BEAST System Takedown by Kim Goguen, Black Sun P3 Lodge & Sanhedrin Super Villains Eliminated? Who’s in Charge Now? – Part 3

This post is a continuation of the previous two intel updates by Kim Goguen on the BEAST System takedown and what has ensued since then. I am basing this post on an interview she gave on Circle of White Light Radio on August 15, 2021 with host Alan James. She gave this interview right before the Situation Report Force Call on the same day. Having listened to both, the information was much the same so I thought I would base on the Circle of White Light radio interview so it is available to anyone who is interested. The link to the interview is below. 

Guests – Kim (Guardian of the Global Assets) – Sunday 15th August 2021

[Note: Life Force Meetings are available to subscribers of United News Network

I am just an independent blogger and truth seeker and not affiliated with Kim Goguen or her team. If my writing style has led anyone to believe I speak for Kim then let me be absolutely clear, I just takes notes when I listen to her intel reports and assemble them into an article. They should not take the place of hearing from Kim yourself. My posts are only aides to her videos which are ALWAYS linked in my posts. If you heard her talk about something and need help finding the video where she mentioned a particular topic, I hope my site can aid you in your search.

When I first started learning from Kim many years ago, before she started United Network News, I had a really hard time finding information about her. I’ve heard others say the same thing. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining I decided to do something to help.

Given the serious situation humanity is confronted with, which is psychopaths are doing their best to carry out their ultimate plan of killing us all, I firmly believe the information Kim provides, what she teaches and her intel reports should be more public, more accessible. That is a good priority to have, at least in my head it is and even more in my heart. So, let me be completely transparent. I am just a human being who has learned an awful lot from Kim from listening to her. I’m a decent writer, so I’m trying to help by providing another avenue to share that information. This is where my moral compass has directed me during these difficult times.


Lions Gate

Lions Gate is an event that happens every year around the 8th of August. It is an alignment with Sirius and our second sun and this year Lions Gate happened to fall on a new moon which made it super powerful.  According to Kim Goguen, those on the dark side always use this time to manifest their will, i.e., evil agenda. But we the people, humanity, the side of the light can also use this time to manifest our will, and evidently those in the know put in their requests.

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The leaders of the two main covens that remain, the P3 Lodge, which is head of the Order of the Black Sun and the Sanhedrin Council, head of the Dragon Families, mentioned in previous related post, A Tale of 2 Covens: Losers in the Fight for World Domination (Kim Goguen – Part 5), decided to hold their meetings on this new moon, since it was so powerful. However, this was a bit earlier than usual. According to Kim they typically wait until September, during the harvest moon. The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon nearest the September equinox, which occurs around September 22nd. When she got wind of this, she knew her and her team had to be on high alert because she didn’t know what these demons were going to be up to this time.

What is the Lion’s Gate portal?
The Lion’s Gate Portal that opens every year piques on August 8th. This phenomenon occurs when the sun is in Leo, Sirius, (the brightest star in the sky in the constellation of Canis Major) is closest to the Earth, and Orion’s belt aligns with Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Their meeting started out on Friday night, August 6th and went on throughout the weekend. They discussed the usual, which were plans for world domination, succeeded of course by sacrifices of women and children in particular, as that is standard practice for Satan worshippers in order to open the Gates of Hell. Except the gates weren’t opening like they expected.

So, who do they call for help? Well, they called Kim! She said they tried to trick her into opening the gates, which she adamantly refused to do – Thank God! Not only did she refuse, but consequences for these spawns of Satan finally ensued.

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Coven Leadership Decimated!

The Military Generals from all over the world were also in attendance, as they typically are during this annual ritual. While the super villains plot their world domination strategy, the Generals sit outside the room awaiting their orders and new contracts while they listen to the screams from the women and children being sacrificed.

This time however, there was a bit of an unexpected twist. The screams they heard were quite jarring to the Generals according to Kim, because they were coming from the Super Villains. This in turn had the Generals screaming in horror. Like Tank mentioned later in the Life Force call, it’s pretty sad that the screams from the women and children undergoing sacrifice didn’t seem to affect them in the least. It truly is incomprehensible if I considered them members of the human race, which I just can’t do anymore. In any case it sounded like quite a fiasco. No other details were shared aside from the Generals being in a state of terror and the end result was that none of the super villains from either coven came out alive.  

