A New Mr. Black is Installed & Fails, Rothchilians Lie Again, False Flags & Satellites Derailed, The Colony Comes to Assess the Remaining Non-Repairable Humans

Today’s post discusses the Intel portion of the 12-23-2021 Situation Report provided by Kim Goguen. Updates from the meeting in Antarctica, the December 21st Solstice, which means eviction for the dark energies, more failed moves by the usual losers in the fight for world domination, and a new group comes to Earth to help with clean-up and pave the way for Restoration. It’s never a dull moment on planet Earth!

[Note: Situation Reports are available to subscribers of United Network News

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Antarctica Meeting of the Mindless Update

As of December 14th, the master plan the wingnuts in Antarctica concocted was to send out flying machines over 24 major cities around the world which would be used to launch frequency weapons against the humans. Some of the 24 cities they targeted around the world were Tokyo, Moscow, Toronto, several cities in the US, and several cities in Germany. Fortunately, this was found out, probably because they aren’t in a SCIF, or Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, and the GIA can hear them!

Now, their plan was derailed which is a good thing in my book, but Kim said some people sounded a bit irritated and demanded proof. Uh, duh, do you really want them to launch frequency weapons first, to prove this is what they intended and allow countless casualties? I know we can’t blindly accept or follow anyone, but it doesn’t hurt to to be grateful it didn’t happen and recognize every once in awhile that things could be so much worse if we didn’t have the interventions we’ve had.

Image result for Light versus Dark

December 18th Full Moon | Battle of Light & Dark Energies  

As we approached the full moon on the 18th of December, the psychos were anticipating success, the start of the winning of the end game, yet again. Many people were probably feeling the push and pull of energies. The push and pull literally was between the light and the dark forces. Kim alluded to December 21st as being the date the dark energies hold no more power here. She didn’t elaborate so I am guessing this pertains to one of the actual contracts and covenants that were expiring. She made a general statement in the December 7th update about expiration dates coming up.

Not that the psychos have any intention of abiding by expiration dates, and why would they? They’ve demonstrated repeatedly they change the rules to suit themselves. So in addition to the frequency weapons they tried to launch mentioned above, they utilized something called the Gray Motor, which is a code name for a group that works out of a section in the Utah Military Base, Area 52. I am not sure I caught the name correctly as I cannot find anything on the Gray Motor Group and, I am not certain this is the Area 52 Kim referred to, but it sounds likely. See Creepy Facts And Legends About Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52” (ranker.com) for information on Area 52.

Except, no one answered the call fortunately, for fear of severe penalties. Hopefully they have been observing what happened to those that choose to get involved every other week, or so it seems. She said that no one is playing games with these people anymore, no one is supporting them. That’s a relief, until we find out otherwise! Hopefully it really is true this time. Then again, races that build civilizations on lies and think they are superior to everyone else can’t really be trusted, can they? Isn’t that an essential lesson we humans have to finally learn? Just saying. I wouldn’t be surprised if more gremlins show up before this is all said and done.

Latest Loser, New Mr. Black Replacement Installed

Is anyone surprised the infamous Godfather was replaced since the former occupant got eviction papers? I’m not. They are so predictable. Mr. Black passed away and I mentioned this a few weeks ago but they couldn’t resist recycling him. A new Mr. Black was installed at Camp Krusty and he is relying on the usual bullies to obey his orders. He happens to be half Italian and half Chinese and he was all fired up to get the job done at the end of the 9th inning. He is the one who set into motion more stringent lockdowns, mandates and pushing the Omicron narrative. He was also claiming he was in contact with alien races. I suppose he has to give the slaves some hope, and dangle the savior carrot again. How novel. For more information on Mr. Black, see my posts, Head of the Order of the Black Sun & Last Lingering Lizard (aka, Mr. Black) and Is Nibiru a Planet or Giant Floating Petri Dish?

But after a severe failure on Dec 21st, everyone walked away from the new Mr. Black because nothing happened other than a major hacking of the back system. Kim said they were trying to find any account to access, and it went on for hours. The 21st was their last day (I assume another one of those contracts expired), and the message they sent to their contractors was, if they don’t win on the 21st they all get released. So, is it really over? Nah, we still got the other faction, the Dragons, the Rothchilians back on deck.

Bank of England Starts False Rumors They Have Money

The Rothchilians wasted no time after the failure of the Black Sun’s new Mr. Black, and the next day on Dec 22nd, the Bank of England started a rumor that they had been successful in hacking into a Deutsche Bank off ledger account. This account contained 1.5 quadrillion of partly Euro and partly British Pound Sterling. In other words, a big freaking pile of money.

