Hitchhikers Guide to Ascension

Welcome! My intention for this blog is to help support people who have been on the path of the Great Awakening for quite a long time. We are especially tired watching the sleepers who seem like they will never wake up.  It's painful, but we're getting there! We reached a critical mass in the collective consciousness years ago, otherwise we wouldn’t see the spotlight shining so brightly on the corruption, treason, and crimes against humanity, particularly the children. So, with this audience in mind, I decided I would share some of my favorite guides I found along my path to the Great Awakening. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge, wisdom and truth they are bringing to the world. and I hope you too will find great treasure.   PJZ

Crossing the Rubicom

When you’re not ready for Truth you Reject the Message, and Often Hate the Messenger

By jemgroup | Jul 27, 2020

I was texting with a friend of mine today. He couldn’t understand why the mass arrests haven’t happened yet. The Q team has yet to deliver. While I too find it frustrating that not enough of the criminal elements have been brought to justice as yet, I do understand why it is taking what appears …

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monalisa, mona lisa, mask

MASK = Mankind Aligning with Satan’s Kingdom

By jemgroup | Jul 27, 2020

Can the symbolism be any more obvious? Shut up and do what we tell you. Leave all common sense to the wayside. That’s how I see it when I go out for my daily walk, jog or bike ride. Not that I think people wearing these masks have any clue they are aware of what …

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Truth versus Opinion?

By jemgroup | Jun 1, 2020

Your truth, my truth. Really? I hear this term truth thrown around a lot, but isn’t it really misunderstood and  misused? Truth is constant. Ultimately there is no debating what the truth is. What is debated is our relation to it. We all think we know the truth on this or that, but it all …

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