After this event, the Demons, I mean Generals ran back to their respective countries not knowing what to do except fall back and await orders from the next super villain in line to assume head of The Order. What a bunch of dumbasses! I wonder when it’s going to sink in that their turn is coming if they continue on this insane path. Then again, cyborgs probably don’t possess much logic or self-awareness.

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Transhumanism = Zombie = Super Slave = Apocalypse!

The master plan is to transform humans into zombies. Thanks to Bill Gates and his team of evil psychopaths (including Trump who is a life-long member of the Order of the Black Sun), their AI system would have been able to accomplish that, in addition to being able to give you any possible problem at the stroke of a keyboard.

As I stated in my previous posts, the Azure system is not just a cloud-based server, it also had an AI analytic software that tied everyone and everything together. Corporations are key, as they are providing the inputs for health insurance, banking, food and water management systems, etc. The system was designed to be able to cut off anyone at any time from banking, food, water, etc. based on your social credit score. The heads of many key corporations all knowingly signed up to participate in creating the BEAST and it sounds like Kim found the actual contracts.

She said the COV-ID identification system’s (not the tracker apps on the phone, which is bad enough) ultimate purpose was to track people from a nano bot in your human system. This would work in conjunction with tracking chips they placed in 5G technology which are connected to the 5G Azure database. She also mentioned that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent over the last several years to create a massive surveillance system all over the world which could actually read brain waves. The cabal claims they are using it to prevent terrorism, but that’s not true of course.

Corporation Cooperation with COV-ID (Certificate of Vaccination ID)

There is another reason there is so much intense pressure to push the shots. Not only do they want to get as many people as possible injected to create zombies, sterilize and ultimately depopulate the planet, but there is a slew of big company contracts already in existence and many more in the queue awaiting to connect into the Azure cloud-based system. Ultimately, to accomplish a complete technocracy rollout requires a concerted effort. And in addition to the participation of corporations, the Black Sun also input the contracts for all Heads of State around the world. Therefore, once these Heads of State finish their job of enforcing unconscionable vaccination mandates, this group will be eliminated. After all, why would they be needed any longer? They are creating and empowering a new AI God which will replace all governments. These buffoons are just accelerating their own demise as well as ours.

PSI Operations

Kim provided some more information regarding the PSI Operations. She said the purpose of this operation is to interfere with the natural frequency of the body using micro currents. The cabal has been using this technology a long time in music and movies. But when she took down the Azure system, they had to utilize another system and decided to use the Integrated Public Alert & Warning System or IPAWS. This system is sponsored by FEMA in the US, but is connected to other countries emergency broadcast systems around the world.  

The IPAWS system could actually put thoughts into peoples’ heads by sending negative messages that interfered with their brain waves. Using the radio and blue-tooth are a couple of mechanisms they used to accomplish this. People who are susceptible to the negative messaging may have struggled with feelings of hopelessness, that getting the vaccine was the only way to freedom. But that wasn’t the only message, they tested all kinds, such as ‘ram into the car in front of you’, ‘kill your neighbor’ etc. This program was being broadcast until Kim took it down on the 10th of August.

Why Were Some People Affected by Negative Messages from IPAWS and Not Others?

Kim said a lot depends on the person. Most people would dismiss it, that it’s not natural and say that’s a crazy thought, where did that come from, it can’t be mine. She also mentioned that most people under the age of 28, Generation Z were not affected and don’t buy into any of this. Also, those people who have an IQ of 130 and over weren’t affected much either by the messages they were pumping out.

