

The Ruins of Mahram Bilqis in Yemen: The ruins look like a big tuning fork.

Temple of Awwam – Wikipedia

Sites of Transmuters on the Planet

These transmuters were designed to transmute light energy to dark energy even though the lower astral connections are not here. These were transmuting the light particle with the dark matter and it was all being done synthetically here. 

The Obelisco of Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Eiffel Tower in France: It is a giant antenna.

Eiffel Tower – Wikipedia

Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria: Also referred to as Bulgaria’s Communist UFO, that is what it is called in English and looks like a flying saucer next to a tower.

Buzludzha monument – Wikipedia

Satellite and Space Station Connections in the Lower Astral

Some of these locations, not all of them though had connections to satellites and space stations in the lower astral.

Historical Mansion in Billings, Montana: One they were trying to connect to was in a national or historical mansion in Billings Montana. They tried to connect to these Quest Star satellites. At one time they did have connections to them, but not anymore. They thought they would be able to get themselves a quantum computer maybe?

Moss Mansion | Historic House Museum

Dark Tower Minis

Based on what Kim uncovered in the previous broadcast Kim nicknamed these sites as Dark Tower minis.

Note: See related post on the Dark Tower, see my post: The Deep State Still Not Backing Down | Capitol Building Was Targeted for 911 Type Event & Failed | Generals Were Taking Orders, But From Who This Time & How? | Is the Dark Tower the Keystone to Travel Between Hell & Earth Real? | Hundreds of Thousands of Humans & Lower Astral Beings Stuck in Wormhole Between Worlds Now Dead | Silent Circle Continues Taking Out More Deep State People | Just Empower Me

Rockefeller Mansion near Sleepy Hollow, New York: This mansion hosted several generations of the Rockefeller family in the late 1800s and early 1900s and there was a portal underneath that mansion that allowed them personal passage to the lower astral.

Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate (

Rothschilds Estates: She found several of those locations under the Rothschilds estates as well and other families where they could just come and go, although she didn’t say which estates specifically. It was like the Dark Tower mini for all these families but in their own private place to go. The portals do not work but they were there over the weekend.

So, these are interesting things she found out during the cleanup. Every time she gets rid of sites like these something happens, whether it be etherical parasites and/or transmuted energy as we start disconnecting these cords. So, it’s been up and down in energy but in the grand scheme it’s better to just get rid of it all. She wants to make sure there is nothing left.

Kim mentioned the Cain and Abel Story and asked Sunny if she already mentioned it, but I had not heard it. They alluded to having discussed it on Telegram, the General Chat. But I could not find the reference there and all she said during the broadcast is they are still hunting for all these things. So, if anyone can find that on the General Chat or let me know what she said, I would be interested and appreciate it. Just leave a comment below this post.

We have to make them irrelevant because they are never going to stop!

Kim is making sure she finds anything that could possibly cause a disturbance. It is all hands-on deck still. They are all participating in removing anything still tied to the lower astral because if the crazies get any indication, they could get something it just drags this situation on further. When she pulls the plug on certain things a few other things typically would show up, like attempted re-encoding of Omega as an example. It does not actually get into the computer system but it is around the computer system and it is enough to excite the deep state in thinking it’s coming back and they go crazy until they realize it’s not penetrating anything. They still try and hack under the principle of e=MC2 but that is not how it works anymore. You cannot use the God particle to attack an organic life form that is not attacking you. They will say but it is attacking them in some way. Well of course because they came at us first and they continue to come out for us. They just do not get it. They just want their dark timeline back. Therefore

They do not want us to be smarter than them

Wow, at this point that bar is set really low.

Kim said what they do with their generals and the super soldiers is they modify them physically and genetically, which ultimately made them faster, better, and smarter than the average person. They did that by inserting the dark matter, the dark essence in them and therefore the connection to the lower astral and they became like avatars being driven by something else down there. Their thoughts are not their thoughts. Then when you lose that connection you become you again, and in their case that means dumb enough to agree to insert a demon in their person. They have to volunteer to do that, you have to consent to these enhancements and connections. But all that is going away making the stupid people even more stupid.

On that note, I cannot wait to hear what dumb things they’ve done in Kim’s next broadcast.


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  1. The Canaanites WERE the descendants of Cain.

    That Cain’s son Enoch built a city called Enoch and they became a multitude. That one of their kings was called Baal, the same Baal mentioned in the Bible that is the origin of the name of the devil: Beelzebub. That these people then migrated around the Mediterranean, established trading ports, fought the Romans, lost and their nation was destroyed. After this, they were reduced to becoming merchants, they became rich, not by war and conquest, but by trade.

    Then creating various kinds of trading guilds and brotherhoods, sponsoring the creation of orders of Knights to gain favour with Kings and Popes. Finding themselves sent to the holy land of Jerusalem, essentially going back to the lands where they had come from. And from there using their financial know-how and unscrupulous business methods to set-up the modern banking system and ultimately ruling the world.

    This is the Illuminati. Meet the family. Say HELLO to the children of Cain.

    Some notes:
    Canaan was called Phoenicia by the Greeks. (later Phoinix, Phoenix)
    The Carthaginians were called Punics by the Romans; this name is derived from ‘Phoenicians’.

    Canaan, according to tradition in the Hebrew Bible, was a grandson of Noah and a son of Ham. He was brother of Cush, Mizraim and Put.

    Direct descendants of Canaan are said to be the founders of Sidon and other ancient Phoenician cities. Some identify Canaan with Kronos, known from Greek mythology.

    Sons and grandsons of Noah, according to Genesis 10
    Sons of Noah:
    Shem · Japheth · Ham
    Sons of Shem:
    Elam · Assur · Aram · Arpachshad · Lud
    Sons of Japheth:
    Gomer · Magog · Madai · Javan · Tubal · Mesech · Tiras
    Sons of Ham:
    Cush · Mizraim · Put · Canaan

    The Curse of Canaan, by Eustace Mullins is an astonishing book that concisely and efficiently presents long-forgotten history and connects it to today’s factions of Cabala and Freemasonry.
    Unfortunately, the book does not have an Index, but references are mentioned while reading.

  2. Jaco is phony baloney. He’s done many videos with 107. And supports the agency doppelganger Trump

  3. Gustav Adolph

    The berber rock tombs could be related to the old Ghana empire which existed in the 9th to 11th century around north Africa coming to the south of Mauritania and Mali. The old Ghana empire was a powerful empire that existed before the Mali empire and the indigenes were mainly the berbers. It may not have anything to do with modern day Ghana which is also from West Africa, colonized by the British and a member of the British Commonwealth. Modern day Ghana had their independence on 6t March 1957.

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