Solar Kings and Maji Grail Kings Rising

I was thinking about Yeshua today, in particular, the story when he overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple. That act meant much more than just the overturning of the money changers. It represented the overturning of all the systems the NAA created and ruled humans by. All systems must come down and there really is no way to make it a soft landing. Especially since it’s in the overturning of these institutions (Big Tech, Big Pharma, Government, Education, Media, Religion etc.) that enables us to see all the lies, what has been hidden beneath. And while we need to finish cleaning house before the restoration of our planet can really get momentum, I’m confident it has been in the works. Life Force being one example. But unless you proactively look for the silver lining, you may fall into the trap thinking that things are hopeless, and I believe that is not true at all.

So it’s time for some good news amidst the horror show we’re witnessing. In these ‘end of days’ the messianic timeline, we have two opposing forces running in parallel and it’s high time we focus on some of the good stuff and make it be known! Big victories are taking place and I wanted to share this much-needed good news, actually it’s not good news, it’s GREAT news! Lisa Renee’s report at the end of May 2021 brought me so much joy, I get emotional every time I think about it. The big news is that the Solar Kings and Maji Grail Kings are rising. King Arthur was the first and not the last. He started the activation and now Christ Michael has risen out of stasis! Within days he was reunited with his divine counterpart Solar Christ Mary as they returned to the Graal Point or the Grail Point of planet earth, a 2nd dimensional stargate system.

Maji Grail King Arthur – Ascension Glossary

Maji Grail King Arthur

King Arthur started the activation in the United Kingdom, Reptilian Central. And the NAA that use this area as their headquarters are not happy about this at all. I will shed no tears. See my post the The 11th Hour for more info on Reptilian Central and the False Michael Archetype.

Rise of Arthur

When the Albion Lightbody is activated through the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart and fully awakened by the Amethyst Order Holy Father, England, Scotland, Ireland and France will be the first demographic areas to align to the King Arthur Timeline through the Rise of Arthur in Albion. This phase of the ascension timeline awakens the stasis beings that have been buried deep in the lands, and brings on oceanic waves of the God Source and the Christos-Sophia rainbow rays or roundtables to pour into the Earth grids.

Rise of Arthur – Ascension Glossary

King Arthur, the Patriarch of the Family of Michael

King Arthur’s cosmic consciousness body is directly connected to the Family of Michael, who are also protectors of the 11th dimensional gates of Aveyon-Avalon upon the NAA invasion, so he can be considered the patriarch of the Michael avian genetics and Seraphim memories throughout time.

Rise of Arthur – Ascension Glossary

Christos Stasis Beings

The Christos beings have been here all along.

They remain asleep in the Earth until the planetary collective consciousness reaches the level of higher dimensional consciousness and self-awareness where the tipping point of global awakening occurs. It appears that with the Rise of Arthur, his awakening in the Albion initiates further global awakening within these Christos Stasis Beings.[1]

Rise of Arthur – Ascension Glossary

13th Solar Dragon King Christ Michael

See the source image

Michael’s Stasis Sleep

After the Luciferian Rebellion, as the planet plunged into darkness during the darkest Aeon, Solar Christ Michael was one of the 13 Solar Dragons that went into stasis sleep in the Earth. His Solar Body was infused in the crystalline matrix of the earth grid as a single Golden Ring or Master 13th Dragon Ouroboros Line, that would remain dormant until he would be awakened by the Emerald Covenant of Rainbow Dragons and the living holy spirit of Mother’s reclaimed grail.

Solar Anointing of Michael – Ascension Glossary

Christ Michael Title

Christ Michael is a title given to Solar Dragon Kings who are sovereign creators of Universes and Solar Systems that are commissioned by the Cosmic Holy Father.

Solar Anointing of Michael – Ascension Glossary

Why Such a Big Deal?

Well, according to Lisa now we have a hierogamic union of the divine masculine and divine feminine representing our planet. They are here now in the physical dimension, which had my head spinning. I finally comprehended that we are not just talking about an archetype but real beings. This is a HUGE deal and foreshadows beautiful things to come amidst this ongoing heinous spiritual warfare we are enduring. Lisa was a witness to the sacred marriage ceremony that took place on Temple Mount. I wish I had the capacity to see into the grids and multi-dimensions like Lisa – well sometimes, just the good stuff! Oh well, even if I can’t see it with my eyes, my heart knows it to be true. I’m just overwhelmed with emotion every time I think on it. It’s been a very long time in coming. This journey to help end the enslavement of humanity on this planet has been a long one and it’s not over yet, but the finish line is finally really feeling like it’s within reach.  

