Truth versus Opinion?

Your truth, my truth.

Really? I hear this term truth thrown around a lot, but isn’t it really misunderstood and  misused? Truth is constant. Ultimately there is no debating what the truth is. What is debated is our relation to it. We all think we know the truth on this or that, but it all depends on a myriad of things: our experience, our own perspective, where we are in our human evolution, what is our level of frequency. It’s not your truth or my truth. It can’t be when truth doesn’t change. It can stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny. Truth can stand alone and endure the test of time. How many of us can do that?

What I think most people are trying to convey when they misspeak, is your reality, my reality, your opinion, my opinion. We arrive at our perspectives and conclusions based on our own unique experiences. We formed opinions about things based on what we believed we have learned. But does this make it true? Maybe, but maybe not.

Humanity has never been more divided than it is right now and it’s based on misunderstanding the truth. The result is that we are living in different realities, but different realities doesn’t mean there are two different versions of the truth. Ultimately, the truth takes desire. Truth takes a willingness to let go of what you think you know. Truth takes strength, work, and bravery. If you feel you are driven more by fear I can almost guarantee you don’t know the truth. Truth is earned, it’s not easy to know. You have to constantly seek and resonate a high level of vibration. Fear is a very low vibration emotion. In fact, if you reside in a state of any negative emotion most of the time, there is very little chance of knowing the truth. It usually just doesn’t work that way.

When you walk into a dark room and turn on the light, can you undo what you just saw? I can’t. This is a huge challenge for those who are awakening and those who are fighting to stay in the dark. They are angry and they are fearful because truths will be forced upon them. When you’re not ready for the truth, you often avoid the messenger, sometimes even hate the messenger. Many of us are losing people in our lives because they are not willing to go where we have. And we cannot stay because like I said earlier, when you turn on the light, is going back into the darkness even an option? Going forward may not be easy, but going back isn’t even an option, at least not for me. Freedom is within reach for the first time in thousands, (maybe even millions) of years. No more chains just feels too good!


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  1. andrzej zawichost petion de villeneuve

    Kim, what to say, your the first Lady , that can see , I have the project Camelot vid, the charlie ward one , which saw you in wait like a “tigress”,…

    the word which was not understud by kerry ,, was TRIANAL , step up ,from “BINARY , that and e= mc4 , was in a, video 9 hrs long with , those two words , mentioned “TRIANAL and e=mc4.
    thankyou from the bottom of my heart .

    andrzej zawichost petion de villeneuve

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