Who is Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis & What is Ascension Plan B?

Lisa Renee is another beautiful woman both inside and out that I have been so blessed to find. I reference her material frequently and am overdue in providing some more background. The extensive body of work she shares on Energetic Synthesis boggles my whole being on a regular basis. It truly is a gift. As a truth seeker for decades now, I only wish I found her sooner. And it was only in the last couple months that I subscribed for a membership (which is quite affordable by the way for a monthly subscription). The reason I took so long is because there is so much information she publishes that is available for free. It has been keeping me busy for years. But something propelled me to try out a membership, and I have no regrets. The clarity, explanations and answers she provides on her monthly Ascension Classes I find invaluable. She has given me an understanding and a vocabulary around the process I’ve been undergoing for years. I can make sense of my past and present experiences on both the micro and macro levels with a new set of eyes. No longer do I live in a complete state of befuddlement, now it’s just a little bit!

Disclaimer: The material shared below is derived from Lisa’s monthly Ascension classes and Ascension Glossary entries that I have pieced together. Please keep in mind this is not a comprehensive explanation of Ascension Plan B, but I am providing as a thought-provoking piece for any reader who is interested in pursing this path and is seeking. As with any material I share from Energetic Synthesis, it is for the purpose of helping share the information with audiences who resonate with it, and as a way to find her comprehensive body of work.


What is Ascension Plan B?

The original evolutionary schema or 5D Ascension Plan for the planet Earth has been aborted and replaced with evolution mission upgrades administrated by the Aurora Guardians and Krystal Star that we refer to as Ascension Plan B. Lisa’s personal mission shifted to facilitate for the Aurora Guardians whom were supporting the impending shift of planetary hosting to Krystal Star at the end of the 2012 Timelines.
(Source: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Ascension_Plan_B)

The Aurora Guardian Families are from the Andromeda Core of the next Universe and are hosting our Planet through the GSF (God-Sovereign Free) Aurora Time Continuum. Guardian Consciousness is the Celestial Management System – The Architects of Creation are from the next Universe called the Seven Higher Heavens. They exist in both Incarnate and Disincarnate States of Being in many multiple dimensions. They only perform function in accordance to the Law of One and Divine Will of Eternal Source Intelligence. They are the Original Progenitors of Krystal or Christ Consciousness and protectors of the GSF
(Source: What Is Ascension Plan B? – Energetic Synthesis Foundations)

Ascension Plan B is really an incension plan. New organic matrixes are being built around base 12 math. We’re moving from a carbon-based system (666) to a crystalline, silicate matrix-based system. Inner stargates are being built and this means we will be able to go anywhere. Frequency fences and damaged stargates, grids etc. will not be able to trap us and prevent traveling out of dimensions.  Being able to go anywhere equates to consciousness freedom. What is being accomplished is absolutely huge and every Human Being will be able to ascend now, as an entirely new harmonic universe is being created.

Stewardship Roles

In working with the Guardian Host Families, Lisa is a living architect, and an Avatar of Ascension which is a universal group consciousness. Her work is an experiment of genetic unity and diversity, learning how to reconnect into our source origin. She is one of many Starseeds, Indigos and Light Workers who answered this call, to be a path cutter, paving the way and raising consciousness so all of humanity can ascend and finally end the enslavement. For those who have a destiny path of stewardship like Lisa, you may play one or all of these roles:

  • Energy Placement Holders
  • Ancestral path cutting, transmute energies for mass consciousness fields
  • Midwives of birthing and passing souls
  • Teachers and healers
  • Giving birth to the new children
  • Archetypes, and Architects of the Archetypes
  • Galactic polarity integrators

Ascension Plan B – Mission Upgrades Since 2005

Below is a list of mission upgrades to provide a sense of the scope, the complexity involved and most important to help understand that we are not alone! (Source: What Is Ascension Plan B? – Energetic Synthesis Foundations)

  • Accelerated Planetary Intelligence Realignments, Each Dimension systematically since 2005 to align to Inner Hub and Hosting Out Networks. The Aurora Guardian Families from Andromeda Core Matrix of the next Universe are hosting our Planet.
  • Inner Templar and Organic Stargates Closed. No 5D Ascension. Accelerated Ascension Plan B to Incension through the Inner Hub Gate Arc System Networks. Mother Arc is the 13th Gateway.
  • Guardian Assignment to facilitate Trinity Wave architecture from the 12D base pulse overrides to Planetary 10D Reversal Currents and other static NET Alien Machinery fields. Attempt to build as many 12D Hubs as possible to repair grids.
  • Build as many transit stations through Transharmonic Pillar Gateways anchored into the more stable fields of the planetary body. Prepare for possible evacuation and portal jumping.
  • Repair and erase Trigger Event Timelines in the cellular memory that create Cataclysmic Event Horizons in Armageddon Software due to Reptilian NAA Agenda. (Ex: 911 Timeline, Reptile Invasion Timeline from Atlantis)
  • Soul Matrix triad is the Current Focus of Repair, Rehabilitation and Reconnection. (4D-5D-6D)
  • We are in the Now Presence of Zero Point (Spiral Eternal Time) – anything can happen in the miracle of God consciousness. 