They proceeded to make this claim to every Military and Intelligence Agency in the world and that they are going to pick up the pieces where Mr. Black failed. And this is the kicker! They are telling their slaves, in order to get a piece of this wind fall, they need to get Kim to concede! I recall on a past video that Kim has programmed a protection for herself, otherwise they would have taken her out a long time ago. I have no idea what that entails, but even they need her to concede and remain alive, rather than dead is my guess. It’s because of her DNA and frequency that allows her access to the system. The psychopaths, being super low on the frequency spectrum cannot access any longer is what I surmised from past videos. Anyway, she has no intentions of conceding, in fact she emphasized that will never happen because she will never ever report to any of those fucking idiots. I can’t imagine how she’s kept her cool for this long. Imagine spending years in weekly meetings with people who hold contests on who can tell the biggest lie to the sheeple? Not to mention their other nefarious activities they do for fun.

Kim said the Tear Sheets they are sending around, which shows the copy of the transfer that purportedly took place, looks like it came from Kinkos the way they copied, pasted and photo-shopped it. But more importantly, what else is noted on the tear sheet copy is a reference to FARM 42. We know they refer to Langley as the Farm. FARM 42 is referring to the section which belongs to the Clintons. Of course the Clintons, like the Bush’s belong to the Rothchilian side of the house.

Essentially the message they were sending to the world is that London and Switzerland are the only ones with any money and power, which is also a lie, but it tells us unequivocally that Rothschild is back. They let the Black Sun fail, they knew they would, and they waited for this day, the 21st, to come in and take them all over.

Official Memorandum Sent from Kim’s Office to All Agencies, Militaries & Central Banks

This latest move by the Rothchilians required Kim to send out a memorandum to every Intelligence Agency, Military and Central Bank in the world, letting them know this is a lie. She explained to them that if this account did exist, and the Rothchilians’ claim was true, the British people would have woken up to a broken British Pound Sterling. In fact, both the Euro and British Pound Sterling would have gone to zero at this time.

She also emphasized to all these Generals that they should check to see if the money the Rothchilians are claiming to have hacked is actually there. Before they go wrecking everything and start doing what the Rothchilians are telling them to do, which is to sign the American Military, the Russian Military, every African country and all 52 commonwealth nations over to the Bank of England, the supposed new Fed, check to see if the money is really there first! These Generals are like rabid dogs I suppose, Kim said all they focus on is the money. If that is all they care about, you would think by now they would check. Then again, order takers really aren’t accustomed to employing critical thinking skills, so it’s a good thing Kim reminded them to think.

Pallets of Fake Super Notes at Birmingham, England Military Base

The Rothchilians are now telling their slaves that having Euro and Pound Sterling notes are way better than the USD notes they’ve been floating around for the last 15 years. Kim mentioned months ago that many American Agency people were arrested who were paid in those USD notes when they tried to cash them in, because of course they are fraudulent. But that doesn’t stop the Rothschilians from reusing the same carrot, so they created pallets of cash evidently, which are being held at a military base in Birmingham, England. They have to make the same super note scam believable after all, thus embellishing the lie the money is real with props to fool the fools. So now there are more worthless super notes, but in euros and pounds to float around.

Kim explained that De La Rue is a Rothschild owned facility. De La Rue is the currency printing press for all currencies around the world, with a few exceptions. De La Rue does not print US dollars, Russian Rubles, or Venezuelan Bolivar. Since Rothschild has all the plates, they can print out any other currency, and they did. But they just printed new notes in euros and pounds with the duplicate allocation and serial numbers. The allocation numbers and serial numbers are issued by the back system for every currency in the world. Because they are duplicated from an off-ledger account, they will not work if they try to use them. The allocation and serial numbers are from off-ledger derivatives, and the lien is held by the off-ledger system and it is the one Kim runs.

So they can use De La Rue to print pallets of cash, but it’s not going to help them any because the cash is not usable. It’s not usable under SKR (Safe Keeping Receipt) either, which she said for a reason (I assume for a specific audience or that’s their next move and she is already anticipating). She said they are all being watched, and they are very well aware and not surprised at what they are doing.

See the source image

The United States Must Fall – According to the Rothchilians

There is another goal of the Rothchilians in this latest scam, and that is to ensure the United States falls. No one who is aware of the New World Order Agenda would be surprised by this. But now we know how they intend to accomplish it, which is by taking us back to 1948 for a do-over. The British Crown (which is the Rothschilds) wants the United States to experience a 10-year depression versus the United Kingdom. Except there are many things they forgot have happened since the 1940s and end of WWII, which makes this plan of theirs an impossibility. Let’s list some.

  • We now have a digital global financial system on the front-end. We always had one on the back end, but now we have it on the front-end as well.
  • The US Dollar has far exceeded the British Pound Sterling at the time of WWII and truly is the global currency. It is used in every country and every commodity around the world.
  • We have stock markets which Clinton made a lot of changes to in 1998.  Changes that tied insurance companies to banks to stock markets.
  • So many things have transpired that they can’t just create a do-over. It won’t work because the dollar has come so far because of technological advances since that time. They would crash the entire planet earth.