13th Solar Dragon King

Through the Solar Anointing carried out in the Grail Cup of Heavenly Jerusalem, Solar Dragon Christ Michael was placed on a golden throne and given the title of 13th Maji Grail King of Kings, to begin his mission of restoring the Holy Grail Cup in the 2D-5D-8D-11D layers and to initiate the awakening of the other authentic Maji Grail Kings. He embodies the Kingship Arc that wears the Emerald Jeweled Crown, Holy Christos Scepter, Emerald Order Rod and Staff while surrounded in the White Wedded Garments forming into the Robes of Glory. Thus, the Emerald Order Elohim awakened the Solar Dragon Michael from stasis sleep within the Earth with Holy Rainbow Dragon Breath, in which he has been commissioned by Cosmic Holy Father to finally begin his Great Work. His divine counterpart Solar Female Christ Mary Sophia, also a Solar Dragon King, will be referred to from now on as the 13th Solar Dragon Queen or 13th Maji Grail Queen. This celebratory moment in time begins the first emanation of the Triple Solar Goddess returning into her female Solar Dragon form in matter to reclaim her rightful place as the Solar Feminine Christ, joining with her sacred husband Christ Michael in hierogamic union.

Solar Anointing of Michael – Ascension Glossary

How Did the NAA Use the Family of Michael?

There are many levels to the awakening process and over the last couple of years I couldn’t help but focus a lot on the gender reversals becoming extremely prominent in the macrocosm. Nowadays it’s not just gay pride parades that are highlighted around the world, it’s complete and utter gender confusion being pushed to the extreme and targeting children in particular. It makes a lot of sense now why the Satanic and Luciferian cabals have been promoting this so heavily. The Law of Gender sure seems pretty important in a universe that is supposed to be run by Laws of Creation. Common sense tells me that if you distort and confuse the genders, alignment is disrupted and something false is at play.

The death cult run by the NAA has always hated the divine feminine in particular because of their ability to give birth to life. Since the Negative Aliens are inverted, and don’t want to change their status, they of course want to do the opposite, which is to remove the female from the equation entirely. I can also clearly see why these demonic beings really enjoy targeting souls from the Christ Michael lineage. Firstly, they love to corrupt and debase anyone or anything that is connected to our true Creator, and secondly, they want to ensure hierogamic union could not be achieved. There are many factors that are complex around the light body templates, soul codes, and God codes these real beings belonging to the Family of Michael embodied that made them extremely desirable to hijack. It’s a big package, and for the NAA a big prize.

However, there is no stopping the rise in frequency of our beloved planet and the many human beings who choose to ride this wave with her. This hasn’t deterred the NAA though, and they continue to invest most of their resources trying to prevent it from happening. Hijacking these Solar Kings and Maji Grail Kings were the tools so to speak, that enabled the NAA to gain power here, and they still refuse to leave. It’s really sad too because they have been given countless opportunities to rehabilitate, to save themselves, but they are not having it. They are fighting to the death.

Archangel Michael Matrix

Sadly, the Archangel Michael Matrix is a Mind Control broadcast and biological weapon used to track and hunt spiritually awakening Indigos, which is designed to transmit artificial frequencies that reverse the fire letters so that the Christos DNA template is distorted.

With the return of Solar Christ Michael into our realm, this means the clones, demons, imposters and shadow creatures that pretended to be Archangel Michael will have their day of reckoning when they are forced to face the Holy Father. This event may generate confusion in the new age circles from the spiritual betrayal timelines surfacing connected to Archangel Michael teachings, as it was in Egypt when Thoth set up the Michael Usurpers and their AI networks of blue sword Sorcery to hijack the 6D organic blue wave coding in the Indigo lineages.

Solar King Michael at Work

According to Lisa, Michael went to work right away and has been in Florida, in the Sarasota area doing major cleanup. It’s a cesspool there being near Stargate 2 which connects into 2D Gate in Temple Mount Jerusalem.