A Note About the Bridge Project, Ashayana Deane

For readers who are familiar with the concept of Ascension to 5D as it related to the Bridge Project which Ashayana Deane wrote about, that project became obsolete several years ago. It had to be abandoned for the same reason, because there was too much damage done by the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) to the stargates, the planetary architecture, grids etc. For me, this was important information as I had a disconnect. It was the same vocabulary and history Ashayana purported that led me to find Energetic Synthesis. I was looking for the continuation of Ashayana’s work, but it just seemed like it halted. Lisa said Ashayana Deane’s Voyagers II is certainly worthwhile reading and they are like cousins in that they both have Sirian genetics, but their missions are completely different. Personally, I wasn’t too surprised to find out the Bridge Project had to be abandoned. Changing course was a common theme throughout Ashayana’s material. She mentioned new developments frequently which kept delaying the publishing of her follow-up book.

However, during further study with Lisa’s material, I became aware of serious issues with Ashayana Deane claiming copyright infringement against Lisa Renee. Lisa had to undergo many battles with this woman who became quite belligerent it sounds. The Guardians stance, according to Lisa, is that this information should be available to all of humanity now. No one person is the keeper, therefore copyright infringement in this context is not hers to claim. There is also the probability she has been infiltrated by NAA forces. But I am not adding this to accuse, but to make people aware (as I appreciated the info). It was her work that led me to Lisa, so I’m extremely grateful to her for that. I just thought I would share since Ashayana comes up frequently enough in the ES Community.

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Humanity’s Fall from Tara

Humanity’s fall from Tara was the loss of our original god bodies. Ascension is the reclaiming of this body, this template. The result of the fall meant we became embodied in the 3rd dimensional level along with a quarantine of the 666 Seal. This seal is a genetic block in the sixth and seventh dimensions. Dimensions can also be thought of as timelines or frequency bands. 666 represents electrons, protons and neutrons, the carbon atomic level structure. This carbon structure along with control over the dark matter template, which represents the female principle are what the NAA controlled. This was the Fallen Angelic Curse and the Curse of Yahweh. Reclaiming of the Tara bodies, which are in pieces, severed and damaged is what we’ve been undergoing.

Tara and Tiamat aspects were companions in a Binary Star system in the higher dimensions. Binary Star Systems are common for ascending planets with advanced races. Tiamats explosion and destruction in the 5D universe, along with the planetary cataclysm of Tara, is the reason our planet earth descended and has an artificial satellite which is the Moon. (Source: Energetic Synthesis, Ascension Glossary)

The macro vision of what happened on Tara is in the 6th Dimension. These tribes were the 6D holders, the Indigo Ray, the Melchezideks and Hibiru Tribes. The information that was held by them was stolen and twisted through the Negative Alien invasion by the Annunaki and other groups aligned with the Negative Alien Agenda.

Base 10, 666, Star of David, Kabbalah

The information, the Saturnian base 10 matrix duplicate, the 666 templar seal were all part of what they twisted, as well as the Star of David. The Kabbalah was integrated with Satan and handled by the Saturnians with the original Hibiru (Hebrews) who were the holders. Earth is Satan’s playground and the NAA groups don’t understand the cosmic consciousness that is Christos. The word Christ has been distorted in its use on the earth plane intentionally. The real meaning pertains to consciousness principles of the Law of One, the cosmic structure of creation as it is intended by the Eternal God Source.

Yeshua is an 8D Sacred Rod and Staff Carrier

Yeshua is an 8D Rod and Staff carrier. He holds the power to bring back sacred rod and staff.  Therefore, the bodies we lost are being restored, interweaving the trinity, the solar suns, and planetary architecture. We’ve been living in an inverted black hole system that was in 8D, which was distorting everything including showing us the way home. At the time of the recording of this Ascension Class, which was in January 2021, an eviction and rehabilitation was going on in these dimensions. The 6D, 7D, and 8D layers are undergoing a reconfiguration. We were rotating around a black hole because our sun was fallen. The Christos sun is returning to align with our sun, so our consciousness will again be aligned with our own Starseed lineage, which is different for all of us. Some will return to earth, others will stay to work with the earth, and others will return to their Starseed. [Note: What Lisa confirmed about the status of our Central Sun sounds very similar to what Kim Goguen explained and I wrote about in my blog post, The Enforcer, Our Central Sun & The End of the Loosh Farm (Kim Goguen – Part 3)].

