The Consciousness Chasm Widens

It’s been a challenging few weeks. I’ve been desperately trying to stay in the neutral zone, or rather striving to get to the zero point and be in the state of ‘The Compassionate Witness’. I can’t say I succeeded entirely. I felt myself being sucked into the 3D world insanity. Not into the fear frenzy, but my energy levels were running low. Being in a state of empathy is pretty exhausting, so I felt a bit drained. If I only viewed our world based on my external surroundings, my microcosm, I’d really find it difficult to believe we are winning. Fortunately, I have Energetic Synthesis, Kim Goguen’s intel reports on the weekly Lifeforce zoom meetings, my list of (albeit very short list) of awakened friends, and most importantly, my heart and relationship to Source, to know that isn’t true.

Accepting that my list of friends is growing shorter isn’t too hard for me to adapt to on a personal level. I’ve been on a semi-solo journey my entire life. But losing them to the brainwashing, to willful ignorance is another thing entirely. Two very distinct and different realities we live in, side by side.  The bifurcation is so obvious it’s hard to imagine there is room to bifurcate even more. The sleepers under an illusion a vaccine will save them, protect them, and ALLOW them to live their lives again as they so choose, is so utterly ludicrous for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The big pharma mafia are proving to us, demonstrating every day, that injecting Nano-technologies, gene altering therapies, actual operating systems to hijack not only their biology but their consciousness is not going to give them back their freedom. It’s going to do the complete opposite.

Would You Give Away the Keys to the Kingdom?

I actually thought about this choice that seemed to be on the horizon many years ago. I could foresee a situation where this very decision was likely to be presented, not because I’m psychic, but they’ve been telling us for years! You need only pay attention. But what’s weird is that I almost wanted the choice. I wanted it because I knew I would never freely give away the keys to the kingdom. Our light bodies are sacred, a gift and we’re barely the pilot now. I want to go the other way and reclaim all of my pieces ‘so to speak’.  At this point it’s easy for me to see the situation for what it really is. Their bullshit tricks and lies just don’t work on me anymore. Never submitting to line up for the mark of the beast spearheaded by an IT guy, Bill Gates of Hell, who has never hid his agenda of wanting to cull the herds through vaccination, publicly advocating for population reduction repeatedly, well that seems like an awfully easy choice. No challenge for me there. So the test ended up not being so hard.

Except I’m beginning to realize that was never the real test, at least not for me. Watching those I care about, and humanity in general, as we’re all brothers and sisters, is not so easy. Not easy at all. In fact that challenge is beyond hard. To be awake and have to watch those around me make insane choices when I know that some simple knowledge and a dose of common sense could save them, is a torture that is becoming harder to bear. What is it going to be like in another month or two? Those who are willfully ignorant and asleep go deeper to sleep and into the mind controlled program, while those who are awake gain more clarity and confirmation every day. The division is as clear as night and day.

I wish I could see more awakening in my microcosm, but the opposite seems to be happening and I almost feel like whatever I say will just drive them faster to the line. To be honest, I feel like I’m making my last rounds before they succumb to getting the jab. After that all bets are off as to when the people I knew pre-vaccine will cease to exist. I don’t mean only literally, but when you control the mind, you control the soul. So they won’t be the same people if they survive it.

Don’t Get Run Over by the Lemmings

Those who can’t handle the truth will probably start hating us, or at the very least feel extremely uncomfortable around the messengers. They are allowing their fear, in conjunction with the fantasy that one day they may be free again because someone ELSE will bestow them with that privilege, is leading them over the cliff. To borrow a thought I heard while listening to an interview with Dr. Christian Northrup (which was taken down off YouTube immediately after I listened to it), all we can do now is stay out of the way and make sure we don’t get run over by the lemmings.

To add more confusion, it seems to me that not all the vaccines being distributed are the same. We are lab rats to the Negative Alien Agenda so they are probably testing a few different ones for their nefarious agenda. Some vaccines require multiple doses to attack the immune system before subsequent jabs become effective (and they profit financially). Some might be testing the effectiveness of DNA manipulation just to see what they can manage to make happen. Others are injected with an operating system and they will probably be collecting their data and testing their satellite technology that connects people to a digital signature, and finally, another type is probably designed to cause death as quickly as possible. Who knows which vaccine does what? What IS known, is that none will have a positive effect on a human being.

