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Heads Roll! A Very Merry Christmas Indeed! (Kim Goguen – Part 6)

On the Life Force Meeting 12/27/2020 (nun, Kim Goguen and the Life Force Team announced some amazing gifts to close out 2020, the eye-opening year from hell. Access to this video can be found on the Life Force Application, which can be downloaded for free, or by signing up for the newly launched United News Channel!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the streets
Life Force Ground Command Forces were pounding their feet

Negotiations of past proved they had no listeners
Therefore the Enforcement Team wanted no prisoners

The psychopaths they hunted were unlikely to surrender
So the only thing left was for them to dismember

So they released heads, piece by piece
With the Christmas message, that the rest cease!

To those who are left, support the Restoration Plan!
Or, say goodbye to your way long lifespans!

For we will cheer!
Because your end is near!

Bill & Hillary Clinton Dead! Finally!

What a relief to hear some action has actually been taken. Those of us who know even just a fraction of what these psychopaths have been doing and planning and hoping for are really fed up and running out of patience. So this was a super duper news report! An announcement to the general public would be icing on the cake, but I guess we’ll have to wait awhile longer for that.

Kim announced that on Christmas morning Hillary was no more and whatever demon creature living in her is finally gone. That demonic entity that was in Hillary tried to resist, in fact it was refusing to leave the planet. It looked around for anyone who would be her ‘quantum tunnel’ without success. Many hours after Hillary was killed, around midday she finally left the planet, and our dimension. Thank You God!

Last week Kim confirmed that Bill Clinton had an accident and didn’t make it. This seemed to take place right around the time Hildabeast was promoted to High Priestess of her coven and anointed herself in charge of the White House when Biden got rolled in.  Knowing how everything requires human sacrifice, I’d wager a bet Bill’s accident was no ‘accident’, just like her brother’s death. At this point who cares who takes them out, as long as they are removed! So amongst all her other crimes (I honestly cannot think of a single crime the Hildabeast didn’t commit) was her involvement in the election fraud. Most recently Hillary promised to bribe (and also threatened) the entire Electoral College with $2 million and up to $10 million per member.

Other Notable Members of the Cabal Who are Finally Dead

  • The 5 Star Generals (who reside above all governments) who were the masterminds behind the 911 Ritual Sacrifice and part of the Pythagoreans were amongst those who are now in pieces. Evidently the Deep State worshipped them as Gods. (See my blog post, The Viking’s Message to the Remnants (Part 1) and the United News Channel Special Report for more on this group.)
  • Many high-profile Chinese people are gone and their body parts were delivered to their colleagues.
  • Putin’s last and final clone is dead. Putin is the face front of the Clan of Generals that are still in control of Russia. The GRU and SSP received news of Putin’s death and it sounds like they received body parts to reinforce this point.
  • Many Tier 2 and Tier 3 players of the Deep State/Cabal from Italy are dead. Many were not names that we regular people would know, but they were behind the scenes and the Deep State puppets surely would recognize.
  • Kim confirmed that the real Obama has been dead since September 2020. She mentioned that a new Pindar was selected during the Life Force Sept 2020 Meeting update, and that this new Pindar was killed. She just couldn’t confirm who it was until this update.
  • Four Saudi Arabian Princes are dead. One of these Princes sat on the board of Citibank (the same board the Clintons had seats on) and the story on how this Prince died is that he took the vaccine.
  • John Podesta, another truly sick animal and pedophile is confirmed dead, although his brother Anthony Podesta is still in custody.
  • Tony Blair is gone, but Kim is still awaiting confirmation on his death. Blair was on the International Board of JP Morgan/Chase which seems to be significant since Kim mentioned it.

The Storm in the Military

So heads and other body parts of the 5 Star Generals and who knows who else, were delivered to many Intelligence Agencies and Military folk around the world, and also the Pentagon. It started a big Storm in the United States Military. As a result, they have finally confirmed they are ready and willing to work with President Trump. This started a wave of people getting picked up by Agency and Military personnel. The dismembered heads, and the probability that Biden is incapacitated has led the Military down this new path of foregoing committing treason and taking bribes from dead people. It’s starting to sink in I guess that their leadership is disappearing. So they are fully onboard now to do the right thing, or so they say. Personally, I will refrain from getting too excited. Once a psychopath, always a psychopath has been my observation.

[Note: Kim said she has heard Biden is no longer functioning, but it hasn’t been confirmed as of this call on 12/27/2020 as to exactly what that means.]