Remember the toilet paper test? That was a trial run to see how well the messaging from their system worked. If I remember correctly, I think Kim, said it worked on less than 30% of the people they targeted. Although I have to say in my experience it looked greater than that in my neck of the woods. Just like the percentage of jab takers seem to be quite high. David Icke posted this interesting video that discusses this exact programming that Kim describes. He shares many comments from people explaining how they were staunchly against the jab and ended it up getting it. They then wondered how it happened. David Icke: Words in Your Head – How They Are Telling You to ‘Get the Vaccine’ | International | Before It’s News (

What Was the Emergency Broadcast Message All About?

Kim said a few people did get an emergency broadcast message but it had nothing to do with whether you have an iphone or android phone, supported Trump or don’t support Trump, etc. The cabal just picked up the phone and called people at the local emergency broadcast offices and asked them to participate. That’s the only way they could do it now that Azure is down. They tried to get as many local offices to participate as they could because they wanted it to look like they did something.

See the source image

Trump’s Visit with Ascended Master Imposter

Kim emphasized again that Trump is a life-long member of the Black Sun and this is not a secret. Anyone can research this and find out that his father and uncle were part of Project Paperclip. The part we probably can’t research though is that Trump met with an Ascended Master many years ago who told him he would be President.

Kim stated that in their world an Ascended Master is really just a Coven Master. Whether he realized that she didn’t say. But Trump was told what the entire plan was to be by this Ascended Master pretender. Trump wasn’t supposed to stay in the White House after his first term. He was to play the martyr by crying about election fraud and then return in 2024 to play the Savior like all Antichrist’s do.

Now I’m speculating on this point, but I am assuming the Hildabeast was probably also visited by an imposter Ascended Master who was really an opposing Coven Master. She too was probably told what her plan was when she became President because Kim mentioned if she won, instead of the zombie apocalypse we’d have a fake alien invasion to contend with.

First Martyr – Then Savior

Kim also mentioned recently (but not in this particular interview) that Trump had met with Bill Gates prior to becoming President and alluded to the fact that of course he was aware of the Azure system and its role in pulling off the zombie apocalypse. While dismantling Azure, Kim also found that Dominion was one of the many companies Gates had contracts with to implement the overall COV-ID plan. It would handle all the voting, which of course was to be controlled like everything else in our lives. It sounds like Trump was very well aware of the business arrangement and probably has a stake in it. With this new information it’s looking clearer by the day why he never did anything with the help he was offered to prove the election fraud. He threw the election on purpose. When you take into account his visit with the Ascended Master Imposter, the meetings with Bill Gates prior to being POTUS the first time, and likelihood of having a stake through a business arrangement with Dominion, there was no way he was going to do anything.

So Trump doesn’t want to return to the White House – at least not yet. He has another agenda, and it can best be accomplished with him appearing to not to be calling the shots. While Trump appears to have been outed from the White House due to election fraud, he and the Space Force faction of the Black Sun propped up ‘Biden’ to be the face to do a slew of nefarious things Trump couldn’t do while he was POTUS. And it’s likely that Trump’s been calling the shots the entire time. General Hyten is still the predominant actor playing Biden, and he’s totally over-doing it if you ask me. It’s looking awfully fake. Between his dementia Joe character and then switching to being lucid but the absolute worst President ever, it’s just looking so over the top.

Once the “Biden Administration” is finished making utter fools of themselves and America, and destroys everything they can in as short a period of time as possible, in the utter chaos, the sheeple all around the world will be begging Trump to come back so he can play the Savior. So they think, but what new hell will that entail for humanity? The New World Order perhaps?

Still Trusting The Plan?

Since the Super Villains are no more, the Black Sun Generals are looking to Trump again. Kim said they just don’t seem to care about anything except getting a new contract. Maybe they feel if they hang in long enough the money might start flowing again. Heck, what’s another year or two if you already waited 13-14 years.

Trump is not entirely a fool and knows he needs to appease the mentally challenged, I mean Black Sun Generals. After all, they were recently traumatized and have nowhere else to turn. So Trump said he will save the day and promised to payout the RV. Oh my, the famous RV, or rather ‘carrot for jackasses’ to steal a quote from a Rothchild reptile. Where does he think he’s getting the money this time? Well, it just so happens his buddy Bill Gates must be in quite a predicament as well. According to Kim, he was very busy the last few years flying around the world meeting heads of state, CEOs etc. promising all kinds of retirement plans, little boys etc. sealing deals with contracts for his BEAST system. Now he must be breaching contracts left and right. He has no choice but to re-build. He told Trump he can get the BEAST back up and running in 10 months. Well at least we know what they are doing. Kim will just take it down again. Personally, I hope they don’t live long enough to rebuild it.