The First Wave of Planetary Liberation & the Job We Signed Up For

After listening to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s interview it made me realize that I was back at the beginning of my journey on the awakening path. Several years ago when I learned that this was in fact the lifetime that we had the opportunity to ascend, I started reading a lot and learning more about what it entailed and applying to my own life circumstances. I knew a crumb of what I know now. But what I remember and was saddened by then also saddens me now. The percentage of souls who will be able to go through the ascension process while still in the body will probably be relatively small.

I hope I am wrong, but I had to pause a moment and look at this probability more realistically. Is it fair to expect someone who is completely and utterly in the dark to go from kindergarten to the 12th grade in a matter of months? Is that not setting them up for failure? I’ve spent over half my life preparing, enduring, learning, and questioning the wackiness of this world. How many who are still asleep even thought to ask, is this normal?

I got to thinking about how to deal with these emotions of grief, empathy, anger, and frustration. I needed some perspective because the time has passed for thinking I’m going to bring anyone in my circle to the light.  I have to find another way to deal. We’ve heard it before. We cannot control others in any capacity (at least we shouldn’t – that’s the cabal’s method), we can only control our own actions, reactions and emotions. This is what I’ve been reminding myself of the last couple of weeks. I can’t let my disappointment, actually it’s way more than that, my grieving for anyone who falls for this malicious attack against our human soul to weigh me down. It’s more important now than ever to fight, to keep my frequency as high as possible.

The video with Dr. Northrup I had listened to which inspired me was taken down right after I finished listening. But I have found another interview that was posted on Circle of White Light and wanted to share. Under the Podcasts menu, it was posted on February 7, 2021
She also has a website:

So when I went to see my friends, I set my intention not to try and convince anyone anymore, but to allow them to make their choice because I have no right to make it for them anyway. In a way I was resigned to say my goodbyes in my own mind. I needed closure so I can focus on my job, my path. We are on the first wave of planetary liberation. We are embodying little by little the reconstruction, the rehabilitation of our light bodies, re-plugging our DNA so we can for the first time fully connect to our one true Creator and our soul families. This isn’t all going to happen for everyone at the same time. This is a process and we are at the beginning. And this is why those of us who are most able to accomplish this, have to focus on making it happen. This is what we can do for those we love in our individual lives, and for love of humanity as a whole. If we make it, we forge a path so others will have the opportunity to follow when they are ready and able. We have to stay strong in body, mind and spirit. Weakening and allowing the negative vibrations, the negative energies in the 3D world of chaos to permeate us is just not an option. I know we are all very loved and supported. We are not forgotten, and we are not abandoned. And I am beyond eternally grateful for this opportunity to do my part in ushering in a new and beautiful world built not on lies, deceptions, and death, but truth, love, and eternal life.

Seek Out Some Comic Relief – Often!

Incorporating some light hearted humor is invaluable for me and I recommend to all in the ascension community to take frequent breaks to indulge in some comic relief. I recently watched a movie that a woman from my Energetic Synthesis community shared called “La Belle Verte,” or “The Green Beautiful”. It’s in French with English sub-titles, and I had to pause constantly throughout to read because they talk so fast. But I truly enjoyed it. The movie is shown through the point of view of a visitor to Earth who looks just like us, but is from another planet. It highlights in a humorous way just how absurd our way of life appears to her. I hope you check it out.

This lovely woman from Energetic Synthesis recently started a thread in our Forum, with the important message that artistic creations, including movies, especially with biographic or historical event depictions contain vitally important information for our activation, God codes, catalytic moves, energetic protection, or just big realizations when trying to connect the dots. While discernment is always an imperative and the realization that much of our history is altered, we can still find much value when you revisit some of these movies because we now view through adjusted lenses. I intend to share some more movies that I watch and resonate with me in the future.

The Green Beautiful (about Starseeds, very funny, trailer first):

Here is the link to the full La Belle Verte movie:


There is also a website that was shared by another Energetic Synthesis member around Medical Misinformation and Propaganda that I think may be useful if you are so inclined.
Medic Debate | – The Antidote to Medical Misinformation and Propaganda!

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