On Deck, in Halls But No Boughs of Holly

Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi were picked up, but the questioning was challenging. Evidently both Schiff and Pelosi had to get adrenaline shots because they probably weren’t going to physically make it in the building for questioning, especially Pelosi. She is in severe withdrawal of something (we can wager a guess) and it’s so bad that she couldn’t even speak. It was amongst the worse withdrawal ever seen. She even soiled herself at least a couple of times.  

Rape and murder charges were filed against Schiff but he was released from custody. Evidently there is now an understanding on how he will be completing his job going forward. Not sure what that means. I guess we’ll see. Pelosi was due to be released, but to Kim’s knowledge at the time of this call 12/27/2020, she wasn’t released yet. And Kim doesn’t know if she’s going to make it considering her condition. I have no idea why either one would be released except to show the public that they will never stop being psychopaths I suppose.

Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer were brought in and questioned. They have a bunch of information on Chuck Schumer who is on the Weiner laptop and is involved in the Nexium cult. He’s probably currently classified as a manageable psychopath since they supposedly came to an agreement on how he’s supposed to proceed. Huma Abedin, Hillary’s ex-girlfriend was brought in and questioned about the false flags that are being planned in the US and around the world by the Black Sun and Order of Assassins. And finally, several White House attorneys were fired.

While I’m glad these psychopaths were finally picked up by the Military and various Intelligence Agencies, I don’t understand why they were released. Granted I don’t know the entire chessboard, but at this point, jail-time and execution would really be preferred. Especially in light of the fact that the Military and Intelligence Agencies hardly can be trusted. Just sayin!

Governors Cuomo and Newsom on the Run!

Mafia Kingpin Mario Cuomo went on the run immediately after he heard about the death of Hillary. So did Pelosi’s nephew, Governor Gavin Newsom. Kim is not concerned about finding them though. She mentioned they might have gone to Iceland, since it’s close to Greenland (where there is a Deep Underground Military Base). But she did add, in case Cuomo and Newsom were listening, that they should really hope the US Military finds them before her Enforcement Team does.

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Frauds Dr. Fauci and Dr. Burke

Kim said Fauci had a seizure or went into ampholytic shock. Who knows what his plan is for the near future. If he’s on TV he won’t know what to say because those he takes orders from are in multiple pieces. Maybe he’ll resign, retire or get some award. The Deep State love to bestow honors on one another, so we shouldn’t be surprised it they praise the hell out of him on his way out.

Dr. Burke resigned (or fell ill or is dead). No one is certain yet. But the day she found out about Hillary’s death from her Black Sun Bosses she disappeared. Maybe she’ll surface, maybe not. Most likely, if she is still alive she is very afraid because her big boss left this multiverse and she is on her own now. Kim was obviously eluding to something much bigger based on that comment.

Tank confirmed that 1,841 vaccine manufacturing plants were removed and destroyed.

What’s Up with Nashville?

Speaking of the vaccine and manufacturing plants, Nashville has been the focus in the news of late and for good reason. There is a laboratory there that was created in the 1940s and is a hotbed for the IRA and their bosses in the Black Sun. Kim thinks it is called Oak Crest. It is massive and intertwines underneath the city of Nashville. There was a lot of human experimentation going on there such as human hybrids and biological weapons. They have also been working on a lethal version of the COVID vaccine. Kim said there is an operation going on to demolish the entry ways. AT&T happened to be one of the entry ways into this laboratory. There is also a bunker, like a type of fallout place they built to withstand the frequency weapons they are aware the Enforcement Team has. Sounds like they are trying to create an escape or safe house, but Kim said it won’t work. As of the day of this report 12/27/2020, it was still standing but it won’t’ be long before it’s destroyed.

There was more Kim reported on, that has to do with the REALLY BIG BATTLE that was won, and our ENTIRE multiverse is celebrating, except for the humans here on Midgard Earth. It’s makes me so sad, but too many humans are still clueless and falling for false narratives. We are getting there though. It’s just going to take awhile longer. In my next post I’ll try to explain what I understood from Kim’s whiteboard example pertaining to the scourge of the multiverse and that he (or she) is no more.

I really needed some good news, and Kim and Life Force Team delivered!  Thank You Team!

GOOD BYE 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To learn more about The Order and what has ensued over the last couple of years, be sure to check out my previous posts which is a Six Part Series Based on Kim’s Education/Intel Sharing Life Force Zoom Meetings:

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Heads Roll! A Very Merry Christmas Indeed! (Kim Goguen – Part 6)


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  1. i absolutely luv this info and Kim 🙂
    i have been waiting for many years for the truth to finally be revealed and now see Kim as the one doing so.
    i have been researching their corrupt system for over 25 yrs and finally see hope, thx Kim.
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