Kim said that she knows they think they’re ready, having stored up on gold, but they still need a production line which means someone needs to buy their stuff. If the rest of the world is broke, and they have ruble that is backed by gold, that’s great, but where will that take them? Money still works on supply and demand. It doesn’t matter how much gold, oil or gas they have attached to it.

The Pentagon and the Agencies have been notified that the United States is under financial assassination, this time by Rothschild. Kim said at least three countries called her today on the Diplomatic line to verify the memorandum she sent is true. It has since been verified by several major countries that the Bank of England does not have what they say they have. It’s a geopolitical play for world domination. That’s all it is, 100%.

Many Other Planned Events That Didn’t Take Place

Space X – CRS Satellite Failure

The psychos were unable to launch any of these CRS satellites successfully. CRS also stands for Can’t Remember Shit evidently. Kim wasn’t certain as to what their goal was with these CRS satellites, maybe they were going to wipe our memory, but they were trying to attach Northrop Grumman’s, GRUMMAN Neuralink, which is a nanotechnology inside human bodies on Dec 14th.
Is this what Elon Musk is working on? Hum, that’s not scary at all.

False Flags Planned for Dec 18th Eclipse Were Derailed

Kim said they received notifications on Dec 16th of potential false flags. The psychos were discussing possibly blowing up the Basilica in Washington DC, Grand Central Station in NYC, and a few other places around the world were targeted. These events were in preparation for the eclipse that was coming up on the 18th. Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

Launch of Crypto-Currency System Failed

On December 17th, Russia and China together tried to launch a crypto-currency system using a block chain quantum technology so they could take over the world. This was the newly installed Mr. Black’s idea which fortunately didn’t work out. And neither has the crashing of the global economy so they could buy it all back for pennies. I’m sure they’ll keep trying though. It’s likely happen on its own if the death count continues to climb. Who will be left to run anything?

See the source image

The Colony | The New Think Tank

There is a new group on the block and they are called The Colony. The Colony is a Think Tank, an Enforcement Group, and Transitory Arbitrators who are assisting here and elsewhere with transitions. The Colony is made up of many different groups and was created for the benefit of all planets, especially since there are a lot of questions around who is good and who is bad in this group or that group. They are not the Universal Council or part of any Galactic Federation or Galactic Council. Let’s hope this new group can help accelerate some much needed clean-up.

The Colony has a lot of things to consider. The Restoration of the planet, the future, the travel going in and out, Humans, The Others that live here full time as well. They also are considering all species, plants, and animals that exist here and not anywhere else. We have many species of plants that are in stasis, underground that are very important and want us to bring them out. We’ve never seen a normal here and that has to change. The Space Force was given help but they proved that all they wanted to do was destroy everything everywhere, not just here on Earth. They believe too that they are the Abraxas’ Chosen Ones. Oy vey! Not the Abraxas Again!

Kim said so far The Colony is being quite helpful. She had a discussion with them while they were working diligently in Antarctica assessing what should be done with regards to the Space Force and The Others who have been causing harm, not only to humanity, but the entire planet. Kim said in her opinion they are non-repairable humans, who are in it to win it all and there is nothing you can do to change their minds. They will never come back to the good side. It doesn’t matter who shows up. If their version of whoever they pray to could come down and tell them to quit, they still wouldn’t give up.

After they got Kim’s assessment, The Colony had a conversation with the non-repairable. The members in The Colony know how to read consciousness, which is an essential thing to point out. Their assessment of the non-repairable humans will not take into account their words, because words from these psychopaths mean absolutely nothing. When they ask where they stand regarding the Restoration Plan, it is from a consciousness level, which is from the heart and mind, and they can tell whether they are being truthful or not. Well after their interaction with the psychos, these members of The Colony came to the same conclusion. They said they couldn’t convince them of anything.

There is an automatic program between The Colony, The Enforcer, and Life Force Enforcement. I thought that a strange choice of words that Kim used, ‘automatic program’ but that’s how she put it. The situation with the non-repairable humans is out of Kim’s hands at this point in time. She said there is nothing she can do to save anybody (and I highly doubt she wants to at this point). This ‘automatic program’ ensued and the 5 top Generals of the Space Force, who all made the decision to not in any way deviate from their plans and programs, are no longer with us. Tears anyone? Anyone? No, I didn’t think so.

There are 21 in the rank just below these five Generals that were eliminated, and those are down to 15. Kim said the ones still left seem to be on a fact finding mission more than anything at the moment, trying to figure out what is really going on here. They are still trying to figure out why the people they are expecting to hear from are not answering the phone, and why other people they were expecting to cooperate with them are not. So they are on watch now and being assessed. Kim also said there are people in the gray. I’m not sure whether these are the same 15 psychos that are left or different psychos, but they are being given an opportunity to turn to the light side. They are being watched very heavily and they will disappear if they don’t.