Are Trump & Gates the Valentine Character in the Movie, Kingsman?

Kim mentioned the movie Kingsman, and if you watch it you might find the Valentine character seems vaguely familiar. He is definitely into world domination, believes zombifying the sheeple is the way to go so he can achieve massive depopulation and save the world. Although his master plan involves giving away ‘FREE SIM’ cards under the guise of ‘FREE INTERNET’ for everyone in the world rather than actual injections under the guise of ‘VACCINATION’.

See the source image

Of course, this benevolent act is anything but. In the movie the sheeple wait on long lines to get their free SIM cards, while Valentine goes around the world to select those who are to be ‘protected’ from the zombies. Then he invites these ‘special ones’ to a big party to watch and celebrate the end of the world that he initiates by sending out nasty frequencies through the SIM cards. All over the world, chaos ensues as the sheeple become zombies and start to kill each other.

Playing Both Sides

Watching from the side-lines, seeing the bigger picture emerge every day, I can’t help but notice that the Biden Administration is less a coup and more an orchestration, a Greek play I would classify under comedy if it didn’t have real life-threatening consequences for so many innocent people.

I’ve been trying to reconcile the fact that the part of ‘Biden’ was being played by a Black Sun Space Force General and appearing to be opposing Trump, yet Trump is a life-long member. He is actually ‘their’ guy and supposedly on the same side in this tug of war for World Domination. It’s likely Trump was playing both sides the entire time. And he’s not the only one. Throw in the Kushner actor (who is on the Sanhedrin side) but pretending to be in the Trump camp.

To add more confusion, I’m now questioning if what Kim was told regarding Trump being seriously ill is true. She claims it’s true and Don Jr confirmed it. But she didn’t say how she found this out to begin with. Is Trump really terminally ill? Does he have advanced cancer? If so, why are healing machines which exist at Fort Bragg not being offered to him? Even Kim admits something is up with that. But knowing how the cabal operates, she said it’s likely that once he gets the job done, they are done with him. That’s the end game after all. Harvest everyone below. Or perhaps Trump is trying to ‘appear weak’ and thinks he’s in a position of strength? If there is some validity to that theory, what new hell might he have up his sleeve? Actually, in their world, since he is one of the few left after the Lions Gate Massacre, he kind of is in the seat of power now. For me this is a big open question. Not that I expect him to succeed in coming back as POTUS, or anything else he has in mind, but it doesn’t sound like he’s done.

Who’s On First? I mean Who’s the POTUS?

Is it this guy?

Who used to look like this guy?

See the source image

Or is it this guy, the one underneath the mask – according to Kim Goguen? But it sounds like Generals take orders, they don’t give them in their Cabal world. Probably not him either.

Or is it this guy, the one who never really left, the supposed ‘Outsider‘? Author of the “The Art of the Deception Deal?”

New Members of The Order of Assassins (i.e. Order of the Black Sun)

I’m assuming we have some potential new members in Trump’s Cabinet if he gets to return, which I don’t see happening. I decided to revisit that Senatus Consultum website I love to troll every now and again to see if there are any new interesting Black Sun members promoted to the Order of Assassins, and lone and behold we do! Would you look at that.

New Society Members

New Ambassador

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  2. Everything…every rabbit hole I go into. Everything I see happening. My Faith and belief is in my Creator. I trust that enough of the Bible that is intact is His word. He would never allow otherwise. I let Him lead guide and direct me and am prepared to suffer as did Job. Im here because He placed me here. Nothing else matters. I speak out. I warn people via FB or by mouth. I Pray. What ever He leads me to do as in prayer or helping who He places in my path. Thats all I can say. Prayer…the only power I have.

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