Energetic Synthesis – https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/File:Ascension.png

Ascension is Spiritual & Biological

I can’t thank Lisa enough for sharing this material. While the truth is extremely challenging to digest because it’s quite heinous and difficult to process, knowing any and all truth is positive. When Lisa explained why I had a great sense of relief. I was beginning to think I was some kind of masochist. I seem to have the capacity to go down any rabbit hole and handle the horrible truths, while most around me won’t even consider going there. I treasure the Energetic Synthesis Community and my small circle of friends who are willing to walk this path and undergo this difficult process all the more, because I now understand that it’s an essential imperative.

It’s the quest and desire to know the truth that builds our spiritual core so our light bodies can handle the higher frequencies of god consciousness. Truth is synonymous with Light. Rejecting the truth only minimizes the amount of light force energy we can synthesize. Ascension is very much biological, and the awareness that polarity integration is a major part enables us to actually participate in the process. The light bulb went on when I started to understand the connection between the two, and I hope sharing this revelation will help others too.

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Where layers of lies have distanced us from Source, using desire and discernment to recognize the truth, rather than seeking what is consistent with our preconceived notions of the truth, aids with the transmutation and accretion of higher frequencies, which brings us closer to Source. It’s a phased approach. Too much too soon and you can short circuit. I suspect that is why we have to endure the faux Biden presidency for a time. The masses are waking up in a much shorter span of time than those of us who have been actively pursuing this path on our own. Much patience is required of us and this is not new. But I vehemently believe that the end to our enslavement is obtainable, is near, and assured for those who desire it.

The devil’s greatest accomplishment is convincing humans he doesn’t exist.
And this only enables further deception by the very beings who perpetrated this lie in the first place.


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  1. Greetings from a fellow hiker/backpacker in Alpharetta, Georgia!
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    1. Absolutely. You are added to my mailing list! So glad you’re enjoying my articles. Happy Hiking! PJZ

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  2. Thank you so much for this article! I just recently discovered Energetic Synthesis and am quite overwhelmed with all of the information! Do you have any advice as to where to start to delve through it in an orderly fashion?

    1. Hello Christine. I’m so glad you found Lisa Renee. I just listened to her March Newsletter report this morning and it was great news about King Arthur! Hope you check it out. Overwhelm is how I feel every time I visit Energetic Synthesis. There is no linear way really to dive into the material. It was designed that way on purpose she said because linear thinking is really a 3rd dimensional concept, so she advises to follow what resonates with you. However, I did catch her saying in one of her classes that if you want to follow the progression of the Ascension process, you can start backwards reading the newsletters. If you don’t understand some of the concepts and language the Ascension Glossary is awesome and helps tremendously, and it always leads me down other paths. I don’t know if you are a member (I was not until recently), but there are some introductory reading that is easy to find as well. I hope this helps. I can’t wait for Lisa’s class this month to find out more about Arthur the Grail King who has been in stasis and is now rising! Happy adventures at Energetic Synthesis! PJZ

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  4. Hello. I come from the Czech Republic and I am a complete newbie around the laws of unity. There isn’t much about it in my native language, unfortunately I can’t do the meditations by Ms. Lisa Renee because I don’t know English, so I can’t do it. But I have one question, unity is evil and so is Kundalini http://www.astruthstands.com/2019/03/the-dangers-of-kundalini-awakening.html?m=1
    And other articles

    They say Kundalini is evil and so is the law of unity. Please reply.

    1. Like technology – it’s not inherently good or bad, it’s how you use it. Unity is not beneficial when used like the mafia for example.
      Lisa says all the time, if you can’t feel it you can’t heal it. And if you can’t find it you can’t fix it. They want us to disassociate when in pain and to fear going down the path of learning about evil stuff so we don’t ever figure out what they are doing.

  5. Hello from another hiker in Birmingham, Alabama…not too far! Please add me to your mailing list…It’s cool to see this…I hadn’t found Lisa yet but I knew of Ashayana. Some things landed but then I felt something as if move…So I’m glad to land on this! Glad of the piece everyone has played….may we continue to detach from narratives and roles so that we can transition higher.

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