Solar Anointing of Michael

The reclaiming of the Temple Mount through Solar Christ Michael’s return to the 2D gateways included the unbinding and eviction of many dark, demonic shadow creatures being used by NAA entities to spread Luciferian and Satanic forces through human Blood Sacrifice, thus they are not happy with this recent development. For this event announces the return of Michael and the planetary Emerald Awakening activated in the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, in which the Solar Anointed Christed Buddha Initiation has taken place within the 11th dimensional layer of the Buddhic Body, fully igniting the 144,000 Emerald Hearts into the 45-degree diamond grids that return the Emerald Order to Earth. [1]

Solar Anointing of Michael – Ascension Glossary

Earth’s Natural Stargates

  • 1D Stargate Sedona, Arizona 35° N, 111.8° W
  • 1D Inner gate Cyprus 35.1264° N, 33.4299° E
  • 2D Stargate Temple Mount 31.7781° N, 35.2360° E
  • 2D Stargate Sarasota, Florida 27.3364° N, 82.5307° W – FPM
  • 2D Inner gate Easter Island, Chile (Grual-Grail Point)
  • 3D Stargate Bermuda Triangle 25° N, 71° W
  • 3D Inner gate Johannesburg, South Africa 26.2041° S, 28.0473° E
  • 4D Stargate Giza, Egypt 29.9753º N 31.1376º E
  • 4D Inner gate Central Mexico, Aguascalientes 21.8853ºN, 102.2916º W
  • 5D Stargate Machu Picchu 13.1631º S, 72.545º W
  • 5D Inner Gate Vatican City 41.9029º N, 12.4534º E
  • 6D Stargate Caucasus Mountains at Russia & Georgia border 42.639ºN, 44.155ºE
  • 6D Inner gate Thar Desert at India & Pakistani border 27.47ºN, 70.6ºE
  • 7D Stargate Lake Titicaca 15.9254º S, 69.3354º W
  • 7D Inner gate Ionian Islands, city of Gaios on Paxos 39.2ºN, 20.18333º E
  • 8D Stargate Xian, China 34.3416º N, 108.9398º E
  • 8D Inner gate Lop Nur, border Tibet/China 40.1666º N, 90.5833º E
  • 9D Stargate Tibet Autonomous Region, Bam Co Lake 31.25277778º N, 90.57861111º E
  • 9D Inner gate Valley of the White Horse, Westbury England 51.26361111º N, 2.14694444ºW
  • 10D Stargate Abadan, Iran 30.3ºN, 48.3º E
  • 10D Inner gate Basrah, Iraq 30.5081ºN, 47.7835º E
  • 11D Stargate Vale of Pewsey, Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK (Stonehenge) 51.1679º N, 1.763º W
  • 11D Inner gate Ireland’s Eye, Irish Sea 53.404608º N, 6.063344º W
  • 11D Inner gate St. Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK 50.211º N, 5.48º W (Grual-Grail Point)
  • 12D Stargate Monsegur, southern France 44.65º N, 0.0803º E
  • 12D Inner gate Kauai 22.16444º N, 159.65722º W

Planetary_Stargate_System – Ascension Glossary

Florida and Jerusalem

I’m not certain if these incidents are related to Michael’s cleanup work, but I find it interesting another massive sinkhole appeared in Disney World the first week of June. Like Washington D.C., Disney World is built on a swamp, therefore it must have an abundant number of swamp creatures dwelling there. We know the place is crawling with pedophiles and no doubt there are DUMBs everywhere. Maybe something was stirred up since Michael’s arrival. Disney World Has a Massive Sinkhole in EPCOT | Inside the Magic.

There was also news about Benjamin Netanyahu who is in Israel of course, near the 2D Temple Mount stargate which corresponds to the one in Sarasota. I haven’t researched these men who are replacing the Prime Minister of Israel to find out if they are improvements, or are similar demon-like replacements, but I just thought the timing interesting and wanted to note.   Report: Benjamin Netanyahu Ousted as Israeli Prime Minister after 12 Year Reign — Right-wing Politician Bennett Joins with Islamist and Leftist Parties to Replace Netanyahu (

The Family of Michael

To explore more regarding the Family of Michael, the below excerpt may open the door to new areas of study for which I obtained through Lisa’s extensive body of work.