When are we getting down to this level? Who could possibly believe this psycho is repairable?

By the way, I don’t mind volunteering to help The Colony save some time. How many chances do they get while millions of children continue to be abused, sodomized, sacrificed and eaten? Enough is enough. Let’s speed this up.  I’m very grateful for the help we are getting down here, but these demonic train wrecks don’t need anymore chances. Just saying, enough is enough!

This Gray Motor group has been sending signals to anyone, everywhere, outside of 3D Earth, who can actually help them. All these remaining degenerates still on the side of the dark are trying to make a deal with anyone on the outside, to get help and we’re back to 16,000+ years ago, as this is exactly how we got into this mess in the first place.


We arrived at December 21st, a deadline, a contract expiration I’m still guessing, and we’re still standing. At least those who haven’t died from lethal injections. They didn’t launch their CRS satellites, nor was a border computer launched, of epic proportions which Kim said she hasn’t seen since 2014. She threw this in at the end which frankly is over my head. I don’t know what that is and she didn’t expound, except to say that it must have taken them quite awhile to set it up, but it’s now obsolete.

She is more than optimistic about the Financial System, and it’s pretty much 100% clear. There are a few connections that she is waiting to initiate until after she can assess the resistance that is likely to occur. It was still only 24 hours since the big day, the end of the dark forces being in control here on the 21st when she gave this report, so it will take some more time is what I gathered.

The non-repairable humans are under so many false illusions, but a new lie these slaves were told is that there are more of them here than us, to which Kim said are you sure about that? I don’t think you really understand who we are. We are humanity, and she immediately said that many may not understand what we’re talking about now, (I didn’t, but now I’m definitely curious about what she meant by that), but in addition to the humans here, ‘we’ also include:  

  • Over 35 million Others who live here full time
  • The Enforcers Enforcement Unit, who make up millions of people and have far more advanced technology than was ever shared with the psychopaths, thank god!
  • The Council, whose role it is to make decisions, they are made up of billions and billions. While only representatives come here, there are decillions of folks that are dependent in some way, shape, or form on what happens here. What is happening here now has never happened before. Wow, more statements to be curious about.

We simply cannot do what needs to be done in the right way, with new technologies while these people (psychos) are still here.

Well, in my opinion, one thing is certain, and that is, we are closer today than we were yesterday!


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  1. Thanks once again for you work in reporting Kim’s updates. I especially appreciate the humour in these posts given how dire the situation on Planet Earth actually is. It helps raise our vibration which the dark forces don’t like at all.

  2. Wow! I thought I was awake until this all really woke me up. I knew something wasn’t right I felt the energies and had to keep pushing my energy upward. I felt like a dog was nipping at my feet the whole time until I realigned myself. I am still digesting all of this information and am still at the beginning of this all. I heard about some of these things but never thought well thats just it I never thought. I was to involved in the smoke and mirrors on the Trump wagon hoping that something good this way would come. Thank God I had always listened to my intuition and started searching for answers for things that didn’t seem right. Thank you for this eye opening moment….

  3. Hello who ever you are. I as well appreciate the interpretations of the life force meetings. I listen to the life force meetings but there are always these bombs of information that Kim
    drops between herself and Tank that I am at a complete loss wondering what the hell are they talking about. So I come here. Thank You for being “The Interpreter”.

  4. I do appreciate your filling in the blanks, as well and your sense of humor.
    Looking forward to your take on Kim’s latest News Break from Jan. 16th

    1. I do try! And hopefully I’ll get to Jan 16th news break sooner rather than later. It’s so hard to keep up!

  5. I can’t wait till you get to the news that HUMANITY HAS WON THE WAR. God Bless our Creator who found such a beautiful woman inside and out as Kimberly. I woke up after the horror of 911 and when Trump was put in office I knew that we were still in trouble as NOBODY gets to be President Of The United States without being put there by the Deep State or the Illuminati as I called them. I did not follow Trumps 4 years until his last year when I started reading about all the Celebrity Satanists being Killed and all the rest so I jumped on The Trump Train until the Vaccines came out and he said he got the Pfizer Shot. Something was not right all this talk about “Why’ he could be doing this did not resonate with me. I found Kimberly and watched all her lifeforce meetings and was thrilled by what I heard. Thank God The Creator found Kimberly she is a true warrior. Taking out MARDUK ‘WOW’ the Annunaki with eternal life so he thought. Now the ‘Covens” are gone. Thank You Kimberly, The Universal Counsel, The Galactic Federation Of Worlds, The Enforcer and The Lifeforce Enforcement. What you did for HUMANITY will be in our hearts forever.

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