The Family of Michael, and those that have avian genetics and Seraphim memories, are the family of consciousness which connects into the Golden Eagle Grid. This is also related to understanding the purpose of Grailkeepers, these are soul groups that have been involved in the hidden galactic histories and are spiritually committed to protect the earth, as they are the true guardians of the earth. The masculine principle and those that hold the Rod of the earth, are connected to these Maji Grail lines because this is protecting the internal access points, the inner worlds. The access into the inner worlds was the original role of the gatekeepers, to protect the access into the grail points that are in the earth. The damage on the Golden Eagle Grid is related to the Seraphim group consciousness bodies that became inverted or reversed upon themselves, as a result of these alien machines that used AI to gain access to the 3-6-9 Arc Portal passages, and spawned Fallen Angelic Seraphim.

Family of Michael – Ascension Glossary
Emerald Goddess – Green Tara

Wait! More Good News! Emerald Goddess, Green Tara has Also Risen

According to Lisa, shortly after Michael rose out of stasis, the Emerald Goddess, Green Tara also rose out of stasis and has returned to embodiment during the May Electrical Peak cycle 2021, in the Asian grid between Sri Lanka and India. Evidently she is kicking some serious ass in the Asian grids. She wasted no time and reclaimed this portion that was stolen by the NAA long ago. 

Tara, The Great Compassionate Mother

In Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star, but She was also called ‘She Who Brings Forth Life’, The Great Compassionate Mother, and The Embodiment of Wisdom, and the Great Protectress.

Tara is the eastern version of Sophia, who embodies the divine feminine principle, which generally symbolizes wisdom. Since wisdom is the mother of Enlightenment, Tara is called the Mother of the Buddhas who became enlightened because of Wisdom. But, in Green Tara’s particular case, she represents the activity of wisdom and compassion. Green indicates wind and activity in Tibetan symbolism and is the color of the Buddha family of Amoghisiddi. Amoghasiddhi is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas of the Mahayana and Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism. He is associated with the accomplishment of the Buddhist path and of the destruction of the poison of envy. His name means He Whose Accomplishment Is Not In Vain.

Wind also refers to inner wind, as in Windhorse which are similar to Chi or Prana forces. It is said that our minds are carried upon wind horse, the vital energy of life. Tara is of the wind family.

This makes Green Tara very special. Not only is she wisdom embodied in her female form, she is active compassion (green) and the Mother of the Buddhas. Like a mother, she is protective, and as the embodiment of active compassion, she has been known to rescue those in trouble.

Tara, the Activity of Compassion. Her female form represents wisdom, the essential element needed to remove the ignorance that misconstrues reality and is the root of our suffering.

Green Tara – Ascension Glossary

The Truth Sets All Things Free

Inspiring words from Lisa,

“To regain our Cosmic Citizenship we must rise to our inherent God wisdom and become the Truth Vibration.” It is the Truth that sets all things free and we, as Divine Human Beings are the power and cause of Gods Will into Action, to rise and set forth all that which is suffering, to be free again. Connect inside with no intermediary and know you are the Revelation of God Returned to help restore the Earth. All Change begins Within. Give voice to those who cannot, and let the spiritual healing of our divine masculine begin. He is the Rod which will untie with and anchor our Staff into the Earth and He is treasured beyond measure. Our Male is destined to be the Rod holder for the Earth, and represent our true union with god, our right to divine marriage. Hieros Gamos can then be embodied again to fulfill our true Ascension, as God would have it be![2]

Lisa Renee, Energetic Synthesis

Final Note

I enjoyed writing this post, even though I’ve written less and shared more of Lisa’s work. I love sharing the free material she offers on her website. I have learned so much for her and believe Great News is so very needed and should be shared!

And for those who think this sounds like a lot of New Age hooey, well, for me, I’m coming to the realization the many myths and legends we learned throughout our history are definitely based on bigger truths. But as Lisa always says, only take what resonates with you and disregard the rest………for me, I’m embracing it all!


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  1. While I marvel at the complexities of the terms and goings-on, I can’t help but wonder how this can be any more than fiction. How can we who are sincerely seeking to understand, find tangible, measurable effects in our existence? Also, how is this information obtained? For instance, how was this event with Michael and Mary witnessed, and subsequently reported? Are we simply hapless bystanders, completely and totally helpless to see, know or respond to any of this?
    I appreciated and respect all the work you are doing in recording these blogs. It’s truly amazing. But I’m at a loss to figure out how to corroborate these events and beings. How did anyone know about them in the first place. Why aren’t we all privy to this?

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